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Rumored T-Mobile G2 specs and release date leak out

The T-Mobile G2 has been generating a lot of buzz after being announced as the first Android phone to support HSPA+, but recent leaks have suggested the remaining hardware will be comparable with other high-end smartphones (some would even say boring).

From what we have gathered, the G2 will run a stock version of Android 2.2 powered by a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor and feature a 3.7 inch WVGA display, 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flash, slide-out four-row QWERTY keyboard, and support for HSPA+ 14.4 Mbps.

Recent leaks have also suggested the display be AMOLED like the Incredible and Nexus One, but we all know about the component shortages and I wouldn’t be surprised if the G2 actually features the Sony SLCD that HTC is switching to in some models.

A product listing on Walmart was spotted by CellPhoneSignal and suggested the G2 would run Android with HTC’s Sense UI, but T-Mobile has already labeled it as a “with Google” device and said it would feature tight integration with Google services. It’s entirely possible that Sense UI could still land on the device, but our sources told us test units were running stock Android 2.2 and we think it makes more sense to follow the Google-experience strategy of the original G1.

Last week I speculated the G2 would feature the 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM7230 processor, but now several sites have reported the CPU as a 1 GHz Snapdragon. Many were hoping for a dual-core processor, but the G2 is coming next month and we likely will not see those types of chips till the Nov-Dec. timeframe.

Basically, the G2 should be your ordinary 1 GHz phone with the main features being stock Android 2.2, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and support for HSPA+. If you are in the market for a new T-Mobile smartphone or want a device with super-fast data speeds, then by all means place the G2 at the top of your list. Those who were looking for a phone that offered the next generation in performance (dual-cpu) should save their money and wait for Q4.

The leaked T-Mobile roadmap listed the G2 with a Sept. 9th releaes date, but TmoNews is claiming it should land Sept. 29th. We believe the later date is correct, since we likely would have heard about the G2 pre-sale program by now. Current T-Mobile customers will be able to order the G2 in advance of the device’s public availability, and we expect to get more details in the coming weeks.

No price point has been revealed, but our best guess is T-Mobile will sell the G2 around $199 with a 2-year contract, similar to their Vibrant pricing. T-Mobile has given no indication of new data plans, but I have a strong feeling we will see some type of tiered pricing for the premium experience of HSPA+ data speeds.

Now that the G2 is starting to come into focus, what do you think of T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ handset? Will the faster data speeds of 14.4 Mbps lure you to upgrade now, or will you continue to ride the fence and wait on the next-generation of CPU tech? How would you improve the T-Mobile G2?

Via: TmoNews

Source: CellPhoneSignal

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  • http://Website josh

    im waitin for the next -gen of cell batteries to come out

    • http://Website Daniel

      Are there any prospects of this happening any time soon? I haven’t been following very closely, but it seems battery technology hasn’t changed much in a while. Looks like it’s easier to make more power-efficient components (with all the evolution in AMOLED, LCD, CPU manufacturing process, better use of GPU, etc) than to improve battery capacity (while keeping same size, weight, price) right now.

      • McLovin

        The only thing that has changed in batteries is the unconscionable conduct of Apple and mobile GPS manufacturers to create products that have a non-user replaceable battery. I’d be surprised if this trend doesn’t jump to the cell phone market, which for me will be a very sad day.

        • http://Website leisa

          Cool phone, this reminds me of the N1 phone with a slider. Hopefully, this one would have a front facing cam. G2 Phone New Impressions

  • http://Website calvin

    vibrant will still be number one phone for tmo, the only thing that will have over the vibrant will be the “google experience”

    • Drew


      1) Stock 2.2 alone makes this phone better than the Vibrant. 2.2 is fast enough where processor differences aren’t that great any more, so a 1 GHz Hummingbird core is just as fast as the Snapdragon in day to day use. You’ll see a difference in gaming, but there aren’t a lot of intensive gaming on the Android OS as a whole. Plus, Samsung has a pretty crappy UI over the base OS, making it slower than a stock ROM.

      2) This phone has a true HSPA+ radio, meaning that download speeds will, I repeat, will be faster than the Vibrant.

