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Sprint Epic 4G unboxing video, submit your questions now

Did you claim your Sprint Epic 4G yet? Early reservations are now full, so it appears Sprint has another hit on their hands. Hopefully they can actually keep this one in stock, unlike the EVO 4G with all its shortages.

We were lucky enough to receive a demo unit and of course I dove right in and filmed a quick unboxing video. For those of you asleep the last couple of months, the Epic 4G is Sprint’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S with several special additions like a five-row QWERTY keyboard and support for 4G speeds.

Software wise, the Epic 4G is pretty identical to the previous Galaxy S phones with Sprint’s collection of Android exclusive apps thrown in. Check out our Touchwiz 3.0 walkthrough video for an idea of the overall user interface. The Epic 4G still ships with Android 2.1, but Sprint and Samsung are already working on Android 2.2 and we expect a release in the next couple months.

When we talk about the hardware, the Sprint Epic 4G is the best that Android currently has to offer. This phone has the best display technology (Super AMOLED), fastest CPU, fastest GPU (PowerVR SGX540), and all the other bells and whistles you could wish for. About the only hardware feature missing from the Epic that we have seen on other high-end Android phones is HDMI out, but Samsung has included their AllShare app which supports wireless streaming via DLNA and the Galaxy S supports video out via the 3.5 mm headset jack.

If you are concerned about size, the Epic 4G is roughly the same mass as the EVO 4G. It doesn’t feel as big in the hands, but it is a thicker device (similar to the Droid and Droid 2).

For now, enjoy the unboxing video and tune back in for more hands-on reports later this week.

Please submit any questions you might have about the Epic 4G and I’ll upload another video in the next 24 hours to answer as many as I can.

The Sprint Epic 4G will be available for $249 with contract starting August 31st.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I can’t wait to get it! I will do the charge cycle for the battery and run it with the stock stuff and ui it comes with out the box for a week. Root it after that and do the famous ‘lag fix’ for galaxy S phones that will have it at 2000+ on the quadrant charts!

    Run some Launcher Pro Plus and have it looking like Stock Android. Just imagine what froyo will look like on this combined with the lag fix. It’s not much of a lag or no lag at all I believe on this phone out the box, but that fix just makes it even faster.

    • http://Website fred

      This phone doesn’t need the lag fix. The reason the other galaxy s devices need it is cause they have a micro sd card for main storage. The epic has much faster nand storage and will be way snappier then the others

      • http://Website k3o

        The lag fix moves data/apps onto the internal (sd) memory… off the NAND.

        • http://Website nosh

          Finally, after all the controversies the epic has arrived. But obviously, iPhone 4 is better. ALthough, somehow. some people may prefer the Epic. Epic Phone Latest Impressions

      • http://Website UniqueNate

        I understand the lag fix is for the sd card but it doesn’t affect the speed and performance of that alone. it makes the entire phone faster. without the lag fix, the epic would not be in the 2000+ range in the quadrant charts. that’s way past the N1 on 2.2

        it boost the performance of the entire phone in every way besides apps and sd card functions. that’s what i want. i know it will be just fine out the box but why not make it faster? i mean going into apps, browsing, switching in and out of things, etc.

  • http://Website C. Savage

    Hey!!! what happen to the lock screen (sliding the entire screen to unlock) ahhh mann i loved that!!

  • http://Website jeremy

    its ok…. dont really like the thickness of it ……also the weird exterior camera area i have galaxy s much more clean design and no clunky keyboard

    • http://Website jeremy

      plus its on SPRINT the worst network provider ever period i had the evo for 3 weeks it was like hell on earth they cant do anything right

      • http://Website Anonymous

        I too have had some poor experiences with Sprint… many actually.

        Like talking to 2 reps for about 25 minutes, getting transfered, telling another rep my issue again, being placed on hold for 20 minutes while they try to find 1 of my accounts, just for them to come back on the line & we get disconnected. Call back, repeat steps 1, 2, & 3, then being told the department I needed just closed for the evening. SMH…

        Thats not really whats upsetting me about Sprint though, I have come to expect that. It’s the new way they handle their discounts now. Only the primary calling plan gets discounted, not the add-ons like they did before.

        Really? They choose to nickel & dime me for an extra $5. a month, on top of that silly $10. premium “Steak & Crab” fee? Seriously, they need to rethink their whole way of doing business.

        I honestly like Sprint, but I am beginning to loathe the way they do business.

