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The Samsung Epic 4G pops into Sprint stores across the country

The Samsung Epic 4G is finally available to purchase through Sprint’s website and retail locations across the country.  Retail price for the Epic 4G is set at $249.99 after a $150 instant discount and $100 mail-in-rebate if you’re willing to sign a new two year contract.  Keep in mind, if you’re looking into getting the Epic 4G you’ll be forced to the $10 monthly fee for the privilege of hopping on Sprints “first class” 4G experience.  Samsung’s Epic 4G is the third Galaxy S phone to hit the U.S. market in the past six weeks, but the inclusion of 4G connectivity, a five row QWERTY keyboard, front facing camera for video chat, and an LED flash all make the Epic stand a little taller than its Galaxy S brothers. 

To see how the launch of the Samsung Epic 4G was going, I took a little fieldtrip to my local Sprint store.  The store was pretty much empty, but a sales rep did say that they had already sold nearly a dozen handsets this morning. It’s hard to say now long supplies will last, but the rep did reveal  that their Epic 4G inventory quantities  matched those of the HTC EVO 4G at launch.  If you’re still on the fence about getting the Epic 4G, we’d suggest making up your mind real quick.  The EVO 4G sold out in the first few days after launch and it took weeks before HTC was able to replenish stock at Sprint’s retail location. 

We’re pretty sure a few of you waited in line at your local Sprint store this morning to get the new Epic 4G.  Let us know how it went and what you think of the new Galaxy S phone.

Source: Sprint

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  • http://IknowofoneEpicthatwillbeavailabletomorrow... GinoRP

    I went to my local Sprint store this morning on my way to work because I had an 8:00 a.m. appointment to pick up my reserved Epic. Unfortunately the were unable to give me the discount since I still had a few weeks to go for my upgrade.

    Fine by me. I will wait until the end of the month when my discount is available and pick one up from Wallmart or Amazon for 50 bucks less. Other retailers such as Radio Shack and Best Buy will take the $150.00 rebate off instantly.

    I expect the Epic release to fall short of the Evo simply because Evo users are content. Everyone who considered making the switch to Sprint to save money with the $79 everything w/4G plan has pretty much already jumped.

    The Epic will simply fill the void created by the lack of Windows Mobile phones at Sprint.

    I do want this phone because I can’t graduate from a physical keyboard quite yet. It’s a shame because I like the EVO for the HDMI out. I’ve used the video out on my HTC Touch Pro 2 extensively in the car. This option will be missed.

    Let me know what you guys think.


    • dzitran

      Thanks for the report. I’m getting mine at Best Buy’s today after work. Surprisingly they let us reserve it. Love the fact that I’m getting mine for $249 – no mail-in-rebate. Just saves on the hassle.

  • http://Website Funny Me

    I didn’t know that the Epic 4G could make popcorn! Does it come with an app to do that or does the phone just get so hot while running on 4G speeds that it’s like having a portable stove?

  • http://Website Erin

    So, no one’s picked one up today? Sad :(

    I’m thinking about getting one, but I wasnt to spend some quality time with the phone before I make my purchase. I’ve heard the keyboard is really good, on par with the G1. Can anyone confirm?

  • http://Website Sean

    I picked mine up today. I went from the Moment to the Epic so I think I’m in an ok position to give a valid opinion.

    Overall I like it. It’s much better than the Moment, and fixes the problems I had with it. I’ve only had it about 4 hours though, so who knows what might show up.

    The screen is much better and doesn’t discolor at an angle like the Moment. It has a nice message led at the top too. The size is nice. Its taller and I think wider than the Moment, but not as thick. Feels good in the hand and pocket. The keyboard is very nice, but laid out slightly differently than the Moment, so it might take me a minute to get used to it. The back is hard plastic and I wish it was rubberized to prevent sliding around. The camera is raised and I think it might get scratched or dirty, but only time will tell. The call volume is much louder than the Moment which is quite nice. The store said that they were already doing OTA update to 2.2, but mine still has 2.1 on it. That might have been BS, but whatever. 2.1 works very well on it. It supports the live wallpapers which the Moment wouldn’t do. The Samsung customization of Android is pretty minimal, and mostly welcome. Hitting the power button is hard to do without also hitting the volume button, but it hasn’t been an issue yet. The camera is nice, but I only took one test pic in the store so I haven’t gotten much time on it yet. Swipe works well, but I still use the keyboard for most everything. The whole thing is super fast. For those in the AF, it fits quite nicely in the little pocket inside the cargo pocket of the ABU’s. I give it two thumbs up.


  • http://Website EVOftw

    The HTC EVO is available now online at for anyone interested.

  • http://Website Chancy

    Archos reveals five new Android tablets for fall

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  • http://Website yerry

    Where is the review.

  • Android Tips

    Have been been playing with the Epic and the keyboard is amazing. You’ll like it, if you are an avid G1 user.
    Android Tips

  • http://Website Maury

    Was first in line at the Bee Caves store yesterday… The Epic is just an awesome phone… Still getting used to the keyboard, but the display is stunning.

    A few minor complaints… (e.g. the charger plugs into the TOP of the phone) but overall really impressed. I’ve loaded the thing up and it doesn’t bog down in the least. Super Zippy. I was worried it would be too big, but it is just about perfect.

  • http://Website patrick

    love this phone so far. watching DIVX file with headphones, there’s a nice little 5.1 button you can press, if you want to hear how awesome it sounds turn the volume up. Had a moment before this one, it is just so much better. When it gets 2.2 that will be the perfect phone for me

    • http://Website Brittany

      Did you have any problems with your moment before you switched? My moment is freezing up on me, and although I like the concept of the Epic, I do not want to have the same issues if it is a Samsung issue…

  • http://Website Joe

    Got it @ 8:00 am in Sprint store in Cary, no fuss, no wait. This is without a doubt the best phone I’ve ever had and, I believe one of the best phones on the market. I tried the Samsung Moment before this – it was a flawed as this one is fabulous.