      3) This phone has a physical keyboard that’s actually very good (it’s coming from HTC, it’ll be wonderful). You can moan about how the on-screen keyboard is just as good as a physical keyboard, but a truly great physical keyboard is plain better than any virtual keyboard. Plus, at 3.7 inches, the on-screen keyboard is decent and usable. Not as roomy as a 4.3 inch screen, but the difference between 3.7 inches and 4 inches isn’t that noticeable (Droid and Droid Incredible have good on-screen keyboard size).

      So no, the G2 will be the flagship phone of T-Mobile.

      • Noice

        Without it in my hands, I’ll say that this keyboard looks terribly flimsy (in the photo for this article). Couple that with the fact that it’s a 4 row keyboard, the keyboard doesn’t appear to be a ‘feature’.

        I wish HTC would bring a modern AMOLED with Stock Android and no physical keyboard back to the table. They desperately need to bring out a phone that (like the N1) brings a solid Google experience with the latest tech to the table without half-assed implementations of the physical keybooooreds.

        A solid and robust 5 row board, or none at all.

        • Drew

          The G1 appears to have flimsy buttons, but is top 3, if not the best keyboard on an Android device despite having the chin on the right. They don’t have to be luxurious keys. The keyboard reminds me of the awesome key layouts of the old HTC Winmo phones

          • Noice

            I have a G1, and have a Tmo Wing… have them in front of me right now. That photo does not make the connection of the base/kb to the screen unit look stable/reliable compared to either of these phones.

      • TravLadin

        Don’t just call this T-mobiles next flagship phone try the next android developer’s phone. This phone will spark up as much development as the G1 and the Nexus one guaranteed. The Galxy is a nice phone for some one who want to run stock android with touch wiz (The developers in the U.S wont support this device).. A phone that release with a custom UI overlay will ever be better than a phone with similar specs and stock android. Samsung will never get a dollar of mine after what they did to the people that purchased there first phone. Android is about customization!! From what I noticed Phones that run stock Android get much more attention than phone running useless sense, Motoblur and Touchwiz… I’m all about the custom ROMs… Custom UI overlays are for teenage high school kids!

    • http://Website doFF

      It will have 2.2 vanilla. that alone will stomp out the vibrant. Touchwiz UI is the worst android skin available. Why would anyone pick a crippled android experience instead of one with a newer/ faster UI?

    • http://Website Cheryl

      I do not agree with that statement. I do like the samsung Vibrant, however the system is not teh same as most of the android phones i’ve used and they for some reason did not use an LED flash for the camera! That is the biggest turn off about it for me. All their other models have a flash for the camera. Doesn’t make sense on a 2010 phone to not have that feature.

      • http://Website No_Nickname90

        I actuallly had the Nexus One, but I traded it for the Galaxy S Vibrant. I love the vibrant. It’s a pretty good phone. And the camera is way better than the Nexus One. Phones without flash take better pictures since there is more room for the camera program. I though the phone was going to sux since it didn’t have a flash, but when I took a picture in low light settings, turned the mode to Night Mode, that was a pretty good picture, so believe it or not, the Galaxy S Vibrant has a top notch camera. I’ve taken better pictures than most digital cameras I’ve seen. LoL!!

        But the Keyboard on the G2 looks cool. And you can also text using the phone, so I can switch. Rumor has it that this phone has swype and all that good stuff. So if I get bored with the keyboard, I can just switch to the phone. Making it quite versatile.

        But I think I’ll just go up to this tmobile and test drive the little demostration one they be having to see if I really like the keyboard or not.

        Wow that’s wordy. o.O

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    Here’s hoping they have a special deal for current G1 owners who’s contract is getting close to the end. I personally am waiting for Project Emerald but would consider the G2 if not excited about Q4 phones.

  • http://Website Daniel

    “with Google” doesn’t really mean stock Android. The Droid X and Droid Incredible both are “with Google”. Same for the Brazilian Galaxy S, not sure about any other country.

    The specs are a bit of a letdown, but I guess it’s just too early indeed. They can’t bring revolutionary stuff every month.

    • http://Website thaghost

      ummmm…they definitely haven’t been bringing ground breaking stuff every month. it was a long time since the n1 came out. the vibrant is great too (but it looks like iphone 3gs). the specs for the g2 are like minimum standards. nothing too advanced. tmo is moving in the right direction but they are moving a lil too slow for me. im ready to retire my g1. does anyone know how much on board memory will the g2 have?

