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First Impressions: Angry Birds Lite Beta hits Android market

UPDATE 2: Seems it might work on all devices 1.6+ as Rovio promised. There were just some market installation glitches.

UPDATE: It seems Angry Birds only works on the market for Android 2.2.

Earlier this morning, Rovio Mobile released  their highly-anticipated Angry Birds Lite Beta onto the Android Market. Angry Birds was initially released on the iPhone in December of 2009, and quickly became one of the most popular games in the Apple App Store.

For those who haven’t heard of Angry Birds, the game puts you as a flock of birds trying desperately to get back your eggs that were stolen by a group of no-good pigs. Each level has the pigs hiding in various structures, and you have to slingshot your aviary-bretheren as weapons to try to knock down the pig structures. Gamers unlock new levels by making sure that either every pig is either directly hit, or by knocking down the structures that house them.


The Gameplay is simple and addictive. Simply draw your finger backwards on the screen and adjust your trajectory upward or downward, and let that birdie fly to knock out those thieving pigs.

Game Depth

Though the beta only has twenty levels, it looks like the final version will have hundreds of different levels, which should amount to hours and hours of fun. Now, this is just speculation based on the beta release, but we will provide all the information in our full review once Angry Birds hits the market for real.

Overall Impressions

I only played Angry Birds for about 15 minutes, but had to practically tear myself away in order to write this mini-review. I think we can safely say that once Angry Birds is released, it is going to be one of the top games on the Android platform.

If you haven’t yet tried out the Angry Birds Lite Beta (which we couldn’t blame you considering it’s only been out for an hour or so), we highly encourage you to head over to the market to try it out for yourself!


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  • http://Website Futureboy

    QR code says “no matches” and it doesn’t show up in a market search. Is this a 2.1 and above thing? (MT3G 1.6)

    • Clark Wimberly

      Must be. Its working for me on my 2.2 Nexus.

    • Cool3stNERD

      I am wondering if it is 2.2 and above because I am on 2.1 on my Samsung Vibrant

      • ndtrek07

        Works on my stock Captivate, and that only has Android 2.1. See the comment below about using appbrain fast install to get it.

        • killerchic

          Istalled appbrain on my samsung galaxy s, angry birds is on there but it just comes back saying the item you requested could not be found. Scanned barcode as well still nothing so must be 2.2 thing…shame.Its great on the i phone 4.

      • mattcoz

        Well I’m running 2.2 and it’s not in the market for me.

    • http://Website travis

      use the mediafire link to download it.
      and i dont know if it will work on 1.6 but give it a shot.

    • http://Website Spencer

      Works on my 2.1 non rooted droid x

  • Cool3stNERD

    Is is only for 2.2 because I dont see it on the market unless they took it down… I scanned the Barcode.

  • http://Website EfrenDjmix8

    have 2.1 but not showing up on market.

  • http://Website zhect

    No 1.6? .. =/

  • http://Website Chase

    I tried to look for it in the Market and couldn’t find it. I tried searching, and then various QR Codes. Nothing worked. I’m using a GSM HTC Hero running the official HTC 2.1 unlocked on T-Mobile USA. Any suggestions?

    • Anthony Domanico

      If you haven’t already, try the mediafire link posted in the comments. THat should work.

  • http://Website Mocha K

    Same here. Its not showing up on my vibrant. That sucks

  • Cool3stNerd

    Definately a 2.2 Game… :( Saddness… lol

  • http://Website chad

    I’m running android 2.2 on my mytouch slide, but the app doesn’t show up in the market.

    This is just another example of apple giving incentives to make their android app suck!!!

    This is a very simple game, if my phone can run raging thunder 2, there’s no reason why it can’t run angry birds.

    • Clark Wimberly

      I highly HIGLY doubt Apple had anything to do with this. It’s a first version beta release of the lite version of the game. Pretty understandable to have some launch issues.

