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CoPilot Live offers offline turn by turn…for a price. [GIVEAWAY]

One of the main reasons people use their Android phones is for the built-in GPS functionality. Back in October 2009, Google pissed off just about every GPS company by launching their very own free GPS navigation system, Google Navigation, which tightly integrates this service with the Android platform. The one catch with Google Navigation? You have to have a data connection to use it, which can create some problems when there is a network outage or you happen to be in an area with spotty (or no) coverage.

Enter CoPilot Live. CoPilot Live has been around for a while now (since summer 2009 or so), but usage dropped right around the release of Google Navigation. After all, it’s fairly difficult to compete with a service that’s being offered for free without differentiating yourself in some key way. Well, CoPilot live is trying to do just that by showcasing the fact that CoPilot live can be used all the time, whether you have a data connection or not. The way they accomplish this is by loading the maps directly onto your SD card rather than downloading local maps every time you take a trip. We will discuss this a bit later in the review.

Setting a Route

The whole purpose of having a GPS navigation application (or standalone GPS-unit) in your car is to safely and successfully travel from Point A to Point B, perhaps stopping at points C, D, and E along the way. As such, one of the most essential components of a GPS navigation application is how easy it is to set up routes to get you where you want to go.

In CoPilot Live, you begin by entering the City or Zip Code of the destination, then the name of the street you are navigating to. Finally, you enter the business/house number or cross street. That’s right, a total of three different screens to enter a simple address. Though not a dealbreaker, it seems much more complicated than simply typing in an address into a single bar ala Google Navigation. I’m confident users can get used to either way of entering destination information.

CoPilot Live allows you to enter destination information in multiple ways. For example, you can use CoPilot Live to navigate to a location on the map by simply selecting a waypoint on the map itself. Though this might not be as useful for precise directions, it will certainly help you navigate to an area that’s “close enough” to your final destination.

CoPilot Live also makes it very easy to set multiple stopping points along the way, which is very handy when going on road trips with multiple stops at places of interest.

Finally, you can easily navigate to places of interest by selecting a few categories (i.e. Restaurant > Bar and Grill > Destination), and then picking which location you want to go to. CoPilot live does the rest.


Overall, CoPilot Live offers multiple means of getting you where you want to go. Though in some ways it is on par or slightly better than Google Navigation, in other key ways it leaves you scratching your head.

Navigating the Route

No GPS application is worth a lick unless the navigation process is intuitive and works well. As someone who has driven through all parts of the United States, I think I can safely say that some of the standard routes in Minneapolis are pretty wonky, and sometimes frustratingly confusing. Though it has the potential to aggravate drivers, it seems it’s the perfect testing grounds for navigation systems, in my humble opinion.

Over the course of the past week or so, I’ve tested CoPilot live on seven different routes in and around the Twin Cities. The navigation screen was pleasant enough; you are represented by a big red triangle and because the maps are preloaded onto your phone, the streets (with names) come and go in real time as you travel. This is a welcome feature especially in those areas that don’t have 3G yet, let alone 4G or HSPA+ (though those places are becoming few and far between).

All in all, the navigation process works as well as you’d expect, but with a few potentially large hiccups I experienced with the voice turn-by-turn directions. First, while navigating some of the more complicated sections I mentioned earlier, CoPilot Live’s voice instructed me to turn AFTER the exit had already passed. Because I was testing CoPilot Live, I was following the voice-guided navigation to the tee, and missed my exit. Because the alternate route CoPilot Live provided was through the heart of downtown Minneapolis, my 15 minute trek quickly turned into 45.

The second hiccup is the voice-guided navigation itself. There are some very cool features in CoPilot’s voice guidance system to be sure: you can select from multiple voices in over 20 different languages, for example, but the quality of the voice-guided directions themselves are not up to the standards that Google Navigation has set. Here’s an example taken from my routine drive to work every day:

Google Navigation: “In a quarter mile, take exit 17C for Washington Avenue North”  - Simple, Elegant, and detailed enough to let me know exactly what I need to do to get off of the freeway, without looking at the screen.

CoPilot Live: “In two tenths…of a mile, take exit” – Simple, yes. Elegant and Detailed enough? Not at all. Though the exit details appear at the bottom of the screen, this requires me to look directly at the GPS unit in order to figure out where I’m supposed to go (this area has 3 exits within 1/4 mile, hence the need for exit 17C noted above).

I know, I know, people with GPS units tend to look at them a lot of the time anyway, but it’s arguably less safe and convenient than having just enough information to successfully navigate to your destination without having to look at the screen.


CoPilot Live does many of the core navigation features as well as you’d expect from a navigation system, but really lacks in the voice turn-by-turn directions area. The quality of the directions is a bit less than it’s Google counterpart, and on two separate occasions it told me to take an exit after I’ve already passed the exit.

Other Features

One of CoPilot’s saving grace features is the point-of-interest integration. Users can find points of interest around their location simply by clicking on the places-like icons that show up on the map. Then, you can simply navigate to the point of interest with a few easy button clicks. This works a lot like places, but operates as a layer over the map itself.

Another cool feature is the ability to share your coordinates via SMS, so you can easily update friends as to your whereabouts if you’re lost, or let a family member know when to expect your arrival, or all kinds of other cool uses. Yes, you might not use it much, but it can be very handy in several situations.

Multiple map modes allows you to view your navigation content in 2D, 3D, or Driver Safety Navigation modes so you can enjoy your navigation the way you want to.


