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T-Mobile G2 to launch as first Android handset with HSPA+

T-Mobile is set to launch their first HSPA+ handset next month and our sources have informed us it will be branded as the T-Mobile G2, a true successor to the original G1 . This is the same device we have previously referred to as the HTC Vision and G1 Blaze.

Believe it or not, the T-Mobile G2 is said to be a Google-experience device like the G1 and ship with stock Android. T-Mobile recently held a regional meeting to discuss new phones coming out and our insider said the G2 was showed off running stock Android 2.2 FroYo.

Powering the G2 is a Qualcomm MSM7230, which is sort of like a budget Snapdragon targeted at the mainstream audience. The MSM7230 has the same Scorpion CPU as previously commercialized in the Snapdragon QSD8x50 chipset found in other HTC phones and it has a clock speed of 800 MHz to 1 GHz. The G2 prototype was said to currently be running at 800 MHz, but I suspect it will be bumped to 1 GHz by launch.

T-Mobile already has a teaser site for the phone and their leaked roadmap indicated a device called the “HTC Vanguard” was slated for September 9th. The launch date might have already been adjusted, but we still expect to see the device next month.

Similar rumors have recently surfaced on TmoNews and AndroidSpin so I believe the information is accurate. I chatted with David from TmoNews to compare our sources and they are different people, so it sounds like several people who attended this regional T-Mobile meeting are talking. Look for more details to leak over the coming weeks.

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  • http://Website Tony G.

    Getting it, along with the Droid 2 R2-D2 edition, awww yeeee

  • geniusdog254

    Bummer. I thought it’d feature the new QSD8672 dual core 1.2 or 1.5Ghz cores.

    That kills it IMO, just another 1Ghz slider (albeit a dang good one!). The new QSD cores woulda brought 5x the graphics power of the earlier Snapdragon chips, putting them on par with or better than the Hummingbird chips from Samsung.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I think the 1.5 GHz QSD8672 is slated for tablets and coming in early 2011. I think we will see the 1.2 GHz MSM8260 in HTC phones this year though.

      • Christopher Chavez

        I TOTALLY agree. I don’ think the rumored dual core will be for phones at all.
        It coming out for a tablet would make a WHOLE lot more sense.

        • http://Website AndroidAl3X

          @Christopher Chavez your the EMOGamer from youtube i love your videos! (^_^)

    • nick

      yup totally agree with geniusdog254. They are just putting something out there instead of REALLY putting something out there. What bummer. If Verizon comes out with the tablet with Google I’m switching. Can’t believe this is Tmos “comeback” device. Fail.

    • geniusdog254

      @Taylor I thought HTC said they were already shipping the 1.5Ghz dual core to a hardware partner? There was a lot of speculation that it was HTC and this was the “miracle” device it was destined for. Too bad it wasn’t

      @Nick My thoughts exactly. Seems like this isn’t really much of an upgrade from the Slide, except a bigger screen and a slightly faster processor (800mhz MSM vs 600mhz MSM) Boo! We all know HTC is capable of MUCH more than this.

      • http://Website chaoscentral


        You can’t compare the cpu in the slide to the cpu in this by clock cycles no matter which way you slice it. This is still an arm v7 core CPU and the slide is an arm v6, thats like comparing a celeron thats 2GHz to a Core series chip thats 2.2 and saying its only marginally faster.

        • geniusdog254

          Thats true. I understand the workings of CPUs on these devices, I didn’t think that post through very clearly lol, it was late here.

          Anyway, yes the ARMv7 is a much better core than ARMv6, but my point (which I failed at conveying) was that everyone is on the 1Ghz kick at this point (Apple, Moto, HTC, EVERYONE!) so launching a high profile device (if this turns out to be one) without one will lower its mindshare to the average consumer. I mean we’re talking about people who think higher megapixels on a camera = better pictures. If HTC launched a 800Mhz dual core phone, normal people would still think it less than a single core 1Ghz even though it isn’t.

          Sorry I wasn’t clear

    • http://Website seth

      …and have even WORSE battery life?! We are pretty much at the limit of processing power vs current battery technology (unless we see severe increases in cpu efficiency) while keeping it a usable phone device.

  • http://Website Artar

    Finally a physical keyboard GSM phone to replace my G1!

    Now to get Cyanogen one too…..

  • http://Website Steffen

    Bummer. When I saw “G2″ I was hoping it actually looked similar to my old G1. I would love to see a phone with a 3.7″ screen and a full 5 row keyboard like the original G1. Like if I could fuse my Nexus with my G1 I would be in love.

