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Samsung Galaxy Tab is official, debuts on September 2nd

Samsung is gearing up to debut their first Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab, at next week’s IFA show in Berin and the company just put the first teaser video online for all to enjoy. Details are limited when it comes to official specs, but the video clip reveals the Galaxy Tab will ship with Android 2.2 with Touchwiz UI, have Flash Player 10.1 support, and the ability to make video calls.

Based on everything we have seen so far, the Galaxy Tab is really just a super-sized Galaxy S with a 7-inch display. Several leaks have suggested the Tab will also feature 1024×600 pixel resolution, 3.2MP camera, QVGA front camera, GPS, 3G support, 802.11N WiFi, 4000 mAh battery, and 16 GB of internal storage. Images in video seem to back up the higher resolution as we can see several custom apps which a split-screen mode.

All four major U.S. carriers seem to have a good relationship with Samsung, so it’s possible we could see this tablet on each one (similar to the Galaxy S). The leaked Verizon roadmap suggested they are launching a Samsung tablet in November, but I expect more carriers will also pick up the device. Other rumors also claim that an 8-inch version might appear in October and a 10-inch one could land in December.

Let us know what you think of the Galaxy Tab. Has Samsung done enough to win you over? What missing specs would you like to see included?

Galaxy Tab galaxy-tab-6 galaxy-tab-5 galaxy-tab-4 galaxy-tab-3 galaxy-tab-2 galaxy-tab-1

Show Press Release

Samsung is using its world-leading design innovation to define the future of mobile life. Samsung is using its technical expertise to deliver a smarter experience and a galaxy of possibilities on-the-move. The newest innovation of Samsung Mobile is just on the horizon.

Take a glimpse of ‘Samsung GALAXY Tab.’ (link to

Source: Samsung

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  • http://Website Nate

    I would buy this the day it comes out, but I won’t unless it comes with a dual-core processor because it seems like that will be the standard for tablets in a few months.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Looks like it will have a similar 1 GHz Hummingbird processor as the Galaxy S. I would love to be surprised though with a dual-core though.

    • http://Website Nick

      Dual-core would be nice, but it’s probably not going to happen. The Hummingbird processor that Samsung is using on the Galaxy S line is brand new and faster than any other mobile chip currently on the market.

      Yes, Qualcomm is pushing out dual-core processors that should be making their way into tablets and phones before the end of the year, but the benchmark results from the HTC Glacier show that even a dual-core Snapdragon processor is still slower than the hummingbird.

      • David

        Thats because no one is yet programing for multi-core cpus. Thats why even on 12core workstations, windows doesn’t seem much faster. Programmers still have yet to catch up with these multi-core cpus coming out. So far I’ve only seen high end scientific software(Matlab is a good example) that can take advantage of all those cpus and put them to use.

        • anakin78z

          But the way Android and Dalvik are set up, I’m not so sure it would be up to the programmer, and more up to the virtual machine and the linux core (but I could be wrong). I’m guessing that it’ll help multitasking, but not really speed, unless your app requires lots of different threads.

          Personally I probably won’t wait for multiple cores, cause I think it’ll be a while before we get the most out of them.

    • http://Website Zach F

      I’m assuming it’s for Verizon or Sprint based on the fact that there’s a “C” where the signal bars are.

    • http://Website mot

      Hopefully, it will have a front-facing camera. Samsung Tab Early Impressions.

  • http://Website The Stig

    Hopefully that 3G is compatible with both T-Mobile and At&t, just like the Vibrant is.

  • http://Website james

    I hope it has gorilla glass…

  • http://Website Scott

    AMOLED screen? If so, I’d get in line to buy this. Especially if it has device and host USB ports or USB on-the-go. (I just want to plug my camera into the tablet and still be able to plug the tablet into my laptop)

    • anakin78z

      That’s my biggest worry right now. Looks like it’s got a proprietary connector. That sort of thing kills me.

  • http://Website JBC

    What does the “C” above the bars in the last photo indicate?

    • roman.bugaev

      Cellular network

    • quinten


  • dzitran

    Tab sounds better than Pad. If this comes out on all carriers, does that mean that Sprint will be getting the 4G version of the Tab?? Hmm…..

  • http://Website Max

    I’ll be so glad when this tablet crazy fad dies out.

  • David

    I’m starting to think more and more about using a tablet like this for just lazying around the house. I doubt there is any use outside of the house or maybe some specialized office work that has been made to use a tablet, as opposed to simply using a tablet in office work. I’ve yet to be convinced this is something(tablets in general) that will take off and take over. We all still enjoy the size of our smartphones and tablets lack the physical interface to sit down and crank out a paper and other serious work to push out laptops.