        But I still plan on getting this phone too. Even though I have had my fill of the Steak & Crab already.

        • http://Website karl carlson

          Then bring yer cryin ass over to verizon and pay $40 more!

  • dzitran

    I’ve been waiting all summer for this phone. My mouth is drooling!!! I’m pitching a tent!!!

    • http://Website SillyWilly

      Oh baby, let me get on my knees and take care of that pitched tent.

  • http://Website Raptor

    The main question or better a request is about 4G drainage (sorry for misplaced post in other topic – please remove it from there).

    - install JuicePlotter which makes graph of battery drainage,
    - reboot the phone,
    - put all Background tasks and Autosyncs off (in the Accounts and Sync) to ensure nothing else is sucking the battery
    - all Wifi, GPS and BT devices off except 4G
    - leave Epic with 4G ON for several hours on the table (or better overnight) not used by any tasks or activities.

    Post the picture. Compare to EVO, Galaxy S (Vibrant etc) or anything you want.

    Take in mind that bad drainage picture will set up the trend, the precedent, and may literally kill both EVO and Epic as well as WiMAX and Sprint

    • http://Website Raptor

      This experiment is best to do in places with 4G signal. Most amazing drainage though is expected when there is no 4G signal (like in 90% of America yet).

      If you have 4G in your city then to emulate non-4G city just fold the cellphone into the box and place the box into the foil (just to ensure its metallic antenna does not touch anything metallic, in case it was made stupidly like in iPhone4 so you can touch it)

    • Taylor Wimberly

      It appears that the Epic has some kind of setting that makes the 4G go into sleep when not in use, but I need to test it out more. I just noticed the 4G symbol with a couple “ZZZs” next to it that I have not seen on the EVO.

      EVO drain was pretty bad and you could always expect it to die overnight if unplugged. Most of the Galaxy S phones will last 4-5 days if they are not in use (and that’s with the 3G radio on).

      • http://Website Raptor

        If Intel/AMD/NVIDIA engineers were such retarded as ones who built 4G in EVO all 2-4 core laptops would die in 20 minutes.

        Here are for tour comparison data of “pure experiment” on virgin Vibrant just after Factory Reset when nothing else was installed

        1) cell wrapped several times into aluminum foil + placed into metallic pan
        Time, Battery level
        23:28 80% –
        00:37 77%
        01:26 75%
        02:36 72%
        ~8% in 3h 08min hours = approximately 2.5% /h. Compare this to 19% in EVO case. And Vibrant in cities with HSPA+ gets you 5+ mbps downloads and 1.5mbps upload speeds. In comparison, EVO gave me just 2.4 mbps DL speed and always died overnight of you forgot to switch 4G off

        And here
        are JuicePlotter image of overnight drainage in similar conditions but after some installs (again, no Background tasks were allowed) and some small usage . Based on drainage of less then 4% in 10 hours the standby time is simply amazing – 10% per day or 10 days. Note the almost horizontal part during the time when nobody disturbed this phone 3am to 10am ? That means that potentially we can get a month of standby time not switching 3G on or off like in EVO 4G case.

        • http://Website Raptor

          P.S. in last case phone was not wrapped

        • Taylor Wimberly

          Wow that’s amazing. Like I said above, the Galaxy S battery performance is one of the best I have seen. I think Samsung’s custom Hummingbird processor has a lot to do with that.

          • http://Website Raptor

            Note also that the phone is almost virgin too, just couple basic installations was done, no task killers used (mediating both pro and contra camps i have nothing against of them by the way, they are often very useful, just do not abuse them).

            Most important is not to install poorly written power draining applications like Yahoo Mail etc. Then important not to allow Background apps since in current Android we have very limited control of this process (why the hell we need email updates at the night?) , so until better control could be done update of your phone manually.

    • http://Website jeremy

      OR get a Vibrant/Galaxy S join Tmobile and get HPSA+ speeds without having to worry about battery power

  • RB

    Is there any light or other hardware notification? One of my favorite features of the Nexus One is the trackball light notifications.

    I’d also love to see the video quality of the 3.5mm video out.

    Has the GPS issue I’ve heard about in other Galaxy S phone been fixed for this model?

    Is it possible to disable the power control buttons in the notification panel? Cool idea, but I prefer the power control widget.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      1. Yes, the Epic has a LED on the front that lights up for notifications. Looks like it does red and green and maybe some other colors.

