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A closer look at the G2 keyboard

Several new close-ups of the T-Mobile G2 keyboard have appeared online thanks to fan-site His and Hers Android. The new pics give a better look at the three Quick Keys, which allow users to setup custom macro shortcuts.

The Quick Keys were first discovered by our friends at Android Guys, but this is the best look we have seen yet. According to the leaked G2 build, the Quick Keys are used to “quickly access super useful Google shortcuts and other applications that may take multiple steps to access”.

T-Mobile’s G2 is still rumored for a Sept. 29th launch for $199 with 2-year contract, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets pushed back another week. We have the CTIA trade show coming up Oct. 6-8th and T-Mobile has booth, so they could use that event to finally launch their first HSPA+ handset.

G2 keyboard2 g2 keyboard1 quick-keys-screenshot g2-quick-keys

Via: Android Guys

Source: His and Hers Android

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  • juanito

    Would’ve been much nicer with a five row KB…..

  • http://Website Andrew

    and this is a deal breaker :(

  • http://Website RayMatthew

    Seems kind of point less, but at the same time useful. Where is the voice key at like other on the Droid 2?

    • Nick

      I’m guessing you’ll be able to hold down the search key for a second or two to pull up voice search or dictation.

  • Mobile Reality Kings



    whatever was wrong with a normal 5row qwerty + directional keys?

  • http://Website Slightly Impressed

    The keyboard looks kinda “kiddy”. I’m not sure what to feel. Guess I’ll have to wait till I can try it out for myself.

  • PatrickHuey

    I really don’t get what the big deal is, and why everyone is complaining. How often do you ACTUALLY use the number keys for you to need a whole row dedicated to them? Never, unless you type in binary code. The quick shortcuts will be handy, guarenteed. How would they not? Personally I think the epic 4g is a little bulky with that huge keyboard and that the g2 is the perfect size. The keys look great and very tactile, I gotta find a way to get my hands on it!

    • http://Website Sam

      Spoken like a true Android fan! Don’t complain until you try it out. I commend you, my friend.

    • http://Website Irfan Samuel

      “…Never, unless you type in binary code…”

      for that you would only need 0 and 1 keys ;)

    • http://Website Daniel

      “How often do you ACTUALLY use the number keys for you to need a whole row dedicated to them?”

      Nearly always. No, really. I’ve become pretty good with the soft keyboard, so I’ve used my G1′s physical keyboard less and less as months passed. These days, there are only two situations where I really open my keyboard: for SSH (ConnectBot) and typing passwords (or anything else that involves lots of switching between letters, numbers and symbols). By making the keyboard less practical for these tasks, they’ve pretty much defeated its purpose for me. So, I’m skipping this one, and probably just going with a slimmer phone.

    • miahac

      Four row keyboards suck just like on screen keyboards. I loved the 5 row keyboard on my G1, I have a galaxy s now, and the swipe is quick but I need a real 5 row keyboard. This four row KB sucks. Swype can shine if you don’t need the screen real estate or need to enter a number.

      WHY YOU ASK? It takes 4 times as long to enter a password, and address, a text with a phone number in it, you name it. There are several times a day when switching between text and numbers is required.

      I will give my wife the galaxy s and get the next… as soon as an as good of phone is available on tmobile with a 5 row keyboard…. Like the epic 4g, sadly only on sprint.

  • http://Website Mike

    Okay, I don’t post here much, but this has bugged me enough.

    I don’t see a problem with the 4 row keyboard. Get over it, you don’t need to be typing like a 12 year old replacing your As with 4s and your Es with 3s all over the place.


    • http://Website blkidea

      THANK YOU sir! Shheeeessshh!

    • http://Website Ryan Kim

      I, and everyone I know, uses number keys as much as letters.

  • http://Website @j_norton

    I can’t believe they did the 4-row keyboard. I’m glad they finally did a better keyboard-shorcut system with a dedicated button, like the old Sidekick series (the sidekick team worked on G1, makes sense) nut seriously, no 4-row keyboard is lpegit. Its 5-row or nothing. I will still get it, but its yet another Android phone I’m begrudgingly buying. Just make me a phone I can’t wait to buy and is the obvious android phone of the year.

  • http://Website Jayy336

    Some of you guys have to be HAPPY this phone even HAS a keyboard. Seriously. How many Android phones (besides the Epic 4G & Droid 2) do u know that have a keyboard?! Im talking high-end phones too. yea, not very many.

  • http://Website Elitebattlefield

    Kinda favors the My Touch Slide.

