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Target quietly releases Android application

Well, what have we here? It seems that popular mega-retailer Target has quietly released an Android application into the market. Though the 1.0.1 release is still fairly basic, it still manages to sport all the basics people might need from an Android app, and will hopefully only get better with time.

The main screen has three ways to view Target content; users can view the weekly ad for their region, view clearance items, or college essentials. I assume the college essentials will be a seasonal topic that will change from time to time, but without an official press release (that I can find anyway), it’s a bit too soon to tell.

After perusing a bit through some items, it doesn’t appear that you can purchase anything directly through the Target application, but you can view the item’s availability at nearby stores (right down to the aisle you can find the product on), and get directions and store hours for your store of choice. This feature could come in pretty handy, though it would be very nice to see them add the ability to purchase items from directly within the application.

One additional feature the Target app integrates that is a bit surprising is a barcode scanner. I don’t know what use the barcode scanner is going to have other than looking up a price for something that might not have a price displayed, but the inclusion of the scanner is enough to pique my curiosity. I don’t believe Target would go the route of allowing customers to price compare like a ShopSavvy or a Barcode Scanner would, so time will tell whether or not the barcode scanner will actually come in handy for anything.

The Target app is currently available in the Android Market for the low, low price of free. Head on over to the market and download it today! Make sure to let us know what you think about the Target application in the comments.


Barcode Scanning Product View Weekly Ad Target Main Screen Weekly Ad WEll Hello Target App

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  • http://Website Andrew

    My wife will love this lol.

  • http://Website Batfan

    Sweet :)

    I’m only @ Target like every week. Definitely downloading this.

  • Rubbinz

    It’d be nice if they tossed in some exclusive coupons for app users only. Target is where I buy most of my household essentials.

    • http://Website anne

      I agree! Right now, I’m signed up for their mobile coupons, but it would be great if it was integrated with their app. And, app-only coupons would definitely be a good incentive to download the app ^_^

  • Matt

    The barcode scanner makes sense. In the store, they have price check scanners scattered throughout, that way you can take an item that it not marked and check its price without too much hassle. Being able to do that directly from your phone is just them extending an already in-store service to the app.

    Being able to use the scanner for price-comparisons in other retail stores is, I’m sure, just an added bonus.

    • http://Website Tony

      I tired the price scanner in a store and it told me everything about the product………except the price.

  • http://Website Michael

    I’m going to guess that the barcode scanner will allow you to check the price of an item while you are inside a Target store so you don’t have to hike across the store to do that. Clever.

  • http://Website clint

    It also highly likely that the barcode scanner application will be integrated into their gift registry…

    • Anthony Domanico

      Wow, very good catch on that one. I had already thought about the ability to check prices on in-store items, but gift/wedding/baby registries is another cool use!

  • http://Website Jason

    My wife discovered it last night (she is a Target junkie!) She went to Target this afternoon, so I’ll have to ask her if she used it at all there…

  • http://Website Dan

    The bar code scanner may also have a later use to update gift and wedding registries without having to get their scanner.

  • http://Website Dave

    This probably isn’t appreciated; but, remember that Target spends big bucks on anti-gay and generally right wing candidates as does Best Buy. I’m not gay; but, I really hate the idea of discrimination in any form. Finally, I’ve loved Target – there’s one down the main street a little way – it’s a pain to boycott it and Best Buy because of their political stances.

    • Rubbinz

      Having been in the upper offices in the corporate management arena I can tell you that Corp. donations go to whomever is proposing/supporting whatever policy that’s better for the bottom line of the business. Whatever other morals, stances, or opinions of the candidate is completely ignored. It’s all about the bottom line, usually lower taxes on the business.

      • http://Website Dave

        True enough. So I do my little bit to try to convince them that the bottom line can be hurt if they *&^^ off enough people.

  • http://Website Wallly

    can u give an example of how the app shows you which aisle to find the product. I can’t seem to figure that out. Thanks!

    • Rubbinz

      While browsing an item that is available at your store, it will say available and under that the aisle and department.

      Take Exedrin for example. It shows it’s available at my store located at “A5 – PAIN RELIEF”.

  • http://Website Yeye

    Tried it, it was really easy to use and pretty fast. Only problem is it kept shutting down every so often (Samsung Vibrant). Uninstalled but willing to give it another try.

  • http://Website SoEpic

    The barcode scanner can be for giftcards. Last time I was Target, right where the giftcards were, the was a little sign advertising texting giftcards and the ability to show a barcode for one on your phone to make purchases.

  • http://Website darkfire

    On a similar note Sears and Kmart have apps out too now. Pretty much their both the same just different branding.

  • http://Website tena

    I wonder if the scanner will be for those creating registries of gifts they want for weddings and babies?

  • http://Website jeff

    Its a sad day when the droid is in front of the nexus one in an advertisement.

  • http://Website Craigers

    This would be great except I’m boycotting Target. I haven’t set foot in their building since their anti-gay donation.

  • http://Website safiul

    i have samsung epic, the target app does not take me to an aisle where the product is,just the description of the product and availability. am i missing something?

    • http://Website safiul

      i have the same problem with samsung epic.. the target app says if the product available at the store, but not the aisle location.. any reason for that. i sent email to target support, have not heard back

    • http://Website Todd

      That probably has more to do with your store not telling the app where to find the item.

  • Andy

    I Understand the barcode scanner. However, it appears the Target app just uses it for product lookup. Am I missing something?

    I just finished my app that uses it for a gift registry. “I Wish I Had” on the Android Market. It uses the barcode scanner.

    Thanks for the heads up. I am researching other Gift Registry apps and your blog article came up.

  • http://Website Todd

    Be careful when you go to get this app. Search on “Target store”. When I searched just on “Target”, two apps came up that were not this app. One that wants you to pay $3, and another which wants way more information than such an app needs.

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