      2. See the link in the story for video out over 3.5 mm jack. It’s not high-def, but still ok.

      3. The software GPS issues are not present on the Epic. It looks like Samsung fixed it and should roll out to the other Galaxy S phones soon.

      4. Quick settings buttons in the notification bar can not be disabled that I know of. The power control widget is still included if you prefer to use it, but I think the notification shortcuts are there to stay.

      • http://Website plainbrad

        Taylor, I use my GPS a lot. A real lot. And I’m worried about the GPS on this phone. This phone has everything I want but i don’t want to switch providers only to find out the GPS works off of cell towers instead of off satellites.

        If you can work it into your review of the product, can you try to run multiple GPS apps Google Maps, Fouraquare, wheresmycar [or whatever you prefer] and the like, please?

      • http://Website fred

        All of the galaxy s devices also do hdmi out via a micro usb to hdmi cable to be sold by samsung for 50 bucks

  • http://Website Anonymous

    I am personally torn between my Evo & the new Epic.

    While I am so used to the Evo & like the Sense UI, I like the QWERTY kb on the Epic. I am not too familiar with the TouchWiz UI, and not too sure if I will like it, but I am fair, I’m willing to give it a try anyway.

    I did receive my 1st Sprint bill for my phone yesterday. Seems Sprint is no longer giving discounts to anything other than the actual plan itself. No more discounts on Roadside, Pick 3, Call Home, anything. It used to be the only exclusion was Insurance, now its just about everything else too. Guess that “Steak & Crab” $10. premium data fee just wasn’t enough for them.

    But anyway, my concerns/questions are:
    After playing with both the Evo & the Epic which phone seems to be the better of the two?
    Which display looks better, when throwing in the Sense & TouchWiz?
    Which phone will have better/longer battery life?
    Which phone will have better call quality?

    I am still trying to decide if I want to stay with Sprint & get mugged each month, go with T-Mobile & get Edge data, or take my Evo/Epic to Cricket (flashing) for a service thats cheaper but not high quality. WOW! Decisions, decisions…

    • http://Website jeremy

      thats easy

      Samsung screen is far better then the evo (i had both im telling you from experience)
      the evo lags like crazy

      Samsung battery power is far better mainly because of the superamoled screen and no sense ui which really is lovely but is your batteries worst enemy

      call quality i dunno thats a tough one but i know on my galaxy the speaker is better then the evo

      take the galaxy s if on tmobile or epic on sprint

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I’ll try to do an EVO vs EPIC battle.

      Having played with both phones for awhile, I prefer the Galaxy S to any of the 1 GHz Snapdragon phones from HTC. Samsung has better displays and faster CPU/GPU combo.

      Sense and Touchwiz come down to your personal opinion. Neither ads anything revolutionary that can’t be duplicated with free apps from the Android Market. If you don’t like either one, then you can replace it with a home screen alternative.

      I believe the Epic will have better battery life based on the screen technology and 45nm processor. Both consume less power and I’ve experienced extra long stand-by times with the Galaxy S phones.

      For call quality, I have not noticed any difference.

      • http://Website Raptor

        EVO is great phone in 3G.

        But it has 19% drainage PER HOUR in 4G (means dead in 5 hours if you forgot switch it off when there is small or no signal) . Let’s Tailor do the 4G drainage test first. Right now EVO is pure recall candidate (i do not know if 2.2 fix it)

        If Epic will pass this it is a winner, though actual display resolution of Epic (and all Galaxies) is somewhat smaller (33% less subpixels means perceptionaly 10-15% smaller resolution, clearly visible on small fonts and red and orange solid colors)

        Also EVO has comparable by quality camera but very bad camcorder.

      • DanCandy

        I think the Evo vs. Epic battle could easily be one of the top reviews across all Android sites. I think you do great reviews and take the time to really explain things. You do good work and would strongly encourage and look forward to that review.

    • http://Website Raptor

      And here are also Quadrant benchmarks

      1 Samsung Captivate Quadrant 2547 Android 2.1 XDA lag fix Hummingbird S5PC110 1.2GHz o/c by 20% PowerVR SGX540
      2 Samsung Vibrant Quadrant 2232 Android 2.1 XDA lag fix Hummingbird S5PC110 1.0GHz (default) PowerVR SGX540
      3 Samsung Galaxy S Quadrant 1973 Android 2.1 JIT EXT4 speedhack, JIT update Hummingbird S5PC110 1.0GHz (default) PowerVR SGX540
      25 HTC Evo Quadrant 510 Android 2.1 Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8650 1.0GHz (default) Adreno 200

    • http://Website Anonymous

      Thank you for the responses.