  • Maps stored on the SD Card – allows you to navigate anywhere you want to go without the need to be connected to 2/3/4G.
  • Was quick to load navigation routes.
  • Though entering in route information was a bit more complicated, the text prediction was fairly good making it easy to enter in street names and cities.
  • Access to maps from all over the world – handy for the traveling Android user.
  • Ability to share location via SMS.
  • Has biking, walking, and RVing directions in addition to the standard auto nav.
  • Live Traffic, Gas Prices, Weather, etc.


  • Maps stored on the SD Card – Takes up about 1.73GB of your SD card, which is a death sentence if you actually keep things (music, apps, CyanogenMod nightlies) on your SD card.
  • Sometimes told me to take an exit after the exit had already passed – this of course will depend on your location, and the layout of your city in general.
  • Voice guided navigation in general doesn’t hold up to the standard that Google Navigation set.
  • $29.99 price (though they often discount it to $19.99).
  • Have to buy maps for each country you travel to.

Final Verdict

CoPilot Live is a fairly good application for those of you who absolutely need offline access to navigation features, or if you want to travel to foreign countries without racking up immense roaming charges. For most U.S. users, the added features you’d get from CoPilot live simply isn’t enough to justify the $20-30 you’re going to spend on the application (not to mention the nearly 2GB of storage space on your SD card needed to store the maps themselves). Bottom line, if you do a lot of international travel and/or you’re not quite happy with Google Navigation, I encourage you to check out CoPilot Live as an alternative. For the everyday user going from simple point A to point B within the U.S., it’s probably not enough to overthrow Google Navigation from the Navigation throne.



Update: Winners have been contacted via the email address left in the comments!

Want to try out CoPilot Live for yourself? The folks over at CoPilot Live were gracious enough to give us 3 application/SD card combos (with maps pre-installed) to give away to you lucky readers. We have already given one away at the Twin Cities Android Meetup we sponsored a week ago, but we have 2 more to give away to you!

How do you enter? Simply leave a comment in the comments section below, making sure to fill out the email address field so we can contact you to get your shipping information. You must leave a comment by 7 P.M. Central Standard Time on Sunday, September 5th to enter the contest. Winners will be contacted as soon as possible after the Sunday drawing to collect contact information so we can ship the material out to you.

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  • http://Website Sean Buchan

    Looks promising, too bad it’s such a space hog on the SD card!

  • http://Website Paul

    I’m a strong believer in the offline GPS apps when compared to Google Nav, because you dont need to worry about data connections and/or data usage allowances being exceeded. Plus the graffics and options are so much better. I dont have one yet for my new Desire, but am looking into one very soon!

    • Anthony Domanico

      Have you ever had any problems with Google Nav? I’ve had 0 problems with it.

      You did say with your Desire, though. Are you European? I can’t vouch for how well GNav does in Europe.

      • Gomez

        I got t-mobile and theirs places where i get no signal and i need the data to get the gps to work.

  •!/pages/HTC-EVO-4G/130951850252977?v=wall&ref=ts Kevin Moore

    And i was just thinking about purchasing this, i’ll hold out til the 6th

  • http://None Moar Droyds

    I’ve seen it on a friends phone and it looked impressive to be honest, it was very similar to an actual portable GPS unit like a TomTom or Garmin. One raffle ticket please, I’d use it!

  • http://Website James

    I think offline gps’ are much better then the online versions because if you hit a cell phone dead spot you loose your gps navigation, so having a offline gps is a must for those who travel alot.

    • Nick Overstreet

      That’s not really accurate. Google navigation caches your route, so if you lose data during your trip, it doesn’t affect your route. The only time it would be an issue is if you lost data AND went off your route.

  • http://Website Daniel

    Here in Australia Google Navigation hasn`t been switched on and Google seems unwilling to let us in on why it hasn`t or when it will be so I need a GPS navigation solution, i`ve been looking at Co-Pilot for a while but the price tag has always put me off, Please give me a chance to try it.

  • http://Website Tim

    Hey… I can go for free stuff :-)

  • http://Website jose arriaga

    this is just what i was looking for, i recently upgraded from my G1 to a vibrant. I planned on using the G1 as a gps/camera/mph calculator that is mounted on my streetbike. it quickly became a hassle to keep switching sim cards between phones on the road. this would allow me to keep the G1 permanently mounted to the bike.

  • http://Website Erik

    Sign me up!

  • http://Website De

    This is worth a try.

  • http://Website Craig McGowan

    App looks pretty good. Unfortunately Google Navigation isn’t available here in Australia yet, so I’d be keen to give this a go

  • http://Website ozzzy3z

    These devices keep getting more and more amazing. I can’t believe I was excited to have a cell phone with a color screen just 6 years ago!

  • http://Website Martin Ersdal


  • http://Website andy2na

    I liked copilot on the iPhone and would LOVE it on the Android for areas with no or weak signal (thanks AT&T)

    Thanks Android and Me!

  • Mardenator

    looks like a decent app. i don’t use navigation that much, but it seems to be really handy.

  • http://Website Nicholas

    Good luck everyone!

  • http://Website Nico G

    I tried to shutdown data with Google Navigation during my route (short route ~4 miles) and it works! It just doesn’t reroute when you are going out of the way, the view changes to top view (a la google maps).

  • http://Website Adam

    Would be cool to give this app a try.

