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Q2 report: Android largest smartphone platform in U.S.

A new report from Canalys shows that Android grew an impressive 886% in Q2 2010 and became the largest smartphone platform in the United States. The U.S. smartphone market grew 41% year over year and it is the largest in the world. Approximately 14.7 million smartphone units were sold in the U.S., which accounts for 23% of the global market.

Canalys VP and Principal Analyst, Chris Jones, explained the results by saying, “In the United States, for example, we have seen the largest carrier, Verizon Wireless, heavily promoting high-profile Android devices, such as the Droid by Motorola and the Droid Incredible by HTC. These products have been well received by the market, with consumers eager to download and engage with mobile applications and services, such as Internet browsing, social networking, games and navigation.”

As we enter the second half of the year, Android will continue to gain momentum and expectations will continue to rise. Samsung still hopes to double their smartphone sales, Motorola predicts they will ship 12-14 million units this year, and HTC will continue to record record profits.

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Source: Canalys

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  • http://Website IceCrush

    Different manufacturers, different devices, open source (CM), android largest smartphone platform.
    It’s all just facts….. :D

    • http://Website Derek

      I’m not seeing as how Android is so “open”. It appears to be open only on the Nexus One. Seems like the other manufacturers put their proprietary garbage on there that locks the phones down. I bought a Captivate on release day and its a decent phone. Except for no 2.2 (until Samsung says so), GPS is garbage, battery life is 3/4 of a day with little to no use. They release the source code for the phone but the stuff you need to make a AOSP 2.2 Froyo to put on it is not open. They release binaries so you really can’t do much with it. If it was so open I could blow away all Touchwiz and AT&T garbage at will and load on a stock 2.2 build, with no problems. But thats not available.

      • http://Website Gollum

        Android Platform is open, the phones are not. (most of them at least)

      • http://Website mol

        Actually, Android’s did not only make ‘some improvement’ but a heck of a growth this year (almost +900%). Considering that Google is making 10 billion dollar a year from Android alone.

  • http://Website T-Dub

    Thats slightly amusing considering one of the 4 major carriers here in the US (AT&T) has pretty much taken an effort to ruin their Android options.

    • http://Website Kennon

      I don’t understand why people keep regurgitating this hate. The Captivate is the most powerful handset on the market and it is an AT&T phone. It took me <5mins to root AND uninstall all AT&T pre-wrapped bloatware. How many Verizon users can claim this? All my co-workers who have Incredibles, Droids, and DroidX's, and even a couple Iphone 4's are jealous of my Captivate and I work in a large IT dept, not an easy crowd to impress. Sure AT&T isn't marketing Android as aggressively as Verizon is but that is because Verizon doesn't have the iPhone. And it's not just the Captivate either…the Aria is a really decent midlevel phone and will only get better once 2.2 rolls out for it. Sure the Backflip is an abortion but every carrier has at least one (Devour, Behold2, etc…) Just my humble opinion….

      • http://Website Glenn

        I think Samsung deserves more credit for the Captivate here than AT&T. After all, they are the ones who’s releasing their Galaxy S phones to all the major carriers, as well as a few regional ones. You can get the Vibrant on T-Mobile, which is essentially the same as the Captivate, except for some cosmetic differences, and pre-loaded apps.

      • http://Website Gee

        The Captivate is a good phone but how is it the most powerful phone on the market? It’s a mirror of the T-Mo/Verizon versions and the Epic 4G has 4G, a front facing camera, and hardware keyboard.

        • http://Website ari-free

          Epic isn’t out yet. Waits…

        • Alan Reboli

          The Verizon version will have a camera flash

      • Haulngas

        Kennon did you forget about the Samsung Vibrant? Which is the exact phone but in a different shell.

      • http://Website ari-free

        if you’re on Verizon, you don’t have to root and be a linux nerd in order to buy gameloft games from their website

  • http://Website Nithin Jino

    Lets see:

    iPhone (a.k.a the iFail)
    1) One carrier (and a crappy one at that. The only reason AT&T is past T-Mobile because of the all the models of the iFail is on AT&T and AT&T knew if they didn’t grab the iFail, they would go bankrupt.
    2) A dick wearing a turtle neck is controlling the OS like a dick-tator (ha ha!). Can’t install apps from another source, it is hard to get your get apps inside the market. If Google did a $1,000,000 grant for App devs, the Android Market would have more apps than the iPhone market.
    3) Different manufactureres are making phones. So fanboys of any brand (HTC, motorola, samsung, etc) can buy their favorite brand.
    4) Affordable. When the first iPhone came out, I shat my pants at the price and I continue to shat my pants when a new model comes out. It doesn’t matter if there are 0 new features, Apple makes it overpriced and apple fanboys buy it. Ignorance is bliss for them I guess.
    5) Back to #1, you can stick with your carrier. No need to switch carriers because you want a phone. Android phones are on most if not all of the major carriers and some are even on the tinier regional ones.


