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Verizon goes all in with Android, over a dozen devices revealed

It’s official – Verizon is going all in with Android this holiday season. The guys over at Phone Arena have posted the most detailed Verizon roadmap we have seen, which includes over a dozen new Android devices. Some we have seen leak several times and others we are just learning of for the first time. Read on after the jump to see what Verizon has in store for the holiday season.Keep in mind most of this information comes from an unnamed source at Verizon, so release dates are not 100% certain and all information is subject to change. A similar roadmap leaked last week, but this time around we have a lot more details on each individual phone.

1. Motorola Droid 2 World Edition (A956)

The Droid 2 WE should look the same as the Droid 2.

Coming in September is the Motorola Droid 2 World Edition (WE), which is a clone of the Droid 2 that works on CDMA and GSM networks. This will be Verizon’s first global Android smartphone, but several others are on the way. The Droid 2 WE will be available in the traditional black and blue color scheme and will also be sold in white.

2. Motorola Citrus (WX445)


The Motorola WX445.

The Motorola Citrus will be an entry-level Android phone targeted towards younger market. We saw this phone leak last month and not much is known about the specs, but the main feature is said to be the affordable price tag. We expect the screen to be 3 inches or smaller and feature a QVGA resolution.

3. Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S)

Verizon Fascinate

The Verizon Fascinate.

The Samsung Fascinate is Verizon’s version of the Galaxy S. We have known this phone was coming for awhile, but last we heard it had been delayed till “late summer or early fall”. Now it is expected to arrived in October. Samsung should have Android 2.2 for the Galaxy S ready by September, so there is a small chance the Fascinate could launch with it already installed.

4. Samsung Continuum (I400)

Little is known about the Samsung Continuum, but it is expected to be released in October. The device is said to be a mid-range Android phone.

5. Samsung Gem (I100)

The Samsung Gem.

Also expected in October is the Samsung Gem. Phone Arena states this is a low-end Android phone with a QWERTY keyboard, but previous leaks have shown us this device is touchscreen only.  The Gem runs Android 2.1 and the familiar TouchWiz UI of the Galaxy S.

We have heard this device is near release, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it launched earlier in September.

Update: Several sources have informed us the Samsung Gem has been canceled and will never see the light of day.

6. Motorola XT610

The Motorola Droid X.

A device called the Motorola XT610 is said to be the younger brother of the Droid X and also coming in October.It will feature a similar size screen to the Droid X (4.3 inches), but come with a slower processor and lower megapixel camera (3-5PM). The XT610 will be target at those who want a big screen smartphone, but do not want to pay for top of the line performance. Look for the XT610 to debut around $100-$130 with 2-year contract.

7. Motorola Sick (A957)


This Motorola phone for Verizon has no name.

The Motorola A957 could be named the Sick and launch in October. No further information is available about this device. It could be the BlackBerry-inspired Motorola phone for Verizon that has yet to be identified or the rumored Droid Pro (see #13).

8. enTourage eDGe

The enTourage eDGe.

Believe it or not, Verizon is said to have picked up the enTourage eDGE dual-book. We went hands on with this e-reader mutation last year and were not that impressed, so hopefully Verizon has upped the build quality. The eDGe is currently on sale from enTourage’s site and goes for $549. Look for it in November.

9. enTourage Pocket

Marvell pocketbook

A prototype "pocketbook" with Android.

Verizon could also launch the enTourage Pocket in November. We don’t have any information on this device, but it sounds like a prototype we saw back at CES. We expect the design will be similar of original eDGe dualbook, but at about half the physical size.

10. HTC Merge (ADR6325)

HTC Verizon

An unnamed HTC phone for Verizon.

A device named the HTC Merge will feature a “10MP camera and faster than 1GHz processor” and it should appear in November. Our friends at Phandroid have spotted the Merge in Verizon’s inventory system, but not much else is known about the device. AndroidGuys also revealed a HTC world phone with Verizon branding (pictured above) which may or may not be the Merge.

11. Motorola Stingray (Z600)

Motorola tablet

A protoype shown off by Motorola during CES 2010.

Motorola has long been rumored to be releasing an Android tablet in Q4 of this year. It has been suggested it could be delayed till early 2011, but Phone Arena is suggesting it could still be coming in November. The rumors for this device are all over the place including the possible inclusion of Gingerbread (Android 3.0?), 7-10 inch display, and dual-core Tegra 2 processor.