  • http://Website JJ

    I travel in a lot of rural areas and offline access to navigation would be awesome. My current solution is a laptop with a gps sensor but this would be much easier.

  • http://Website nate

    This looks pretty cool, and since I have a 16 gig SD card it should be fine.

  • Peter

    So far I haven’t had any issues with Google Nav, even on a trip to my parents up in the middle of nowhere in northern MN.

    A friend’s Garmin seemed a bit nicer in that it would show you up-coming restaurants and how far they were. Seemed better than Google Nav’s overlay.

    My Vibrant came with TeleNav GPS, which I believe is offline, but has a monthly fee, I believe, but I can’t find out how much at their website. If CoPilot Live only has a one-time fee, it would be much better.

  • http://Website Eric

    20 bucks for GPS, huh? Pretty good deal it seems! Don’t the Iphone GPS equivalents charge wayyyy more?

  • http://Website Josh Pifer

    This app seems really fantastic! Would like to see how it works with boating away from land.

  • http://Website Chris

    The glorious f word!! Free! SIGN ME UP for the free app please.

  • http://Website Luke t.

    This would have come in handy a few months back on my way to “Lake if the Ozarks”. Apparently missouri doesn’t believe in data plans. I had full signal but no data connection with verizon for 3/4 if missouri…..

  • http://Website Flumpus

    Google Navigation has been great for me on several trips, but I always worry about a lack of 3g/Edge along the way. I’d definitely be interested in some sort of offline option for a small price.

  • http://Website Gami

    This should be great being that the Vibrant has a horendous gps bug!!

  • http://Website joel

    This would be great since I sometimes travel out of the country and roaming fees are way to high.

  • hardkormysteria

    Want! :)

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    I have been using google maps for some time now but am not able to use it fully because of my limited data plan.

    I would be happy to try out copilot offline maps.


  • http://Website Josh

    Loved CoPilot on my Windows Mobile devices, and would love to give it a try on Android.

  • http://Website joel

    Looks nice, just not sure I’m willing to fork over the dough for something I have for free.

  • http://Website brian

    I have a few dead data spots in my state that this could be handy for

  • Kainoah

    That would be an awesome thing to win =) sucks I never win stuff like this! Haha hopefully this time will be different

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    free stuff good. lol

  • http://Website Caleb

    I just wanted to point out that Google Maps has the ability to share your current location – tap the blue arrow/dot indicator, and tap the resulting “my location” bubble, and “Share location with others” will be one of the options. This lets you email/sms/whatever a “tinyurl”ish link that will work on a computer or phone and launch gmaps with that location. It’s been iffy today, though, for the first time for me… it relies on the server, so like Google Nav, it’s not exactly standalone.
    Also, enter me in the contest, please :)

  • http://Website Mark Day

    Used copilot on my Win Mo device a few years back. Was ok, wouldn’t mind given our a try on Android.

  • http://Website Pher Samuelson

    Hope I Win if not I will just keep using Google Nav 4.4

  • http://Website Caleb

    By the way, Google Maps Navigation uses very heavy caching – so, if you stick to your route, the app will keep on functioning, even through turns, when you hit a dead zone. In fact, it even caches the map images for turns, so even if you lose coverage for a while, you’ll continue to have map imagery where it counts – when you have to negotiate an interchange. However, if you take a wrong turn, you’re out of luck, as it needs a data connection in order to receive a new route. If you want to check out the caching, try enabling airplane mode after launching navigation and after it loads your route.

  • http://Website Wallace Whiting

    Sounds like a great program.

    • lloyd

      I’ve had this on older WM phones and it’s pretty awesome, especially when the data connection cuts out (generally in places where you actually need the navigation help)

  • amiashu

    i love google maps navigation. i recently used it in my trip from miami to atlanta on my EVO 4G. worked perfectly except that the graphics could be better and getting data constantly over 3G made the phone very HOT quickly and battery drained dramatically. (yes i know, who doesnt own a car charger now a days but i was at some point getting really worried about having the phone blow up because of being connected to charger for 10 hours and also being in use at the same time)

    that being said, i would love to see how coPilot performs and it would icing on the cake if has canada map as i travel way too frequently to canada for mini vacations as my wife lives there (dont ask why she lives there, long story… :( )

  • http://Website Jasminder

    Can’t wait to get my hands on it. This will be great when in remote areas where there is no wireless coverage.

  • Leszek Pawlowicz

    How does it compare to Garmin’s navigation app on their own Garminfone? I think a lot of people would buy that for their Android phone if it were available separately.

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    Looks like a good app

  • http://Website Stephen Arra

    I travel a lot through the country, which has no service.This would be really helpful for those times I get lost and find myself searching for data connection.

  • http://Website Matt

    Does it still use aGPS? I was fishing in a fog bank in Florida and my G1 kept telling me I was in Russia! I got a little disoriented and had to use the compass until I got close enough to land to figure out where I was at. I have a bluetooth GPS from Garmin that I used to pair with my T-mo dash on WM6. It works great! I wish I could pair that and take advantage of real GPS.

  • http://Website Indigo Haze

    This looks like a good use for my (now old) G1. Slap a SD full of maps into it and get on the road to somewhere…

  • http://Website Jim

    I hope to win! As I have already realized the importance of being able to use gps without a data connection. I have a galaxy s which is currently waiting for the gps fix. I cannot wait to try this out and I am dying for the samsung fix this month.

