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Hexage celebrates 1 million downloads with weekend sale

Our friends from Hexage have just announced that downloads of their Android games have surpassed one million and to celebrate they are having a special sale this weekend. Hexage currently has four games in the Android Market including Everlands, Totemo, Radiant, and Buka. Starting this weekend (Sept. 4-5) you will be able to purchase any of these hit titles for less than 0.99 USD.

All of the games have free demos in the Market, so check them out now to see which you enjoy (Tip: my fav is the old-school shooter Radiant).

Show Press Release
We are happy to announce that downloads of our free lite games — Radiant, Everlands, Totemo, and Buka — have surpassed 1 MILLION!

“We would like to thank all of you who decided to play our games by setting up a LIMITED TIME SALE 60% OFF on all Hexage games.

Visit the Android Market this weekend and purchase any of our games for less than 0.99 USD!”

Sale will begin on Saturday 4th and it will last till Sunday 5th.

Source: Hexage

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  • anakin78z

    Way to go Hexage! How about doing an Android success story?

    Since I already have all their games, I won’t be taking advantage of the sale, but I’ll recommend it to my friends :)

  • Gone

    WOOHOOO!! I’m going to buy all of them!!

  • http://Website Thorben

    Whats the normal price? And will the EU Market get lower prices, too?

  • http://Website eaRaiden

    I like all of this company games, but at £1.50 each (2.50 each) I always forget to buy when payday comes. But with this offer I’m buying them all. WOOOT