    • http://Website Works

      Works fine, but it doesn’t resize properly on the slide. That’s why they don’t “support” it.

  • Clark Wimberly

    I played through all 20 levels already and want more! Totally awesome game.

    • http://Website Mark

      Am I missing something … only seem to have 15 levels in the Beta I am playing?

      • Angie Strickland

        Nope there are only 15. I think Clark was caught up in the excitement, haha.

        • Anthony Domanico

          I thought it was 20 at first also. Clarks not as crazy as we think ;)

  • Eric

    I’m guessing its down…their site was down too so they may be getting hammered. I have 2.2 and it didn’t come up.

  • http://Website @neidlinger

    It will only work on the “next gen” android phones. w/ 2.2 or higher…

    Oh well i’ll play it on my iTouch.

    • http://Website Bill

      I have the Evo with Android 2.2, and it crashes while loading. Does it require wi-fi? I tried it first in 4G and it crashed, so I tried it in 3G. Uninstalled.

      • http://Website Weirdia

        Same here, HTC Evo with 2.2, found the app, but it just closes a few seconds into startup. I think nothing to do with WiFi or any connectivity because the game does not have permissions to access any of that.


        • amiashu

          Same here, and I thought EVO was ahead of the pack? :(

      • http://Website Nick

        Same. It’s funny since the N1, EVO and DROID/DROID 2 are the only phones that are running 2.2. Let’s keep in mind that it’s a Beta. They are still working out the kinks and I’m sure they will have this fixed soon enough.

        • Anthony Domanico

          I’ve heard uninstalling and reinstalling a few times worked, or rebooting a few times. I’m sure with the full launch they will get the kinks worked out.

  • http://Website Neil

    I’m running the Bell Samsung Vibrant (I-9000M) on 2.1 and I found it in the market.

  • http://Website 1.5er

    Based on the game producers site it works for 1.6 and above phones…sucks for us XT owners who’s stuck on 1.5

    I was really looking forward to this game.

    • http://Website 1.6er

      no big, im on a 1.6 mytouch and having the same problems as the above ^ loads then closes

  • http://Website J

    It crashes to homescreen after loading on a Froyo Droid Incredible.

    • Dave

      Same here. Crashes back to home screen on HTC Incredible running 2.2.

    • Dave

      OK got it to work by rebooting the phone. Possibly a conflict with another app.

      • http://Website j

        That fixed it for me too. Awesome.

  • http://Website darkfire

    I have a Droid Incredible with Cyanogenmod 6.0 its a 2.2 phone but its not showing up in the market for me.

    • http://Website ahMagical

      I went back to skyraider dl’d it. It crashed instantly. Backed it up. Then went back to cyanogen 6.0. 2 restored backed up game and the game works great.

  • http://Website eye9

    Found this on XDA Developers: Angry Birds in APK
    Working fine on rooted Samsung Vibrant running on 2.1.

    • Eye9

      Instructions: Download the APK either from your computer or phone.
      - If from computer, once its finished downloading. Mount your phone to the computer then copy and paste it onto your SD card from the computer. Unmount, then use your favorite File Manager (ASTRO, Linda, Root Manager) and direct it to the APK and install.

      - If from phone, once it’s finished downloading just press the file you just downloaded and install from there. If for some reason you’re not at the browser download log anymore, then use your favorite file manager and link it to the downloads folder and then install the APK.

      • http://Website scott

        i followed these instruction for my 1.6 mytouch and when i went to intstall the download it comes up as error

    • mattcoz

      Thank you! Works on my Hero running 2.2, but it was obviously designed for WVGA screens.

    • http://Website felipe hell

      dude thankssss for posting this run s aamazing in my xperia x10 great jogo for you to put this masterpiece of game here im searching for this game in daysss i thank you for thissssssssss best game everrrrr i need the full version nowwww

  • David Shellabarger

    Surprisingly addictive.

