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T-Mobile website leaks new G2 images

We thought we’d give you guys a break from all that tablet news today to show off a few new images of the T-Mobile G2 which showed up today. The three new images show off the front and side of the Android handset and clearly show that the G2 will be running a vanilla build of Android 2.2. It looks like T-Mobile USA customers are in the clear, but we’re still pretty confident that when the handset launched in Europe as the HTC Desire Z, it will be sporting HTC Sense. There are a lot of outspoken Android fans who clearly have some issues with manufacturer custom UI’s, but I’m sure most of you can agree that HTC’s Sense is a lot better than some of the other UI replacements that are out there. 

If anyone’s interested in the G2′s new look, make sure you check out the new wallpapers from the G2′s leaked ROM.

Via: HTC Source

Source: CellPhone Signal

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  • smooth3d

    I think phone is very underrated by most people. this phone is a nice upgrade over the G1!

    • http://Website mthode

      Anything is a nice upgrade over a G1, but I get your point.

      • http://Website nano

        If this one will have a front-facing camera, then why not? G2 New Impressions..

  • http://Website NakedRedApe

    I suppose Sense is the least horrible of the skins, but I will still never buy it. It’s still horrible. All of this carrier and HW manufacturer customization is turning me off the platform.

    They had better be careful. In their greed, they may kill all of their business as they try to squeeze a few extra dollars here and there.

    In a nutshell: Sense == no sale for me.

    • http://Website noname

      Why don’t people like Sense ?

      • http://Website derp

        looks good but can slow down the phone

      • http://Website DROID Sam

        When you hear people complaining about Sense, it’s typically only the people who have been using Android for a while and have flashed custom ROMs to their phones. These users are typically a lot more vocal than the average user and only represent a very, very small minoroty of the android community.

        Every custom UI have its positives and negatives, but they all add something that stock android does not accomplish.

        What I don’t understand is the fact that these androidusers still flash custom ROMs to their phones even if they do have stock android on them. If you’re gonna root your phone and do your own thing, you should not care which UI is preloaded on the phone. You’re simply buying the phone for its hardware, not the software that manufacturers are loading on them

      • http://Website Scott

        They add slowness, bugginess, ui inconsistencies, and extremely long development cycles before your handset will receive an upgrade. There’s a much better chance the Behold II would have received an update if it didn’t have all that crap hacked on top of it.

        Stock Android is a pretty tight package! I have yet to see a skin where the benefits come anywhere near to outweighing the drawbacks. It could happen in theory but it hasn’t yet.

        • http://Website Seth

          the HTC Evo comes with Sense on it stock and it is quite fast, with no lag at all for most things. It also did not delay the release cycle of Froyo much, considering it was the second phone to get it, only after the nexus one…that’s even before the original moto droid with stock android.

          the biggest thing I like about sense is it’s contacts, it integrates everything into one feed, pull up a person’s card and you can see everything they’ve been doing and it’s easier to edit everything too.

          I’m know I’m using an extreme case here, but making that blanket statement isn’t necessarily true, the Evo has proven it’s possible to have a good custom UI and still update very quickly. I’m definitely still hoping gingerbread brings us a good enough UI that no manufacturer feels the need to overlay anything, but I’m guessing they will always change minor stuff just to separate their phones from the crowd.

    • http://Website derp

      wtf are you talking about? can you see the pictures? do you see sense in the screenshots? were you ranting offtopic about sense? I’m mighty confused.

      • tdh

        The article clearly states it’s very likely going to run Sense UI in Europe.

        “It looks like T-Mobile USA customers are in the clear, but we’re still pretty confident that when the handset launched in Europe as the HTC Desire Z, it will be sporting HTC Sense. “

        • http://Website derp

          europe? wbat’s that?

          • http://Website oeskie

            dude, that is the best question i have ever heard possed on thes forums. you sir, are my hero.

  • Healthy

    has anyone figured out what those white buttons on the keyboard are for? this is the clearest i’ve seen them so far and while you can tell what they are, it doesn’t jump out as obvious.

    any thoughts?

    • http://Website Roman

      By the looks of the dots on the keys, I would suppose they are a way to move between homescreen pages. Looks exactly like the dots on the screen it self.

      Far left and right white keys would go left and right, while the other key with the blacked out dot in the middle would be a quick key to get back to your main (middle) screen

    • Dr.Jeckyl

      They look like screen jump buttons.
      Left button = Left screens
      Middle button = Home screen
      Right button = Right screens

      Kinda like an arrow .

      • Healthy

        good calls.

        i believe both of you are correct.

        but do you guys think it’s worth it? keyboard real estate isn’t worth nothing. what would you have put there instead?

        • http://Website Y-49 Si

          Sorry guys…all are false answers. These buttons will be shortcuts that you can set yourself to anything/anywhere on the phone. Pretty good idea if you ask me….

