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T-Mobile slashes price of Samsung Vibrant to $99 for today only

There’s no doubt that Samsung’s Galaxy S phones are currently at the top of the Android food chain, so we’re pretty sure that almost everyone will be thrilled to hear that T-Mobile is slashing the price of the Samsung Vibrant to only $99. If you’re planning to take advantage of this deal, you better act quickly.  T-Mobile is only offering the $99 deal on the Vibrant for today only.

If you ask me, this is the best Android deal you can find directly from a carrier.  While most Android fans who were thinking about getting the Vibrant have already made their purchase, this might be the perfect chance to upgrade your wife or kids to a true smartphone.

If you miss today’s special, be sure to check out the Android and Me Store where we have the Vibrant at $99 all the time.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • B00MER

    Nothing like pissing off us who got it first day and paid an extra $100… not to mention the sales guy changed my plan that I had just downgraded to a less minutes package a few weeks earlier. Think I will be giving T-mobile a phone call with my extra $100 samsung vibrant phone…

    • Nick Gray

      not sure if only offers qualify, but T-Mobile has always had a 30 day price guarantee. If they drop the price within 30 days of when you purchased your phone, you’re entitled to the difference between the two prices.

      • http://Website Ryan

        This is true, which makes me even more mad. They decided to make sure they were past that 30 day mark to ensure those of us who showed up first thing in the morning on the 15th are unable to receive the discounted price. I’ll be calling them today regardless.

  • http://Website Ryan

    Okay so I called TMo today and was able to get them to refund me $50. I was hoping for the entire $100 (I paid $299), but I suppose $50 is better than nothing. If you purchased the phone previously, give them a call and don’t give up!

  • http://Website Nammy

    Price drops on cutting edge technology are as sure of a thing as death and taxes. I don’t see the reason to complain at T-Mobile. Don’t forgot about the iPhone early adopters that paid $600 for their phones and those got price slashed massivly in less then a year.

    • http://Website Ryan

      Except that we’re talking about a month later. Its more of a slap in the face than anything. I understand sales happen, but this soon is a little odd, so I called Customer Loyalty and it paid off. Hopefully others do the same.

  • http://Website mauricio

    Quit bitching!
    There are specials all the time for everything. You can just bitch about everything.

  • http://Website See eye

    I bought the first day and I can’t complain I paid 250 and we paid what we paid to get it first.. So seriously please stop

  • http://Website The Next Big Thing

    Amazon only 1 cent

  • http://Website Richard

    The vibrant is a joke so is t-mobile the best android device is the HTC evo 4g by Sprint and the Droid X by Verizon. Keep trying Samsung

    • http://Website Sinanovski

      o rly? So I can get EVO 4G at Spirit? wow! /sarcasm
      quit trolling and go away. its not that special anymore. accept the fact and move on with enjoying your phone. the only special thing about it now is the fact that its “4G”. the rest is old news. accept it!

  • http://Website Not Impressed

    Still waiting for the times when we don’t have to sell our souls to these networks for 2 years just to get a decent phone. Sigh…if only the Nexus One model had really taken off.

    By the time, the user has finished paying off monthly bills averaging from $60 – $80 or even more, he would have paid the original cost of the phone…TWICE or more.

    • http://Website Sinanovski

      it s just gonna get worse probably. pretty soon well be at 3-4 year contract. I remember when I had one year with cingular and verizon few years ago.

  • http://Website justin

    Do u think they will include a fix for the 3G issues to?