  • http://Website Todd


  • http://Website Nammy

    Calm down guys, pretty sure their site and servers and just getting utterly hammered. This game sold several million units on iOS

    • http://Website darkfire

      Who’s sever Google’s? I highly doubt that. I am guessing the app was submitted to the market with some messed up requirements shutting out a lot of phones even some 2.2 phones.

  • http://Website patrick

    That media file worked on my vibrant game is awesome

  • Rubbinz

    Runs perfect on Nexus One on Froyo.

    The best thing about this app isn’t the app. It’s that the developers understand how to write the app. It defaults to install on the SD card. Take note other devs.

    • http://Website Hicks

      Do u know where on the SD card it gets installed? My android crashed while in the middle of installing the game. Once i restarted it won’t install anymore (i had installed it previously and it worked fine). I’m guessing some files were left over and that’s whats causing it to not install.

      Please help, love the game!

  • http://Website Maxiebabe

    Found this on the market earlier today.
    Running now on my STOCK Samsung Galaxy S on 2.1.
    Plays well but has completely frozen the mobile once!

  • ootherocoo

    Doesn’t work on my non-rooted Evo 2.2

    • Angie Strickland

      I have the same and it works fine for me.

      • http://Website Angie

        Hmm well it worked the first time but I just went back to play it again and then it started force closing when loading. Restarted the phone and reinstalled and continued to have the problem. Look forward to playing it again sometime!

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I guess people don’t like reading anymore but it says for 2.2 and people that are saying they have 2.1 are wondering why they can’t find it…

    • http://Website Mocha K

      Us 2.1 users visited the site before the update was posted.

  • http://Website Chris

    For stock Captivate (2.1), install the AppBrain Fast Installer, then lookup the app on (from your computer). Click ‘Install’, and your phone will download and install it — even though you still won’t be able to see it in the Market or on AppBrain on your phone.

    Force close issue the first time you start the game, but open it again and it should work.

    • http://Website Mocha K

      Does this work for Vibrant as well?

  • http://Website jake

    Will it work on mytouch 1.6? I read that it would run on the 1.6 and up. now i am reading it won’t from Unique Nate

    • http://Website Mocha K

      No, it will not work. Only on 2.2.

      • http://Website Mocha K

        I meant to download in market but there are other ways to get this game.

      • http://Website algurion felipe hell

        dont day shit dude go to the angry birds team site and see that will support 1.6 too this awesome game will run in 1.6 2.x dont say shit here because so many people cant take this game because they read bad things like it i have a xperia x10 and have a snapdragon 1.9 ghz processor why in the name of god this game dont run ? runs perfectlyyyyyy sorry for my bad english im from brazil

        • Lawrence

          Dude…. please contact me, I would love to exchange my 2.4 ghz Droid with your 1.9 Ghz snapdragon.

    • http://Website zhect

      Yes u can run it on mytouch 1.6 .. just use the mediafire link posted above and install the apk manually.

      • http://Website 1.6 mytouch

        tried it, didnt work, error

  • http://Website Jeremy

    I too had to tear myself away from it to eat lunch. It’s fun. Can’t wait for the full version.

    • http://Website Jeremy

      Downloaded from the market this morning. Running cm6 on droid 1.

  • http://Website zhect

    just got it to work on my g1 running 1.6 … quality wasn’t great but it was playable.. btw I used the mediafire file to install the apk.

  • http://Website BigC_13

    Works great on my Galaxy S i9000m, found it on the market, running 2.1 so it’s not 2.2 only

  • http://Website cha7Li3

    For those of you running android 2.2, try moving the game from the SD card to phone. I found that this fixes the force close problem at the title screen. Hope this works for everyone else.

  • http://Website kevin

    I just downloaded it on my stock mytouch slide and it downloaded just fine and running real smooth for me so it is not only for 2.2 devices.

  • http://Website b w

    Runs perfectly on my N1. Love it.:-)

  • http://Website DanH

    Doesn’t load on my EVO with 2.2. It’s rooted with Fresh ROM. It could be a memory issue. I was able to load once after reboot but then turning EVO off then on crashed it.

