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T-Mobile G2 with Google confirmed as first HSPA+ handset

T-Mobile has finally confirmed the G2 rumors by sending our a short press release to the media and updating their HSPA+ handset teaser site. Official details are still scarce at this point, but I believe most of the information from our inside source is still spot on.

For starters, the full name of the product is the T-Mobile G2 with Google, which leads us to believe the G2 really is a Google-experience device that will feature the stock version of Android 2.2. T-Mobile had been using the Espresso Sense UI on their HTC handsets, but the G2 will maintain the tradition of regular vanilla FroYo Android.

We also still believe that inside the G2 you will find a Qualcomm MSM7230, which is sort of like a budget Snapdragon targeted at the mainstream audience. The MSM7230 has the same Scorpion CPU as previously commercialized in the Snapdragon QSD8x50 chipset found in other HTC phones and it has a clock speed of 800 MHz to 1 GHz. The G2 prototype was said to currently be running at 800 MHz, but I suspect it will be bumped to 1 GHz by launch.

Even though T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network supports speeds up to 21 Mbps, this device has a theoretical peak capability of 14.4 Mbps. Future handsets should eventually support 21 Mbps, but we believe the first couple of launches will be set at 14.4 Mbps (which is still faster than any competing Android phone). T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network will deliver 4G-like speeds to 185 million people this year and you can check coverage in your local area by visiting T-Mobile’s site.

I’ve already seen some sites speculate the G2 could look like the leaked images of the myTouch HD, but our sources tell us this is the QWERTY keyboard device we had been calling the G1 Blaze (pictured below).

T-Mobile will announce more details in the coming weeks, but their leaked roadmap indicated a device called the “HTC Vanguard” was slated for September 9th. We expect the G2 was codenamed Vanguard and will still launch in September, but the actual date might have been adjusted by now.

If you want to stay in the loop, make sure to visit the teaser site and sign up for future e-mail alerts. Current T-Mobile customers can get exclusive first access, so go register now if you need to upgrade that aging G1.

T-Mobile G2

The device we believe to be the T-Mobile G2.

Show Press Release

T-Mobile is proud to have launched the world’s first Android-powered phone, the T-Mobile G1, which captured the imagination of developers and consumers alike nearly two years ago.  Now, we are readying its successor – the T-Mobile G2 with Google.  Delivering tight integration with Google services, the G2 will break new ground as the first smartphone specifically designed for our advanced HSPA+ network, which delivers today’s available 4G speeds.  In the coming weeks we’ll share more details about the G2, including information on how current T-Mobile customers can get exclusive first access. Visit to register for updates.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • http://Website Michael

    Everything points to this phone being a nice replacement for my G1, but I can’t decide how big of a deal that 4 row keyboard is.

    Is it gonna be that annoying compared to a 5 row?

    • http://Website RS

      The 5th row is/has been a big deal to me. I went from a 5th row keyboard to a 4th row keyboard (myTouch 3G Slide) and can’t stand the keyboard. I tried giving it a chance but just could not get used to it. Thankfully there is Swype otherwise I would have ended up hating the phone.

      • http://Website kohl

        This one has a new leaks. Showing that it looks like the N1 phone, with a slider. Hopefully, this one would have a front facing cam. G2 Phone New Impressions.

  • http://Website Rey

    Wow Brings back memories seeing “G2″ Because before the MT3G came out all the rumors and talks were about the next android phone from t mobile was going to be called the G2 lol .

  • uther2000

    I was hoping for a faster CPU or dual-core CPU all that aside this could be my replacement at last.

    Okay . . . so if this is truly the replacement for the G1 WTH is Project Emerald going to be.

  • Drew

    Why the lack of the Snapdragon? Why the lack of a 5 row keyboard?

    The G1 set a precedent as the first Android phone to be released, and frankly, wasn’t that poorly spec’d, missing out only on ROM and RAM. The styling was fine as well, kinda brickish but resonating that nerdy feeling to it.

    I see no reason why HTC must screw over T-Mobile customers by making this a high-end mainstream phone. Yes, I understand making really high-end phones for Verizon, but they’ve also made the EVO for Sprint, which is very similar to T-Mobile USA (and T-Mobile is much, much larger than any of the American companies internationally). This phone is supposed to be a flagship phone. Yet there’s now rumors of the myTouch HD coming to T-Mobile (GSM EVO)? So I’m guessing that’s going to be the flagship now?

