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Sprint Epic 4G Q&A Part 1

We asked our readers to submit questions when we unboxed the Sprint Epic 4G and now we are back with the first round of answers. I’ve only had the device about a week, but it’s pretty obvious the Epic 4G is the best Android phone with a full QWERTY keyboard.

The overall performance is best in class and exactly what we have come to expect from the Galaxy S line of phones. Samsung’s Super AMOLED display still blows me away, the PowerVR GPU is the fastest available and runs the Gameloft HD titles with ease, and the 4G download speeds finally impressed me.

I’ve found some odd quirks in the software (like the browser has its own brightness setting), but I’m having a hard time coming up with any major gripes about the phone. Our only complaint at this point is that the Epic launches with Android 2.1, but Sprint has already stated Android 2.2 is coming soon and I expect we could see it arrive in September.

Initial impressions of the battery performance are positive. I was traveling this weekend and playing with the Epic almost the entire time and it generally feels like it lasted longer than the EVO 4G. I’m saving the detailed battery tests for another post, but my experience with the Galaxy S phones is that they have the longest standby times.

Check out our video below for 15 minutes of Q&A with the Epic 4G (or hit up YouTube for the HD version). Please continue to submit questions and I’ll do my best to address them in the next video.

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  • geniusdog254

    I love the look of the front side of the phone, but the back is FUGLY. Maybe it’s just me, but I really hate that much.

    Other than that, the phone looks really solid. I won’t be upgrading from my Evo, but if I were just switching to Sprint I would pick this up over the Evo.

  • http://Website Dan

    I have a question for the Q&A session #2.

    I know there are some features left out on the Epic that are included in the others like captivate and the vibrant, for example, the music player.

    Are there any others?

  • Mike

    About the TV out, I heard a 3.5 to RCA out cable needs to be plugged to headset jack before it’ll show up in the options menu to enable it? What about bluetooth keyboards? Can we pair and connect one to it, or does it have a broken bluetooth stack like the Sense enabled phones?

  • http://Website Jeffroid

    Will this phone be coming to Asia? GSM version?

  • http://Website Bryan

    The Epic 4G has a 512MB ROM, not 1GB per the video.

  • http://Website dubdroid

    @bryan actually you are wrong its
    512 RAM
    1gb Rom

  • http://Website Raptor

    My Comment after using EVO and Vibrant are

    - video. On EVO /HD2 is total crap in comparison to Galaxy S Vibrant. The iPhone is the best there but Galaxy S is close.

    - DivX is also great on Galaxyes, no comparison to jaggy EVO/HD2. You get 6hours of watch time on max brightness (which is killing everyone on these phones) is amazing. If you see not full screen DivX then you get 8 hours. Holly shmolly

    - EVOs photo camera has same quality as Galaxy (HD2 is crappy, too much compression).
    GSMArena gave Galaxy higher rank then even iPhone in their review.

    - Galaxy has better (smaller) battery drainage on 3G then EVO. Overnight I’ve got 0.45% per hour vs 0.77% /h for EVO with no background allowed. On Airplane mode my Vibrant got sucked only 5-6% in two days last weekend!!! 33-40 days standby time! The world record for all phones.

    -4G drainage of EVO is killing it. I’d say it is pure recall. When searching the signal it has 19% /hour drainage, means 4-5 hours and your battery is dead. Vibrant in comparison does not have 4G though it shows almost the same high speeds around 5 mbps /1.3 mbps and the same latencies around 120-150 ms. But if Vibrant searches for lost 3G signal it drains only 2.5% per hour , means you do not have to worry about manually switching it off. Interesting what Epic gives.

    - EVO resolution is better then Galaxies. For reading smaller fonts when load full page Galaxy is barely usable. You definitely will need zooming. But EVO/HD2 resolutions is also not super-duper for that, and in 99% cases you zoom anyway too. And by the way EVO/HD2 DPI is still 1.5 smaller then iPhone, which is actually A LOT. So it is still not enough to be comfortable for small fonts and full page view. Sooooo the next big step with LCDs and specifically SuperAMOLEDS will be only when they will have resolutions around 1280×800. Until then this phone or any other Galaxies are good buy for not to be jealous 6-12 months from now..