  • http://Website Mike

    Wrong snapdragon does not support hspa+ it must be the other chip or dual core

    • http://Website Cesar Trevino


  • http://Website jose

    I actually prefer Sony’s slcd screen than Samsung almoled cause is more energy effecient and better resolution…

  • http://Website lovo

    Ugh I dnt knoe what to do!? I love tmobile they have great customer. Service least 4 me they have decent coverage and have great prices but there lack of high end phones have made me look else where I’m currently writing off my G1 right now this phone made me fall in love with the adroid platform the slid is ok the vibrant is nice but looks like a wanna b iphone I had finally decicded I placed a order for the droid X and was getting ready to switch to verizon now idk droid x or G2?

    • http://Website jose

      Get Droid x cause u get better service and Droid x has better specs than g2 like 8mp camera and probably better graphics proccesor..

      • http://Website lovo

        True I mean the droid X will have the better overall performance I’m sure I think the only advantage the G2 will have is running stock android so updates will be a lot faster then again idk ill have 2 see if the specs come out in time

    • Godsson1227

      You’re getting caught up in specs just ask yourself if “droid does” hspa+….nope

      • http://Website Scott

        That’s cool… Unless you live in a big city (I don’t), T-Mobile won’t do HSPA+ for years either.

        Getting pretty tired of T-Mobile releasing middle-of-the-pack handsets… This G2 should have been called a MyTouch. Why dilute the market-leading G1 brand? Owell, here’s hoping magenta will have a good Evo/Droid competitor by November so I don’t have to switch.

        Come on project Emerald!! Please don’t be a disappointment.

      • http://Website lovo

        Maybe it doesn’t have hspa or whatever and if I still lived in vegas dat would probably matter but I’m in a semi small town imma put it this way sprints map doesn’t even list my city so I doubt tmo will have 4g like coverage and bu the time this place gets it well ill be due for an upgrade lol

  • http://Website Greg

    I was hoping this phone could replace my Nexus One, but that won’t be the case if these specs are accurate. It will take more than this for me to give up unlimited 3G for $10/month.

  • Sinanovski

    I will be buying this for my wife. She is currently using G1 and wants to continue the line. As for me, I’ll keep my Vibrant. I can get a stock android on it too, but as of now I’m waiting to see what the 2.2 upgrade will bring. If I like that, I’ll keep it stock. I’m personally glad to see G2 coming out because I loved the first one. I had to upgrade to keep up.

  • http://Website ihatefanboys

    hey TAYLOR, thank u for real info from real people that actually have the phone in hand…i believe that before i believe that FAKE wallmart page. i went there to confirm it, and found nothing….which i believe is just some idiot photoshoping the page with what they thought the specs would be….some doomsayers swear up and down that sense will be on it, so WALA its suddenly on a webpage somewhere…also i doubt walmart would hav info befor u or tmonews, or even engadget…so ill look for more info right here as it gets out there…. stock 2.2 android makes this a must buy…and for everyone else doubting stock, yes i know “with google” is on phones that arent stock..but its going to be a “google experience phone” plus its the G2 so stock is almost a certainty…

  • http://Website joeskie

    jesus. does anyone realize how revolutionary this really is? does anyone realize that sprints wimax network should really be called 3g still? according to every other service provider in the world. america is the only place where real-world data speeds of 3-5 mbps is considered 4g (only cuz sprint man-handled the fcc). this g2 is the first device with realworld 10 down and 2+ up.. an actual data oriented device. this it what a superphone should be. you can have a gay little kick-stand but if a g1 is pulling down and upping better speeds than ur evo,you may want to think of what your actually paying for.

    • http://Website Scott

      There’s more to life than bandwidth dude.

      • Sinanovski

        …and there is more to life than EVO.

        • http://Website Scott

          True, there’s iphone and the new Droids.

    • http://Website plainbrad

      What is the use of all that speed if your data gets throttled by T-mobile?

  • http://Website Jon

    g2 with 2.2… nice!
    doubt tmo will upgrade it to gingerbread whenever that is released lmao

    • http://Website Philip

      I guarantee it will. I wouldn’t be surprised if it got the next one too.

  • http://Website B

    Not enough of a upgrade over the Nexus. I’m waiting to see what comes out in the last quarter.