    Overall, I’m disappointed by HTC and T-Mobile. I want a good replacement for my G1, and even if I can’t upgrade till next May, I know a bunch of people who do still have the G1. Is it too much to ask for a 5-row usable keyboard? Is it too much to ask for Vanilla Android (still hoping they don’t Sense-ify the G2!) Is it too much to ask for a phone that has high-end specs? Maybe it is, and I’m just a person angry at the (smartphone)world.

    • http://Website teport

      take it all with a grain of salt.

    • quicksite/ XDAdesire

      (( I see no reason why HTC must screw over T-Mobile customers by making this a high-end mainstream phone. ))

      Sorry but you are totally missing the boat. This is T-MOBILE USA 100%, alone. I have been a customer for almost 6 years now, and this is completely consistent. They almost NEVER go high end. This is the company that PASSED on the HTC Hero, they PASSED on the HTC Desire while almost every other Carrier in America went with them.

      Years ago (maybe 5) my crappy T-Mobile/ HTC MDA (windows mobile)’s processor was so slow — yet I had traveled to EASTERN EUROPE in countries whose economy was — truthfully — barely functioning and unemployment was high, and I was just astounded to first see the reality of the way the REST OF THE WORLD WORKED — ALL of their phones were one one generation ahead of mine, faster processors, more ram, etc… and mine was brand new! Theirs already had the swivel screens long before USA carriers ever did.

      When I got back to USA I called T-Mobile to complain, what is going on here? This was your BEST phone that I bought? WHy is it OBSOLETE over there? … I pushed up the food chain til i got some answers — and they were lame like “not enough business user demand to justify the higher end phones” and I was arguing “and how do you know the demand is not based on the availability of only CRAPPY phones with poor CPUs that can’t do much. have you market tested that?….

      A year later, maybe even 2, T-Mobile comes out with their successor to the MDA — the T-Mobile WING — and I was eligible for an upgrade — and of course I jumped at the chance … It had more internal storage, and ram… But can you believe this, the exact same processor as 3 years before — the one already obsolete in Europe?

      I again called T-Mobile customer retention and asked them do they really want to keep me as a customer or are they planning to just sell crap mid-range phones — and what is their rationale? I kept demanding to get a real answer, a BUSINESS-based answer… and i pushed until I got it… And it was this:

      “Americans won’t pay for the expensive phones like they do in Europe, so we don’t offer the highest end phones. We’ve found they just don’t sell well”

      That was 2.5 years ago. PRE launch of Android and the G1 … So, you;d think that with the exclusivity of launching Google’s Android phone, T-Mobile USA might start upping the ante a bit. But no, look at all of their NON-GOOGLE phone offerings: They are always notches below. Who wanted the MyTouch when you could get the Hero from Europe? Who wants the MyTouchHD or whatever they call it when you can get the HTC Desire?

      This has ZERO to do with HTC — HTC makes whatever people want. Why would you even think HTC has a thing to do with it? where is that logic? If anything, HTC makes too many damn models and suffers from brand dilution… THE SHOTS ARE CALLED BY CHEAP-ASS T-MOBILE USA, and once again i will pass…

      I stick with their service which is good, but I have paid for 3G and not even gotten it — because I preferred to buy the HERO last year from Europe than use the goddamn MyTouch.. No comparison between the build quality of those phones… Or the Motorola Cliq, which felt like a piece of disposable cracker jack box toy… And this year I bought the Desire.

      Not many choices: I cannot stand AT&T and will not do business with them. That leaves Sprint. Their coverage not great and I want a GSM network, not CDMA, because I travel. So T-Mobile it is. You’d think it would be so simple — Frikkin offer a top-line phone — jesus christ.. No, they never do. NexusOne was a Google phone as we all know.

      Finally, to be fair, HTC has its new share of problems — ever since their new branding campaign they have lost focus and their support channels do not exist on the web or via phone. Their tech support is laughable because they know nothing. It’s like taling to a high school kid at Best Buy. That’s a managerial issue HTC ought to straighten the F out, because they make great phones — and compromise that reputation with a completely ignorant support operation.

      But as for THIS PHONE? T-MOBILE — Hey: Android and Me: You could help us out: Investigate, using your clout, and find out a contact name and email for product development — or roadmap development… Just a bunch of DUMB DUMB SUITS running spreadsheets.

  • http://Website Dan

    I would like this phone if it didn’t have a “budget” processor in it. We want power.

  • http://Website Scott

    Wow, that sounds pretty lame compared to the Evo and new Droids. T-Mobile continues to stay in a solid 4th place when it comes to handsets.

    If you do release this, T-Mobile, make it cheap!

  • http://Website donnythebowler

    Well, the specs aren’t mind-blowing, but the stock Android thing most certainly is compelling. It sure would be nice to have a proper Android experience without joining the custom ROM rat race.