  • http://Website nick

    Does the video out work with NESoid and the wii remote at the same time?

    • http://Website Come again?

      Perhaps you may find it easier to homebrew your Wii and get the NES/SNES emulators. Almost the same difference.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I have not tested that exact setup, but I assume it could work. The video out mirrors everything on the screen.

  • Mighty_O

    Can you ship the phone to me? lol

  • http://none European Man

    Man, the most relevant question is if it will be available in Europe? The first news about this device said about a sim slot within, has it a sim slot? Could You check it, PLEASE! Thx in advance from Europe.

    • geniusdog254

      This won’t be coming to the EU. It’s a CDMA device, so no SIM slot.

      • http://none European Man

        I know that Epic 4G is a CDMA device but first informations about this model named it as a Samsung Galaxy S Pro (we have in Europe the Galaxy S phone) with sim slot. I wish to knew that it will be available in EU (of course without 4G mode). ;(

  • http://Website Dmitriy

    How come no mentions that epic has front facing camera as one feature epic has that other galaxy s phones don’t have

  • http://Website Gerard

    Does the Epic music player have the sound equalizer option like the Captivate and Vibrant?

  • http://Website Coot

    Does Skype support the front facing camera on this phone?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The phone ships with Qik for video calls. Skype is a Verizon exclusive right now, but it is coming to all carriers later in the year. You also have Fring which supported Skype calls at one time, but they have now removed access.

  • http://Website Carlos

    Can you just setup a 24 hour live feed of the phone? Let me live vicariously through you until I get one =P

  • hermyhalloween

    I have the Samsung Moment and entering text in textboxes in the browser is extremely buggy and often extremely slow. Is this issue present in the Epic?

  • http://Website Majortom23

    Does anyone know if there is haptic feedback for the bottom four buttons??

  • http://None Richard

    Please show the GPS settings by pressing *#*#1472365#*#* into the phone dialer. This will hopefully help vibrant and captivate users with GPS problems. Please make sure to show the settings in the applications menu and the supl settings. Thanks!

  • http://Website Dewayne

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE test the gps properly! there has been much debate about gps issues on the phone. We would love it if you have the wireless networks option on and drive around a little bit to see how it functions and if it can keep up. would really appreciate that…Thanks!

  • http://Website Wayne

    Would you mind checking to see if this phone is still rootable using the currently-available Galaxy S methods?

  • http://Website Shiggity

    Great coverage Taylor!

    I’m in/on the same boat as the Anonymous poster up above. I currently have a Palm Pre, and my 1 year upgrade eligibility is coming up in September. September 7th I believe…

    Here’s about my only deciding factor between the two at this point in time:

    I love the HTC EVO 4G mainly for Sense, but I also love from what I’ve seen so far of the Epic 4G (its keyboard and such). It’s great to know that you can change UIs and home screen layouts etc. with a few steps, but is there a way, mentioning Sense, to actually put it on the Epic 4G, whether it be via a custom ROM flash, or via an app from the Android market? I’m 100% naive when it comes to Android devices. I’ve only played with friends’ phones, and I’ve never owned one. I’m partially kicking myself for not getting an HTC Hero when I got my Pre. I wish I had waited 1 (ONE!!) month longer. Oh well.

    I just started a new job, and I have stuff to pay off etc., so I won’t be able to get either of these top-of-the-line devices even with upgrade pricing until earliest mid-late September or early October. Such is life, right?

    Thanks in advance,

    • http://Website Anonymous

      Since were in the same boat, I can tell you from some experience I have had similar to yours.

      I went from my iPhone 3G to the Palm Pre June 6th, 2009 when it first got released. Honestly, I was upset I dropped my iPhone for that phone, it was terrible. From the Pre, I went to BlackBerry Curve, to BlackBerry Tour, then finally on August 11, 2009, I got the HTC Hero. Was a whole new learning experience, a better experience.


      I have also owned the Milestone (GSM Droid), Moment, Droid, Behold 2 (I feel it was 1 of the worst Android devices I have owned, behind the Augus Netbook & Tablet), Eris, MyTouch 3G Slide, EVO 4G, & the Intercept.