    • http://Website Nithin Jino

      I know about the typos. Please excuse them. I was typing pretty fast.


      • wicked

        I wonder if the turtleneck, has a “death-grip” on the dick? :O It sure seems like it does on the OS.

        Android rules!

        Nexus One. :D

    • http://Website B

      Dude who cares about the typos, that was excellent. A dick in a turtleneck lmao

      • http://Website YeomanDroid

        I laughed too because it’s so true.

    • http://Website Presto117

      I’m sorry, but posts like yours just hurt the Android community. In fact, blatant fanboyism doesn’t help anything. To say the iphone is overpriced is stupid. For the features it has, $200 isn’t bad considering comparable options are around that much. He’ll, if anything Android has more overpriced options. The Garminphone started at $200, didn’t it? The myTouch 3G was outdated tech when it launched and it was $200. The Motorola Devour was even more expensive than the Droid in most places, and don’t even get me started on the backflip…. Yes, original iPhone = extremely overpriced. iPhone 4 = great for it’s price range. You actually make some pretty good points, but they’re ruined by your immature, defensive need to shut down something you don’t like. Oh, and I owned a myTouch 3G and I now own a Vibrant and would never own an iPhone.

      • http://Website Nick

        Agreed. He made some valid points, but said it in such an immature way. Here’s a translation:

        “1) iPhone is only on one carrier (AT&T). With Android, you get a choice of carriers, so you can choose what works best for you.
        2) iOS is locked down, not able to install apps outside the App Store, which has a questionable approval process.
        3) With Android, you get a choice of hardware, so you can choose what fits you best, instead of having to choose the only one.
        4) Android has a range of phones and carriers, so you can choose what you want based on what’s affordable, while with the iPhone you’re stuck with paying one price for the phone, and paying AT&T’s plans.
        5) See #1″

        • http://Website ari-free

          For example, if you want a phone with a properly designed antenna, you’ll have plenty of choices with Android phones.

        • http://Website Nithin Jino

          Thanks for covering for me. I wanted to make my post easy to understand and humorous.

          Also isn’t an iPhone around $300 when first launched?

        • Andrude

          Man, doesn’t humor count for anything ? :-) Give the person their due, that turtleneck stuff is FUNNY !

  • http://Website Omar

    Android is KING Smartphone OS – Period

  • http://Website Gomez

    Been with Android since the G1!

  • http://Website Gomez

    Now I have my nexus one, and I love it, had so many updates I love it.

    • http://Website Presto117

      …. but do you love it?

  • Nicko01

    This is very exciting! Also, this doesn’t take into account the Droid X and several new Android smartphones that are selling like crazy.

    Android is going to completely take over as the main smartphone OS over the next few years =)

    • wicked

      Next few years? Tech moves faster than than. ;)

  • http://Website B

    This is excellent news. I just hope T-mobile would get on the ball with their OWN powerful Android device and promote the hell out of it. Lets see what this hspa+ phone.

    • http://Website Presto117

      Luckily for them they have a head start with the Vibrant. Sure, not entirely theirs, but it’s extremely powerful and it’s a good launching point for this fall/winter when they get more high-end options.

  • http://Website Sinanovski

    could the android become what apple is today? too much power and they could turn evil just as easy….


    • Killa

      Google is smart. There is NO WAY they’d do that.

    • http://Website Nammy

      Google is fundamentally different from Apple.
      For decades Apple has been the same. Make a OS, restrict it and only sell it on your hardware, and monitor and regulate the software that runs on it. They do with with the Macintosh computers, and they do it with the iPhone now.

      Google’s plan is to provide an open and free OS simply to prevent Apple from getting a monopoly. Google gets revenue from an open internet because thats where advertisement income is generated. Apple wants a monopoly and wants to restrict users to only using certain programs.

      In short, Google and the users are on the same side. They both benefit and want an open OS and open internet.

      • http://Website Presto117

        Apple only restricts mobile applications. You can make whatever you want for the OS X platform and they won’t do anything. Hell, I don’t think they could do anything about that if they tried.