Verizon and Motorola are virtual best buddies now so I truly believe this tablet is coming, but I’m not so certain about the release date. NVIDIA still claims Tegra 2 will be available in smartphones and tablets this year, but we have no firm information on the release of Gingerbread.

12. Samsung I800 tablet

Galaxy Tab

The Samsung tablet is a supersized Galaxy S.

Samsung should also release their Android tablet as soon as November of this year on Verizon. This could be the 7-inch Galaxy S tablet we have seen before, but Phone Arena says it could also feature a 10-inch display. Samsung is expected to unveil their tablet at next month’s IFA show in Berlin, so we should have more hard details soon.

13. Droid Pro?

Missing from Phone Arena’s report is any mention of the Droid Pro, which was expected to be the next high-end Droid from Motorola. The Droid Pro might actually be the Sick A957 mentioned above or it could be a separate device. The Droid Pro is rumored to have a 1.3 GHz CPU (I’m guessing OMAP4), 4 inch display, and global roaming capabilities.

We also can’t forget Motorola’s promise to deliver a 2 GHz smartphone this year. I have a hard time believing they will actually hit 2 GHz, but it’s totally believable for them to release a dual-core smartphone in 2010. This could be a NVIDIA Tegra 2 product or maybe even the TI OMAP4.

Update: Engadget is reporting the Droid Pro and the Droid 2 world edition might be the same device.


Verizon has more Android devices in the pipeline than most of the other carriers combined. The nation’s largest carrier is one of the more expensive choices, but you can’t argue with the impressive Android lineup produced so far the largest 3G network. Looking into the future, things should only get better as Verizon will be launching 4G LTE this year and should ship the first LTE handsets in 2011.


  • Motorola Droid 2 World Edition
  • Motorola Citrus WX445


  • Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S)
  • Samsung Continuum I400
  • Samsung Gem I100 (Canceled)
  • Motorola XT610 (similar to Droid X in size but lower specs)
  • Motorola A957 (possibly named Sick, not much info right now)


  • enTourage eDGe (dual-screen e-reader + tablet Android device)
  • enTourage Pocket (small Android device)
  • HTC Merge (10 MP camera and processor faster than 1GHz)
  • Motorola Z600 (Android tablet rumored to be called STINGRAY)
  • Samsung I800

Which device are you looking forward to the most?

Source: Phone Arena

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  • http://Website marcus

    I guess Verizon is truely trying to RULE THE AIR.

    But hey, no complaints here!
    *love my Droid X*

    • http://Website JAG

      How about a GSM version of DROID X, I’d love it!!

      • http://Website Marcus

        That would be EPIC!

  • http://Website Mike

    Android tablet + FiOS watching? Stingray want!

  • http://Website Pat D

    Really looking forward to whatever the droid pro turns out to be.

  • http://Website nate

    Damn, why must my dad love his iPhone so much otherwise I would switch to verizon and have one of these sick phones, but whatever still have the nexus one.

  • http://Website Nammy

    This is interesting, “Verizon goes all in with Android” does seem to be the case.
    I seriously doubt they even want the iPhone at this point.

  • Drew

    Verizon iPhone my ass. Verizon doesn’t need the iPhone, they’re too good for it. Android forever!

  • http://Website Chad

    There’s no way verizon will invest in the iphone, the iphone will forsure go to t-mobile next year.

    • http://Website Derek

      You’re so crazy. Stop being a complete tool and fanboy. A recent poll showed one third of at&t iphone users would switch to a verizon iphone. No way verizon turns down 10 million new customers. Besides iOS is still the best OS around. Its more reliable and easier to use and it flat out works just how its supposed to and it has better exchange support and way better cut and paste functionality.

      • http://Website JoeCoool

        I’m not so sure. I think verizon has invested way to much money and time into android and it would totally screw over all of the android users that have verizon. Verizon would eventually leave android in the dust and focus on the iPhone sales. I don’t know, it could happen, but I’m no genius predictor, so we will just have to wait and see

      • http://Website Mark

        “Besides iOS is still the best OS around.”

        And HE’s the crazy fanboy tool? I don’t think so.

      • http://Website Nammy

        Not so sure about that. First off to sell the contract you need a contract with Apple, and Apple takes a massive slice of all the iPhone profits.

        Now realize that every iPhone Verizion would sell, it would be one less Android sale for Verizon. Android has no licensing fee. So, sure Verizon could maybe sell 40 million iPhones, but realistically it would be at the cost of around 30 million Android sales (which net more profit to Verizon).