  • http://Website Craig Peterson

    Man, I love having a Captivate with a 16GB SD card. 1.7GB dedicated to an offline GPS app doesn’t seem like that big a hit when I still have 30GB for everything else.

    As for Copilot itself, seems like an excellent deal. Definitely wouldn’t mind getting it for free, but $20-$30 is an excellent deal. Once Samsung fixes their GPS issues it’ll even be usable. :)

  • RMH3

    I don’t think 2GB is too high a price for always available maps. I’m only using about 5Gb on my 16GB card now.

  • http://Website james goedert

    I would like to try the software but not for the current price offering…

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    Would love to try this program. Can’t wait!!

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    Sounds like a expensive back up to my trusty google navigation. Still like your price. Free. :-)

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    I’d love to win a copy….have been wanting this but man, pricey when compared to a free product and nearly all other apps on the market

  • http://Website Richard

    Always looking to try new NAV apps.

  • http://Website jeffrey hill

    Having the maps on the phone is way better than getting through a data connection.

  • http://Website Efren A

    Used to use it, then stopped when google navigation came out. Very handy when offline though.

  • http://Website Christopher T

    Would be nice to have a backup in case the line drops.

  • http://Website Chris

    Offline maps would be a huge plus. Thanks.

  • stalker

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    I got a 32GB card on my phone, would happily give up 4-6GB of it for offline maps.

  • methodz

    I actually had copilot on my hd2. I really liked it but couldn’t figure out how to transfer the license to my android phone so I basically gave it away for free when I sold it. but when I had it, it was great.

  • http://Website Alex H

    Seems like a decent product for those times you don’t have cell phone coverage.

  • http://Website Simon Templar

    I have been using Google Navigation on my Nexus One, it is OK but voice directions are minimal, data charges are expensive and going into areas without phone service is a problem.

    Offline navigation is the best way to go, I have an 8GB card so storage isn’t an issue. CoPilot certainly looks like the answer!

  • http://Website Tim

    This would come in pretty handy as the area I’ve been staying at has spotty data coverage.

  • Quiryat Bautista

    I wish they compressed the maps, to make them deasable to fit into a 1gb, as of that reason, I can even try out the app. :\

  • http://Website Kay S

    I really like Google Nav but would love an app that lets you plan your route beforehand and decide exactly what roads you want to take. Having stopovers makes this app something I’d really use.

  • http://Website Calvin

    This look promising… The fact that you can you this without service got me.

  • http://Website Nick

    Hey! I’ll take one for free!

  • bt

    wow this looks clean! id like to check it out! put me down for one! i got n1 on tmobile network.

  • http://Website Siba Prasad

    Offline access is good; I can turn-off data and get away from push-email annoyance when required, and at the same time have navigation work. Love to have one.

  • http://Website Craig Nicolson

    I love Google maps but it useless without a data package. Would love to try out an alternative with offline maps. :)

  • http://Website Fernando

    I do everyday international travel and CoPilot is more interesting than google navigation to me. I use tomtom but it’s not nice to have two devices attached to the windshield

  • http://Website zhect

    Does loading the maps to the sd mean the battery won’t be drained either?. Because I found that when I use google navigation my battery drains pretty quick

  • http://Website gregb7677

    Be “minnesota nice” to me!

  • http://Website marc

    pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • sungam

    It will be useful when I travel.

  • http://Website Jesse

    2GB doesn’t seem like too much to ask. Bigger question is, how the app affect reboot times? I’ve seen some large apps cause the boot process to take so long that Android thinks it hung and restarts again..

    Anyway, sounds like a useful app!

  • http://Website Kevin

    CoPilot looks like a great product. Google Nav saved my butt tonight at the State Fair. Wouldn’t mind having an offline solution, too.

  • http://Website Zach

    Very Cool Android and Me! sounds like an great product.

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    Thanks for the thorough review. This would be a nice app to have.

  • http://Website andrew

    Will be useful when there’s no data coverage

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    While I love Google Nav, it’s useless if you’re anywhere without data coverage, and when you’re driving around that happens fairly often. This sounds great.

  • http://Website Tomsson

    I’d love if the GPS worked on my SGS. Give 2.2 already.

  • Rac2030

    Go pilot
    would like to try

  • http://Website BigC_13

    I’ve nearly gone over my data limit using my phone for gps in the truck i drive for work. So an offline option would be awesome, not too worried about the space as I have 32 gigs on my galaxy s,
    Sign me up

  • http://Website Greg

    Could have used that app when I was in the N. Georgia mountains earlier this year. T-Mobile has VERY spotty service up there. But, it was expected.

  • http://Website Ryan Kim

    It looks like a good product that is worth looking into.

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    well as much as i like Google nav this looks really good and will go great with my future G2

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    Ah man, I’ve been searching everywhere for a GPS app that did this! I just recently went on a trip and trying to cache directions on my Behold II using WiFi was not a good look! I NEED this, sign me up!

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    CoPilot Live I have used maybe 2-3 times. But they do offer a better experience than the Google Nav.

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    I tried it, the only way I would use it is if I don’t have a data connection.

  • http://Website 56Kruiser

    i have used TomTom for the past 3 years on a Tilt. I’ve been in locations several times where an offline type of GPS would have been necessary.

    While I anticipate using Google Nav for most of my needs, I anticipate installing an app like this for backup.