        • http://Website GuardianAli

          Not true…
          While they may not restrict the programs from being installed on OSx, they DO restrict the level of access programs have to the os APIs and and calls and drivers.

          People bitch about how flash runs so much worse on Apple vice Windows. The reason is not cause of bad coding on adobes side (if it did it would run crappy on windows too and it runs just fine). Its cause apple wont release access and info to properly optimize programs like flash so that they can be efficient and run smoother and use less resources.

          They may not limit the programs themselves, but they limit what does programs can do and access and it might as well be the same thing.

        • http://Website ari-free

          OEM’s can’t sell Mac OS X on a PC like they can with Windows or Android. You’re stuck with only Apple hardware. But ios is much much more restrictive.

    • http://Website ari-free

      Google wants android available to everyone. Free phones with a contract, prepaid phones, phones on dinky local carriers you never heard of all on Android.
      Apple wants an overpriced phone for the elitists to use as a fashion accessory that they can pull out in the middle of a cocktail party.

      • http://Website GuardianAli

        Im a huge android fan and gave up my ipod to get Droid 1.
        In Apples defense, they are doing what a company like them does.

        Google doesnt need to charge premiums cause their business model is NOT based on profit from hardware. They get profit from services (advertising, etc..).

        Apple (despite their iAds platform), gets more profit from hardware then anything else. However you need to realize they do nothing different then any other hardware company. Sony, Panasonic, HP, Canon. All hardware companies have to sell a product for more then it costs to make (duh) to make a profit. They obviously want to make this profit margin as large as possible. Its a balance between the size of it, and what people are willing to pay for.

        Apples products are if nothing else, well designed and they have a good fanbase. As such they sell their products at a much fatter and healthier margin then others. If sony could sell a LCD tv with a 50% profit margin, beleive me they would. Apple is just doing what a company does. Making profit. Just cause it makes it money different then Google doesnt make it better or worse.

        And if you dont like paying for a ‘elitist’ item, then simply dont buy it. Choice is great.

        • http://Website ari-free

          Sony and Panasonic sell hardware. Hardware should be a commodity and must compete on specs and price. Apple charges much more for a cult-like magical experience that AT&T must pay a lot to subsidize. If you’re an AT&T customer, you are paying for this in the form of lower customer service and coverage.

  • DoUknoGREG
  • mac08wrx

    Take that stupid ICRAP. lol

  • http://Website mes

    In theory, the growing strength of Android devices and the OS could lead to them making foolish decisions, like Apple did once the iPhone reigned supreme. No competition means, no innovation. I for one, am rooting for Apple (just a little bit), Microsoft with Windows 7, and Nokia with Meego, to succeed and push Google to innovate further, making us consumers the real winners in the end.

    • http://Website ari-free

      google still needs to compete with the millions and billions of featurephones out there. They need to bring the price of smartphones down and since every carrier will have an amazing smartphone, they will also have to compete so that more people can afford an unlimited data plan.

    • http://Website Presto117

      luckily for Google, they just cater to the nerds and hackers (like us) who push them to innovate. The real competition is going to be between the carriers and the handset makers. I can see Samsung sneaking up on HTC eventually and with what T-Mobile might be releasing this year with their plan prices and HSPA+, they’ll be a major competitor. If they market everything correctly, of course.

  • Octavio

    Where we have been and where we seem to be going.

    Sitting here at my desk I read emails, check websites, and do various other little things that most people do all the time, email and web. Reading the one of the latest articles on the website android and me dot com: Android Largest Smart Phone Platform in US. The latest news about android os reminds me so much of the situation that Microsoft was in back in the 80s and 90s. Microsoft back then shook away the notion that they needed to stick to one hardware platform and they broke away from that mold. They instead decided to be on every computing device back in the day, within reason. Back then PC’s were novelties, play things for people who either had too much money or were nerds. Today we find our selves in a similar situation with the smartphone.

    The smartphone is the PC of yesterday. Now everyone needs to have a smart phone all of a sudden, to check Facebook, to surf the web when bored, whatever. Another parallel is that Google is the new Microsoft. They are being really smart. They’ve copied what M$ did back in the 70′s today. Before just a hobby, a play thing, now a monetary opportunity for many big companies. Google’s smart phone operating system called android is now the number one smart phone os. Whats next is probably the decline of Apple’s iphone line. What is amazing is that apple is also doing the exact same thing. Back in the day with the same ceo apple pioneered the apple II, it became the best selling personal computer, things were great for apple then, and they looked to expanding their vision within their product line. That was the problem. They didn’t think outside their own box. It wouldn’t surprise me if in the next few years, maybe 3 that the iphone will be having some serious problems. With android phones flooding the market with cheaper phones, with phones that could be personalized to their needs, i wouldn’t be surprised if apple ends up being muscled out again.