  • http://Website Luke Kloth

    I don’t think they are going to switch to tiered pricing. They are trying to use there head start in the 4G game to get as many subscribers as possible. That would be a bad decision.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Tiered pricing can also offer cheaper options (like AT&Ts $15 data plan) that bring in more customers.

      • http://Website chris

        True but if the cheap plan sets a ridiculously low cap (like at&T’s 200mb) and you’re the type to tether or download a lot from Amazon mp3 like myself, then you’re kinda stuck with getting a more expensive plan they tmo currently offers. If you get my drift

  • http://Website Dave

    I will most likely be getting this phone as an upgrade.. I have the G1 right now and I love this phone… getting the G2 would be a huge upgrade… it may not be the Vibrant with the huge AMOLED screen and such…but touch screen typing is overrated anyway. Plus, playing emulators and such is much easier with a physical keyboard than a touch screen…

  • Reignzone

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the last I had heard… original “Snapdragon” chipsets don’t support the HSPA+ speeds. Is that correct?

    • smooth3d

      There are so many conflicting reports, but if you look at the MSM7230 chipset (which support HSPA+) is based on the same (scorpion) core as a snapdragon core. This chipset is supposed to have a better gpu then the snapdragons also. Hopefully it will be the 1 ghz version. I guess we will have to see.

  • http://Website Gary

    I can’t wait.
    I hope I don’t have to pay more for HSPA+ speeds.
    If this has a good battery life it will be the perfect upgrade for me.

    • http://Website Serotheo

      I don’t believe you will, due to it being “3G” still. it’s battery life will probably suffer because of heavier data I think, but maybe not since it’ll load pages faster therefore less time pulling data?

  • smooth3d

    Just add my own comment, if the specs are correct this G2 will be a great phone. People are so spoiled with specs. “Oh it must a dual core or a 1.5 ghz chip”. all of the other super phones who just launch less then a month ago only have 1 ghz cpu. I dont hear any body else saying a droid x or droid 2 is slow.

  • http://Website Elliot

    I need mees UMA

  • http://Website Samuel

    In my opinion, I would prefer the vibrant, tmobiles 3G is perfect speed for me. The keyboard looks like it’ll break easily. I now require a phone with 4 inches minimum ever since the HD2 came out. I prefer more features than stock android. Vibrant with 2.2 and I’m good

  • Elliot

    I’m currently rocking a secondhand G1 and a jailbroken 1G iPhone on T-mobiles network, no questions asked. It wouldnt take much for me to upgrade!

  • http://Website nahun

    still on a rooted G1 running 2.1. If the G2 has these specs, I’d definitely upgrade. Especially the 1GHz Snapdragon and AMOLED or SLCD. Been waiting for a good physical keyboard phone on t-mobile for a bit now.

  • http://Website thaghost

    Just the basics is what i’m looking for: tall dark and handsome, intelligent, a gentleman, great sense of humor, that loves to go out and have fun. Someone that is very honest, straight to the point, and true to themselves. Me I’m tall, athletic, nice smile, nice body.

  • http://Website thaghost

    does anyone know how much on board memory will the g2 have?

  • http://Website jose

    Throw a faster CPU to it.

  • http://Website John

    this phone will be great for T-Mobile. I just hope it lives up to the speed and the rest could matter less to me. It looks like a great device. Hopefully it doesn’t let us down.

  • http://Website Dub-R

    All the specs seem fine to me. I just wish the camera was 8mp w/ 720 HD recording. I also hopes it comes with USB/HDMI out and 8/16gig of on board storage. I already like it anyway, but if it has ANY of the above specs…..I’m camping out for this baby like Blacc Friday!!


  • http://Website Chick Fil A on a Sunday

    I’m with those that find this phone an upgrade and not consumed with specs and trying to be just like an iPhone or Droid. I have a G1 running Froyo. If I can get an updated handset, then I am happy. I’m not in this for status and style. That’s a waste of money. Function before form.

  • http://Website John

    My Vibrant should last me for my 2 year reup!
    Looking forward to 2012, imagine what will have then!

  • http://Website ZachE

    How about UMA? My cellular signal at home sucks, but UMA via Wifi makes that a non-issue..

    I’ve been locked into Blackberries as a result, but keep hoping for an Android phone from TMO that supports UMA..