    • http://Website Artar

      Agreed. What you mentioned + a better processor than just 1GHz.

    • http://Website Josh

      I’m not digging the four row keyboard on the G2.
      I want another G1…bigger screen faster processor…thats it.
      NO more changes. (maybe an optical trackpad) and capacitive buttons and better camera and hspa+ but thats it!

  • http://Website TFJ4

    Less than a dual-core processor = bust

  • http://Website Laurie

    It does look like a nexus with a keyboard =)

  • http://Website dk

    was seriously considering buying this even though i just got a mytouch slide to replace my g1…but idk now…

    • clichris2

      i got red my touch slide to replace my G1, but sent it back cuz i messed around with the samsung vibrant and fell in love… cant wait to get my new phone… way cleaner picture way faster processer (1ghz)way bigger screen… supposed to me way better than i phone… so looking forward to checking it out…

  • HardNoks

    I wonder what processor the “mytouch HD” will have. This will be the deciding factor in whether I get this phone or not. I’m kinda tired of being offered phones that aren’t really up to par with what other carriers offer

  • http://Website Chancy

    HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!! I knew it was only a matter of time. I’m sure that is only a prototype picture or concept picture and will probably look completely or slightly different from the launch device. :D

  • http://Website peterrrr

    g2 is a trademark of gaterade inc

    • AndroidRRR

      T-mobileG2 isn’t trade marked… It should have been a dualcore device.. if it to be a true replacement for the G1 this phone won’t have much thunder otherwise… although i may still get it, This will do nothing to woo anyone from verizon or sprint (who has the best phone at the moment The Epic4G it has a qwerty and has a better processor possibly even a better screen.. unless that new screen tech. rumor is true..)

  • uther2000

    Only thing left to see is what “Project Emerald” will be
    It better out do this !

  • PatrickHuey

    This is pretty cool honestly. The first HSPA+ phone is going to be a 2nd Gen phone that started it all…just rooted my mytouch today, sweet!

  • Sined

    Seems to fit perfectly with your insider’s information.

    Maybe that’s why this isn’t the fable Dual Core Snapdragon we have been waiting for. There isn’t a Dual Core Snapdragon that supports HSPA+ and LTE yet.

  • Sined

    Qualcomm also announced the MSM7x30 (MSM7230 for GSM and MSM7630 for CDMA). These chips are based on the same Scorpion processor as the Snapdragon, but with 5.1 channel sound and more powerful graphics[15], like 720p high-definition video encode/decode at 30 frames per second and 12-megapixel camera support. This is possibly related to Qualcomm buying the handheld graphics department of AMD[16]. It is currently unknown if these processors will be branded as Snapdragon.

    -From Wikipedia

    Interestingly though this chipset supposedly has much more powerful graphics than the Snapdragons we know today.

  • http://Website plainbrad

    Stock 2.2 FroYo is exciting
    Staying at 800 MHz is a bummer – hope Taylor’s guess is true
    HSPA+ is exciting
    4 row keyboard instead of a 5 row keyboard is a bummer – what are the keys next to the space bar for?
    I don’t see a front facing camera – bummer.
    No rumor about what type of screen – bummer.
    No rumor about what kind of camera and IF it has a flash – bummer.
    Stupid optical thingy – bummer – what happened to the scroll balls?

    I guess my big question is: Why would i want this phone instead of a Samsung Epic?

  • tenkely

    If this thing is rocking vanilla froyo… I will gladly waltz in and buy 2 full price.

  • http://Website Mista2x

    Stock android ftw! If it wasn’t for project emerald and the processor, I might consider this over my nexus one.

  • http://Website stainedbrazier

    does ANYONE like the optical trackpad?

    does ANYONE find them to be easier to use or more accutate?

    • reukiodo

      I’ve used the optical trackpad on the MyTouch Slide… it sucks compared to the ball on the G1. It’s insanely more difficult to use it accurately to scroll a certain number of lines. This may be fixable with software updates, but as it is, it is barely usable.

  • juanito

    Having lived with a G1 for over a year: If there’s no five row keyboard, I ain’t buying.

    Really, it looks like a cheap sidekick. At least the G1 had it’s own look when it premiered. Obviously the G1 look is dated now, but the G2 looks like a toy compared to an Evo, any of the ‘Droids, or the recent crop of Samsungs.

