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Sprint expands 4G to new markets before Samsung Epic launch

Sprint continues to expand their 4G network as they prepare to launch their second 4G handset, the Samsung Epic, in the near future. Five new cities were brought online with 4G speeds including Modesto, Calif., Stockton, Calif., Jacksonville, Fla., Wilmington, Del., and Grand Rapids, Mich.

With the new launches, Sprint 4G is now available in 48 metro areas which cover nearly 50 million people. Sprint will continue to grow their 4G coverage area over the summer as the carrier plans to eventually cover 120 million people by the end of this year.

No launch date for the Epic 4G has been provided, but Sprint recently launched their teaser page for the Epic and Samsung also has a promo video. Sprint has been wishing they had more EVOs to sell to increase their 4G subscribers, so hopefully the Epic will appear in the next several weeks.

Source: Sprint

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  • http://Website Nithin Jino


    First the Evo 4G and now the Epic 4G?

    Sprint is stepping up the game. They now got the best Galaxy S phone on the market! I’m pretty sure everyone will agree with me on this!

    • http://Website watbetch

      It’s the best if you like hardware QWERTY phones otherwise, no.. it’s not. Each and everyone has it’s pros and cons and none of them are perfect for everybody.

  • nEx.Software

    Eh… Let me know when Sprint decides to expand into major metro areas. Of the 5 largest cities in America, only 2 have 4G coverage. Why do I care? I live in one (Phoenix) and Sprint has no 4G, yet they happily will sell the Evo and charge for 4G data regardless of availability anywhere nearby.

    • http://Website Anonymous

      I know what you mean…

      I live in a major city/market, Denver, and yet, were just in the announced phase.

      What gets me is, all these smaller areas are getting 4G launched before the larger metro areas.

      What’s up with that?

      Perhaps its all about the amount of cities getting it, over the larger cities. More bragging about the amount of cities…

  • FallNAngel

    IMO, it’s a problem that you *have* to pay that fee, even if you cant use it. I’m fine paying $10 to have 4G enabled… but paying a premium for a service you *literally* cannot use is a bit meh.

  • http://Website deeb215

    It’s pretty simple. If you don’t have 4g in your area yet, don’t buy a 4g phone. case closed.

    • nEx.Software

      Oh believe me, I didn’t… And wouldn’t. BUT when they are marketing 4G in places that don’t have 4G, and most consumers don’t do their homework, you have to admit – it’s kind of shady.

    • nEx.Software

      BTW, the point was more about Sprint failing to launch 4G in many of the larger cities in the country.

    • http://Website Richard

      The extra 10 dollars was smart on sprints part because anyone who has this phone now or will be getting this Phone will realize it is so hard to put down. This is a media/entertainment device that happens to be able to make calls. Having a unlimited data plan is key for this device

  • Jason Nelms

    Man, I wish that they would not put the keyboard on the Galaxy S for Sprint. They are really nice phones but I absolutely refuse to buy one with a keyboard on it.

  • DoUknoGREG
  • http://Website EpicBuyGuy

    I talked to my local Best Buy today about the release date for the Epic 4G and ended up giving the sales rep all the details about the Epic because she had no idea what features it had….They said that the EVO had a pre-order available 2 weeks before launch and that she expected the same for the Epic 4G….They sales rep asked me for my information and said that they will call me when they know any release date information for Best Buy pre-orders so I can be placed on a waiting list….Best Buy is the only place I will buy this phone because of gift cards I have and because I don’t have to mail in a $100 rebate….If the August 20th release date that is floating around is correct, this could mean a pre-order may start as early as August 6th (2 weeks ahead)….The Best Buy sales rep said all that is needed for a pre-order is a $50 deposit which goes towards a Best Buy gift card that you will put towards the purchase of the Epic 4G…..So, start saving your money people because we are VERY VERY CLOSE to the release of this amazing phone….I hope the release date gets pushed up like the Vibrant but 17 days away is pretty close and I for one will be purchasing one on day one….And by the way, Samsung officially said an OTA fix for the GPS on the Vibrant and Captivate is coming soon so no worries if that was a deciding factor for anyone!

    • http://Website Richard

      Wish you luck on your EPIC 4G….My EVO 4G has 2.2 FROYO as com 8-2-10 with FULL FLASH 10.1 whay a grand feeling this is. SPRINT RULES and Sophy does the EVO 4G.

      • http://Website Spreak Engrish