    • Hassan A. Al-Jeshi

      I think if there will will be a stylus pen, than it will also be perfect for my office work to take notes and put some marks on the office documents.

      I also use a lot of skype meetings and the cameras will help a lot in that area…

  • http://Website Russ

    Will it have access to the Android Market?

    • http://Website Russ

      Could whoever downranked me please at least answer my question? It’s not an obvious question as Google hasn’t allowed Android Market on tablets up to this point.

      • Sined

        Yes it probably will given that Samsung is part of the Open Handset Alliance and that a lot of other Android Tablet Manufacturers are not part of that Alliance.

        Basically it will be a giant Samsung Galaxy S. Running 2.2

  • http://Website Jeroen

    Looks good, but aren’t some of the screens from Apple?
    Besides that I must say I’ve lost my fait in Samsung after buying a Samsung Galaxy (i7500).

    • anakin78z

      Yea, I hate to agree, but Samsung does seem to be going out of their way to copy apple’s interfaces. The color scheme on the swype keyboard and whatever that chat program is are just plain rips.
      Shame, too, cause I don’t think there’s any need for that.

      • http://Website Someone

        So replace it? Check out openHome and the other home screen replacement apps. You think the interface is locked down like some other devices? A smartphone should customize to what you want it to do, not to someone else’s idea. Mind you, it does have somewhat of a weird resolution, so you might need to bug a few app devs to update their apps.

        With Android, there’s almost nothing you can’t customize with an app on the market. I think the notification area is the only thing that requires rooting / recompiling if you want to change it.

  • jakmayhopher

    ok im so excited!!!!!! i want a galaxy s phone so bad(Tmoble Vibrant) but this i just looking to be amazing!!!!!!!!! GO ANDROID!!!!

    MYT3G 1.6 :( waiting for update!

  • dezvous

    I was very skeptical on my own purchase of the Samsung Vibrant, feeling as though maybe I should have held out a bit longer. Although since receiving it a couple days ago my opinion has changed dramatically. These Galaxy S phones are animals.

    It’s basically an iPhone4 with a faster GPU and, I think, a better looking screen. The color and contrast on these screens is incredible. The screen just pops, everytime I look at it, It seems like a commercial because it should be saying “these images are enhanced to look better than they will in person,” except that the phone is actually right in front of me…

    I’m resisting the urge to root and modify my phone at the moment, just trying to see how it performs stock and so far it has been blazing fast. I’m excited to get 2.2 officially on this device and have the GPS issues fixed up.

    As far as the UI goes I thought I was going to hate it. But I really like it actually. I don’t even have the constant desire to try to fake Sense like I had on my G1.

    I really dig Samsung’s UI surprisingly enough and here’s to hoping they put more effort into keeping their Galaxy S phones up to date compared to some of their other phones in the past. It seems like they’d be pretty keen on doing so, seeing as just how strongly they’re pushing the gS line. This Galaxy Tab has me thoroughly intrigued, especially for a 10 inch version.

  • hermyhalloween

    I hope this thing is able to play more video formats. And that it has video out.

    (Ooh. The new image viewer for the site is very nice.)

  • http://Website Haggie

    Buying a tablet that isn’t running Gingerbread is a sucker’s bet. It’s like buying 1.0 of any Apple product. You will be paying $500 to be a beta tester.

    Gingerbread will be the first android release that is really designed with tablets in mind too, not just phones and hacked for tablets.

    • http://Website Queue

      You make a good point about Gingerbread, however, I’m going to bank on Samsung at least upgrading this to 3.0, since it’s their first tablet. I hope that this is something that is addressed in their press release next week, or is asked by the media when they show this off. The market is hungry for tablet, but I think that people want to know if it will be upgradeable in the future. It would be dumb for them to release 3 different tablets and they all don’t at least run 3.0.

  • http://Website imrblankie

    Wait so if this will be shipping with Froyo does that mean we might see Froyo on the galaxy S phones, soon after or maybe even in the short time between now and the release?

  • http://Website Jack Nicholas

    Sell me one NOW!

  • HardNoks

    wow i actually thought that it said fragmented reality, not augmented. i was thinking “why the hell would anyone want that?”

  • jennifer

    Is that a samsung-branded 30-pin dock connector used on it? Is that even possible? I would have assumed there was a patent on it.