  • http://Website watbetch


  • http://Website watbetch

    I myself never understood the obsession with huge keyboards, for your thumbs! I hated the G1′s keyboard, not only was it too big and required way too much travel from one key to another, there was no reassuring feedback, it’s too flat and poorly lit.

    One great keyboard I’ve used recently would be on the CLIQ. It had the perfect size and feel.

    It’s unfortunate about the rest of the phone surrounding it, but the keyboard was near perfect.

    A 4 row is very manageable, the only thing I don’t like is how tile like the keys seem. The Epic 4G’s keyboad is too flat.

    • http://Website DaveC

      Just goes to show you how much this comes down to personal choice. I love the G1 keyboard and I use numbers a lot (mostly Twitter stuff about diet and exercise), but I”m looking forward to trying this out. At least I will have that opportunity unlike with my current phone (Nexus One).

  • http://Website Jarl

    is this device coming to the rest of europe as well?

  • http://Website *d.*

    Is ANYONE else miffed that T-Mo & HTC will knock the G2 down to 800Mhz, but the new WP7 phone is clocked at 1.5 Ghz?? Quite frankly, I don’t see why I should have to root & overclock to have a decent phone.

    • http://Website smooth3d

      Those are just rumored specs, I highly doubt it will come with those specs and if it does just imagine the battery life it will have be horrible.

  • http://Website Starr

    The 4 row will be just fine. There are 2 questions I have and hope someone can answer. First off it was said G1 users would get a special deal on the G2. Any new info on that? Second, a. Friend of mine was told by a T-Mo worker (doesn’t mean its ttrue lol) that upon the release of the G2 there will also be a G2 touch released. The G2 touch being full touch and no keyboard but will have slightly better specs. The 1st question is what id really Like to know since I ama G1 user and would love a better deal (for once) from T-mobile.

    • http://Website smooth3d

      I doubt there will be a g2 touch, they my be referring to the mytouch hd which is due in November.

  • http://Website Lee

    I went from a 4 row qwerty on a Helio Ocean to the g1′s 5 row. I found the spread out of keys and characters on them to be much easier and more accessible with the 5 row. Though I had no problems prior with 4 rows.
    The lay out being nearly identical to a real keyboard, I found to be very comfortable and intuitive.

    Comparing the G2 to the G1, there are 10 less characters easily accessible and would have to be pulled up through excessive menus.
    Though in defense of the g2 keyboard, the spacing and protrusion of the keys seems to be on par/comfort with the G1.

    However, I wont make my official choice/determination until I can get my hands on it. : ]

    Also, the square bracket is no where to be found on the immediate shortcuts, my preferred character for smilies. :[

    • http://Website DaveC

      Lee: Though in defense of the g2 keyboard, the spacing and protrusion of the keys seems to be on par/comfort with the G1

      Good point! I don’t care for the square, adjacent key design like the one on the Epic. This could indeed make up for the lack of the fifth row.

  • http://Website Jeff

    I’m loving the quick key thing. Hopefully it will allow switches between English and non-Latin language inputs. This is something that has been sorely lacking so far with Android. Though switching between Latin input systems (say English to Spanish) is getting better, it’s horrible for non-Latin. I alternate all the time between Chinese and English, and without a hardware keyboard, that means a two to three step process. Google’s Chinese input soft keyboard only recently added predictive English text. You’d imagine, with all the multi-national multi-lingual people that must be working at Google, that they would have dedicated more effort to this kind of thing.

  • http://Website Byron

    I think it’d be better to create both a G2 with the new design and a G2 with the classic G1 design (with obviously some tweak that still separate the G2 & G1 without looking exactly the same). That way, it can appeal to those who are G1-attached (G1-attached, meaning those who like the classic G1 design such as the 5-row KB, etc.) while still satisfying those who would like a new design. Google smartphone users can then decide between G2 (new & stylish) or G2 classic to satisfy their desires for a G2 with little risk of losing a feature that the G1 had had. Those who can deal with change can simply get used to the new G2 design and those who might still be attached to the classic G1 design can get their new G2 features with the looks of a G1 and comfortable feel of not having to change any texting habits or other affected features.

    I’d just like to throw my opinion out there for anyone to agree/disagree with as much as they like.

    Honestly, I am in favor of the 5-row KB, which led to my decision of not wanting the G2, but I also understand and respect everyone else’s opinions, so please don’t take this as a rude, biased, or “whatever other similar adjective you can throw out there” kind of opinion.