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New myTouch HD details leak out, includes front-facing cam

T-Mobile’s leaked roadmap from last month included two more devices from HTC that are scheduled to launch later this year. One is believed to be the T-Mobile G2 and the other is myTouch HD. We have already seen renders of both phones with T-Mobile branding, but now reports are starting to come in of actual prototypes and new details are starting to emerge.

TmoNews is reporting that the myTouch HD is the phone known as the HTC Emerald from the leaked roadmap. Early speculation about T-Mobile’s secret Project Emerald had suggested a Sidekick branded device from HTC, but TmoNews is now saying that was pushed back to 2011.

The myTouch HD will be the follow up to the myTouch Slide and feature the same HTC Sense “Espresso” UI and Genius Button. Other than those two features, that is about where the similarities end. HTC’s myTouch HD will features a touch only design, display between 3.7-4.3 inches, and be the first T-Mobile phone with a front facing camera.

No details about the processor were provided, but I think there are two likely options. It could feature the 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM7230 (like the G2) or maybe the 1.2 GHz dual-core MSM8260. Qualcomm announced they had started sampling the dual-core Snapdragons, but it is uncertain when products based on those will actually launch. If the myTouch HD launches in November (as originally planned) or maybe December, I think it has a chance of including a dual-core chip.

My gut tells me that if NVIDIA and Texas Instruments can get dual-core CPUs in smartphones this year, then so can the giant Qualcomm.

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website Dethduck

    Dropping just in time to qualify for my upgrade. Oh I will be getting this.

  • Killa

    They just had to leave out the physical keyboard didn’t they!

    • Christopher Chavez

      That’s why you only need to wait for the HTC G1 Blaze G2 Vision or whatever the kids are calling it now.. =p

      • juanito

        Chris, are you disappointed by the look of the G2? I am. It looks like a kid’s phone. And no 5 row keyboard is a deal breaker for me. Looks like I’ll have to leave T-Mobile when it is time to upgrade my G1 (and its precious 5 row KB).

        • http://Website joeskie

          your an idiot. if you want 5 rows ever again you will need to go back in time. its just not practical.

      • Killa

        Yeah I know about the G1 Blaze/G2 Vision, but (a) it doesn’t look as good, to me anyway, (b) it doesn’t have “HD” in the name which I’m sure means a lot and (c) it doesn’t have a front facing camera. That is why I would’ve wanted a physical keyboard on this.

        • http://Website Jim Bob

          Stop whining and use Swype – so much faster than a physical, bulky keyboard. Keyboards are lame and outdated – “…the future is NOW!”

  • http://Website Terran

    That is one sexy looking device!

  • guitarfreak846

    Just in time to renew contract from my G1! I want whichever phone that is Android 3.0 and higher-proof. I have the MyTouch Slide and do dig the design. A thinner version with a bigger screen as it looks in that render would be cool enough for me. :)

  • http://Website Tito!

    Having a dual-core processor, is the only way I’d buy this device. I’m disappointed (in T-Mobile). Sad, FFC is exciting! But I can’t help to think the negative, knowing T-Mobile is only releasing two greater phones when Verizon is already murdering us in Droids & soon, with much more android devices. Sidekick was trully the only phone I was looking forward to. I truly thought it was Emerald. Now, it only brings another negative thought for T-Mobile’s front. Either way, Sidekick’s excite me. Though, still hard to think being pushed back will then only by then the time it releases, it will possibly be outdone by devices with greater technology. Though, I think it will be on par with devices then, I believe it is pushed back because Gingerbread will indeed release then. If that is why, then that excites because that leaves it in the range of January-February .

    But still, T-Mobile needs to step their game up! Jeeze.

  • HardNoks

    Does the Esspresso UI make upgrading to the next version of Android more difficult?

  • http://Website Unfortunate

    ^ ^ ^ Yes.