    Anyway I’ll feedback on the site like we’re supposed to do– it is a BETA.

    • http://Website cha7Li3

      try moving the game from the sd card to the phone. This solved the problem for me

  • http://Website Chris

    Its working for me, and I have 2.1. Its awsome. Clear graphics, smooth gaming, fun, its just its 11mb. Huge, but worth it

  • http://Website jstat253

    sorry guys. but its running beautiful on my stock 3g slide :-)))))))))))

  • http://Website GGC

    I have an HTC Desire running Eclair 2.1 (Modaco r3.1) and I was able to find & download it from the Market without any problem!

  • http://Website lmart

    Droid X running 2.1here — downloaded fine, running great. No issues as yet. Definitely not a 2.2-only app.

    • http://Website TobiasF

      Same here – Droid X on 2.1, and it’s working fine so far. DLed through the market – didn’t try the QR code.

    • http://Website Androste

      Motorola Milestone (2.1): Downloaded from Market, install went smooth. Very addictive game ;)

  • http://Website BaneofExistence

    Running on my Xperia X10.

    Downloaded APK and installed using Astro

  • http://Website jpdeck

    Tried downloading APK from mediafire and opened file on my Sprint Hero and it keeps telling me that my phone is out of space, when i actually have 38MB free on internal storage. Any ideas?

    • http://Website zhect

      Try uninstalling some apps.. then installing the game.. n then re install the apps again.. worked on my stock g1..

  • http://Website bacon

    Love it! One more reason the N1 kicks ass. We get everything first!

  • http://Website Demo

    I dont get how people love this game so insanely. I could not play it for “Hours”

  • mac08wrx

    Works great on my moto x

  • http://Website alvin b.

    I have a mytouch running cyanogen. 6.0 froyo and it doesn’t show in the market for me either. 1.6 was even supposed to be supported so I think somebody goofed.

  • http://Website mercado79

    Couldn’t find it on the Market, but the Mediafire link worked for me. Running CyanogenMod 6 RC1 on my Sprint Hero. Game installed fine and plays fine as well. It seems like it’s not optimized for my screen size as in some scenes edges are cut off, but good overall. I can easily see playing this for extended periods of time. I mean, I’ve only played for about 5 minutes and I already despise those damn pigs!

    Oh, btw… it must default to SD Card install. I have the same amount of memory left before and after install. And I’m not running Apps2sd, just Android 2.2′s implementation of it.

  • http://Website worldbfree4me

    OK EVO Guys and Gals, move the app from the SD card to the phone and it should fire right up. ReBoot it to be sure, but it works for me, Ciao

    EVO 4G FROYO Build .6 Non Rooted

  • SGB101

    works for me on the htc desire running 2.1 :-)
    cross between blow up, and penguin, both good games and this seem good also.

  • http://Website abi

    i have a mytouch 3g slide with android 2.1 and its on my market. i dl and its pretty fun just wish i had the space to waste the 11mb size of the game.

  • http://Website Pep

    A video in spanish with a Samsung Galaxy Eclair 2.1 runningn Angry Birds:

  • Kealoha

    Yes, this is Android 2.2 only but you can install it on 2.1 and possibly lower devices. Links and a video review of it running on a Vibrant up at

  • Anthony Domanico

    OMG this game is so addicting.

  • http://Website felipehell

    runs great on my xperia x10 with 1.6 droid you guys that say that not run go fuckyorself
    runs with fulll screen and best graphics this game is amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg yes bitches runs great on 1.66666666

  • http://Website Stella

    I love the game but I had to get it at I have a Samsung Vibrant rooted with stock and it wouldn’t show up in the market. The game is very addictive and it works like a charm on my Vibrant.