    The one thing that I miss with Google Nav is the ability to enter an itenerary. In other words, a list of destinations for a trip. Maybe i just haven’t discovered that yet.

    While I like TomTom, I’ve been frustrated with their relatively low support for U.S.,and in particular, no support at all for the Tilt I had. I doubt I will go to Tomtom (isn’t available yet that I know of for Android anyway).

    Copilot will likely end up on my phone. What’s 2GB when we can have up to 48 on some phones?

  • http://Website Kevin

    Would be nice to have this on my EVO

  • http://Website TalS

    Looks like a great way to navigate Europe, would love to win the preloaded SD :)

  • Nefeli

    Uh looks beatiful! Great for international travels!

  • http://Website Patrick Harms

    I don’t think it’s overpriced at all. The version that covers Germany, Austria and Switzerland (called D-A-CH) is 19.95GBP, which amounts to about 24EUR. This is about half as much as Navigon are charging for their MobileNavigator product (49.95EUR for local maps, 79.95EUR for all of Europe).

  • Edi

    So if I want it for Romania… I need to buy the full Europe package?

    PS: Count me in on that contest :)

  • http://Website Tristan

    I’m in Australia and I just use brut’s hacked version of Maps. Don’t even need root to install it. The only downside is it means you have 2 copies of maps (and it’s component parts like latitude etc.) installed at the same time, but hey it’s free!

  • http://Website Simon G

    The offline mode is really handy but the 1Gb load of maps stored on the SD card isn’t.

  • http://Website Petar

    This one looks really promising

  • http://Website M

    1.73GB is half of my sd-card right now. But AFAIR tomtoms maps use same space (if not more) on iphone/tomtom satnav…. so its not disadvantage – its something normal if you want to have offline maps.

  • http://Website Evan

    So I have been racing through my battery with my data switched on following my google maps route because it doesnt come with navigation in australia. My HTC Desire is simply missing a good navigation program. Looking forward to having the company of a co-pilot too!

  • http://Website Morten

    I need it. :)

  • http://Website Dan

    I wish there was a try before you buy feature. Google turn by turn is not switched on in Oz yet but I am not sure I wanna fork out 28Euro for some maps that may be worse than my Garmin nav. I wish Garmin would stop making phones and start making software (listening Garmin?) I would happily buy your app for $50 if you could make my phone act like one of your GPS units. The only gripe I have with my Nuvi 760 is that the processor is too slow so re-calculating if you take a wrong turn or searching through the POI directories take ages. Problem solved with a snapdragon processor.

    Comon give us some options !

  • Ã…ke

    Sounds like a possible replacement to Wayfinder that I’m not very happy with.

  • http://Website Martins

    I’d love to have CoPilot for free ;)

  • http://Website Ben


    Gnav works just fine in europe!

  • EricF

    its been a while i want this application because i have no data connection or gps… thanks androidandme !

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  • http://Website Ryan

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  • mike pags

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  • http://Website IDtheTarget

    I’m very interested in offline map storage for a GPS application, as I’m deploying to Afghanistan next year. Is that one of the countries that they offer?

    The 1.7G of storage doesn’t put me off, that’s why I bought a 16G MicroSD card! ;)

  • RedGrendel

    I’ll take the storage space loss… Don’t ever lose your way on GPS in the Appalachian Park… no cell towers for MILES…

  • http://Website Julian

    This is great for trips to godforgotten towns here in Spain.

  • http://Website Rod


  • http://Website Ingo

    I had CoPilot on my old Dell Axim. It was the best there was, before the days of cheap standalone Nav units. The interface was definitely annoying though, way too many clicks to enter a destination.

    But there are plenty of fringe areas where I don’t get data, so I would definitely buy it for $10. For $20 they need to improve the interface. $30 just isn’t happening.

  • http://Website Howler

    I loved TomTom on my old AT&T Fuze. I’ve wanted to try CoPilot, but could never justify buying another one.

  • http://Website Ronnie B

    Once upon a time, I had Co-Pilot Live installed on my Android. But when I had a problem, their customer support was HORRIBLE! Finally, when Google Maps added turn-by-turn navigation, I uninstalled Co-Pilot and went with Google Maps as my GPS program. Sure, I could still use Co-Pilot if I wanted to, since I’ve already paid for it, but why bother? They take up too much memory, their support sucks, and honestly, it’s not much better than what Google’s offering for FREE!

  • s2h2golf

    I’ve been looking at CoPilot for a while now and would like to get it on my Captivate. I travel enough that having an offline GPS program would definitely be useful.

  • http://Website Eric

    I could certainly use this. Thanks.

  • http://Website Footgirl

    Good and helpful comparison. Since I don’t have a data plan I would LOVE to try copilot live.

  • http://Website Scott Dierks

    Well google maps works awesome and I use when ever I dont know where I’m going I do get frustrated with its ETA being off and not being able to have any more information on the screen like speed and so on.

  • http://Website Enemy Zero

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been traveling back and forth to Texas a lot for work lately and there are a lot of dead zones out there (T-mobile). I’ve been needing something along this line and didn’t know it existed until now.

    Maybe I’ll be lucky and win one. Either way, it looks pretty good. Good writeup too.

  • http://Website Shawny MG

    Looks promising, would love to try it out on my new Verizon Samsung phone :)

  • http://Website aod

    Would love the check this out.

  • http://Website Praytorain

    Used CoPilot on my old Touch Pro, would love to give it a spin my EVO with the massive screen.

