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Official Flash Player 10.1 coming to Motorola Droid tomorrow

Verizon will deliver a new OTA update (build FRG22D) to the Motorola Droid starting tomorrow which will finally bring Flash Player 10.1 to the device, according to our friend Kellen over at Droid Life.

Unlike the recent HTC EVO update, Flash Player 10.1 will not be bundled with the 1.6 MB software update. Instead users will have to search the Android Market for “Flash Player 10.1″ and install it from there, similar to how the Nexus One received it.

If you absolutely can’t wait till tomorrow, there is a leaked version of the latest Flash 10.1 floating around that works with the Droid as long as you already have Android 2.2. It is the same version that’s available for the Nexus One ( and those who installed it report it works, but I would suggest waiting another 24 hours and downloading it from the official Market.

Source: Droid Life

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  • http://Website Blkfire

    OMG. Can Mytouch 3G get updated already???????????????? T-MOBILE

    Tired of reading about every other phone and company doing it but T-MOBILE.

    • http://Website Droidboy

      Mytouch is more than likely not going to receive froyo or flash for that matter that is why the G2 is going to run froyo. Same goes for the Devour for Verizon it’s like beating a dead dog, I would either jump ship and go to Verizon or get your hands on a G2 Good Luck

      • http://Website Blkfire

        I know. It’s just irritating. It’s like being on the playground basketball court waiting to get picked and you see everyone around you getting picked. LOL

  • Nicko01

    It’s already on the Market for me. I am on a custom ROM, but it’s still Froyo.
    I assumed stock Droids already had Flash by now. Either way, they’re still several months late deploying a feature that was advertised from the beginning.

  • http://Website adryan

    i want to know if anyone knows if its worth or any different if i do the official update. i got teh notification on the 19th. So is it worth it to unroot and jump on the stock one? Or will the developers be able to use that update to enable the JIT compiler and hardware accelaration and all that other good stuff along with the improved flash?

  • http://Website blufgan

    My droid x is running froyo with flash Love It not sure why google is having so many problems with flash O well

    • Nicko01

      It’s not Google having trouble, it’s the manufacturers being slow. The phone companies aren’t helping much either…

  • http://Website Jon

    I am on the same ship as u
    thats why I plan on getting out of my Tmobile contract and gettin on Verizon b4 the year is out
    Tmobile fails i regret getting the MT3G as well

    • http://Website alice

      I have the moto droid on verizon, and I got the android 2.w upgrade, but still no stinkin flash!

  • http://Website jonathan m

    When will my incredible get updated! I’m tired of reading all this updates going on and no news with the incredible … blah

  • http://Website boog

    its almost 10pm on the 24th, where is it??????

  • http://Website justin

    Still no update ……….

  • http://Website snelly

    I just got the update, it took forever to download. I removed my battery to reset the phone and now it won’t start at all. I tried pushing every button. Any ideas? Is the battery required to make it work?

  • http://Website avjay

    so it been two days and no update anyone have any idea or should we just assume this will be like fryo and it will take till the next Qt AND WHATS GOING ON WITH JAVA

  • http://Website theralph

    Its been almost a year, we finally got the froyo update and still!!! No friggin flash palyer. What’s goin on?

  • http://Website sumdroid

    I still do not see it in the marketplace? WTF VERIZON get your game on already

  • http://Website alice

    It is now the 31st of aug and there is STILL no flash for moto droid in the app market or anywhere else. There’s something called flash showcase but it is only useable w/the full flash 10.1 which again STILL isn’t available.