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A closer look at the new Powermat receivers for Android phones

Last week we briefly covered the new Powermat receivers coming to the HTC EVO, but we didn’t have all the details correct. Thankfully someone from Powermat was paying attention and they sent over an update along with a few pics of the new slim receivers.

The wireless internal batteries that we saw at CES 2010 are not coming to Android phones. Instead, Powermat is moving forward with a better solution in the form of a custom battery door that is “so slim and sleek that most find it hard to believe wireless charging is integrated”.

Powermat claims this new solution is superior because they went from a two-step process (replacing original battery and door) to a one-step process of just swapping out the original back door. This means that the extra bulk of the first-generation receivers has been eliminated, but as you can see in the pictures there is still an odd shaped notch sticking out the bottom of the battery door.

It is nice to hear that Powermat was able to slim down the receivers, but part of me still wishes they had stuck with their own internal batteries that had the wireless technology already integrated. It might cost a little more to replace the original battery, but I would be willing to pay that extra fee if I knew my all my existing cases and accessories would still fit snugly.

We should be getting a couple review units of the EVO receivers over the coming weeks, so we will let you guys know how they perform and if they get in the way of our existing cases.

Besides the EVO, what other Android phones would you like to see Powermat target? Do you like the new slim and sleek receivers or would you rather pay extra and have this wireless charging technology built into your battery?

Powermat EVO EVO - 3 EVO - 2

Via: Powermat

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  • Jim Nutt

    Nothing for the Droid? You’d think that would be a no brainer. Especially since the Droid 1 and 2 share the same battery and battery cover. Their little universal receiver cube makes absolutely no sense to me, if I have to plug the phone into something, I may as well just plug it into the charger.

    • http://Website Zach

      I TOTALLY agree with you on the powercube thingey, it’s 100% pointless and unnecessary.

  • http://Website henrik

    what about my sexy nexy?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I have a feeling they will only target the phones that sold the most units. (Droid, Incredible, EVO, Galaxy S, etc.)

  • http://Website Maury

    EPIC 4G!

    Both it and the EVO are battery hogs and could use something like this… If i were powermat, I’d target at the largest number of users, and the phones that suck battery life the most.

    That said, it appears all the Galaxy S phones have a different back, so hard to say if they will be supported.

    Love my Epic other than the battery life…

  • MorphiusFaydal

    I would rather see it integrated in to the battery for the same reason as you – cases. I would love to sere that option come to the Vibrant/Galaxy S series and the G2.

  • http://Website Luke T

    completely useless if it makes the phone larger. Now my multimedia dock would be a painful ordeal.

  • http://Website Foamer

    Definitely would be interested in it for my DINC, but hopefully they’ll keep the form factor so that my silicon case will still fit properly.

  • http://Website xallies

    Galaxy S?

  • keridel

    any news if this is coming to the uk?

    i would like to see it on the desire and the galaxy s

  • http://Website chief

    I just don’t see the appeal in these. Is it really that hard to plug your phone into the charger?

    • mmitchum

      I agree with you. i would rather plug into the charger that came with the phone than to spend 40 bucks on a receiver and 80 bucks on the power mat itself!

      • http://Website Ryan

        I agree, I don’t get it. They keep calling it wireless but it’s not like my phone charges while I’m walking around my home. I have to go put it on that stupid mat. If I’m going to do that, I’ll just plug it in with the included charger that doesn’t cost me a thing.

        • Denise

          i have the galaxy s2 & previously the original samsung galaxy..both phones stopped taking a charge from the chargers that came with them..i even purchased new chargers & still would not take a charge; when it happened with the galaxy s1 i didnt think it was the charger port at the bottom of the phone that was defective, but now that it is happening with the galaxy s2 i realize the defect. Its as if the charger port– the part where i plug in the charger to the phone– is stripped or loose or something. I have to hold the charger in a certain way for it to charge..tedious who has time for that! therefore, i assume the only solution would be a powermat that does not require me to plug anything in or something that allows me to remove my battery from the phone & charge the battery itself without needing a usb or other plug in type charger

          • Spencer h

            Did you buy a powrrmat? Did it work? I also have a galaxy s2 and I am unable to charge my phone with a wall charger so please get back to me

    • david

      “Or use the powercube universal receiver with a wide assortment of charging tips you can plug any device”

      WTF so you spend $40 on the add on “cube”, and $99 on the charging pad to only plug your device into the “pad” with a flip’n cord! Un-freak’n believable!

      Yah come up with something innovative and not just a rehash please like pulling power out of the air using a wi-fi signal.

