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Sony Ericsson confirms Android 2.1 rollout in September

Those who already own the SONY Ericsson XPERIA X10 will soon get to taste one of Google’s new(ish) builds of Android.  SONY Ericsson UK used their Twitter account to confirm that Android 2.1 will be delivered before the end of September.   This is amazing news since when SONY Ericsson announced their initial plans for the Android 2.1 rollout; they pegged the release schedule for Q4 of 2010.

While this confirmation is great news, there’s still a lot of information that’s still unknown. SE did not specify which XPERIA X10 handsets would get the Android 2.1 upgrade before the end of September and since the announcement came from one of their UK twitter accounts, we don’t want to assume that the Android 2.1 rollout will be hitting the XPERIA X10 that launched on AT&T just a few weeks back.

In the best case scenario, SONY Ericsson will be rolling out Eclair (Android 2.1) to the entire XPERIA X10 family within the next four and a half weeks.  We hope you forgive us if we’re a little bit skeptical, but we’ve been burned by manufacturers in the past and this will be SONY Ericsson;s first major software upgrade for their Android line.   We’re keeping our fingers crossed, hoping SONY Ericsson doesn’t let us down.

Source: @SonyEricssonUK

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  • http://Website Kevin

    Ah, 2.1? Are you serious?

  • http://Website gardenshrub

    simply, why do all the makers hate updates so badly?

  • http://Website mkrmec

    2.1? Get serious Sony..

  • http://Website tsi

    wow! …. only 1 year after timeline …. not bad Sony.
    You will get respect by motorola, im sure!

  • http://Website elarella

    I was almost dead set in getting the X10 in March, instead, I got the Nexus One. I am an SE fanboy, but this is ridiculous. N1 FTW !!