  • http://Website bohica

    G2 or Epic ?……I’m considering the G2 or the Epic 4g as my contract with TMo is up this month and my Cliq will probably never get 2.1…. I just wish the G2 had a little bigger screen than 3.7 and it had the dual processor we’ve been hearing about…….Which phone would you guys choose out of the two?

    • http://Website MiMi

      My money’s on the G2, I’m finally ready to trade in my G1.

    • http://Website Scott

      Epic has a 5-row keyboard and front-facing camera. it’s a no-brainer. If T-Mo only offers the G2 when my contract is up in Oct (and hasn’t announced anything solid), I think I mightl be switching.

      • http://Website SI

        The G2 is a better choice. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ has proven to beat the EVO in internet 4G speed tests. So having an actual phone that makes full support of HSPA+ would crush the competition in internet browsing speeds and they don’t make you pay an extra BS charge of $10 for 4G hotspot when 2.2 on the G2 will allow you to tether the HSPA+ connection through hotspot or wireless.

        Not to mention this phone is rumored to have UMA or at the very least a UMA calling app which lets you make and receive calls via a wifi connection when cell phone service is not available.

        You can even be in another country and you make and receive calls as if you’re still in the US without worrying about additional international roaming fees. I recently tried this out first hand with a trip to India on a blackberry 8520. My phone received calls and texts as if I was in the US.

        • http://Website Scott

          And Sprint has been proven to beat TMo’s HSPA+. Whatever, both are fast. I personally don’t have use for UMA but I could see how some people would love it. I agree 100% about the BS $10 charge, that sucks. But OBVIOUSLY T-Mobile has better plans.

          The original topic was the phone. Right now the Epic appears to trounce the G2 hands down. Better screen, better keyboard, better cameras, rest is more or less equal.

          I’m a T-Mobile customer and I’m very happy with the service. I desperately need to replace my G1 but with what? T-Mobile’s handset offerings just aren’t competitive at all. Go to T-Mobile’s site and click on Shop -> Android Phones. The top listing is the Behold II. That’s COMEDY.

          Glacier had better be amazing.

          • Alankrut Patel

            Sprint has less coverage than T-Mobile if we talk just about 4G and HSPA+.

            Tmobile speeds are as follows (Dallas Area, Mytouch 3G, original) – Average of 4.3 mbps down, 1 mbps up. With the Nexus One it has gone up to 5.6/2.4

            Sprinit Speeds (Dallas Area, Epic 4g) – Average of 1.4 mbps down, 0.5 mbps up

            I tested both and these are the results i got, i felt like sharing, so ya….

  • http://Website SDsc_rch

    damn! i wish sprint would get this phone!!

    this phone seems almost *perfect*

    (biggest thing for me is that HW kybd!)

    • http://Website Scott

      Sprint has the Epic with a keyboard that looks way better. Obviously we’ll have to see when the G2 ships but, if it only has 4 rows, that’s a pretty major drawback!

  • http://Website greg

    Looks good, but the 4 row keyboard is a pretty lame decision. Luckily this phone isn’t making me regret my decision to get the vibrant.

  • http://Website Joe

    That is such an ugly color, I really hope it comes in black.

  • http://Website bohica

    SD why not get the Samsung Epic if you need a Sprint phone with a keyboard?

  • http://Website Steve

    If it’s running a stock, vanilla Android 2.2, why does it show ADW Launcher for the app tray?

    • HardNoks


    • http://Website Nick

      That’s stock android, not ADW. The default theme for ADW is a knockoff of Google’s standard android build for 2.2.

  • http://Website jayy336

    Definitely a nice looking phone and a good upgrade for those G1 owners out there. From ehat it looks like, its made out of the same material as the N1.

    • http://Website Scott

      That’s true, but the N1 is a year old already. The G2 has to be much better than the N1 if it’s going to prevent people from switching carriers!

  • PatrickHuey

    Steve, that’s definitely stock vanilla android…look it it up on a Google 2.2 nexus one.

  • jayzeroeee

    Every tech site out there is reporting that this phone is NOT coming with Sense, and the screenshots of the phone support this. Stop freaking out, people.

    • http://Website Scott

      It does in Europe (according to the article). Not everybody on this site is American ya know.

      • jayzeroeee

        Ah, I misread. I redact my comment.

  • http://Website Scott

    Why does everyone keep saying “this will be a good upgrade to the G1″? The G1 is two years old!! It makes zero sense to compare that relic (which is in my pocket right now) to a modern phone.

    The 4-row keyboard and middle-of-the pack CPU leave me pretty unimpressed. It doesn’t seem a worthy successor to the ground-breaking G1. Hopefully it gets an 8Mpix rear camera, front-facing camera, and LED flash! If not, T-Mobile had better price it appropriately…

    • smooth3d

      Scott, you really need to read more about this phone before go bashing it with non facts. Its (Scorpoin) Snapdrogen cpu is not middle of the road it is high end as of now. Iphone has a 5 mpix cam and takes better pics then the 8 mpix evo. Its not about the number mpix its all about how good the image senser is, 5 mpix is fine.