  • http://Website nate

    Although it is unlikely due to the low sales I’d love to see this come out for the nexus one.

  • http://Website brad

    What is the price gonna be on this thing…

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Not confirmed, but I heard $39 for the receiver or $59 for the combo (1x mat and receiver).

      • randy

        HTC one sv!! Hell ill pay for one to be special made

  • Nicko01

    The real purpose of this technology is that it leads the way for the next generation of wireless power where you only need to be within a meter or two of the base and the device will automatically charge. Right now, there isn’t that much of a benefit to using these resonant inductive coupling pads, but it’s great that Powermat is working on integrating their receivers into more devices so we can soon have our phones charge while they’re still in our pockets. That’s the tech I’m waiting for.

  • http://Website Daniel

    G2!! G2!! G2!!

  • http://Website Tyler

    Droid X, power hog and 2nd best selling droid (OG driod I guess should get it too b/c the 2 uses same). Internal battery though, not fitting docks would be totally the opposite of the convenience factor they are aiming for.

  • http://Website Zer0-9

    To clear a few things up:
    1) Plugs wear out. My wife has already made the plug on her phone loose because she plugs it into the car charger and talks on the phone. This tension on the plug has made the connection very loose and in time, it will stop functioning. Just like with laptops and the apple patented magnetic attached power cord this offers a significant longevity to individual devices.

    2) Convenience. Being able to simply set your phone down and have it start charging can save not only time but also save on the need to remember to charge the phone. It can be done in the dark or by the blind much easier than orienting a small plug.

    3) Truly wireless power is dangerous. The last thing we need is increased exposure to radiation, especially at the intensity that would be required to charge a phone.

    4) The point of the power cube is that if you already have a powermat for another device you can also use the powermat to charge other devices if you want. If you want to keep your iPod and your Droid near each other on your night stand with your car keys, that’s what this is for. One wall outlet for the lamp, one for the powermat.

    • Nicko01

      Wireless power isn’t dangerous. That’s a common misconception. It works like radio broadcast, wifi, etc. In fact, those scanners at stores to detect shoplifting uses wireless power to power on a tiny electronic device, which then sends back a signal triggering the alarm.

      Also, charging a phone doesn’t take that much power. It’s only a few watts. There have been demonstrations of using wireless power to power TVs, lightbulbs, and computers which are all over 100 watts. During these demonstrations, people could safely walk through the area where the power is being sent.

      Do some research before making claims like this.

    • http://Website Mithos

      Plugs wear out? What in the world are you doing to your appliances? I have a 1930′s grinding wheel that has a plug made of crap bakelite plastic and it still is in good condition…

      • Lish

        Well in unfortunate situations like mine my 2 yr old got ahold of my phone while it was charging & cracked it like a whip b4 I could take 2 steps & rescue my phone. I’m currently charging my battery by removing it from my phone & placing it on an aftet-market charger. The mini usb is now completely useless. I’ve been trying 2 research this product 2 see if it is possible 2 use the powermat &/or accessories 2 charge my phone. I have the Samsung galaxy that Straight talk offers. Do u or anyone else have any suggestions? I have since learned 2 very important lessons 1 being the extended warranty & insurance r priceless so it doesn’t pay 2 b cheap lol. 2 keep electronics away from my kids no matter what. Thanks again

  • http://Website Spencer

    I have a Droid incredible and I love it, but it gets horrible battery life. I’ve been waiting for these batteries to come out and now they’ve dropped the idea all together. If they released one of these new battery doors for the incredible i might buy that, but then again i can’t use my case. Any chance they will make the batteries?

  • http://Website John

    One HUGE oversight on the part of Powermat –
    there’s no camera lens protection on the door. There should be a small raised lip extending slightly above the lens.

    • http://Website Curb71

      not sure what you are talking about. Im looking at my Evo now and that part of the case is exactly the same as the stock. I wish either of them DID have that but neither do.

  • cms 1500

    This is very innovative and I would like to take it. I know this will cost some extra bucks but everything is for the technology.

  • http://Website TD90503

    I’ve pickup this battery cover from local Bestbuy tonight that I found out from
    I was excite for no more cables for my EVO… but I was so wrong.
    It didn’t work, no charge… it does make powermat sync sound, but that’s about it.
    No charge… nada.. So I went back to Bestbuy with my brand new powermat charging station with it and try on another unit.
    Same result.. so open 3rd box and no difference on result… so I got my money back and came back home with disappointment.
    May be Powermat should recall all of them back, before it’s too late?