    WHY are they pushing Espresso? At least Sense and Moto Blur, while not ideal, offer some additional features. The Espresso UI is a step DOWN from stock Android and makes the phone look ridiculously cartoonish.

    • http://Website dethduck

      Espresso (SlideUI) IS Sense with T-Mobile specific widgets/apps added extra to it. I’ll grant you the bubbles around the icons look stupid but you are not getting less than you would get with Sense alone.

  • http://Website Dee

    i agree about espresso being ridiculous…they can barely update all their sense phones at once, now you wanna add another UI?
    i sincerely believe though that this will be a dual core phone based simply on the name. if they are indeed calling it an HD then hopefully that means it shoots full HD which you need dual cores to do!!
    fingers crossed!!

  • http://Website Dereck

    What the F? I thought that the Mytouch HD was supposed to be the first HSPA+ phone, and that the first HSPA+ phone was supposed to be launching in September. Your links even say that! This had better not be launching in November. I don’t want to have to wait THAT long for the bloody thing!

  • http://Website DFord

    I dont think this phone will have a 1Ghz processor. All the mytouch phones have been mid range phones. Im not hating I have a mytouch slide. I love the phone dearly and once I rooted and got back to stock android the thing flies even faster. All mytouch phones have been the same except a few small differences(ie 3.5mm jack, bigger sd card, more ram). I will hope for the bigger screen though and the front facing cam. Something to think about.

    • http://Website sean

      hey i had the my touch slide but i was having problems with it but now i have the Samsung vibrant but can u tell me how to root it like you did? personally i loved the phone but if u say it goes faster with it being rooted let me know

  • http://Website Thorpeland

    Intriguing device. Im VERY happy to see a front facing camera! Im pretty sure this will be an HSPA+ device with at least a 1ghz cpu. I also don’t understand the use of this Espresso UI. Hopefully that will change before the Nov/Dec release. A lot can happen before then. So we’ll see.

  • http://Website chris

    The Nokia E73 is the 1st tmo phone wit a front facing cam

  • uther2000

    So neither the myTouch HD nor the G2 is ‘Project Emerald’
    Any speculation on when we might get something concrete on ‘Project Emerald’
    Both of these phones leave much to be desired

  • http://Website Miguel

    I’m looking to eventually upgrade my Nexus One but it’ll take something pretty good to get me to give up the first in line Android updates. Espresso UI is garbage for any true techies. Its obtrusive and make Android more complicated. But a FFC and dual core would make me consider it, especially if I can wipe it and install stock Android.

    But don’t get your hopes up people. T-mobile is infamous for achieving just below everyone’s expectations. Expect a FCC… but you’ll be lucky to get a snapdragon processor… and if you do it will be underclocked o preserve battery life. This is T-Mobile ‘s style.

    • http://Website Marco

      Totally agree. T-mobile has to get a phone better than my N1 to get me excited. It is not the clunky G2 with a keyboard (keyboard is so 2007) and it is not the cheap plastic look of the mytouch HD with probably mediocre specs. My problems is I would jump ship to another GSM company but ATT is even worse with android phones. Verizon and Sprint are out of discussion because of their CDMA network. What’s the deal to have an android phone when their net is not even supporting simultaneous use of data and voice….calls go to voicemail while using the navigation system or Pandora….really?

      • iDavey

        This is EXACTLY how I feel. I refuse to leave GSM, but its either T-Mobile poor selection, or AT&T price gouging. Smh, I guess I’ll stick to my Nexus One and whatever ADP they release to replace it…if they do.

  • http://Website Alex

    Tmonews also said that the g2 would have stock android, but mytouch hd for me and chris tmomnews said the mytouch in hd has a bigger screen than the nexus one but not 4.3

  • Jesse Esquibel


    Now the question is whether or not to get one of these in and leave my N1 behind.

    I do want a front facing camera.

    I’ll have to wait and see the rest of the specs.

    I am excited though.

