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Yahoo Fantasy Football ’10 just got hiked into the Market

Yahoo hasn’t quite seen fit to announce it yet as their website still claims the app is “coming soon,” but for you Android wielding Yahoo fantasy owners the app is now available for download via the QR code or just search the Market for “Yahoo fantasy football.”

The app will allow you to set your roster, add and drop players, and also provide real-time fantasy scoring updates. This is definitely a boon for those busy fantasy owners that can’t squeeze in the time to watch every game, but still want to keep tabs on what is going on with their squad.

The basic visuals of the app look good, but I can’t really comment on the functionality of the app at the moment as my league’s draft isn’t until tonight and prior to your draft the app merely lists your team and league. So if any of you that have already finished up your draft decide to give the app a shot let us know what you think. (Also if you have any awesome sleeper picks for this season that you want to share please feel free.)

Update: Based on feedback from readers the app is limited to those with at least 2.0 or above and isn’t showing up in the Market for users in all countries.

Via: Phandroid

Source: Yahoo

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  • http://Website Justin

    Seems to be an Android 2.x program, my G1 can’t find it.

    • Sean Riley

      Sorry about that Justin, the app doesn’t specify and as Yahoo still hasn’t officially announced it I wasn’t able to find anything on the required level of OS.

    • Sascha

      Hi guys,

      I’m on Android 2.2 and I can’t find it either. Maybe it’s based on the country? I live in Germany, so it might be that that’s the reason why I’m not able to download it. :(



    • wirbly

      I live in the US, and I can see it on 2.2 (nexus), but my wife can’t see it on 1.6 (mytouch). Weak.

    • wirbly

      Just noticed the picture on the fantasy football homepage shows the app on a G1. That’s just mean.

  • Clark Wimberly

    Pretty impressed with this thing out the gate. Can’t wait to see them fine-tune it.

  • http://Website Ray

    Very well constructed app! I’m in 4 leagues on Yahoo and moving back and forth between teams is very easy to use. Much better than the Fantasy Guru app.

  • http://Website Jason

    Can’t wait for the NHL app now.

  • http://Website Cedric

    I don’t know why this would need access to send sms messages…

    • anakin78z

      I hate it when developers don’t leave a contact address. Can’t even ask them what that’s for.

  • http://Website jesse

    I’m starting to really hate android at this point. I bought my phone right when it came out (mytouch) and the 2 year contract is not even close to being up yet. And I’m about 4 android versions behind already! Maybe I will try this app out next year when I can get a new phone. Probably on the iphone.

  • http://Website GSG

    Can’t access this app – have Nexus One but based in the UK. Anyone have any ideas (other than moving countries / buying a new phone…!)

    • http://Website bd

      Anybody know if you can do your snake draft using this app? May be trapped at work during one of my drafts.

  • Cale

    Once again, 1.6 is getting the shaft…

  • http://Website Purplewth

    When searching for players it is very limited, can view about 7 to 10 players. If you got to the league page only shows ‘ the leagues and not the whole page’. My opinion – very limited.

  • http://Website southwick

    Early adopter Android Fan, but this kind of thing is strongly making me reconsider my next purchase.

    I am getting tired of being unable to use a growing number of apps, simply because I invisted first. Not a good way to retain customers.

    Well I had been looking forward to this….

  • http://Website Hector Lopez

    I’m trying to download yahoo fantasy football 2010 for my g1 (android) but unable to. We are going into the 4th week of the football season, I can’t do much w/my fantasy team unless I’m at home on my desk top. Can someone please help me.

  • http://Website Riley

    This sucks. I bought the league pass on my iPhone 4, but just switched over to the HTC Evo. It wants me to spend another $50.00… Is there any way to get around this?

  • Thomas Watts

    I have this app for my Ipad. It keeps on hanging and I dont get all the scores. I getting Ipad 2 on Wednesday so at this stage I hope it goes away. Anybody else having any problems with it?