  • John D Stankosky

    After I couldn’t handle my G1′s speed any longer (which was about 2 months ago) I bought myself a BlackBerry Bold 9700. I would LOVE to go back to Android, I really miss the apps, and what better phone to do it with than a G2?!

    Sadly, if there are not 2 cores in my G2, I may pass. If I wait long enough, maybe eventually T-Mobile will release a phone worth buying. They could easily trump the Android market if they kept up to snuff like Verizon.

  • http://Website Toyface

    This is fairly amusing, T-Mobile over here in the UK called the euro Hero the G2. So what are they going to call this when they get it, which they probably will, as they got the G1?

    I’m suffering from “new phones are coming out thick and fast after I got my new one” atm, just got my HTC Desire and suddenly BOOM news of stupidly fast processors and what nots come flooding out. Good thing is though, I won’t see hardly half of these phones in the UK, like the R2-D2 droid or the Droid X, so my envy is at least controllable!

    My Dad has a G1 and has only just come up for upgrade, looks like he’ll have to settle for that Galaxy S…

    • http://Website James

      I have been using the Vibrant since launch day and can say that the Galaxy S is by no means ‘settling’ for anything. I have been converting people left and right with such a fast, light and visually stunning device. The Epic 4g will do even more damage…just wish I didn’t hate Sprint so much.

      • http://Website Toyface

        I should’ve clarified, I meant settling for my Dad as in he’d be losing a physical keyboard, he hates touchscreen keyboards. We’ve been to look at the euro Galaxy S I was quite pleased, but TouchWiz and the styling nver did it for me, and also only having three buttons didn’t seem very “androidy” though either.

        The epic 4G would certainly be a killer phone, it’ll nver to get to me in the UK though. We have the original Droid but its only available to buy through carphone warehouse not through any network.

  • http://Website tyron

    If this had a front facing camera it would be perfect. but i dont see it so bummer =[
    hope t-mobile leaves it as 1Ghz. i may jump ship depending on how i feel when new info comes

  • Elliot

    Sweet, just in time for me to leave the country and replace my G1! Any word on the pricefor off-contract?

  • http://Website Scott

    The G1 was a groundbreaking handset, one that took the rest of the industry almost a year to catch up to. And the MyTouch is just another Android phone — they’re not bad, but they’re sure don’t compare to the Epic or new Droids!

    So, be very careful what you call your new phone T-Mobile! If it’s not leading-edge, if it’s not one of the best phones on the market, then DO NOT dilute your G1 brand! Put it in the MyTouch line or call it something else entirely.

    If the G2 is just another trailing-edge Android phone, T-Mobile’s remaining G1 customers are likely to bail. Thanks for the G1, T-Mobile. It was awesome in its day. It would be nice to know why you handed the reins to Sprint and Verizon and settled for mediocrity ever since.

    I’m still holding out hope that the G2 will be worthy of the name… We’ll see!

    • http://Website JB

      Why did they hand over the riegns? Maybe just maybe TMo will be renamed as one of them down the road?

      • http://Website Toyface

        I think Scott’s right, they certainly have handed over the reigns. I mean, T-Mobile first bought Android to the market with a kick-ass phone. Now Verizon has all their both excellently marketed and excellent Droid series, and Sprint is getting a properly different version of the Galaxy S and they already have the killer Evo. You can’t say that T-Mobile has the same great Android handsets it once did.

  • http://Website JoonatanO

    Lets hope the price justifies the lack of a 1GHz processor, etc.

  • http://Website legendary1022

    There isn’t an instance when I’m using my Nexus One where I am like, man if only I could use dual cores on a OS that doesn’t support it yet. What am I doing, video encoding? I just wish I had a keyboard on this, and now that it has a updated processor that is superior to the snapdragon with most current phones, with better support for audio and video graphics.

    Take into account that this will receive the cyanogenmod treatment, this might be my next device. I still think that it will be 1Ghz or at least it will be clocked at that with cyanogenmod. Will keep fingers crossed.

  • http://Website AndroidAl3X

    I left t-mobile when the droid x came out and i am glad i did. More 3g in more places! i had the mytouch and would get speeds of .6 mbps down on my new droid x i always am pulling down 1.2 to 2.1 mbps down!

  • Leaf

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  • http://Website Abe

    Will it be able to support Android Gingerbread?If it does Im going to sell my G1 and my Nexus One.

  • Eran Brown

    I just bought a mytouch slide, might return it if this becomes more official. :o

  • http://Website Doowee

    Seriously…dont **** this up HTC and tmobile!!!!

    Make a phone like The Samsung epic 4g or GTFO!