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Get your ninja on! Fruit Ninja brings simple, addictive gameplay to Android

It seems there is an uptick in the number of iOS games being ported over to the Android platform. With the success of the Angry Birds beta over the past few weeks, it’s likely we’re going to see this trend continue. And I’m okay with that; Android needs more high quality games, and developers building on successes they’ve had with other platforms is going to greatly improve these efforts.

Fruit Ninja is the latest of the popular games to be ported over to Android from iOS. The concept of Fruit Ninja is simple; several varieties of fruits (and explosives) shoot up from the bottom of your screen, and your mission is to slice the fruits up by swiping across your screen. The more pieces of fruit you slice, the more points you earn. Simple, right?

Fruit Ninja has two main game modes that are slight spin-offs of this basic concept. In Classic mode, both fruits and bombs float across the screen, and you must rack up as many points as you can without either hitting a bomb or missing three fruits. In Zen mode, you have 90 seconds to slice as many fruit pieces as possible. There are no bombs and no limits on how many fruits you can miss, simply get as many as you can in 90 seconds.

There is a third game mode that states it’s “coming soon,” but no word on what that is officially. My hunch is that in the next few weeks or months a new way to play Fruit Ninja will hit the game as a free update, but looking through a few iPhone reviews of Fruit Ninja, it still said “coming soon,” so who knows for sure when it will really hit.

Fruit Ninja uses the OpenFeint platform to provide leaderboard stats and achievements cross-platform so you can see how well you stack up against Android and iOS gamers.


  • Very easy to master controls.
  • Two game modes so you can play the way you want (3rd game mode HOPEFULLY coming soon).
  • Easy to pick up and play a quick game for people of all age.
  • $0.99 is a decent price point for a game this well put together.
  • Cross-platform leadership provides some competitive motivation to keep on gaming.


  • If you’re looking for a game with tons of depth, this is not it.
  • I fear the “Coming Soon” Secret Banana game mode will always be coming soon. It’s been that way on iOS for quite a while now.
  • Game is fairly big compared to other android games – coming in at around 15-16 MB.

Final Verdict

This game is horribly addictive, and at $0.99 is a strong addition to your gaming fix for Android. Looking for a casual game you can pick up and play any time? Spend the $0.99 and download Fruit Ninja.

Youtube User my4keys put up some gameplay footage. Be sure to check it out, and then head over to the market to buy this killer game.


Fruit Ninja Fruit Ninja Fruit Ninja Fruit Ninja Gameplay high score Fruit Ninja

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  • http://Website Alex

    “With the announcement of 20 Feint games coming to Android, it’s unclear how much support each game is going to get.” This statement makes no sense. You say it as if Feint is the developer of each of those 20 games. They have no tie with support for those games, except for their cross platform gaming service (Open Feint) which brings achievements, etc. That’s all. Also the coming soon game mode, is just that. It isn’t even out for the iPhone yet, so they’re working on it as stated on their site:

    • Anthony Domanico

      God catch. Thought I had edited that out, but working from a phone is not ideal. Lol.

      I think I fixed it now. Still don’t know that the third game mode will ever actually come but we will know more hopefully soon. The iphone review I looked at that had “coming soon”was from april, so that doesn’t exactly make me hopeful.

  • http://Website NeoteriX

    I’ve got a stock Evo 4G… does anyone else notice that it runs a little slow? The framerate hangs at times when a lot is going on the screen.

    • Anthony Domanico

      Haven’t noticed any issues on the nexus. Hopefully an evo user will come and comment.

      • http://Website chad

        Most likely, its a problem with your phone. There’s several comments in the android market saying it works great on the evo.

        • http://Website NeoteriX

          I guess I’m alone then — I’ll try messing around with it to see if I can improve performance.

          • Anthony Domanico

            Have you terminated some processes that may be needlessly running in the background? That could slow down performance.

          • http://Website sct

            I have a stock EVO 4G and it runs great. Like Anthony said try checking what you got running in the background.

    • daveloft

      For most people it runs good enough but some people just notice the lag more. I’m sure your phone is as capable as any other Evo and Nexus. My wife has a Nexus One and I have the Samsung Galaxy S. She is fine with the speed but I noticed it right away and its very apparent when placed side by side.

  • Jobin Basani

    True…this game is simply addictive…!

  • http://Website chad

    I own both a mytouch slide and an ipod touch.

    This is the very first game that I’ve played on my android phone that’s just as good as the iphone version!!!

    I hope more developers do the same instead of making their android games suck, such as gameloft.

  • http://Website IceCrush

    »» More quality games ported to android.
    »» More countries supported by android market.

    That will cover up the most naked part of Android OS

  • StabMasterArson

    I’ve been playing this on my Vibrant, and it runs fine, but every once in a while the game just closes with no error message of any kind. While that part sucks, the bigger problem is that once it does this, the volume rocker on the phone will only adjust media volume, not ringer volume like it should. It fixes itself if I reboot the phone, but if anyone has a suggestion for how to doeal with this without rebooting, I’d love to hear it.

  • http://Website Swootton501

    Is anyone else getting a “Feint failed to initialize, send error report?” message on boot. Other feint games like .TM are working, but not Fruit ninja…

    Using a Hero on custom 2.2 (Froydvillain 1.5)

  • Moblly

    Really good game :)
    Fruit Ninja (Android) – App of the day on Moblly | Beautiful mobile apps |

  • Droi

    i played the game on the iphone and i it’s so cool i can have it now.

  • Furqan.NAWAZ


  • http://Website stephen

    hey i got a question, why is there a multiplayer online verson for the iphone called opponfeint i think and just feint for my samsung continuum :( is there even online play for fruit ninja on the droid?