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Test Android build for the T-Mobile G2 gets leaked

Interested in taking a peak at an official test build for the T-Mobile G2? A zip file hit the web this morning which contains .img files for what look to be a test build for the upcoming G2 (HTC Vision) which is heading to T-Mobile next month.  Since we’re not experts at all that development stuff, we turned out focus to an Excel document located in the zip file.  The document contains details ROM information and even a comment noting an issue with Google Voice: “For SST test in the weekend and upload the build to Google to verify Google voice issue.”

According to the file, the test build version is 1.12.531.0 is designated for the T-Mobile G2 , features support for HSDPA 14.4M + HSUPA 5.76M and confirms that the PC10100 that hit the FCC’s website yesterday is in fact the G2.  We’re hoping that the development community can take a look at the .img files and extract a little more useful information for us.  The G2 may not be groundbreaking, but with all this leaked news coming our way, it’s hard not to get excited.

Update: Sources have now confirmed that the leaked test build for the G2 does not include HTC Sense.  Fans of stock Android can finally breathe a sigh of relief now that there’s at least one more stock Android phone soon to be released.


Software release notes for the G2.

Via: AndroidGuys

Source: 911Sniper

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  • Dr.Jeckyl

    Nice! G2 rooted, hacked and custom ROMS built before the phone is even on pre-order. I love this stuff.

    • http://Website Nithin Jino

      No one said it was even rooted

      • Dr.Jeckyl

        Not yet it isn’t. But with the ROM on hand all they need is the hardware to test the methods. We got some crafty chefs in the Android community.

    • Dr.Jeckyl

      I don’t who this guys is but
      If it’s true then that is good news for sure.

  • http://Website Mike

    And like the G1 this phone will be the hackers dream

    • Nick Gray

      I’m hoping the guys from XDA will work their magic and give us some more details on what to expect from this leaked build. I’m sure a lot of peopel are dying to know if the G2 will feature stock Android or HTC Sense.

  • http://Website Chancy

    All I want is a keyboard (at least 4 row) with 1ghz or more processor, stock android and AT LEAST 8GB of internal memory and I’m good. Don’t need all that extra glitz of fancy screen and HDMI but I won’t complain if they do.

  • http://Website Spotted Nigel

    As long as this fits the possible requirements for Gingerbread, it will most likely be my next phone.

    • Sinanovski

      I doubt it will be able to run Gingerbread. Engadget is claiming that only a handful of devices will be updated to 3.0.

      • HardNoks

        Why wouldnt the G2 be able to run gingerbread?

  • http://Website Usman

    I don’t understand that logic either. Both T-mobile and HTC knew that people wanted another 5-row keyboard after all the complaints with the N900, Cliq, Slide, etc. They definitely have the room to do it… yet they chose not to. Shame.

    On the other hand, this keyboard is supposedly a tried and true version from the TP2… so I guess we’ll see. It’s not enough of an upgrade from the N1 to make me want to change.

    • http://Website Eddie Android

      It may not seem any better than the N1 but if it indeed has a better touchscreen with more than two touch points and better GPU then I do consider it an upgrade. I’m looking forward to the G2. Btw I’m using an N1.

  • Nick Gray

    Looks like sources have confirmed that the test build is running stock Froyo! Updating the post now.

    • geniusdog254

      The problem is that lots of *test* builds are stock Android. Look at the Dell Streak units Engadget picked up. They’re sure to be running Dell’s custom UI, and yet they were running stock Android.

      I hope to high heaven that it IS stock, but I’m just playing the Devil’s Advocate here saying things could change

    • http://Website Gee

      Cyanogen also mentioned that there was a mention of it running a souped of snapdragon that features a really good GPU. I’ve heard rambles of it being as good or bettr=er than the galaxy s.

  • http://Website johnjoe

    sounds like a great phone, i just hope it will have decent battery life. the way all these new mobile phones are going they’re going to lose they’re “mobile” name methinks!!!!

  • http://Website Bib


  • http://Website Bib

    But what will the international versions be like. I just remember how much worse the milestone was verses the droid.