  • http://Website monclo

    works on my htc hero 2.1

  • http://Website Sgted4202

    I downloaded from Market onto stock Droid X with stock 2.1, also onto original Moto Droid with Verizon 2.2 OTA. Works on both phones. I also downloaded from Market onto Droid Incredible with Verizon 2.2 OTA. Will not load on DInc, bummer!

  • http://Website Tommy

    Works well on Droid Incredible 2.2 rooted and ROMed! love it but it closes sometimes when other apps run over like popup sms. but other than that works like a charm!

  • http://Website Grant

    Couldn’t get it via the marketplace but installed easily with the various apk’s that are floating around the place. Working well on my Samsung Galaxy S which has 2.1

  • http://Website aly

    The mediafire apk file works great on my SE X10i Donut. Guys you should try that. ;)

  • http://Website JeffK

    Used AppBrain to search, found and installed just fine on my Droid X. Plays great, haven’t found any real issues except it does not return to the place you left when switching to another app.

    • Anthony Domanico

      Hmm…didn’t even think about it installing using appbrain. Awesome to know that it works!

  • http://Website Jeffrey

    So much misinformation in this thread. Game is running fine on my Streak with 1.6. Force closes a bit at launch but still loads most of the time and works great once it gets loaded.

  • http://Website SayMyName

    I’m not saying anything

  • http://Website egrep

    Works perfectly on my DroidX, rooted but not rom’d (still 2.1, sigh). Haven’t had a single problem with it in 24 hours now. Well, except for I can’t stop playing it. I’ve got the iPad version too. Great game. I’m not even a gamer, just a casual casual gamer.

  • http://Website mikeinrichmond

    Working fine on stock Droid X 2.1. Hopefully this will show developers the value of coding more games for Android.

  • http://Website tokinotabumblb

    No, it doesn’t only work on 2.2. I’m on my myTouch Slide 2.1 and I have it and it works perfectly.

  • jpustin

    I love it.

    I read over on Engadget that it was a lil buggy and choppy. I have experienced none of that.

    In my opinion it is one of the smoothest and well running games ont he market. I cant wait to the ful version to show its angry bird head!

  • http://Website tyler

    I was soo looking forward to this but I can’t seem to find it on the market? Has it not been released yet?

  • http://Website syerra

    I have the samsung moment and when I try to find angry birds in the market it doesn’t come up. And even when I clicked on the link it said the app couldn’t be found. :/

  • http://Website sicromoft

    Successfully installed on Samsung Captivate using AppBrain. Crashed first time I ran it. Tried it again a day later and it worked (I think I rebooted somewhere inbetween).

  • http://Website Brandon

    Showed up on the market for my Samsung Epic4G (2.1) Plays perfectly. Had to hunt down the .apk for my wife’s moment but it plays with some minor issues.

  • http://Website rabelias

    So bummed! Crashes during title screen on HTC Incredible 2.2, even after moving from SD. I got it to run once by touching the screen as soon as the title came up, and it was super awesome! Wish it would run again because it was great!

  • http://Website adam

    It work on my not rooted g1 with 1.6 os and my droid 1

  • http://Website ontheFritz

    great game! one of the few games that makes me chuckle when I eff up!

  • http://Website Chris

    Mine crashes EVERY SINGLE TIME WITHOUT FAIL even after multiple re-boots, etc etc etc

    Running stock HTC Incredible with Stock Verizon 2.2

  • http://Website Paul

    worked fine on desire no problems finding on market, no clitches and sored straight to sd

  • http://Website valid

    works on HTC HERO 2.1 not rooted.

  • http://Website barron

    Im running it on HTC Hero 2.3 update and it’ll only open to the startup screen and then go back to the home page.This suks

  • http://Website Taylor

    Worked just fine for me on my mytouch (with 3.5mm jack) 1.6 been playing it for dayyys i used the mediafire download link and installed manually good luck fellow gamers :)

  • Olivia

    angry birds keeps force closing on my htc desire. as soon as i open it it just closes