    • http://Website Tyler

      Same scenario happened to me me. very frustrating.

  • http://Website Andrew

    There must be one for the vibrant, all phone companies should make all doors the same…

  • http://Website Liset Santiago

    Will you make any receivers for the Droid HTC Eris??

  • http://Website douglas

    Epic galaxay 4g by samsung needs a receiver case. I have power mat that I can’t use. Got it for christmas.

  • Wade

    PowerMat is a perfect example of a good implemented horribly! Modifying phones third-party is an idiotic idea since PowerMat can never keep pace with the amount of phones coming out which seriously limits their market share and will disappoint potential customers.Their business plan should have been to OEM the adapter technology to device manufacturers so that this inductive charging technology is built-in to the devices and focus on selling mats thereafter (OEM and directly). This seems VERY obvious to me. All they need to do is get one major device manufacturer to begin to use the OEM technology in their phones (non-exclusive or limited time exclusivity) and comptitors will also need to have the solution to compete and then, voila! A few years later and all devices would support inductive charging. This would be great, but unfortunately, this is not the case and the vast majority of people will still need to plug their devices to a charging cable. Oh well…..

  • Lesley S

    It seems like every time I upgrade to a new phone, Powermat comes out with a receiver door for my old phone as they have for the DROID X and the Blackberry Tour. I just upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S II Tmobile which still has the best specs on the market. Power mat has already made a door for the Galaxy S 4G and the Nexus. Please, oh please give me my Galaxy S II door.

  • Chris

    I have an HTC Evo. My mom and my sister both have HTC Evo’s, too. We’ve probably gone through like fifteen different chargers because the chargers supplied to us just simply suck. With my mom and my sister, it’s their own fault their chargers break. They leave them out anywhere, and we have a few cats. In time, the cats would chew them apart. I, however, leave my charger in my room, plugged into an outlet behind my bed. I slip the wire through this opening in my bed’s frame so the wire wouldn’t have to much to get to my phone. On top of this, I got the longer wire so it wouldn’t have to reach so far.

    Somehow, after ten days or so, my charger would continue to stop working out of nowhere. There is no external damage to it, it isn’t bent, and it certainly doesn’t look broken. All the same, the charger has extreme difficulty charging my phone every single time I get a new wire. I would need to keep it in an awkward positions just so it could charge. This part only happened once, but the wire even became unable to provide my phone with a strong enough charge, so even though it would be charging, the battery would be decreasing at a faster rate. Honestly, if there is a way to keep the charger from breaking, one would probably have to treat it as if it is fragile.

    I got tired of this and decided to buy a Powermat. First off, I didn’t understand the concept of the Powermat and didn’t know that I would need a specific receiver for my phone, so I just bought the mat. I get home and try it and through the multiple unsatisfactory attempts, I look very, very carefully at the box and notice that one of the phones on the picture has a Powermat case, so I figured I’d need to buy a case or something for my phone.

    I bought the case on the Powermat website, which has managed to change completely in only a few days, and I got the case this morning, actually. I put the case on my phone and put it on the Powermat. It doesn’t charge the phone at all. It makes the sound when I put it on the spot, but the orange/red light doesn’t go on on my phone to tell me that it is charging. My phone’s USB port is messed up, so I didn’t expect it to work. I take my sister’s phone and put the case on it, putting it on the mat. The orange light goes on for one second before going away and never coming back on.

    Honestly, I’m not satisfied with my Powermat at all. The instructions that came with both the mat and the receiver are so terrible, they couldn’t help me at all with this little issue. I tried looking for help on the internet and couldn’t find a single FAQ or anything. The Powermat box is misleading, making one think they could just put their phone onto the mat and have it charge.

  • KSP

    It is true, powermat are innovators of over-the-air power. The mats work well & are useful – have them at the office & home – no more moaning from kids whom forgot to charge stuff – all theyneed to do is put the DSi back on the shelf where it belongs ;- ) But commercially Powermat needs to rethink its approach if this is to be a mass success. Producing alternate doors & batteries is never going to work, its not cost effective and isn’t out of the box. Receivers integrated into doors needs to become doors which ARE the receiver (same profile, but a standard battery. And selling kits to allow others to custom-fit receivers will help make a market for their pads (others being device makers & 3rd party providers). Have seen a Powermat integrated into a car holder, thinking to do the same myself, plus ripping receivers out of universal cubes & fitting it to my devices myself!

  • randy

    I have a HTC one sv I need a door for ill pay for it to be special made how do I go about that