        Finally, Verizon has already spent countless millions on their Android campaign. Seems silly to shoot themselves in the foot at this point. Don’t get me wrong if they were offered to sell the iPhone they would, but the fact is Apple doesn’t just let you sell these things, there are a lot of contracts and fees that are involved.

  • http://Website Shane

    Only If i could get a smartphone

  • http://Website JoeCoool

    The HTC merge looks amazing. 10 MP camera and over 1 ghz. My contract ends in December and I can’t wait! I can finally get something better than the envy I have :D I love HTC and this is just amazing!

    • http://Website Kenny

      That’s the phone that caught my eye. HTC Merge

  • http://Website jon

    Hmm, I’m a bit annoyed they would release a Droid 2 World Edition so soon after the initial version. I would have paid extra for it.

    • http://Website NetAdmin

      Return it??? You should be within that 30 day window.

  • http://Website Hans

    Unfortunately/fortunately, my contract ends next year. I can’t wait to see what phones are out during that time! 2.5Ghz-3Ghz? Yes please!

  • http://Website Chancy

    Google should build a small altar to Verizon in one of their Silicon Valley offices because admit it…Verizon saved their asses when it came to pushing Android out there. T-Mobile may have started the revolution but if not for Verizon, we would still have been stuck with lackluster hardware, limiting the potential of Android and also the marketability of the platform. Hats off to Verizon. A true Android pusher!

    • geniusdog254

      I’m not so sure about that. Yeah Verizon pushed Android hard, but they didn’t even advertise ANDROID, they just advertised their Droid line. In a way they hurt Android, because now Joe Consumer always asks “Oh, so it’s a Droid?” no matter what type of non-iPhone smartphone it is.

      Sprint pushed & still pushes Android hard, it’s their saving grace. You’re forgetting that they picked up the Hero & Moment about the same time as VZW picked up the Droid & Droid Eris. They didn’t push either of them hard, but look at how much they’re promoting the Evo! I mean every couple commercial breaks I see one of the 2 or 3 Evo commercials they have! I’m sure they’re doing the same with the Epic. Not to mention how they actually CALL IT ANDROID! Lol

      • http://Website Chancy

        True…but I am talking about the devices now. Verizon have released the best Android devices to date that can cross different demographics. And when I say “push Android out” I mean they have been able to get it to more people than most networks. Please, let us try to leave that “people don’t know about Android” debate out of this. Admit it, besides people like us who hang out on these forums and actually care about what is inside the phone, more than half of the population don’t care about what OS their phone is running. They just want a phone that works. If it says it does GPS, they just want it to get them from point a to b. If it says it has 3G, they just want it to be fast, they don’t care about how fast.

        This is why I say Verizon helped Android. They made it more mainstream. Maybe not the way you or I like but they put more Android devices in the hands of the average everyday user than any other carrier making Android a more serious threat to the crap that is the iPhone.

  • A Lui

    Android here. Android there. Android everywhere. This is all good.
    In addition to introducing new devices, how committed is Verizon in upgrading older Android devices? Does any one here have any experience?

  • http://Website Noskcire

    Who is the target demographic for the XT610? More to the point, who in their right mind would buy the XT610? VZ’s strategy here seems to be a lower entry-point version of the Droid X. But if purchase of the XT610 requires VZ’s data package, what incentive would there be to purchase it over the X? Surely not to save $100 bucks or whatever on the initial layout for the phone. Even a homeless person would find a way to drum up the extra dough before sacrificing the difference in performance/features. What is the value-statement that I seem to be missing?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I still expect they come out with some cheaper data plans like AT&T ($15 per month).

    • mmitchum

      Also, maybe you grew up with or now have a substantial amount of discretionary income, but not everyone has that.

      That’s like saying all the kids entering college this year who are considering Macs should get 17″ Macbook pros instead of 13″ Macbooks.

      Just because a device has certain capabilities doesn’t mean that every person will use that device to its fullest extent.

  • http://Website JoAnn

    While I’m thrilled to see more Android goodness in Verizon’s lineup, part of me wonders if the December release is timed to get a better deal for the iPhone out of Apple. A “See? We want you but we don’t really NEED you” play.

  • http://Website Doug Levy

    As of right now, all Verizon Android phones are running 2.x. Including the Droid Eris. Two Verizon phones have FroYo, the original Moto Droid and the Droid 2. The Droid X is being upgraded to FroYo in September. Concerning OS updates, they are NOTHING like T-Mobile.

  • Caileagh

    Love it. I want them all. I love my Droid.

