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Samsung Fascinate set for a September 9th launch on Verizon

Samsung is finally set to complete their quadfecta U.S. launch of the Galaxy S line with the Sprint Epic landing on August 31st and finally the Verizon Fascinate arriving just 9 days later.

Launching a device on all four major U.S. carriers is a fairly major feat so the fact that it took a little less than two months to get it out on all four carriers isn’t terribly surprising and matches up almost identically with the gap between the first and last launch of the HTC Touch Pro 2 which was the other smartphone in recent memory to manage to launch on all the U.S. majors.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the Galaxy S phones by now and other than basic cosmetics the Fascinate matches up with the two other touchscreen only models the Captivate and the Vibrant.

One possible thing to look out for is the Bing app that we saw when we got our hands on with the Fascinate back in July.

Verizon customers shouldn’t be soured on Samsung as they weren’t subjected to any of the unfortunate early Android devices from Sammy, but between the already launched Incredible, X, Droid 2 and the upcoming Droid 2 World Edition among others coming to Verizon in the next couple months the Fascinate is really launching into a fairly stacked deck.

I’d assume no one will be leaving their carrier for the Fascinate so are any of you existing Verizon customers going to bite or are you going with one of the other myriad options available (or soon to be available) to you?

Source: Android Central

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  • http://Website ktown

    I really hope Verizon does a special where they allow early upgrades because I am dieing to get this phone in my pocket lol. I’m super amazed at the recent galaxy s phones and would really like one of my own :)

  • http://Website Larry

    I am ready for an upgrade at VZW. Have been trying to get the X but no luck yet. I am interested in the Fascinate but curious how it compares to the X.

  • http://Website adryan

    totally waiting for more options since my upgrade isnt for 10 months although i could get 50$ off my next phone around november or wait till next july but im going to wait. But like everyone says that every phone that comes out will be obsolete in like 4 months or more so ill probably get something in the 4th Quarter or Q1 of 2011

    • http://Website calvin

      and then you’ll forever waiting on a new phone with that logic

  • http://Website Tony D

    I am waiting for the phone that gives me a foot massage and a beer.
    “It will build you an island and transform into a Mother F&*ing jet and take you there”

    “I Don’t care”

    “I hear that they will be selling these at Walgreens right next to the iphone 4.

    • http://Website G.

      lol, link to YouTube clip

    • http://Website jRad

      “I want an iphone4″

      “I don’t care…”


  • http://Website Debo

    My f-ing cat will be homeless now.

  • http://Website Floridaboy

    F**k iphone

  • http://Website Kyle K.

    I will be getting the Fascinate (coming from a Droid). I am really impressed with the screen and the overall fit, finish, and size of this phone. The X is just too big a phone.

    Also, an added bonus of the Fascinate; is that it carries an open boot loader(all Moto’s are locked now), and should be rooted fairly easily.

  • http://Website chris

    @kyle yeah all the other us versions of the galaxy s r rooted including the epic which isn’t even out yet. Can’t wait til the 9th to get this phone

  • http://Website joyce

    is the verizon fascinate being discontinued