  • http://Website Dappy

    A nice back up application to Google’s Navigation. Worth the 2GB of storage IMO.

  • http://Website nunyabiz

    Looks Awesome!

  • observ8

    great for offline use

  • http://Website seth

    I have had a couple of problems occasionally with google nav. Namely my girlfriend has a house in the middle of nowhere and I don’t get data out there so google’s navigation is not real happy about working out there. I’ve also had problems with google trying to find alternate routes and/or avoid traffic. The alternate route functionality is good, but there’s just no good way that I’ve found to have google nav just avoid a small part of the route but keep it mostly the same. Hopefully copilot live will be better at this and/or google nav will add this functionality in the near future.

  • MitchRapp81

    May the best Android fanatic win :p

  • http://Website chinoy885

    i had copilot live on my iphone 4 and i loved it… i would love it also if i had it on my droid 2!!

  • http://Website Pedro

    I’m not sure if this is a competition for a US map version of CoPilot (not much use to us euro trash) but I’ll throw my name in the hat.

  • http://Website johndoe74

    copilot is an awesome piece of app, so i’ll give it a try :)

  • http://Website Thomas

    Android and… Me me me!

  • http://Website John

    Definitely could use this with limited T-mo coverage!

  • http://Cool Fernando

    Google should allow us to download certain maps for offline use. That would be amazing.

  • http://Website Floyd

    I tried CoPilot after reading an article’s recommendation. I had trouble installing it and ended up accidentely paying for two licenses. Certain software features advertised did not work and I was unable to get any response from their tech support. Finally after a week I get email from them saying that they don’t have to refund the extra $30 that I paid for the program because I had activated it. I would not recommend this product or this company.

  • dVyper

    Looks like a cool product but I’m not sure paying that much money for offline support is all that worth it…

  • mindziuk

    Would like to give it a try, should be great alternative app

  • http://Website Androdal

    Copilot is fantastic app!

  • Zahmed

    This would help me soooo much =]

  • http://Website Roshan

    Sweet! :)

  • http://Website clint

    Worth a try I guess…

  • Sean Doe-Simkins

    Looks great! Probably not better than Google Nav, bit I’d love to have backup in a pinch.

  • http://Website JD

    promising. Since out of Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus, Tmo reception sucks great time in Ohio. So I can’t navigate in the country at all using Google Navigation.

  • http://Website Paneidos

    Love Google Maps Navigation, except one thing: I’ve got my phone set to English, live in The Netherlands and it has really big trouble pronouncing the names of the streets. Sounds funny, but makes it unusable.

    Would like to try CoPilot.

  • http://Website Daniel

    Are non-US-maps included?

  • http://Website CanadaDave

    Sounds interesting enough to give it a try…

  • http://Website Jim

    Looks promising. The drawback for me is having to pay for map updates. Google Navigation can offer updated maps when they are updated. Of course, they reside in the cloud so you lose them when traveling where there is no signal. :(

  • http://Website MAK

    Do some traveling outside of T-Mobile’s coverage area so this would be nice.

  • http://Website Patrick

    Guys, what’s the big deal? Use NavDroyd from the android market! 5EUR and using OSM map material (offline vectorbased maps, whole world = 1GB). I simply love it.

  • http://Website DarrenCUK

    I had this app before on my Blackberry Storm and I loved it! Would be great to have on my Desire!!



  • http://Website Ufuk

    I use my Droid Eris as GPS all the time and have gotten the problem of loosing the service due to loss of signal or something. I would like to give this product a try to see if it’s any better…

  • http://Website Stephen

    I can deal with it taking up a chunk of the sd card, my biggest problem with it was it taking away 20 mb from the internal memory.

  • http://Website Ca_PuNk

    I’m in searching of a good off-line navigator, I love gnav, but since I travel a lot out of my country i need a navigator like co-pilot! let’s get a try ;)

  • http://Website YOUNG


  • Daniel Fletcher

    I was waiting for Navigon to release their software (it also has preloaded maps), although it is taking longer than I would like. This may be just the thing I need at least as a stopgap until Navigon makes the US version available.

  • taras

    Looks good. Will give it a try to see how it compares against Motonav (ugh) and Google Navigation.


  • http://Website Helge

    Sign me up, Spok!!

    Google Nav doesn’t work in Norway (its not activated :( )

    So a copy of this would be perfect!!

    Android or die!!

    C U

  • http://Website Mocha K

    I always wondered how offline gps works….i”ll give it a try

  • http://Website Wes

    It would be nice if you could select regions/states for the maps to limit the space used. Also, for the price, it needs to be a product that can stand above the Google Nav app. At this point, I’d spend $5 maybe $10 on it just as a back up if there wasn’t such a big space issue. Until then, Google nav and then my tom tom as a backup.

  • http://Website Brian

    Always wanted this, but could never justify the price. Especially like the offline capabilities. A lot of areas I travel to only have 1g or no signal at all!

  • http://Website adryan maldonado

    Thats pretty cool. ive been searching the market for offline maps so i dont have worry on trips on trips to amarrillo or anywhere else for that matter. I wouldnt worry bout the size sine i bought a 32gb sd card so ive got space to spare

  • http://Website BLee

    can this integrate with the browser as well? gmaps hotlinks etc.

  • http://Website Futureboy

    Sign me up, please. This would be a good reason to finally get a larger SD.

