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Sprint compares new Samsung Epic 4G to EVO 4G

Sprint has yet to announce a launch date for the Samsung Epic 4G, but the handset is widely believed to be released later this month (rumored around August 21st). A promo site recently went live and now Sprint has uploaded a quick demo video of the Epic to their YouTube channel.

In the brief two minute clip, a Sprint employee highlights the major differences between the Samsung Epic and their first 4G handset, the HTC EVO. Distinguishing features of the Epic include the slide out QWERTY keyboard, Super AMOLED display, and the industry leading graphics processor (PowerVR SGX540).

Even though the Epic might be the faster of the two phones, the EVO still has its own advantages like a larger display, higher megapixel camera, HDMI out, and the recent Android 2.2 software update.

No pricing information has been provided yet, but we fully expect the Epic 4G will debut at $199 with 2-year contract.

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  • Peter

    Just because the EVO has a higher megapixel count on its camera does not mean it is better. This is a common misconception. In fact, more megapixels can have the opposite effect, making the camera produce lower-quality images.

    If the sensors are the same size, a higher megapixel count means each pixel sensor is smaller and less accurate.

    Please see:


    • http://Website naomi

      Again, been waiting this phone since it was still called as Galaxy S. Front facing camera for the win! Hopefully, froyo will be soon! Epic Now Has an Impression!

  • http://Website Gabe

    Epic 4G > Evo 4G

  • http://Website Chris

    But HTC > Samsung by a long shot.

  • http://Website 138

    Samsung is doing quite a bit to change the publics views of them as well as inovation. If they dont support the Galaxy S line they will not be forgiven.

  • http://Website john

    Wow both are wicked phones! Android is on a roll! Bye bye iPhone. Its hard to believe how fast android is catching on.

  • Greg Bulmash

    Well, after the issues I’ve had with battery life and sync loss on my Samsung Moment, combined with Sprint and Samsung refusing to upgrade a phone with an 800 MHz processor to Android 2.2, I doubt I’ll be considering any phones from Sprint or Samsung in the future.

    They abandoned supporting or upgrading my phone after less than 9 months despite locking me into a two year contract. Screw both of them.

    • http://Website wayne

      get a new phone dumb ass

      • http://Website Jimmy

        He has a legitimate gripe… with over a year left on his contract with a phone that was quickly shoved aside by Samsung, fully capable of 2.2 and multi-touch, but as of yet… no firmware support for either.

      • http://Website Voice of reason

        Please read a person’s post clearly before attacking them. It’s highly doubtful that Sprint would allow an upgrade when the existing contract is not even halfway completed. It’s obvious that they haven’t been very helpful thus far from the post. It’s unfortunate that the cell phone industry still can’t seem to get it together and provide quality service to its customers, even after all these years. It just seems to be getting worse!

        • http://Website sick of all cell phone companies

          I agree you think with all the money we pay these companies we could get good service instead of the old pass the buck thing I get from sprint and I am sorry we can’t help you! Not just sprint have been with a few companies over the years and by the way they act they pay us not the other way around!

  • http://Website Nammy

    Dam, the Epic is so much nicer then my Captivate. I guess mine is slimmer, which is nice, but I am very jealous of the keyboard and build quality of the Epic.

    • http://Website angermeans

      I feel the exact same my friend, the Epic is def the cream of the Gal X line. It is a sleek phone that’s for sure. Just be glad Sammy decided to make a dif phone for all 4 carriers so we all could experience the Gal X. The Epic is the best, but second will be the Captivate in my mind I love the build of it.

      • http://Website Nammy

        Very true, we should count out blessings that Sammy brought a top notch phone to us AT&T people, god knows we needed one.

    • http://Website Special K

      This thing reminds me of the Ti-83 calculator I rocked in high school. I really don’t see this as being much “nicer” than the Captivate. Design wise the Captivate is the nicest of the Galaxy S line. The keyboard looks ok, but it’s there at the expense of making the phone rather thick. Just master Swype and you’ll never long for a physical keyboard.

      Also, I suppose Samsung has a usb to hdmi output cable that’s currently “out of stock” on their website, so I’d probably take that advantage away from the Evo.

  • brianlmerritt

    Samsung Q also looks good for GSM users – smaller form factor but big processor and good resolution camera and screen.