  • http://Website Scott

    That site appears to have a security problem. When I hit submit, I saw someone else’s name and email in the phone. So I sent an email to the address, turns out it’s just another customer who entered their data earlier. Kinda scary!

    I’m trying to report it but it’s taking forever with t-mobile’s stupid chat thing. email would be so much easier. Anyhow, beware.

  • http://Website Thesis

    2 things:
    5 row keyboard
    1 Gig


  • E-man

    Darn, another keyboarded phone.

  • TornadoTexan

    If the G2 is in fact what we all believe it is so far I’m not sure I’m sold on the phone. I too am hoping that the processor gets bumped up to 1 Ghz. I think I could deal with a 4 row keyboard but I’d prefer a 5. It seems like T-mobile is getting screwed out of a lot of the better Android phones. After playing with my friends EVO I’m seriously considering switching over to Sprint either for the EVO or the Epic.

    Also who decided on the bright blue alternate keys? G1 had a subtle blue tint to it but nothing quite as obnoxious as that.

  • http://Website silasfennec

    “Future handsets should eventually support 21 Mbps, but we believe the first couple of launches will be set at 14.4 Mbps ”
    Does this mean that it can be bumped up to support 21Mbps eventually through software upgrades?

    • http://Website MikeH

      I think that this is a limitation in the MIMO ability of the phone. 7.2mbit hsdpa = 1 antenna. 14.4 = 2 antennas. 21.6 = 3 antennas. Then you have Bell Canada that is doing 2 separate carriers, 3x3MIMO to get 42megabit…

  • http://Website revs

    the g1 livessssss
    they have to go hard or go home for this phone i wanna se everything
    1.5ghz processor
    front facing cam
    5 row keyboard
    10mp cam with flash and zoom

    lol i can dream cant i

    but the G is backkkk babyyy

  • Ricky Olivares

    Goodbye myTouch Slide I bought 10 days ago!

  • http://Website JD

    Man, I loved the G1. Then I bought a Nexus outright in April, saving my upgrade for …something. Come on T Mob, make this phone the one.

    If the big feature is solely HSPA+, then I see no reason to upgrade. Give me a 4″ screen and ffc, then maybe I would.

  • http://Website teport

    all the rumors don’t really fit yet. so it does no good to decide if you want it yet or not. people on other sites say they have seen the device and that it has a 5 row KB. ( people also say that it will be a mid range device…. isn’t the mytouch a mid range line? the G series are phones with vanilla android and no little kid features. they are for devs, tinkerers and people that want the newest and best. if it has a mid range cpu why aren’t they launching the mtouch slide again? it would pretty much be the same thing. They are a smaller company (compared to the other 3) in the us and don’t have all the money the other companies do. they can’t afford high end device launches every other month. so they do it when ALL of the devs, tinkerers and people who want the newest and best are able to upgrade. i am not saying it is going to be an evo, droid x, incredible, epic, killer or anything. just had to put in my two cents in.
    all i want is:
    NOT a budget cpu (something that is at least somewhat high end)
    4 inch or bigger screen(NO i don’t want a plasma big screen in my pocket for those MOFOs that can’t differentiate the two)
    once again this is MHO
    i THINK this is how it should work dont kill me if i am wrong

  • http://Website datwuniga

    4 inch screen. Front facing cam and 1gh, other wise u should keep the my touch slide.

  • http://Website Simon

    This is disappointing! this no way will replace my G1!
    the G1 was a first! this doesn’t live up to it… it’s missing on the keyboard and speed :(

    I guess it’s gonna have to be the EPIC 4G for me (if only you could load it with a cyanogen ROM!, that would be awesome!)

  • http://Website Homer

    This has dual 800mhz processors in it. There is quite a few reps with these walking around.

    • http://Website Homer

      Oh btw android 2.2 stock no espresso, uma and wifi calling!!!!

    • http://Website teport

      next time you see one of those reps…….. take a picture. and if you could find out all the specs. so the less fortunate like me can be in on the real stuff not the rumors going around.

  • http://Website Alvin

    Dual 800Mhz processor?!

  • http://Website teport

    duel processors would be a revolution like it says. i don’t think tmo is stupid enough to call something like the cliq/charm/Mytouch line a revolution. The G series will always be a revolution!!!

    • quicksite / XDAdesire

      I am sorry to have to say this, but as a T-Mobile customer for over 5 years, the whole time touchscreen phones, NEVER underestimate the stupidity of T-Mobile USA. never.

  • http://Website rich