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Samsung Vibrant now available for a penny on Amazon

Did you miss out on yesterdays $99 Samsung Vibrant at T-Mobile? Well congratulations your slacking just saved you $98.99 cause Amazon is now offering the T-Mo version of Samsung’s Super AMOLED beast for the low low price of one penny with free 2-day shipping to boot.

The only caveats are that this is only available for new accounts or those customers due for an upgrade and it isn’t available in all zip codes, although at this price I would suggest that perhaps you could find a friend in a zip code where it is available and then pay said friend to ship it on to you (just be certain they are trustworthy enough to not “borrow” your phone before sending it to you).

For those AT&T customers feeling left out of the wheeling and dealing your Samsung Captivate is available on Amazon for $49.99, which while not quite as exciting as getting it for a penny is still a fantastic deal.

There’s no indication as to how long the deals will last so if you have been waiting for a Galaxy S phone on T-Mobile or AT&T I’d say the time to buy is now.

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  • http://Website JinxDroid

    That has to suck for those that purchased it just a month ago.

    • Sean Riley

      Hell I think it sucks for those that purchased it yesterday, but who would have guessed the pricing would drop this quickly. Has to make people a little skittish about forking over $250 for the Epic at launch in case it follows in its siblings bargain basement footsteps.

      • http://Website Lonnie

        I got mine yesterday for $99 from t-mobile and I so bummed right now. It shipped out so fast too!

        It’s still a great phone but I could have saved almost $100 :(

        • http://Website kell

          I can’t explain how fast it really is, you need to see it to believe it. Samsung Vibrant Impressions.

          If they can lower the price a bit more, then certainly many will get this.

  • http://Website Chancy

    It’s just too bad that you need to sign up for a new contract and with a typical phone bill ranging anywhere from $60 to $80 or more for TWO years. I’d say that’ll cover the cost of the phone TWICE or even more. >_>

    Still waiting for the time when don’t have to sell our souls to these networks just to buy a phone. If only the Nexus One model type really took off…sigh.

    • Sean Riley

      I think you’re preaching to the choir here, but agreed on all counts.

    • Ben R

      You don’t *have* to sell your soul, etc. T-Mobile allows you to pay full retail on a phone and will even give you a discounted monthly service plan with no contract as a reward.

      • ayocuz

        People can say what they want about t-mobile but I have to give them props for having really good customer satisfaction.

    • http://Website Nick

      I think a lot of you are forgetting that no one is forcing you to buy the phone with a contract. You can walk into any carrier and purchase a phone for full retail, exactly like you could with the Nexus One from Google.

      The only reason most people sign up for a contract is because they can’t bring themselves to pay full retail. it’s a choice.

      • Sean Riley

        Agreed that the wise move at least in the name of flexibility is to just stay off contract, I’ve been playing the buy retail and then sell on ebay within about 6 months game for the last couple years and it ends up bringing the cost of ownership down considerably.

        Really yesterdays sale was a better example as that was from the carrier themselves, but it is frustrating that the subsidy pricing can fluctuate so violently in such a short time period and the logic of only offering deals to new customers versus existing customers seems baffling to me.

      • ayocuz

        A very stupid choice. You’d save money if you just cashed out for the phone. I don’t understand why people don’t want to pay up front

    • http://Website thebearingedge

      I actually did the math and decided to go all in, buying the phone at retail instead of on a contract. Even though the math doesn’t really work out in my favor any more, I have to say: I still prefer paying $60/mo over $80. Getting on a contract with T-Mo, you definitely end up paying for the phone. In fact, at launch, the Vibrant would have costed you a total of $700; that’s $200 MORE than without a contract…

      Maybe this special will convince my friend not to go with an iPhone…

      • http://Website Peter

        You should try and return your phone if you paid the full $599 cost if you are within the 14 day (30 in California) window. If you buy it with a 2 year contract for $0.01 and then cancel and pay the ETF of $250, you could then sign up for the cheaper, no-contract plan with it.

        • http://Website Lonnie

          Slow down, that wont work with Amazon. If you cancel the contract within the first 180 days or so, will charge you an additional $250 on top of T-Mobile’s ETF.