  • http://Website Raptor

    Drainage when surfing the web i get 16% per hour, means 6+ hours with min brightness of the screen. On EVO with 3G my battery was dead in 3.5-4 hours

  • http://Website Jerry C

    The Samsung Moment had problems with GPS functionality. Some have suggested it was a hardware problem with the GPS antenna. Is the Epic the same or better?

  • http://Website alex e

    Tell us about battery life please! Thanks!

  • http://Website Matt

    I’d like to know if the Epic has a ‘night mode’ like the vibrant and captivate.

  • http://Website Mook1e

    Says he likes the “…thinner, lighter devices” when the Epic is lighter than the Evo.

  • http://Website Kyle

    I would like to know the normal benchmark scores!?

    • Sinanovski

      should be just like every other Galaxy.

      • http://Website Disheeki Johnson, Tyrons Wife

        First of all, get your facts straight. I was making friend chicken, and I had to stop so I could correct your non sense.

        First of all, the Epic 4G will only have 1gb internal memory. Other Galaxy S varients such as the Vibrant have up to 16GB internal.

        Secondly, the Epic 4G will have TouchWiz 2.5, not Touchwiz 3.0 which is what is found on the other Galaxy S varients.

        UGH you dont know anything.

        My baby has gas

        • http://Website Michael Biedenstein

          My Epic has 16 GB internal memory, NOT 1gb. I got it today, for sure 16 gb

          • http://Website JimMorgan

            Mike the Epic “DOES NOT” have 16gb of Internal Memory, question do you still have 16gb when you take out the Memory Card….the answer would be NO. Internal means it stays with the phone even when the Memory Card is taken out.

  • http://Website Dwayne Reza

    Please do a video recorder comparison with the epic vs another galaxy s(captivate/ vibrant) together at the same time so that we can tell how much of the compression has changed

  • http://Website Disheeki Johnson, Tyrons Wife

    Hey white boy, ya you mr Taylor Wimberly, come here you fine piece of white choclate. I have a question for you. Why don’t you or any of the other tech sites ever talk about the blue tint on the Super Amoled Screens.
    A discussion about the Blue Tint one these Galaxy S screens would be appreciated.

  • http://Website cg long (time android fan since g1.)..

    hey this guy doesnt know what hes talking about. I currently own the samsung vibrant for Tmobile(a Galaxy S phone), and the dockbar on the bottom is customizable. Look it up on youtube,this guy did it. I tried it and it works,i currently have my dockbar set with dialer,(u cant change dialer icon),handcent,music player,and the app button(also cant be changed). Ill list the steps..
    1) Press the applications button on bottom right.
    2) once in the app drawer,press menu button,and select view type. then select customizable grid.
    3) once in customizable grid, hit menu and select edit. The icons will have a red minus sign on the upper left hand corner. This means u can drag and change their location.
    Let me know if it works…it did for me.

    • http://Website Rich

      He didn’t say the dock on the Vibrant couldn’t be customized. He said the dock on the Epic 4G can’t be customized currently. This is because they are running different versions of Touchwiz. The reviewer actually said both the Vibrant and Captivate docks CAN be customized. Get your ears checked.

  • http://Website Mcbowflex

    Is there any information regarding if this phone will be getting Android 3.0?

  • http://Website Rich

    Question: I heard that most of the features missing from the Epic 4G are because they downgraded Touchwiz to version 2.5 while they worked out all the bugs in 3.0 that are plaguing the Captivate and Vibrant. Could you look and see if it says version 2.5 anywhere? If that is the case, then it seems likely most or all of the missing stuff (i.e. TV out, customizable dock, better music player, etc) would be back when 3.0 is fixed with Android 2.2.

  • http://Website Nolis R Cezair

    Will this phone after being unlocked work in MetroPCS?

  • pkellner

    I just got my Samsung Epic 4G today and blogged about it here: I also compared it to the EVO (it won). So far, 24 hours into it, so far all good. The only querk is that when you hold it in landscape mode, the menu does not rotate until you open some app. Also, even though there appears to be a tethering option, sprint says that does not work and it is not suppose to work (from a sprint epic 4g advanced support guys lips)