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Padmapper helps you find a new pad with ease

Lease coming up and looking to move? College student heading back to school for the new school year and looking for a different place to stay? Padmapper hopes to provide you with the tools to make your search as easy as possible, and it does the job quite well.

Launching the Padmapper application takes you to the all familiar Google maps, where you can either use geolocation to search for apartments and houses to rent around your current location, or you can scroll around on Google maps to find your preferred location and search houses and apartments there.

Simply click the menu button, then “search here”, and Padmapper will search Craigslist,,, Ookla, and other apartment websites to find the apartment or house of your dreams! The apartments appear as the standard Google map markers, and clicking on one of the markers quickly pulls up more information on the selected location. You can then click on a website link to go to the full listing, place a green marker so you can come back to that listing later if you like it, or email or call the person who listed the apartment or house to get more information.

Even better, Padmapper allows you to filter your search by selecting the minimum and maximum number of bedrooms, and bathrooms, the total price of the apartment, and the maximum price per bed. You can also filter by sublets/non-sublets, and apartments that allow dogs or cats.

Pretty awesome stuff, actually, and I wish I had something like this back when I was in college looking for apartments.


  • Easy and intuitive to navigate. If you understand Google Maps, you’ll understand Padmapper.
  • Filters make your search as easy as humanly possible.
  • Very easy to contact the people listing the house or apartment right from your device.
  • Search is as simple as scrolling around the map.
  • Easy to tag places of interest by clicking on the map marker, then the frog icon. The marker will then turn green, which stands out pretty well.


  • Not a dang thing (see below)

Final Verdict

Yes, I’m skipping right over the cons, because as hard as I try, I can’t find anything wrong with this application. Yes, some people if you read the market comments have had some problems with selection, or glitchiness, but I haven’t experienced any of those issues.

Bottom line: If you’re in the market to rent a new apartment or house, you need to give Padmapper a try. It’s pretty damn awesome, and I only wish it had been invented sooner.

Padmapper can be found for free on the Android Market.


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  • http://Website Michael


    Doesn’t seem to release GPS lock when the app loses focus, but other than that it looks pretty awesome.

    • Anthony Domanico

      Hmm..didn’t experience that. As always, I’m not going to have an all-inclusive list, as not all phones are affected equally. :)

      Glad you like the app. I went into the review expecting it to suck, but was wayyy impressed.

    • http://Website Glenn

      I just gave it a try, and had the same problem. Had to go to Manage Application to force stop it before the GPS icon disappeared from my notification bar.

      This was on an HTC Evo with OTA 2.2 installed. YMMV.

    • http://Website Michael

      I had to find something wrong with it. ;)

      I have the same issue with openTable too, I’m running CM6 so maybe it’s a Froyo/Evo thing.

      The app is definitely a keeper though, even though It’ll probably be a good while before I need it. Good find.

  • http://Website lovo

    Doesnt open on my Droid x man…

  • Yurtdışı EÄŸitim

    Paddmapper, each case must be the invention of the century. :)

  • http://Website JeffK

    Ditto on my Droid X. Opens for about 1 sec, then closes.

  • http://Website surly

    doesn’t show all listings. it is not as up to date as the web site.
    GPS still on after exiting app.

    SGS, Captivate

  • http://Website Elitebattlefield

    Worked flawlessly for me.

    ROM: Calkulin’s EViO 2 v1.0.2

  • http://Website Chris

    Can’t find on Android Market.

    2.1 Eris.

  • rick otton

    It?s actually a great and helpful piece of information. I?m satisfied that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.