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Staff picks: upStream, adbWireless, Floating Image

We’ve been a bit busy and short-handed this week at Android and Me, leaving a single staff member to suggest all three apps this week. Aren’t you guys lucky?

This week I’ve rounded up a collection of three utility apps I find myself using frequently to get things done. upStream is a Flickr uploader, adbWireless allows you to connect to ADB over wifi, and Floating Image is a rock solid photo slideshow. All three have earned a permanent spot on my phone, now I share them with you.

Clark’s Pick

upstream android

Being a rabid photo nerd has left me on a seemingly never-ending hunt for the perfect Flickr uploading app. For the past few months though, the search has been called off as I’ve recently discovered the holy grail that is upStream.

upStream is a photo uploader with a simple interface that allows you to push pictures to your Flickr account with ease. upStream gives you complete control over sets, collections, geolocation, even linked blogs. I recently starting using upStream to push my silly day-to-day pictures to Flickr and on to Twitter, thus completely bypassing the need of janky, little Twitter-only photo hosts.

upStream has a perfectly usable user interface that makes setting photo details and uploading a snap. You can easily set the title and description of a single photo or select the whole batch to add a common tag or location. As you’d imagine, upStream is integrated with the Android share intent and pops up as an option just about anywhere you can share a photo.

The developer has even personally responded to emails and implemented fixes I’ve needed and changes I suggested- a surefire sign of a solid app. If you’ve been on the hunt for a feature-rich Flickr uploader, stop looking.


Clark’s Pick

adb wireless

Just the other day I was marveling at the head-scratchers showing up in the Market- I thought it’d be fun to continue that trend.

abdWireless (as the name suggests) is a simple utility for creating a wireless ADB connection as if you had your device tethered via USB.

Turns out, that’s a pretty handy bit of programming. In fact, I took this week’s screenshots while connected via adbWireless. If I wanted to, I could have done so with my phone in the other room.

Alright, so it’s not life or death functionality, and the app itself is really just a single, huge red button, but the wow factor more than makes up for it. Developing on a device through a wired connection is a pretty neat trick and I thought it deserved to be shared.


Clark’s Pick
Floating Image

floating images

Anyone that takes as many photos as I do probably does a fair bit of sharing and since we’ve got the web covered with upStream I thought it might be useful to single out an app for person to person encounters.

Floating Image is a photo slideshow application with a lonnnng list of custom features and settings. Not only can the app load up your local phone pictures, it can hook to feeds from the web (yes, like Flickr) for a full-on, web-connected, photo-scrolling free-for-all. You can change the animation type and the timing of the effects. When you click a photo floating by, it enlarges, full-screen, for easy viewing.

It has a perfect random-but-not-too-random sort order, scrolling images by in related groups but slightly out of the order I captured them in. For some reason I like this. It makes my photos feel fresh and I find myself scrolling through looking for even more of my own photos.

Floating Image is a perfect way to share a collection of photos with someone in person. Or by yourself. Really anytime you combine high resolution photos with fancy movement you can’t go wrong.


Sidenote: This is the first post using our new Market link codes. Each time we reference an app in the Market (in a review, head-to-head, top list, etc) you’ll see a gray bar like the ones you see above. Inside you’ll find the app title, developer, and download links.

Clicking QR will open a barcode you can scan with your phone to locate the app in the market.

Clicking the MARKET will launch an actual market:// link, perfect for cloud-to-phone services (like ChromeToPhone and FoxToPhone). With a ToPhone add-on installed, you can send things from your computer straight to your phone, no hassles or scanning needed.

Things for the mobile site remain largely unchanged (except now you’ll get an app title instead of plain ‘Download from the Market’ text). Enjoy!

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  • David Shellabarger

    adbWireless sounds awesome!
    I can’t wait to try it out.
    adb is always screwing up on me and sometimes the cable gets loose.

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    What happened to HTC Desire (similar to N1 I know but so is the DroidX/Droid2 or Sam Vib/Cap)

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      What do you mean? People are using it, and it’s a wonderful phone.

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    What is an ADB connection?

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    For whatever reason I can’t get the market link to work in my browser in order to use Chrome to Phone. I click on them and nothing happens at all.

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    The new grey bar does not look good in Chrome, using Google Reader:

    But the content still rulez!