    Another observation is that we are really moving on from using the PC. Like i said the PC was the hot toy of yesterday, but not so much now. With the advent of devices like the ipad and internet devices for the television and car, why do we need a pc for everyday use? There will always be an argument for doing “work” on a personal computer, absolutely. But as for what is going to be in every home, i think we are moving forward from that mainstay. When I go home, i do not go to my computer, sometimes during the weekend i may never even touch my laptop. But I still check my email every 5 mins, i still research and catchup on the news using the web. I still can do business with others and still keep in touch with friends. I can still watch movies online, and listen to streaming radio. But this isn’t because of some computer i am hobbled over, instead its some of these new internet devices that have come out. I think apple will always have it’s place in a technology world, but i doubt it will keep the center stage with companies like google around. Technology and communication has gone from the telephone and written word to now cellular networks and electronic word. What is next? I think we are just starting in on this age of technology, i can’t see how much more personal we can get with it.

    • http://Website Mast3rShake

      I need my computer because I can’t play CS:S on my Droid :)

    • http://Website droidwolf

      This is very ture. With my ps3 and cellphone I don’t even need or use my pc.

    • http://Website ari-free

      yes the Apple 2 was very popular and visicalc, the first spreadsheet, was a killer app for business. They lost it all after IBM and Microsoft.

  • http://Website david

    While I am an ardent supporter of Android it should be mentioned that these numbers are ending Q2; in other words, “Pre iPh4″.

    Due to the surge in reported sales of iPh4 (1.7mm units in the first 3 days) it could be said that some sales were pushed out into Q3. Granted, many of these would be upgraders, but I’m sure there were a few new subscritions in there too.

    Due to Android’s diverse handset base the platform shouldn’t suffer so much from waves of buyers who await an anual refresh from a manufacturer.

    • http://Website Bob

      IPhone is so 2007, Android is the new wave

      • http://Website David

        I completely agree.

    • http://Website drphysx

      Apple sold only 140,000 iPhone 4s per day over the last few weeks.

      That’s less than the 160,000 Android phones.

      –> No, the iPhone 4 doesn’t change the fact that Android is the #1 selling smartphone OS.


  • http://Website Bob

    this is just the beginning, due to virtualization in chip space, we are gonna see 100 $$ android 2.2 phones soon in countries like India , China and other emerging countries. Later on they will spread even to developed countries. Android will beat Symbian by year-end.

  • Expired Domains

    Epic isn’t out yet. Waits…

  • http://Website Derek

    This article is totally misleading. Yes, android handsets outsold iphone handsets in the first two quarters of 2010. iOS still leads android in total market share 28% to 13%. RIM leads with 35% market share. Also, I would expect iphone sales to be slow in the first half of this year, everybody that wanted an iphone was waiting for the new one to come out in june. I would expect a complete reversal in the second half of the year.

    But no argument from me, steve jobs is a total douchebag.

    • http://Website bob

      I totally agree. I read this news on Bloomberg first and they made it very clear that Android took the largest portion of NEW smartphone users during Q2. Stating that Android is “the largest smartphone platform” is either telling blatant lies or really, really shoddy journalism/bloggerism.

    • http://Website ari-free

      Apple can try to hold tight to every last 3G owner but they can’t since ios4 was so bad for them. You have to go with the future trend and not those who still cling to the horse and buggy.

    • http://Website Alakar

      Not sure where you got those numbers. The article says “Android devices collectively represented a 34% share of the US market in the quarter, and with growth of 851% Android became the largest smart phone platform in the country”. Apple has 21.7% in the US and 13% worldwide. They don’ t list the world wide numbers for Android in the article.

  • http://Website louie

    I am a reseller of at&t services and hate selling the iPhone!! Because it sucks, no! Because commission is 5% of any other smartphone.

    I see everyone point that Android has taken over in sales.
    but keep in mind that when most of these posts were listed, the iPhone was only available on one carrier.

    Stull using the original iPhone and don’t really have a reason to switch. Posting this on my new HTC surround, windows phone.