      Now, having owned all of these Android devices, I have become more aware of how these things work, and refuse to use an iPhone, Palm, or BlackBerry again (except perhaps maybe the BB Torch lol).

      1. Android is 100% customizable, even if rooting is the only option to achieve your desired goal.
      2. A wide variety of widgets, toggles, & apps make it easier to achieve #1 above.
      3. Home alternate apps/launchers like LauncherPro, ADW, etc. are great alternatives to TouchWiz or Sense UI’s. LauncherPro is the closest I could find without rooting the Android device. LauncherPro has Sense UI themed widgets (agenda, messages, contacts, etc.).

      So, IMO, drop that Palm & jump to Android. It is the best & fastest growing Phone OS out there. But as far as which device to get between the EVO & the Epic… thats the touch $10,000. question right now.

      My Samsung Moment had crappy battery life, even after the updates. However, my Samsung Intercept (Moment 2) had excellent battery life. I forgot to turn it off on a Sunday evening, went for it on a Thursday evening, and it was still on and in the orange. WOW!

      Its just a matter of hardware & features you need I suppose.

      • Shiggity

        Thank you for your response!

        Even though webOS is under-maintained and not really focused on as much as HPalm would like it to be, I really don’t hate it at all. I too came from an iPhone (1st gen 2007 model) and the Pre is a nice devices as well. Suits my needs fine.

        The main reason I want to jump ship to Android is because having 4G capabilities is interesting. Also because I have that upgrade coming up soon.

        Once a year I go to an animé convention in Baltimore, MD and Baltimore has full 4G coverage. My hotel mates and I each year, 2nd year this year for me, despise the hotel internet so we use our phones to provide internet via WiFi tether. Also, Android devices are really intriguing to me.

        I’d like to echo someone else’s question: does rooting work the same as on other Galaxy S devices like the Vibrant and Captivate? I’d like to get “WiFi Tether for Root Users” so I can tether properly when necessary. I really feel that asking for $30 extra a month for “proper” Sprint provided tethering is ridiculous since you’re already paying $10 additional for 4G usage, even when not in 4G areas at all times, though it’s nice to know that you finally get true unlimited bandwidth, at least when on 4G, or so I’ve heard.

        It’s good to know that Launcher Pro has Sense UI elements available to be installed/activated, but does it really give you the proper and full Sense experience as HTC devices do? Have you tried it? Does it run well on Samsung hardware? At this point I’m really leaning towards the Epic 4G due to its physical keyboard and the Hummingbird 1GHz CPU. I was amazed at how fast it booted up in Taylor’s unboxing video. Fastest I’ve seen for any phone out there. True, usually when you get a new phone you have to set it up with all your information, and that must have been done already, but still. Quite impressive.

        Thanks in advance,

        • Shiggity

          Oh and also: I’m leaning towards the Epic 4G right now because it comes with a headset/mic, whereas the Evo doesn’t. A minor thing I know, but I won’t have to spend additional cash to get headphones.

        • http://Website Anonymous

          LauncherPro home has quite a bit of Sense UI feel, but it’s not 100%. The notification bar is still what you had factory, the bottom doesnt have the big “Phone” button with the app drawer & + down there, but its prolly better, bc you can customize it so well, that you can still have your phone launcher, SMS launcher, browser launcher, etc. and it still shows the screen indicator. That Dev did an awesome job on that.

          Most of your icons will most likely remain the same as the icons came factory. ADW home launcher has themes and theres a couple of Sense themes there too, including the Expresso MyTouch Slide. Beautiful widgets has an app comes with a flip clock with weather, and has skins that give it a similar look to Sense flip clock.
          Pure Calender & Pure Messenger are widgets that can be skinned to create that Sense UI look.

          So, it is doable. Just got to go looking for it.

          Also, rooting may be the same as the others, its not known yet. That Galaxy S root app thats been circulating the App underworld, supposedly works on all Galaxy S models, but even if it doesnt, a true root is never far behind. Rooting gives you the option to completely change the appearance of your entire viewing area by using any custom ROMs out there.
          ***Just remember to back up your existing ROM first!*** LOL

          Rooting would open it up to a whole world of new possibilities, but you should have a good anti-virus in place & doing so may void your warranty/insurance.