      Fact: it does have a flash, so thats 2 down. No ffc that not a big deal for most people who will never use it. Its nice to have, but not necessary. Its gpu is 4x faster then the evo, but this g2 is middle of the pack, yeah right! lol

      • http://Website Scott

        Glad to hear it has a flash! Sure, the CPU sounds OK, similar to the superphones everyone else is shipping. I think you’ll agree that an 8mpix crappy camera is better than a 5mpix crappy camera. If you really think the G2 will have iphone-quality glass and exposure then that’s good… we’ll see!

        I guess my biggest disappointments are the 3.7″ screen and 4 row keyboard. I have a G1, I clearly don’t mind a bulky phone! I can’t wait to get my hands on its successor but, unless the screen and keyboard are simply amazing, I’m probably going to give it a miss.

        • http://Website nick

          I have not used this keyboard yet, but from we can tell, its layout is inspired by that of the HTC Touch Pro 2 which has been deemed to have the best QWERTY keyboard ever. It might not have a dedicated number row, but I’m more than confident that this keyboard will be one of the best when it comes to android phone.

    • http://Website SI

      It’s not a middle of the pack CPU it’s actually a next generation CPU with an advanced GPU combined with it.

      It’s CPU is more advanced than the one on the Nexus One, Evo, and Droid X.

      It’s only thought to be mediocre by a few morons because they can’t comprehend that a newer CPU clocked at 800mhz is still better than an older CPU clocked at 1Ghz.

      The official clock speed of the CPU hasn’t been released anyway but I wish people would understand this. The only thing that outperforms this would probably be any of the Galaxy S phones with the Hummingbird processor and the Sprint Epic version is just plain UGLY.

  • http://Website bestofrhcp

    Those white buttons. Looks like one of the shortcut app I saw in the leak. You can configure it to run what you want I believe, I’m not sure though, it force closes on my N1

  • http://Website cahimoped

    Are you sure for sense in europe? Is the only source the specs at Is that reliable?
    I’m in France and I would really like this without Sense (Sense is not bad but I don’t really use what comes with it and I find some details annoying)

  • Courtney

    I think this looks a lot better than the previous shots we’ve seen. I need to upgrade my G1, I just hope we don’t see the Sidekick Twist right after I get the G2. Really would love that 5 row sidekick keyboard if HTC doesn’t change it.

  • http://Website gary

    Mytouch 3g customer patiently waiting for OTA 2.2 update.

  • http://Website adc123

    thats pretty stupid ur gonna switch to a different carrier becuz tmobile didnt get u what u want just becus it doesnt have a 5 row keyboard its a nice lookin phone and sprint sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://Website Seth

      Making a statment like “Sprint sucks” is simply ridiculous in a place like this. If you’re going to make an argument make it, don’t just say Sprint sucks.

      I personally have Sprint and love every minute of my truly unlimited data on my HTC Evo, none of the 2gb cap crap on other major carriers. And Sprint’s coverage is wonderful most places I’ve been and if it’s not I always have free roaming on Verizon to fall back on, so I have beautiful coverage nearly everywhere. Finally their customer service is amazing. I have a 50+ year old relative who bought a hero and has had some problems with using it and Sprint’s customer service has called her almost daily to help her out and figure out her problems. They’ve really been great, far better than my few experiences with Verizon and many with ATT before Sprint. I admit I have no experience with T-Mobile, but I doubt they’d call one customer every day just to make sure she learns how to use a phone she probably never should have bought.

      Sprint is now in my opinion the leader in Android also. They have the first 4g network, with the two best phones on the market in my opinion. Granted others may disagree with me, maybe you think the Droid X is somehow better than the Evo, but to me the 4g, unlocked bootloader, and not being made by motorola with their actions of late, makes the evo blow the droid x out of the water.

      And I don’t think anyone can debate that the epic 4g is the best of samsung’s galaxy phones and the best phone out there with a physical keyboard.

      So now my points are made, if you want to make a statement make it.

  • http://Website zdogbone

    Sooooo, I’ve been playing with this phone all day and let me say that the speeds I’m getting are FAST! Stuck here at the annual corporate meeting for shmaido shmack in Grapevine, Tx. Inside the giant Gaylord hotel, and comparing it to my OG mytouch it’s no competition. Web pages render quickly and the phone itself is super snappy.

    • Mobile Brazzer

      So how is the keyboard?

      How is it typing numbers?

      what do those weird dot buttons do?

  • http://Website MT3GS

    Nice upgrade for G1 owners; not perfect, but definitely will replace my slide when my Espresso-Sense honeymoon is over… So far in almost 2 months can count maybe 2 times sense has crashed…

  • http://Website Ben

    has any one noticed that there are 3 dots on either side of the home screen? suggesting a total of 7 home screens? stock android only has 5! well my N1 does anyway.

    • Courtney

      Original Stock Android gave you 3! 5 was an upgrade, so maybe they have upped it to 7 now. I’m not really sure what I would put on all those screens though..