    • anakin78z

      I feel there’s time to wait. I want a front facing camera, too, but I don’t think this will have much else to offer over the N1. I’m leaning towards checking out a tablet with a front facing camera before upgrading from the N1 so soon.

  • http://Website telos104

    Just spoke with a rep at TMo yesterday who said that the phone associated with PE:
    - HTC hs built specifically for TMo (ala the G1)
    - Amoled screen (super?)
    - slide out kb
    - Andy 3.0 (don’t know how when it’s not been released)
    - Dual processors between 1.6-1.9, something like that

    Should be sweet…

    • http://Website Calvin

      it will not have a super amoled screen, only two companies has it, and they are not giving it up, so those with sammy galaxy s phone will enjoy it, like myself:). that phone will not make me give up my vibrant at all.

      Sent from my samsung vibrant

  • http://Website Sinanovski

    so that’s why they didn’t include ffc on the galaxy. so they could market their own phone. hmmmm…makes sense now

  • http://Website Nick

    Bummed that this won’t be out until at least November, I was hoping this was the September phone. The G2 looks pretty disappointing and aside from stock Android, and doesn’t really offer any advantages over the Vibrant. This phone, however, looks pretty awesome. I don’t know if I can wait that much longer to upgrade my G1 though. I may have to get a Vibrant anyway.

  • http://Website Thorpeland

    On the topic of FFC’s; in the case of this phone and even the current Sprint EVO 4G, is there even an app out in the market or anywhere that allows you to make use of face to face video chats? Ever since the A-holes at skype decided to block Fring from their network. And Verizon is in bed with with Skype and no one else….. what will ANY of these other devices use for face to face chats? Am i missing something?

    • http://Website B


  • Reyland


  • Reyland

    dammit,i’m still use my mytouch 3g,was thinking about the Vibrant for upgrade,now i dont know what to do!! :-\

  • http://Website Alex

    Fring is a free video calling app(qik is only for evo currently), and for those who don’t know you can video chat without a ffc, I’ve done on my, mytouch 3g slide, kind of pointless because you can’t see the other person, unless you face the screen towards a mirror.

  • Kerry Garrison

    I don’t get it, people who are disappointed in this phone, go get a Vibrant, its an amazing device. FFC is not a showstopper for me and I absolutely love my Vibrant, simply an amazing device. Given the choice between anything TMO has coming out this year and my Vibrant, I would take the Vibrant any day.

  • http://Website Dante

    mytouch slide is the best phone out hands dwn

  • http://Website nar

    I am hoping someone can help me here. I currently live in China and want to buy an Android phone here that I will be able to take back and also use in the US. I am not at all techie when it comes to phones, can someone please suggest some HTC phones that will work for me?


  • http://Website chris

    Can it go to Verizon!!!!!!!

  • http://Website kev

    This phone HAS to be as good as the Evo and the Droid x. So atleast 4.0 inch screen, hotspot capability, 1.2 dual core processor. Hopefully they update the espresso ui. All in all, this phone has to deliver and I think it will.

  • Kevin

    I have to say this phone is really exciting for me. The FFC is going to be great.

    There are a few things that people are disappointed with in speculation of this phone that I just don’t understand. Even if it comes with Espresso, that would not be a deal breaker for me. Just root the phone and flash a new mod. This is also a good solution for people that don’t like Tmob underclocking the processors.

    As far as HSPA+ phones go, some of Tmob’s phones are already capable of HSPA+ in areas that it has been rolled out to. Albeit not stock, these rooted phones simply need a radio update and you’re getting better speeds.

  • http://Website joe

    damn, my vibrant is already obsolete…=(

  • http://Website Marco

    Don’t know why you would consider the vibrant a better phone then this new mytouch when you have a broken gps system. Yeah the phone display is really good but it will not beat the mytouch hd in specs for sure. Were talking about a phone that has a 2nd gen 1ghz processor that’s even faster then the G2 and that phone is faster or as fast then the nexus one already.