          I think I may go with the Epic too, but just because my Evo’s battery only lasts about 1.5 days on 3G, could get 2 days if I turn it off over night between day 1 & 2. LOL

          But also bc I dont like pressing buttons to power on my phone, especially 1 button. My iPhone 3G home button wore out & the power button was beginning to sink lower into the phone from being used so much. Just using buttons like that make me leery. Having a slide out kb would be like my Droid, just slide it open slightly & shut again, screen turns on, plus there are extra “Home”, “Back”, “Menu” buttons on the keyboard so theres backup.

          And since I’m liking this Swype on my Evo, it comes pre-installed on the Epic.

          This is a hard decision indeed.

          • http://Website Shiggity

            Okay. Cool. Ya think I’d be able to find an EVO FroYo ROM I could flash onto an Epic 4G? lol. Would the ROM be looking for HTC hardware and fail to load properly if it doesn’t find it?

  • chewtoy

    The first test I always do when I pick up an Android phone is to try to take a picture of a person walking at a normal pace. I would appreciate it if you could do something similar to give an idea of the camera’s shutter lag and motion handling.

    By “shutter lag”, I mean the amount of time between when you press the button and when the phone actually snaps the picture. (A lag of anything more than a tenth of a second is too long — almost every android phone I’ve tested has been almost a full second. Try taking a picture of a dog’s face head-on — it’s extremely frustrating.)

    By “motion handling”, I mean “how much blurring is there for moving subjects” and “does the phone manage to focus even when there’s significant movement in the photo frame”. This is a combination of autofocus handling and shutter speed. A simple way to test this is to go inside to a spot with normal lighting (e.g. a Sprint store on a sunny day), and wait for someone to walk by. When they do, take a picture of them as they pass by you. The only things that should be blurry are the person’s feet — if the blurring extends up to their face and mid-section, the phone camera doesn’t handle motion well at all.

    I hate to bring up the i-word on this site, but even the camera on an iphone 3G exceeds the capabilities of every android phone I’ve tried so far in both of these tests. I think that’s partly HTC’s fault — they’re the market leader, and their phone cameras have always been very poor (and this extends to HTC devices running windows mobile — the Sprint Mogul can’t even take a picture of the text on your average paperback book and have it turn out readable).

    Also… any fm tuner in this hardware, and if so, any software support for it? Despite the RIAA’s recent stupidity of trying to mandate that all phones contain FM tuners, I would actually be quite excited to be able to time-shift radio on my phone.

  • http://Website Jaz

    This phone does look awesome. The amoled, faster processor and better battery life is really tempting me to sell my evo and pay $500 for this phone. But I won’t pay $500. I will try to get sprint to swap me phones. I have complained about the battery life since I got the phone and had to swap it out once due to battery life. If sprint doesn’t want to exchange phones for me I will just sell my evo and get the hero again and this way at the same time save $10 that I shouldn’t even have to pay since I don’t have 4g in my area yet. I guess we will see what happens. So far no update that sprint has released for the evo have helped the battery life and it is getting very annoying having to plug it in every couple of hours. It sucks! If I could get just %40 better battery life I would love to keep the evo but this is just unacceptable.
    Good job sprint and samsung. HTC Better step it up.

    • Shiggity

      I agree. This puppy boots up within 15-20 seconds. Even my Pre overclocked to 800 MHz can’t do that…

  • http://Website Mook1e

    “Someone” needs to get the Samsung USB-to-HDMI cord available on their site and find out what video modes are available through it.

  • http://Website Will.I.Am82

    Please go into the Music player. I hear conflicting reports stating that the special “CD-esque w/Cover Art support” coverflow-type interface was removed and that all that’s left is the stock Android Music player. Please confirm this in a video follow up.

    Also, I hear it can’t play HD videos or HQ videos in the YouTube application, but every single review I’ve watched that’s said it hasn’t touched the menu key and seen if “Play in High Quality” was even an option. Again, another something I’d like to see in a follow up video.

    Also, mention whether or not this has some type of notification light for missed calls, messages, texts.

    Great unboxing video, overall. Like the fact it was in 1080.

  • Sinanovski

    So it doesn’t come with Avatar like the rest of them?

    • http://Website Shiggity

      Avatar only comes on the T-Mobile Vibrant. The others (Epic incl) doesn’t come with anything like that.

  • Mary Oana

    Hi. I have a very important question and i want a fast and simple answer. Where does the SIM card go? If there is a SIM card place please let me know and also where it is located as i can’t find it. Thank you. I hope you will give me a fast and positive answer.