  • http://Website Allen Kevorkov

    I think it would be an excellent alternative to Google navigation, especially if you are traveling through areas with poor or no reception.

  • http://Website Youssef

    Finally a GPS Nav. app that can used everywhere, regardless of the network coverage of the area. Sign me up for the contest!

  • dalex7777

    Yes, I want Co-pilot. These seems like an awesome app and I would love to have real GPS navigation without the limited line-of-site issues that are based on the data in Maps.

  • http://Website Jeff Irvin

    Many times in the mountains of ca that I have no data signal I have wanted something like this. Space is not an issue with a 16gb class 6 card but the price is not where the average person would buy it when google nav works 90% of the time. I would absolutely purchase this for $10.

  • http://Website james taylor

    It would be nice to have the data on the device!

  • Sticky

    Ooo, exciting! :)

  • Ibis

    Looks pretty damn awesome!!! I want it, I want it!

  • laubin

    Offline navigation is the way to go. You can never tell if you may lose your cell signal so offline is a plus. CoPilot live has a good reputation for quality software. I would love to win this app.
    Thanks for the chance to win this..

  • Keoni

    I’ve used CoPilot Live in the past but didn’t care for it much once Google Navigation came out. While I was in Georgia I could have used the offline navigation that CoPilot Live offers since the T-Mobile coverage sucked so bad in the country. But if I have a chance to try it again for free why not.

  • Peter Welz

    I will be happy to try CoPilot on my Galaxy S

  • Cris

    Never tried the android app, but I use their software on the lap top with good results.

  • http://Website Adrian P

    It would be cool to not have to worry about signal when using gps, I am curious how this is compared to google maps

  • VinnyLonga

    Offline navigation? Sign me up! :)

  • http://Website David

    I like the offline notion. Too bad about the voice guidance.

  • http://Website Jennifer

    Normally no probs with Google maps but haven’t tried it in northern Michigan yet or northern Wisconsin where I had less data coverage before. May be nice to have saved maps more like a real how since this is my only gps but don’t have an extra 20 to 30 bucks laying around.

  • Vyker

    Great review. Been following this app for a while but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

  • http://Website Josh N

    This looks interesting. I would be tempted to get it for use in other countries, as I cannot have a data connection when travelling (way too expensive). I probably wouldn’t use this at home because I do like Google Nav (used it a few times), and it’s free. I wonder if it’s possible to use this with an app like Geocaching to geocache offline abroad.

  • http://Website Victor


  • http://Website Geocepe

    This seems like a good idea. I just took a trip from Florida to Tennessee. I was quite a pain as i was traveling and loss cell coverage and gps at the same time.

  • http://Website Ivan

    I WANT IT! :P

  • http://Nicenewproduct Mark

    I’m going to get a new EVO tomorrow to replace my iPhone 3G. I’m really tired of AT&T so I’ve decided to make the switch.

  • http://Website Elvin

    I like the idea of no data required. Count mr in the drawing!

  • http://Website Phillip

    I would like to try it out. With the gps issues that Samsung has right now maybe another piece of software could handle it slightly better.

  • http://Website chtulu21

    Very cool, would definitely like to win this.

  • kmarkos

    I’d love to try, don’t think I’d pay for it, not without a demo at least. I have found that detailed driving instructions can avoid last minute decision making behind the wheel.Google Navigator hasn’t been a problem in that regard. Map detail would be the other feature I’d like to check out. god map detail would be crucial when on the road travelling to new cities and having to drive around town.

  • http://Website Tapan Chugh

    Looks really promising.

  • http://Website Charles cubed

    Good luck to everyone, looks great

  • http://Website oddgeir

    I want free CoPilot :D

  • http://Lossofdatacoverage Theo Quick

    Having just had vacation in a location with very sketchy data coverage – Google navigation couldn’t hack it. A number of times I drove around to get a signal so that navigation can start and then only to find I had to drive back the other way …….. so this would be good. !

  • http://Website Paul Roddick

    Please enter me for the giveaway – Thanks!

  • Aditya Giri Hertanto

    I would like to explore the world using CoPilot.. :)

  • http://Website Benchmade7

    I’ve had Copilot since my win mobile 2003 great program

  • http://Website Davidoff

    This looks great for international travellers…. only hope they update the maps regularly and for free (or small cost) as this has to be another big pro for Google Maps. What about traffic too, does co-pilot do this??

  • http://Website David

    I like having my maps on the SD Card. On the 32GB Micro it is definitely not much to spend 1.73G Bees haha. I need to try this because Igo8 is not near as good on Android as it was on WM.

  • http://Website Ervin

    This app would be great for me. I love this site. Great job Guys

  • http://Website jode alonso

    creo que es muy util para las zonas que no podamos utilizar el de google por falta de lo que me paso este fin de semana.ssludos.

  • http://Website Aaron

    I have no data plan on my N1 (free wifi at 90% of my destinations).

    I want to try CoPilot for the offline maps so I can find my way where I’m going.


  • http://Website Nehemiah

    If I remember correctly, when I cannot get a signal on my cell, my gps signal becomes non existent as well. Assuming I am correct, how then would CoPilot be an advantage over Sprint Navigation or some other that depends on you having a cell phone signal?

  • http://Website Kevin

    I would love to get my hands on this!

  • http://Website Drew

    I am hoping that Google will add offline features to its navigation app. If not, I would probably consider the CoPilot app for international travel.