  • http://Website caro

    there will not be a new data plan. tmo prides itself on not being like att where you pay out the yahoo for 5gb max usage a month. it will stay the 25-30 for unl smart phone web. the later date is more accurate as reps would know firsthand when it’s launching. it’s not the first hspa+ phone either. all 3g phones are going to be compatible with the new network. there is talk of uma but most likely wont see it til next year. as far as good physical keyboard phones go, the mytouch slide is outstanding

  • http://Website mike

    this is the first hspa+ handset . true all tmo 3g devices can benifet from it they will cap at 7mbps (plenty fast foe me still) but this device can more than double it.

  • http://Website FunkmasterC

    For all of the folks demanding UMA. If you have poor reception in your home, just use Google voice on your computer – it is free…

    I think T-Mobile has put forward a good group of phones this summer. They really are trying to please everyone here. The MyTouch slide was a decent start – a little slow and a bit of unnecessary radiation, but a good phone none the less.

    The Vibrant is a nice phone – a powerhouse if you will. If you want a light phone with great screen and don’t mind the lack of a physical keyboard, this phone is a fantastic choice. A lot of folks complain about the lack of a FFC, but I say use a webcam and Skype, Google chat or iChat. It is a neat idea, but lets face it – it won’t really be a feature until most of the phones carry it – right?

    From Qik’s web page “If the person you are inviting has the Qik app on their phone, their phone rings and with a single click both of you are video chatting away. If the other person does not have the Qik app on their phone, they’ll receive an SMS with a link to watch the video live on their mobile browser.”

    So – how many people do you know that you really want to video chat with that has a device with a ffc and Qik installed and knows how to use it. If you have a lot of friends/family that meet that criteria, I can understand how it can be a deal breaker, otherwise, you are complaining about something that you won’t even be able to use… really..

    Now to HSPA+.. This phone is going to be faster than the 4g Sprint phones – that is HUGE. This leads into my next point.. If this phone does have Vanilla android, it will most likely be a developer phone. This phone will have huge support in the xda community and the wifi tethering that will be available with one of these roms will be as fast as most people’s broadband. This phone will be fast enough to stream HD YouTube on a wireless tether.

    The G1 set a standard – I don’t really think T-Mobile, HTC or Google is interested in destroying that legacy. If this phone doesn’t do it for you, the leaked roadmap shows one more HTC device coming to T-Mobile in November – wait for that one.

    People seem to forget what this phone is about. It is about the release of HSPA+ and continuing the G1 legacy/product line. Quit complaining about the specs that you don’t know anything about yet. IT IS ALL SPECULATION UNTIL THE PHONE IS RELEASED. If you really can’t stand T-Mobile, QUIT COMPLAINING AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT – THE REST OF US ARE SICK OF HEARING IT!!!

    (steps off soap box…)

  • http://Website jesse

    guess i will wait for the next 5 row qwerty, til then my G1 running 2.2 will do just fine

  • Meredith

    Everybody is complaining about TouchWiz so much! I had a G1 for a long time and it finally got really cranky. I was using CyanogenMod’s Eclair ROM, and the darn thing just wouldn’t run right anymore. So I upgraded to the Vibrant. And you know what? I don’t notice a difference. I don’t even know what TouchWiz is supposed to do. All this complaining about the overlay on the stock Android system…but I *had* stock Android, and I STILL don’t notice a difference. Don’t be hatin’, as they say!

  • http://Website Mikeyo

    Vibrant is a cool and all but it doesnt even have a flash or notification light. Samsung is THE WORST when it comes to updates, so good luck with your Badass Vibrant thats going to get one update a year. Haha suck deez nuts.

  • http://Website Esgar

    I lile the vibrant

  • http://Website Betzilla

    Current Owner of the Geezy 1.
    Currently running Cupcake as Froyo was too slow for my standards.
    I wish there was a squirpion processor in the G2.
    The keyboard does look a little weak, but then again it is made from Premium stock.
    I think the G2 looks like another ‘solid’ build like the G1.
    I hope the charge port is the mini usb not the micro usb tho!!

  • http://Website minxima

    i just want the best that will be out for this year and am willing to wait since i have a mytouch slide for one line (calls are forwarded)… so what should i go for? i’ve seen the mytouch hd… but then again, i’ve been having a lot of problems with my mytouch. (i’m on my 3rd one). my techy friends all say g2… do yall agree?

  • armed

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  • armed

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