  • http://Website jwalk

    Somebody leak a Sprint roadmap now…

  • http://Website Lefty

    Just got my frozen yogurt 2.2 push from VWZ this AM. Dang! The thing almost works as good as an iPhone! I should be busy learning all the new features like how you can now have only 5 home screens as apposed to iphone’s… Is there a limit??? but I’m too busy rooting my way through the android market downloading crappy apps that don’t do squat, lock up and won’t let me uninstall them… Too bad nobody screens Android apps like… Apple does theirs…. I’m just glad I have my update. It took such a long time… While VWZ was busy raping the OS of all of it’s manhood… Oops! hang on. I gotta quit typing. My battery cover just fell off again… well, while it’s off, I might as well do a battery pull. It’s due for one… Oh wait. I am not using my droid to type this. I am on my PC. The droid keyboard is useless for big hands (especially the keys on the top row) and the touch screen keyboard buttons are too close together in vertical mode. Forget trying to use the keys on the outside edges if you have a thick phone cover…

    Seriously. I enjoy my Moto Droid. It’s a great phone but it’s still an iphone wanna be. Android is a hotrod that has tons of power and capability with aftermarket parts galore but it is clunky, bumpy and breaks down on the side of the road a lot. iPhone is the Rolls Royce. Elegant, smooth, stable, reliable, refined in every way, completely dependable and a cut far above the rest. It may not win a drag race, but that’s what you pay for travelling first in class and best of show.

    BTW my IT department GAVE me an Entourage Edge. Why? Because nobody wants it!!! It’s the clunkiest piece of electronic hardware and software I have ever seen. The thing is a complete and utter joke. I have demo’d the ipad… No comparison. It’s better in every way, which is an easy statement since the Entourage does absolutely NOTHING well.

    The key reason for Verizon’s commitment to Android is a land war. Both Verizon and Apple want to rule the world and they don’t make good bed partners. If Verizon goes “All in” with droid, they will likely lose the chips. iphone sales worldwide are mamouth compared to Android. The fact that so many people suffer through AT&T’s crappy service to have iPhone is testimony to the fact that it’s a way better device.

    • http://Website righty

      What a foolish belief. Let me start with everything that is wrong with that post. One, you are bashing on your phone pretty hard, but it would appear that the issues you seem to be having are hardware issues, and therefore, Motorola’s problem, not Android issues. And you’re right, it probably is time to do a battery pull, you know, to keep a phone running fresh, just like when you restart a computer. And until recently, this wasnt even an option with the rotten fruit. Apple is far to concerned with themselves. Most companies (especially ones that know about a problem two years before a release date of a product) will fix it. Recall their products and fix them. Send their loyal customers new products that are functional. However you want to look at it, telling the world that the problem that everyone is having is a myth, and having a press conference to tell people how to hold their phones? Come on, what a crock.

      Verizon is not going to ‘lose the chips’ for going all in with android, period. Enjoy your fanboyism, and keep it away from those above and below you who are reasonably educated as far as facts go.

  • http://Website adam

    I like htc merge i want that as my replacement to my droid 1 . I love htc phones

  • http://Website global2

    I hope the Verizon infrastructure can absorb all these new devices/subscribers/customers. I choose the carrier above all other considerations, and Verizon has always had the best coverage and service IMHO. If that falters with quick growth, I’m bailing.

  • http://Website Jbn

    Lefty is an idiot, iphone or anything made by apple is junk. :)

  • http://Website jake

    My sis constantly likes to compare her iphone to my eris and i find it hilarious because my punt eris has better picture longer video i can swap batteries customize layout multitask and overall yeah the iphone has some perks but who cares i didnt like apple cept for the ipod. Apple are.nazis with thier iphone, in fact apple went to verizon first with thier proposal but because apple wanted full control over the iphone verizon told them to take a hike. Apple devolopes thier own hardware and software not to mention they restricted app devlopment to apple computers only somthing android doesnt restrict. apple is just using at&t to market thier product and gives them a small percentage somthing verizon wasnt willing to go along with. Google on the other hand only develops the software which is the best way to expand thier customer base and maintain a variety that suits customers who like only certain types of devices, i have yet to see a new blackberry style android, and flip phone android in the US. Overall android devices are closing in on iphone as far as sales and apps go.

  • http://Website Jaronamo

    the bottom phone picture with the htc merge (top) is the droid pro and the htc merge above it in the picture will feature the scorpion processor from qualcomm. this will have a 1.5 ghz dual core processor that supports full hd video and high end gaming!

  • http://Website Sony

    the key of succesor android phones is the latest phones with dual core