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Android 2.2.1 hits the Nexus One, manually install it now

A new over the air update starting rolling out to the Nexus One and if you are impatient of waiting (like me) you can manually install it now. The build number is FRG83 and it updates the firmware version to Android 2.2.1. The file size is only 3.9 MB so it appears this is a minor update.

Details on the changes are limited at this point, but it has been reported that it patches the vulnerability that allows Universal Androot to work. Several users with alternative keyboards have reported some issues, but a simple reinstall of the keyboard app appears to resolve all problems.

This update is only intended for those running the latest stock version of Android 2.2 (build FRF91). If you have a hacked ROM installed, then please consult your ROM author and see if they have issued their own update.

To manually install Android 2.2.1 on the Nexus One, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the official Android 2.2.1 firmware for the Nexus One from Google’s server here.
  2. Copy the file to the root directory (aka not inside any folder) of your microSD card and name it (newb warning: not
  3. Power off your phone.
  4. Hold down the VOLUME DOWN button and power it back on.
  5. Wait for your phone to load the skating Androids screen. Scroll down to recovery and press the POWER button.
  6. When you see the “/!” symbol, press the POWER button and the VOLUME UP button at the same time. You should be presented with a menu and one of the options should be “Apply”.
  7. Use the trackball to navigate to “apply” and select it.
  8. When you see “Install from sdcard complete”, select “reboot system now”.

Enjoy and once you’ve had a chance to play with it for awhile let us know what you think. I installed it on my T-Mobile Nexus One in about 10 minutes and have not experienced any issues so far. I’ve read that users in other countries have also received this update so it should be good for any Nexus One model that is running Android 2.2, build FRF91.

Via: Android Central

Source: XDA-developers

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  • http://Website Conrad

    How about rooted but using stock rom?

    • http://Website jr.

      Did you not read the whole article? He writes to check with the author of your rom. Lol

      • http://Website Conrad

        Yeah but google made my rom… I just used a patched from xda to get it rooted…

        • http://Website Nick

          As with any other update, you must be on a completely stock rom to use the official updates, including no root.

          • Snafu77

            Not true.
            A stock rom is all you need to get OTA updates. OTA’s still come if you’re running a rooted stock rom.

          • http://Website Antwan

            What Snafu77 is right. You can be rooted as long as you don’t have a modified kernel because the update may check your kernel version against what its been coded to update.

          • http://Website kell

            Soon it will be Gingerbread and then Android Honeycomb! I can’t wait for the new features.

    • Ken

      It appears that if you used Universal Root to root a stock ROM, but didn’t install a third party room, you do lose permissions on the “su” file.

  • http://Website Adam

    Really hope they have fixed the un-responsive home screen swipe bug.

    • http://Website Sid

      Use Launcher Pro!

      • http://Website Melvin Tan

        Launcher Pro did not help. So I used No Unlock to disable the lock screen completely. Hasn’t failed me yet.

      • http://Website Adam

        I do use Launcher Pro already but I just think it’s pretty major bug that should be fixed.

  • ayocuz

    This update might take away my super user privileges, even thou I’m not using vanilla android. I gained root thru that universal androot app. So ill just wait it out til I hear some feedback. Or until theyre serving gingerbread.

  • http://Website SingallZ

    So far so good, really can’t see any notable differences… only time will tell I guess.

    • http://Website Marc

      Is the direct message issue fixed where the shortcut will go to the conversation list instead of the conversation thread?

  • http://Website Daniel

    I got the update a moment ago on my stock ( but rooted) N1. Root is still enabled….

    • Snafu77

      Thanks for the heads up!

    • Ken

      Hmmm, Not for me. What method did you use to root it?

      • Snafu77

        Got the update today and it removed root and Universal Androot no longer works.

  • http://Website Melvin Tan

    I received the update late last night in Canada. Just speaking out for my fellow Canucks.

  • http://Website nbecker

    I hear 2.2.1 breaks Root Without Unlocking. Anyone know if this is true?

