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The HTC Desire HD shows its face for the first time

Anyone been waiting for a GSM version of the HTC EVO 4G? The first image of the HTC Desire HD has finally surfaced, revealing a handset which looks strikingly similar to the EVO. The Desire HD will feature the same 4.3 inch display, 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 8MP camera with 720p video capture, and will run on Android 2.2.

Unfortunately, HTC has chosen to leave out the front facing camera which is one of the key features that differentiates the EVO 4G from the competition. To make up for this shortcoming, HTC has given the Desire HD an aluminum body, face tracking technology, and support for the Xvid codec. The HTC Desire HD should be hitting the European market some time in October. We’re pretty excited to see an EVO variant heading to Europe, but how many of you wish it was coming to the U.S. as well?

Via: HTC Source

Source: Android-HK

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  • g33k84

    Anyone else find it amusing that the sneaky photo was taken with a iPhone (re Reflection)? :-)

  • http://Website gamer

    no front facing camera= no deal!

  • bossyman15

    Xvid codec! we need that too!

  • http://Website DROID Sam

    It’s nothing revolutionary, but I’m glad that our European brethren get a chance to play with an EVO relative. I love my EVO and can say that a few friends of mine in Germany will be glad to trade in their Motorola Milestone for the Desire HD.

  • SGB101

    I don’t get the whole front facing camera thing! Apple are marketing the front camera as revolutionary I had a phone 6 years ago with one and I used it once.

    It is defiantly not my list as a must when looking at handsets.

    • james

      I guess you dont do video calls? Now with wifi conection using fring video calls rocks. My friend who has this phone is unable to get some face to face action. Guesss it is a good phone for those who just want to talk. Not very smart

  • http://Website 2C

    Any chance of stock Android?

    • http://Website Daniel

      On a device that shares the name “Desire”? Very slim chances, at best. It wouldn’t make much sense to call it the high-definition version of an existing device if it’s not similar.

      Come to think of it, why the hell is this device “HD”? So far, the only thing in higher definition is the camera, the screen will most certainly be lower-definition.

  • Monica

    Is it better than iPhone?

    • http://Website John

      Lol!! what kind of homepage is that! haha never seen anything like it before. xD

      Great. I hope they pay you for it! :-))

  • Droid Phone

    By Christmas 2010 we will have 2 or 3 hundred phones with Android it seems. Glad to see the OS speading like wildfire.

  • http://Website will

    will this be available in australia?

  • http://Website OpenMitko

    Hi from EU :)

    I’m really exited about this phone. The lack of front facing camera is not a problem for me at all. I’m only disappointed that there is no kickstand :(

  • Amy

    The flood of HTC phones are starting to all look the same. But still I like this one….

  • http://Website Honda

    Whats the point in making yet another phone with isn’t EXACTLY like the Evo? The front facing camera has got to be a must. Sorry HTC if you aint got it on this one then you missed the boat.

  • http://Website Meh

    Isn’t the thing on the right of the speaker a front facing camera? If not then what is it as the video of the desire hd (or ace?) shows the notification indicator in the middle.

  • http://Website adrian

    YEah no Front Facing camera? then it can’t compete with iphone 4. ill stick with my original HTC desire.

  • http://Website Eronica

    Very nice posting about HTC Desire HD but u didnt emphasize on features if possible
    provide more features of this mobile phone.

  • http://Website ary

    i have it yayyyyyyyy