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XPERIA X10 countdown unveiled, U.S. launch imminent

The wait is finally almost over! SONY has put up a countdown on their SONY Style website today which is due to expire tomorrow morning. The page itself doesn’t give off many clues besides the back side of a phone which looks strikingly similar to the SONY Ericsson XPERIA X10. Since I personally don’t like playing guessing games, a little digging around in the source code gives me the confidence to say that this is definitely the countdown for the U.S. unveiling of the X10. It’s exciting to see another Android phone with a 1GHz processor and 4 inch display thrown into the mix, though SONY Ericsson is more than a tad late to the party.

The XPERIA X10 was first announced back in early November of 2009, nearly 9 months ago. ¬†At the time, the X10 would have been the first Android phone to feature a 1GHz processor, but after numerous delays due to software issues, the X10 finally made it’s European debut in mid February . Though the hardware and exterior design of the handset are phenomenal, the SONY Ericsson has been criticized for still using the Android 1.6 platform to run the X10, while most other high end Android phones are running Android 2.1 or even Android 2.2. We’re not exactly sure if the SONY Ericsson XPERIA X10 is heading to T-Mobile, or AT&T, and it’s hard to say which version of Android it’ll be running. We suggest checking back in tomorrow morning to find out.

If the XPERIA X10 does show up on your carrier with Android 2.1, would you buy it?

SONY Style source code

SONY Style source code

Source: SONY Style

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  • noriega713

    If its 149.99 or lower i think its worth it…

    • http://Website Peltruquin

      AT&T nor T-mobile will carry this phone… SO SAD :(

  • http://Website Josh

    I’m waiting for emerald…

  • http://Website IceCrush

    2.1 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Its not much to ask ffs…..

  • http://Website Brian

    Sony, late to the party or what? It could be $99 on a 2 yr contract but it will still be the next Garmin phone. It’s too thick, it’s got non-Google experience Android 1.6, no multi-touch, and a capacitive LCD. Sony could have put the Sony Super LCD in if they wanted.

    Have you seen how thick it is? It looks like a Nokia from 1997. Sony needs to take this back to the drawing board and look forward past whats out now, not at their backsides.

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      I would definitely have to disagree on the design issues. yes, it’s thicker than most other phones with a 1GHz processor, but if you have ever held it in your hand you’ll know that the design and the subtle curves make it one of the nicest phones to actually hold.

      Thin is nice, but I like to feel some substance in my hand.

      • Abhi

        I agree with you completely. its amazing to hold

  • togsy

    Where exactly is this link on the website, i have yet to see it

  • Globular Android

    Would I buy it on AT&T? Hell no. I have them now and can not wait to leave.
    I am in the market for a new phone and I am leaving the hell that is iPhone, so this phone was one that I was looking at, but with it going to AT&T… that just changed.

    • http://Website Usman

      Not sure why you’d wait man… the Droid X and Evo 4G steamroll over the X10. Heck, I’ve got a Nexus One on T-mo and it’ll slaughter the X10 as well. You have plenty of options on the other three carriers. Two 4G phones with Sprint (since the Epic will be out shortly) and T-mo is getting an HSPA+ Android handset in the next couple months as well. ;)

  • SGB101

    This is a really bad phone, the screen res is really bad when next to the galaxy s and desire and dare I say it the Sony UI is even worse than the touch wizards.

    Talked my brother in law into trying Android, he picket the x10 and after 2 weeks he hates it. Had a play and its awful. With really bad battery life. He struggles to het ten hours out of it, my desire gets about 14 and my wifes galaxy s gets a whopping 2 days between charges.

    To sum up, bad screen, bad UI, bad battery life and last point it feels very sluggish.

    • SGB101

      Was ment to say touch wiz, dam predictive text input. :-)

    • http://Website Erik

      Hmmm…. battery life is a lot better than that. I had mine die on me pretty quick the first few weeks I had mine, but now after 3 months it lasts through the day.

      The UI is actually not much different from stock 1.6. I really love this phone.

  • http://Website Manny

    Sony is a little too late. There’s better phones out there… Evo, Galaxy S, Droid X, Incredible etc….

  • http://Website kennon

    This is the first phone that got me really excited about owning an Android powered handset around Christmas time last year. If it had been released in the US back then, or even 5-6 months ago I would have definitely gotten one but as several other posters have pointed out, they are way late bringing this phone to the states. With the Droid X and Galaxy S out there the only people who would buy the X10 in the US are the ones who don’t know any better and are just buying the brand because they aren’t doing any research. If this ends up being an AT&T or T-Mobile phone…compared to the Captivate/Vibrant it is toast…and with the Captivate marked down to <$100 at many 3rd party reseller sites like Amazon with a contract extension I can't think of any compelling reason to buy the X10 anymore….too bad because about 6 months ago I thought this phone was going to be the big comeback for Sony-Ericsson…

  • RJ

    ugh 9 months is really late…i think I wi samsungll stick with my samsung vibrant! It’s the bomb!

  • http://Website mike

    I have the Verizon Droid-X and so far there is nothing that can even come close to the capabilities of this kick ass monster.

  • http://Website That’s whack yo

    It maybe late but maybe they have changed sum stuff undercover or sumthing I would probably get it if it’s on tmobile. Haha

    • Nick Gray

      Sorry, heading to At&t instead. Keep in ind,anyoen who really wants an X10 on T-Mobile USA can pick up the unlocked version of the phone since it does support T-Mobile 1700 and 2100 3G bands. Places like Expansys have it avialable for $529.

  • http://Website Usman

    So according to the Song site, it’s $129.99 on a 2-year contract with AT&T. Being as outdated as it is, it would need to be free to grab any marketshare. Sorry Sony… but all of your potential buyers for the X10 have moved onto greener pastures. You snooze, you lose.