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Samsung Galaxy Tab will come in CDMA flavor and offers some pricey accessories

We are about 3 days out from the official reveal of the Galaxy Tab and the leaks are coming fast and furious at this point.

The most recent leaks from iandroid show a CDMA version of the 7″ tablet. Now earlier reports had the 10″ version of the Galaxy Tab showing up in Verizon’s lineup in November, but as the hard press seems to be on the 7″ form factor it seems likely that this will in fact at least be the first version of the Galaxy Tab to hit.

The other leak came courtesy of and revealed a number of Samsung branded accessories for the Galaxy Tab. The most notable revealed so far include: a portfolio styled case that also functions as a multi-purpose stand; a charging stand with HDMI and speaker output; a TV cable for connecting direct to a TV from the device; a keyboard with docking port; a bluetooth pen which can interface with your phone as well; and an adapter to convert the proprietary port to a USB port.

Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Other than the bluetooth pen these accessories are pretty standard fare and certainly look nice enough, but the pricing seems a little outrageous. The portfolio case clocks in at $52, the charging stand at $69, and the keyboard at an astounding $105. If these prices are accurate Samsung has even overshot Apple on their accessories pricing which is saying something. If the Galaxy Tab manages to take off I’m sure 3rd party manufacturers are going to undercut Samsung on these accessories in a huge way, but maybe Sammy is banking on being the only game in town at release.

We are constantly seeing these Android tablets with ties to one carrier or another, but do you really want a tablet that is carrier dependent or would you prefer to roll your own with just wifi tethering? What kind of pricing would you have to see for both the device and monthly data costs before you would rather have a 3G/4G enabled device versus wifi only?

Via: Engadget

Source: Engadget

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  • http://Website deutschdroid

    • Oskar

      I gave you a plus one…lol…funny how you got negatives…lol

  • anakin78z

    Wifi only, please. I can see how being always connected would be awesome, but I’ll tether, thanks. I don’t need to spend the extra $15-30 a month for this.

    Also, while I’m sure the accessories will come down in price, they do seem pretty awesome. The dock is looking pretty neat.

  • http://Website andrew

    it should read, the Galaxy tab will come in CDMA flavor and offer some pricey iPad like accessories

  • http://Website Eddie Android

    Spend all that money and have an outdated device within 4 months because Samsung has always been like that.

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      If they are investing into all these accessories, I’m pretty sure Samsung will be updating this product for quite some time. I’m not sure why Samsung’s gettign such a bad rap these days.

      • Oskar

        Because of the lack of support to their android line up! But I do think Sammy will support there galaxy s line…and I would like this tab but wifi only!

  • http://Website Carlos

    7in? Better than an e-reader but not quite an iPad… Should retail around $350

  • http://Website evo2droidx

    I was looking forward to these tablets! I figured they would be the perfect tethered companion to my android phone, which btw is always connected for a monthly fee. Therefore, why the hell would i want a tablet that requires a cell phone plan, and bill? Wifi tethering is a huge selling point on the upper end androids. I think sammy is out of touch with consumers on this one. There needs to be a wifi only. Home, work, coffee shop, when u are on the move the 3.7 & 4.3 inch screens will do fine. On the bus/train or park sit down, tether and use the 7/10 inch screen. I don’t get it, the cdma version is going to sell but only to a very select market. Give us both, you’ll sell another 1 mil c’mon guys! Guess im not going with the S tab

    • anakin78z

      Interestingly, almost all the people I know who have an iPad have the one with the 3g modem. I’m not sure why this is, but maybe Sammy has it right after all…
      Of course, those people also don’t have androids with wifi-tether.
      I’d buy the wifi only version.

  • http://Website Not Impressed

    I’ll be so glad when this whole tablet fad dies off.

    • http://Website Willard Potter

      I’ll be glad when they start releasing them with dual boot options, which isn’t far off. I love my Droid and I love my netbook(which, i soldered a USB touchscreen in), but i’d still like to drop bulk a bit more. It’s not about being trendy, especially since Tablets have been around for years already.

      Definitely agreed with wifi only models being needed. I have my Droid. Until tethering is somehow taken away, i don’t need another bill for a readily available connection.

  • http://Website Cinimod

    I hope that this product would surpass the ipad in terms of the number sold.

  • http://Website leonardo

    Finally i have been waiting months for this but i hope there is a wifi only because this will come good because i have a samsung vibrant.

  • http://Website Arcanjo Morto

    Wi-Fi only please, and keep the dang things affordable!

  • http://Website donald swan

    i already have a galaxy s phone, so i`ll only need a wifi one as well, i have been waiting for this and the we tab, with luck i`ll get to show those pesky ipad owners that you can have a good tab and not have to pay the earth for it

  • samsung galaxy tab accessories

    wow can not wait for sammy tab

  • http://Website Mr. barrios

    android > apple. apple is an overpriced, over hyped line of electronics.

  • http://Website Ayanblink

    I want farmville on my galaxy tab froyo