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Verizon pushes out Froyo update for the DROID Incredible

Everyone ready for another dose of Froyo? Verizon has just announced that the Android 2.2 rollout for the DROID Incredible got underway this morning.  This latest update will allow DROID Incredible owners to use Adobe Flash Player 10.1 along with quite a few other new features.  You can check out the full list of everything included in the Android 2.2 update here.  Some of the highlights include 720p video recording, 801.11n Wi-Fi support, 3G Mobile Hotspot, improved battery life, news widgets, and the updated Android Market application.

We’re pretty sure that most of you know how to install the OTA (over the air) update once it hits your phone, but just in case you need a little refresher course, Verizon has posted up their installation instructions.  Don’t be surprised if it takes about a week for your handset to receive the OTA update.  If you’re not a huge fan of just waiting around, bumping up your handset’s date in the system settings by week or two could trigger the download process.

Let us know how things go and what you enjoy most about the new Android 2.2 build.

Source: Verizon Wireless

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  • http://Website Deter

    About time. Thanks for the delay HTC. I like the sence UI, but if its gonna mean a holdup on updates of this magnitude, I’d rather they do away with it.


    • http://Website dave

      I don’t think it was sense UI that caused the delay. They had to fix a lot of the problems that burned motobroka users.

    • http://Website VZSupportSucks

      And once you update every time you plug into a usb you get a comercial for VCast in your browswer

      To stop Vcast web site each time you plug usb in after froyo update
      dial ##7764726
      Hit Call
      Type Password 000000 (that’s 6 zeros)
      Hit Feature Settings
      Choose CD ROM
      Click Disable
      Hit menu, commit modifications (it will say no item changed but it won’t open the [email protected]##$# site anymore.)

      • http://Website one1dan

        Hey man… thanks for the tip. I was getting sick of seeing that stupid link pop up every time I connected my phone to a PC.

  • http://Website Jon

    MT3G user will be joining Verizon soon tired of Tmobile’s BS

    • http://Website Blkfire

      I second that JON.

  • E-man

    I could also do without an overlapping UI that delays update speed.

    Actually, I believe next android version is working to integrate a ui that will have no need for sense or anything else.

    Deter, congrats on being first.

  • http://Website Kevinthebox


    Seriously, T-Mobile is making us wait. Does any else have any new info regarding the MT3G update besides that it’s “coming out soon”???

  • http://Website Yarsh

    It says nothing anywhere about it going out today. I call shenanigans.

    • http://Website Nick

      Call it what you want, but the whole reason I wrote the article is because my local VZW PR rep sent me and about 500 other people an email this morning, stating Froyo was going out.

      • http://Website Yarsh

        Well that’s cool. A screenshot of that email with the headers showing would make a good shot to accompany the post.

        Forgive me if I’m skeptical, but everyone has been pushing fake Incredible update stories lately.

  • http://Website Aaron Ransom

    Nice my gf can finally get flash… I used to have amt3g and I argued my way into getting the vibrant before my 2yr contract was even half over, no fees and only cost a penny. Not happy with your gear? Do now than cry, it works ;)

  • http://Website Aaron ransom

    Do MORE… Darn swype lol

    • http://Website steven

      Dude how do that, I’m getting tired of my g1 and tmobile. I would love to have the galaxy s phone for tmobile without having to pay full price or starting a new contract. I just want a damn phone that gets updates not just left behind. THANKS TMOBILE

  • http://Website Erik S

    Donwloading now. I’ll let you know how installation goes once it’s finished!

    • Adam B

      Haven’t gotten the the update yet — tried pushing my clock forward a bit too, no effect.

      Droid Incredible on Verizon

  • http://Website Ken

    What do you mean by bumping up your handset’s date in the system settings by week or two?

  • http://Website Mike

    Bumping up the Incredible’s date in the system settings didn’t work, after a few seconds the phone corrected itself anyway despite me killing everything else running and disabling automatic.

    • http://Website V

      Same problem

    • http://Website brandon

      same here. tried the *#*#checkin#*#* thing, it just showed me android mkt updates.

    • http://Website dave

      That’s because it won’t work. The update is pushed from Verizon, it is not pulled with the client. Changing the date on the phone does not change the date server side. Verizon SENDS the update TO you. This change the date rumor got started on some htc blog but it is assinine when you really think about the logistics of such a claim. Sorry bro, you’ll have to wait like the rest of us. And try not to read untested dribble from irresponsible publishers.

      • http://Website Nick

        I’m sorry you see so passionately about this, but please keep in mind that this trick has worked for ne and countless other users. I personally used this trick twice on my HTC EVO for their maintenance and Froyo updates. If you check the comments for the EVO Froyo update blog post you’ll see multiple comments from readers saying that the trick does work there.

        The date bump is a suggestion that “could” work. We’re just trying to help.

  • http://Website jonathan m

    Still waiting…… :( sigh ..

  • http://Website dave

    Everyone needs to cool their jets. If inpatients and raging does anything at all it will only cause them to rush the update out. And we all read how that worked out for the motobroka fans.

  • http://Website Yarsh

    Or Verizon could simply let us download the dang update from their website… just sayin.

    • http://Website dave

      Yes because nothing could possibly go wrong with the idiot masses installing their own updates. Gradual updates are better because if it starts breaking peoples phones it won’t break everyone’s phone before Verizon can stop the update. So calm down. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t have it right this second, child. “just sayin”

      • http://Website DK

        not everybody would opt for the manual update (only a small percent of owners would even discover the manual update if there were one, and an even smaller percentage would actually be interested in manually updating their phone). We understand the benefits of gradual updates, but you don’t need (to attempt) to bash someone on here. Calling him a child, and quoting him for effect isn’t very helpful.

  • http://Website Steve In Tulsa

    Still Waiting…

  • http://Website Emmy

    Not sure of the date change thing worked, but I work up this morning to see the update pop up. Installation went smooth and I’m now enjoying my Froyo treat. Thanks HTC!

  • http://Website DBailey

    Got my update Saturday.
    It rocks the house using Flash player 10.1.
    It comes preinstalled with it.

    I ordered my Incredible when it was pre-order back in April so maybe that is why I already got it.

  • http://Website DInc User

    Still waiting here.

  • http://Website Steve In Tulsa

    Still waiting

  • http://Website KAC

    I can tell you what worked for me on my HTC Incredible. I set my date ahead a few days, like others have mentioned. My phone wouldn’t let me change the date by a few weeks like recommended, so I just did three days. Then, I went to my settings and checked for updates. This time the Froyo update was waiting for me. It’s downloading now.

  • http://Website DK

    android central posted the and instructions in their forum, for manual installation :)

  • http://Website Maximus

    You can download the file from Google :

    You need to be on a minimum build of 1.22.605.2 for this to work. I had some issues with being rooted to use caution. If you have root, you will need to place (replace) all the apk’s you removed with root or the script will fail during installation. I ended up having issues even the install when with through ok. Ended up having to go back to 1.22.605.0 then to 1.22.605.2 and then Froyo. This may have been something i did wrong though.

    Enjoy All!

    • http://d Jonas

      I got the update yesterday, Columbia, SC

  • http://Website DJWestlake

    The OTA was pushed to me this morning. So far so good…