  • http://Website Aamir Yaseen

    I have installed it from the given link on my Nexus running Vanila Android 2.2. I will report if I find any changes/problems/improvements.

  • MitchRapp81

    no OTA for me yet… running vanilla 2.2 with universal androot … it seems that universal androot breaks after this update so I will wait for a solution. I don’t want to lose my Titanium!

  • http://Website Westy

    I am running Stock Android on my Nexus and did the update. I cant seem to connect to the internet what so ever. I am on TMo with great coverage. Anyone else getting this issue?

    • http://Website AlexKW

      I just updated… wifi works fine with me

      • http://Website AlexKW

        …. and T-mo 3G works fine

  • http://Website seb

    Swype beta will no longer work after this update.

    • Snafu77

      The latest Swype? Ouch

    • http://Website inspiron41

      just reinstall it and it’ll work normally. it happens every update…………

    • http://Website goat

      Just reinstall it, works fine.

    • http://Website rocco

      all u need to do is uninstall and reinstall. will work great after that!

  • http://Website Gaddoor

    How long does it take to boot after the installation? cause my n1 took more than 3 hours but still didn’t load the OS… Please HELP!!

    • http://Website JJLP44

      The same problem with me.. it took more than 6 hours !!.. I took off the battery and return it back.. the same ‘X’ solid sign of neXus remains the same…. by the way i have ‘rooted’ nexus..
      can anyone pls HELP !!!!

      • http://Website Kir

        You need to perform factory reset

        • http://Website JJLP44

          Is there any thing else I can do other than factory reset ?? cuz I dont want to lose every thing in my phone…..

  • nathan118

    Would love to get some color led options for the trackball! Why implement that hardware and not even use it?

    • Snafu77

      There is an app in the market that will enable the lighted trackball. I have K-9 set to use a different color light notification for every email account and that requires no special tricks. It looks like there isn’t anything much to enabling them, 99% of app devs including Google just dont do it. Of course that sucks for us. Roms have colored trackball support but IMO roms arent worth it. Root and tweak for me until I can do a 3 second boot and get the new sense ui.

    • http://Website Miguel

      It’s up to the developer to implement it. I use Gmail Notifier to make the Trackball bright gleaming red when I have new Gmail.

      The Facebook app allows changing the LED color also (I use blue), and SMS Popup allows changing the Led color for new SMS (I use Green).

  • http://Website nbecker

    Broke my outlook mail! Now, it just tells me I need to Activate device administration, which would allow application Email to ‘Erase all data’ amongst other things.

    I’m not giving my corporate email morons that power!

    Doesn’t seem to be any way around it.

    Anyone know where to find the 2.2 for Nexus 1 so I can downgrade?

    • http://Website nbecker

      Well, it won’t let me downgrade back to 2.2 using the procedure in this article. Gave me some ‘assertion failed’ when I tried to ‘apply’

  • http://Website Gaddoor

    yeah, i’m trying to apply but same thing happened..
    Any other ways to downgrade?

  • http://Website Sapphire

    To my knowledge the only way to downgrade is to root your phone.

  • http://Website Sapphire

    Did anyone see an increase of internal phone storage memory? Mine went up about 10MB.

  • http://Website meazy

    Got my update today see a lil difference in apps they up more smoother

  • http://Website jonbikerowl

    Anyone having trouble with 3G on T-Mobile’s network after the 2.2.1 update? My has stopped working.

    • http://Website GPugs

      I did, but then I went to Settings -> Wireless & Network Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Network operators -> and clicked on “Select automatically”. I remembered someone mentioned this back in January with the original 3G issues.

      Before I did this I would reboot the phone, have 3G for about 25 seconds and then it would go to Edge. Now all good.

  • islevegan

    Completely screwed tethering on a stock nexus one using t-mobile in Hawaii. USB tethering used to work well till today. Wifi tethering was always flakey – now it is even worse.

    Cannot get online via tethering now at all.

    • http://Website Carol Rogers

      I have been having problems with tethering, too. If I set my Nexus to only use 2g while tethering it will work on TMobile. Otherwise it cannot translate to IP addresses. Weird.