          They got wise to whole, buy-cheap-and-cancel-contract scheme years ago. I dont think they even let you downgrade to a cheaper plan within those first 180 days.

          • http://Website Peter

            But if you cancel after the 181 days Amazon won’t charge you their $250 right? So you only have to pay about 6 months of the extra $20 for the contract price and after that you are only going to get charged the $200 T-Mobile ETF and then you can get the lower cost, no-contract even more plus plan.

    • http://Website Peter

      If you cancel the contract the ETF is $250. So you are getting a new phone for $250.01 + (activation fee and taxes?). You could then use the no-contract even more plus plan ($20 less than the contract plans).

  • http://Website Sean Doe-Simkins

    It’s only $0.01 for new contracts; if you click the radio button for an existing customer the price jumps to $149. Still, pretty sweet!

    • Sean Riley

      Thanks for the heads up, the post has been updated to reflect that.

    • PixelSlave

      We are android user, folks. Use your Google Voice number. If your contract expires, you can just cancel it and sign up for a new one. No one needs to call you on your phone’s actual number — your Google Voice number will take care of the transition.

  • http://Website bigdaddyrobb

    So the list price of $599.99 is without contract, why do they show $0.01 as the comparable price? Rhetorical question as I know the answer but it still bugs me just the same.

  • EmeryLee

    Wow!!!! These carriers are getting cut throat. See they know that if you buy the phone they gotta a customer. Nothing like an extra $80+/monthly revenue flow for a company for 24 months. Now multiply that by 10,000 customers. Mad loot people. If you buy the phone you gotta get the service.

    • http://Website Chancy

      Bingo! Exactly what I’m saying.

  • http://Website Jared

    I think he meant the slacking saved $99.98… because it’s a penny… not a dollar. lol

  • http://Website Hal

    so let me get this straight, you have to buy the contract for the phone for the 1 penny price? because i currently have a droid, and would love another android device, but i dont need tmobile billing me.

  • http://Website rob

    Really hal? You think they are selling phones for one penny without a catch or contract….. not the brightest in the bunch

  • http://Website Tom

    What I don’t understand is how people are comparing the retail price of the handset directly to the whole price of the contract.
    “You’ll be saving THIS much if you buy it at retail price contract free”

    Do you not use your phone? Are you forgetting that calls/texts/3G data usage still cost money? The contracts can really save you money if you buy the right plan. The companies just bet on you buying a contract that exceeds your needs on the basis of a lower up front fee.

  • cobaltleo

    Lets not overlook what this drastic pricedrop hints at, another high end phone is about to be released. Which is probably going to 1 up the viberant.

  • http://Website Abe504

    Great deal if you want to get on an contract, but with t-mobile’s even more plus plans, you can get the phone and spread the payments out over 18 months so your not paying for it all up front, interest free.

  • http://Website tottyrice

    ok a have a couple of questions so i hope that you guys could help me…
    so i’m thinking about switching to t-mobile from verizon should i just wait a few months for the holiday season to switch over when better/faster phones come out like the mytouch HD(whatever it’s called) or should i just take this deal and switch now? last, does the vibrant take full advantage of the HSPA+(it’s up where i live) like say it was built for HSPA+ like the mytouch HD?

    • Sean Riley

      If you’re alright with the phone you have right now I’d say hold out and save some money, there are some really interesting phones coming in the next 2-3 months.

      • http://Website Yo

        Hold out for 2-3 months to save a penny??? It’s technology. There are always some new interesting things coming in the next 2-3 months. If you wait you’ll be paying $199.98 more for a phone better than this

        • Sean Riley

          I see where the confusion is there, I meant save some money as in save up some money for buying a new phone in a couple months.

          True enough there is always something new coming, but I think we are right at the tipping point of seeing phones that break the 1GHz barrier which could be worth waiting for if you have a device you are pretty happy with at the moment. Certainly if you need or just want a phone right now you can’t go wrong with the Vibrant, especially for a penny.

  • http://Website Mario

    I just ordered mine. I was with AT&T and my contract just ended on the 13th. I knew I wanted one of the galaxy S phones but was hoping the price dropped on one of them sooner or later but didn’t expect it to be this low at all so soon.