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Samsung Galaxy S easily unlocked

Just like the Samsung Galaxy S was easily rooted, hackers have also discovered a simple method to unlock the device and allow it to run on other carriers. This means that owners of the T-Mobile Vibrant can get their device working with an AT&T SIM card and the AT&T Captivate can be modified to work on T-Mobile.

Normally when you unlock a device to run on another network you can still get data services, but 3G speeds are not possible because the carriers use different frequencies for their high-speed networks. However, the T-Mobile Vibrant has a 3G radio that supports multiple frequencies, including those needed for AT&T 3G. Unfortunately, the Captivate does not support the AWS bands needed for T-Mobile 3G.

Instructions can be found in the source link and look fairly simple for those of you who have attempted any previous hacks. Samsung actually left the unlock codes on the phones and this hack uses a method to extract them and tells you how to enter them back in. Like always, use at your own risk.

Via: YouTube

Source: xda-developers

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  • http://Website nate

    Since the vibrant one can do at&t 3g can the captivate run on T-Mobile 3g?

    • http://Website phoebetech

      can i buy the international galaxy s and make it work on tmo usa?

      • Taylor Wimberly

        I doubt that the international version will support the AWS frequency that is needed for T-Mobile 3G.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      No, the Captivate does not support Tmo 3G.

  • http://Website Disheeki Johnson, Tyrons wife

    FOR THE LAST TIME, an unlocked Vibrant will get 3G speeds if you shove in a At&t sim.
    But it doesn’t work the other way around. You can’t shove in a TMO sim into Captivate and expect to get TMO 3G. The Vibrant is a better phone, a true world phone, for this simple reason alone.

    Now I gotta go make some grits and fried chicken.

    • http://Website Tyron Johnson

      Bitch wat I tell yo retarded ass bout typin up all dis garbage n wastin all mah intronetz imma smack da black straight off ya grill

      • http://Website Disheeki Johnson

        Oh hell naw, don’t make me take my weave off. I don’t need to Ax you permission to use the internet. Plus I’m going to be a new baby mama, thats right, I been sleeping with your best friend Tyrel. He loves the junk in my trunk.

  • http://Website counsel

    I think the vibrant has the 1900 band for 3G but NOT the 850 band for ATT’s 3G.

    • Drew

      If that was the case, then it wouldn’t have 3G. It wouldn’t display it, and it wouldn’t get the 2+ Mbps download/upload

  • http://Website Jake

    what about the epic can that be unlocked to work across carriers?

  • http://Website Sam

    If you had iphone before my advise is not to buy this junk.

  • http://Website Ron

    can the sprint epic be unlocked and then use another carriers sim card (t-mobile for example) and what about the 4g? i know sprint is the only one offering 4g right now, what will happen if/when the other carriers offer it?

  • http://Website Ricardo

    I am brazilian and I will go to USA next week and I would like to buy a Galaxy S unlocked.
    But I am not sure if this “unlocked” works in Brazil or only in American companies.

    Can anybody help me ?


    • Jacob

      Ricardo, I used this on my Samsung Captivate and it works in Brazil no problems on Oi and TIM.

  • http://Website bubblo bill

    can the epic 4g be used in australia on a prepaid plan? i want this phone soooo badly
    if so where can i find one?

  • balaradu

    Here Is the full step by step tutorial on how to unlock Samsung galaxy S i9000

  • http://Website abe

    will this work on uscellular Galaxy mezmerize ive tried Z4Root and it doesnt work

  • Krs10

    i have no idea what all this means ALL i need is to unlock my galaxy s phone its not in service now an its jus my son pushed the wrong pattern too many times HelpHelp pls pls

  • Kathy

    I have had my Sprint – Samsung Galaxy 4G now for over a year without service trying to find someway to use it with another carrier

    I am not real savy with these things and I kneed to if someone has some way of walking me through this, I am traveling overseas and I would like to be able to use it.

  • Bobby

    I have a Galaxy S that was a prepaid phone with AT&T… I would like to unlock the phone and use it for Straight Talk. Anyone know how this is possible I cant seem to figure this out!

    • Warren Riddock


      You need an unlock code. We have them at

  • Karen Clark

    Can a Galaxy S model SCH R930 be unlocked from US CELLULAR and used for Sprint, or another carrier? I am a “NEWBIE” :)

    • Warren Riddock


      US cellular phones can not be unlocked but Tmobile and AT&T phones can be unlocked at

  • Akshy

    How hackers can do this? There is no rules and regulations? The unlock code i used id from and I installed T-Mobile sim and it worked, i not faced any issue.

  • Tina

    Can you put a sim Card in a Sprint Galaxy 4g Epic so it will work for Smple Mobile

  • princevj

    You can also unlock Samsung Galaxy S easily using codes.. you can purchase such codes from any vendors online like

  • Vashon gunn

    How do I put the google play store on the phone so I can buy apps?

  • Daniel Exavier

    This method didnt work for me, i purchased the code from they sent me the code in 3 hrs, i put it and my phone was unlocked successfully now i am happy currently i am in japan with it.