  • http://Website Shao

    Looks a real alternative to Google Navigation, good job!

  • http://Website Jonathan Kau


  • http://Website Paul C

    I was just wondering if there were any full install versions of GPS Navigation apps for android, and here I find one.

  • Nicko01

    This looks very nice! I didn’t expect anything to be able to beat Google Maps Navigation, but now I’m not sure.

  • http://Website Andre L

    Sounds good that it works without data, I kinda got lost once with Google Nav when my data went out.

  • http://Website Aniket

    I would love to ave CoPilot live, its a way better solution than having continuos data connection,which drains your battery more faster!!

  • http://Website Cash Reid

    I rely on my phone to get me everywhere, I don’t know any streets… It sucks to lose wireless coverage…

  • http://Website Spencer Rosengarten

    I think the strength of this program and it’s Offline capabilites would be when you’re driving, your battery’s low and you DON’T have a car charger. You can turn your phone to Airplane mode, stretch the battery a little bit farther and hopefully get to your destination.

  • http://Website Nate

    Looks cool would love to give it a shot!

  • http://Website William C

    Holly smokes, so many comments

  • http://Website Nick

    This is actually something that has a definite value.

    Nobody wants to pay data roaming charges.

    If you’re traveling a lot, this might end up being the GPS app for travelling. Because you can save so much bandwidth this way. I’m wondering if this has a specific market niche.

  • http://Website Joshua Everett

    I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend’s brother for use on his G1. It is a little slow to load, however, it works great and even had bicycle directions before Google. All in all this is a great app. Now I need my own copy for when I go to the cabin!

  • http://Website Sean

    I love Google Navigation, but an offline alternative would be cool.

  • http://Website Andreas

    Looks really good!

  • http://Website Stefan

    Well sign me up for one of these :)

  • http://Website Manfred

    OK, I’m in – keeping my fingers crossed!

  • http://MapUpdates David Beck

    How often does Co-Pilot update the maps. I guess another advantage with google’s approach is the maps are automatically up to date as they’re downloaded as you need them. Assuming Google keeps them up to date that is ;)

  • http://Website Joshua

    sign me up

  • http://Website G R

    Yes, Pleaze! :)

  • http://Website D P

    I’m *always* driving in my carrier’s dead spots. This would be awesome!!!

  • http://Website SK

    Offline navigation is indeed a good development. Wonder why google does not sell offline maps…

  • http://Website Rudi Pittman

    I’d like to have an app like Copilot as a backup in case I ended up in a data deadzone.

  • http://Website AM

    I have CoPilot now. I bought it for the MyTouch (T-Mobile) and it worked fine. I upgraded to the Vibrant and tried to transfer the license since it’s allowed by the CoPilot agreement. Nope. Had to open a trouble ticket because my Google activation key didn’t work….. argh.

    Google navigation has frankly given me enough wrong directions that I don’t trust its guidance and constantly second guess it because of past issues. When navigation software tells you to go the wrong way down a one way street or make illegal left or right turns, you start to lose confidence – lol.

    I wish Garmin or Magellan would realize that there’s a lot of money in phones and start selling software as well their dedicated devices.

  • http://Website Edvinas

    Maps should be updated more frequently. At least here in Vilnius, Lithuania there are some crosses of main roads rebuilded 2 years ago, but CoPilot still shows the old ones.

  • http://Website wesley bilodeau

    pick me offline navi would be soo cool

  • http://Website Thomas Riley

    Certainly would be more useful than Google Nav as it has offline mode…

  • http://Website Leong Jun Wei

    I might be doing some travelling so this application will come in handy.

  • http://Website Disco Dave

    Constantly using navigation for deliveries. Would be great to have an offline alternative!

  • http://Website Randy Gentry

    I like the fact that you don’t have to be connected to the network to use it.

  • http://Website Frankie Baby

    I like the way that the maps are in the SD card same as some GPS.

  • http://Website dcx

    Traveling to india with my Nexus pilot could get a good test.I can provide an everyday usage blog at android and me.

  • http://Website Busta

    I think this app is great. I should get the free application.

  • http://Website [email protected]

    Me acabo de comprar un cell con android pero no tengo ni una puta aplicacion, mi conexion a Internet es pesima ya ke vivo en Cuba, asi ke descargarlas no puedo, le agradeceria al ke pudiera enviarme alguna (tengo aplicaciones nokia, principalmente para 5800 y 5320, asi como algunas de Iphone por si las kiere alguien)


  • Umesh

    I have pre-ordered Android radio unit for my car and am considering CoPilot over IGo8. I read enough about it to probably purchase, but there is still a certain doubt in my mind about everyday use. Personally I need an offline navigation, I am not going to purchase a data plan for my car, which I use two times a week.

    Google is implementing offline maps currently, but from what I hear, you still have to download the maps before each trip.

    Anyways, the bottom line is, I will be eager to try CoPilot once I receive my android unit.

  • Hardy

    SD card storage – not a problem
    Voice guide – gets backed up by map
    But the worse offender -
    If your speed drops below 5mph (constant stop start traffic). Copilot assumes you are stationary and will then turn gps off completely. Hence you’ll end up with NO route instructions, and a wrong map position.

  • Ivan

    Regarding the paid version of Copilot for Android….does anybody know, is it a once-only payment, and does it include updates for some years? Or is it an annual fee? Thanks to you knowledgeable people.