    In the meantime, is it really being pedantic to question whether this 4G really is 4G, or whether it’s 3.5 or 3.9 G ???

  • http://Website leo

    Hey guys, Does anyone know if android 2.2 software update for the HTC evo includes the free theatering feature ? Thanks

  • dzitran

    Wow. How does HTC feel after seeing this video. Both are great phones with their own advantages and disadvantages. I’m getting the EPIC for your sure but I feel sorry for the EVO after being dissed by Sprint, especially after helping pioneer them into the 4G market.

  • http://Website B

    I wondered this same question when I first heard that the epic would be released.

    After reviewing the information, other than the Super AmoLED screen and the aspect advantage that creates on battery life then unless you have an affinity to physical keyboards then go with the Evo

    If Allshare is the only way to display video on TV’s then it has a serious disadvantage because I found out that I can do the same thing with an Android App called MediaServer.
    So with the Evo I have a choice; especially if I currently do not own a DNLA compliant device. I do (PS3)Not TV but to start that is an extra step and more electricity when i can just hook the Evo to the TV with a cable.

    Last but not least Sense to me is miles ahead of TouchWiz in terms of style but, “Hey thats just my opinion”

  • Android Freeware Lovers

    One thing all Samsung Android-based smartphone buyers should seriously consider is that Samsung have no interest at all to update their already sold phones to the latest version of the Android OS. Samsung is a “we sell everything what brings money” type of company, just look at their range of products… HTC however is for ages in the smartphone business, produced the first ever Android phone – T-Mobile G1 as well as another milestone product – Nexus One. They are also actually supporting their phones with OS updates… Just technically Epic might be a better choice than EVO, mainly because of their Super AMOLED screen, but I think HTC would have an answer for this in the very near feature… So, IMHO, the best choice for customers is to wait till xmas and get a new Android 2.x/3.0 device from HTC with “Super AMOLED”-kind of screen.

  • http://Website Kalyan Koirala

    First, why should Sprint (and any cellphone service) unfairly charge extra $30 for the hotspot feature? Especially, while one is already paying $80 for the same data use? It’s ridiculous to make customers pay twice for the same data use and so the extra fee must be eliminated.

    Next, if I buy Samsung Epic while 4G coverage won’t be available in my city for next 2 yrs of the contract period, don’t you think I must get some compensation discount on the monthly bill?

  • http://[email protected] Kimberly

    So which phone should I stick with? I already bought the Evo( And I love it ) I had 30 days to return. Now I have like 3 days left only to return and Im thinking about getting the Samsung Epic. I know alot of people that bought the Evo around the same time I bought my phone, but my brother bought the Epic and its getting good reviews. HELP What should I do????

    • http://Website Fred

      The deal breaker for me is the full qwerty keyboard. I love the EVO, but I have a hard time with the on screen keyboard. I will be swapping for the Epic just for that reason only.

  • http://Website Jason

    The real beauty of any kind of Android phone is that most of them you are able to ‘root’ them. Like the Epic but hate Touchflo? Root your Epic and install Sense onto it! OR vice versa. Or for another example, my current phone is the HTC Hero but it has been running Froyo (android 2.2) for the past month! There are bunch of sites out there covering this and as long as you can read and follow instructions, it’s truly a harmful process. Android is truly flexible and I mean really and I hink it’s premature to be judging them by it’s stock feature sets, as even if you didnt root your phone, you have the Market to soup up your phone as well.

  • http://Website Brett

    I just bought the epic, and for basically three reasons. First the processor is four times faster, and this thing really cooks on the 4G network. Second, I like the combination of the touch screen and the slide out keyboard. Finally, the screen is amazing. Its also nice to be able to tether my computer to it, thereby rendering my aircard useless. For the first time in years, I think Sprint has the two best phones out there, the EVO and the Epic. I was trying to find an EVO, but a salesman at a mall kiosk told me about the epic, and i am very glad that i waited.

  • http://Website Donkey


    • http://Website sha

      ok now i want one

  • http://Website funtastic

    Jason lined out the most important advantages of the handset. The design also looks brilliant as well as the overall quality of the materials. Check out the Samsung Epic 4G Review, it actually contains a detailed video review which gives pretty good idea of the phone’s look and capabilities.

  • http://Website zito

    Epic is the best phone ever


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