  • http://Website Fernando

    Got my update last night, Brazil.
    Could not notice any differences, it is working fine.

    @islevegan: Wifi tethering always worked fine for me, I’ll try it when I get home tonight to see if anything changed.

  • http://Website Dizzy

    Got my update and it failed to install on rooted stock rom, had to battery pull and thankfully it booted to 2.2 fine.

  • http://Website balllz

    you guys are fucking nerds, “wish my track ball would turn different colors, ” nyaahhh

  • http://Website LostAndroid

    Hey guys,

    I’m in Montreal on Rogers with a rooted Nexus One (used Universal Androot, but still on stock rom. I was running Clockwork Recovery

    I got the 2.2.1 update yesterday. The update went fine. It took a while on the nexus boot animation (about 5 minutes), but besides that, it was painless.

    Things I noticed:
    - the update fixed the wifi issues I’ve been having since I got the phone. No more losing wifi connection!
    - Lost root access
    - seems to improve battery life but I need a few more days to confirm

    Hope this helps.

    • http://Website tekhnofiend

      Yes, I’ve also observed a significant increase in battery life. After 12 hours my phone typically would be dead or dying (with minimal phone calls during the day), but now it seems to have over 50% power after 12 hours. Has anyone else experienced this? Any idea on what’s changed with respect to power management?

      I’m in Atlanta with everything stock (not rooted, standard rom) on t-mobile. Update was flawless and just took a few minutes.

  • http://Website JF Prieur

    I have an N1 as well (not rooted) got the update this morning. Very happy with it so far as it fixed the wifi issue as well as feeling a bit snappier (could be placebo)

  • http://Website Dale

    2.2.1 BREAKS exchange sync for some users. No solution offered by Google, besides “try a third party email app”

    Half-baked update is screwing users with no way to unwind. Good grief, Google, that sucks.

  • http://Website Joe

    Man I hope it fixes the issue with WiFi “obtaining IP address” issue – the one where “sometimes” it says connected, then shows “obtaining IP address” for a while, then disconnects/reconnects. This really annoys me – several routers I connect to work flawlessly, but many others dont – especially those in public places seem to be a problem.

    Anyone know if this update fixes this problem (assuming you have seen it also?)

    • http://Website Ed

      Upgrading to Android 2.2.1 did not fix the WiFi issues I’ve been having with my Linksys router at home, where the phone disconnects from the network, tries and fails to reconnect, and then marks the network “disabled”.

  • http://Website claude

    Did this update let you change search engines under the settings?

    • http://Website Miguel

      Hmmm.. Search has been removed from the main settings menu. But if you click the Google search widget you can press menu an adjust the settings there.

      I can find no way to change it though. I even installed Yahoo Search and I couldn’t get it to show up in this settings menu.

  • mhay

    hey…. how can i install android 2.2 froyo on sony ericsson satio ? thnks

  • http://Website Elarella

    Since having Android 2.2.1, the changes that I have noticed so far:

    - 3G has become more robust. I used to be on Edge a lot, now I have 3g signal, even in elevators.
    - swype broke, but a simple uninstall and reinstall fixed that.
    - battery life had improved significantly. With all the twittering and web browsing I do, after 24 hours of usage, I still have 50% battery life left.
    - My internal memory of the phone increased significantly. As much as 20 mb for me.

    Those are the changes that I can account for that I’ve experienced personally. I am sure others can add to the list. Let’s here them!

    • http://Website GPugs

      I stated above that I thought I had fixed my 3G issue. However I didn’t. I am experiencing the exact opposite as Elarella. I am getting Edge where I previously was getting 3G. It might just be a coincidence, but this did start happening after the update to 2.2.1.

      • http://Website Elarella

        I was having the same issues with dropping to Edge even when I am out and about prior to FRG83, but ever since I set up my network this way, it’s been pretty reliable, even prior to FRG83:

        Settings -> Wireless & Network Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Network operators -> Search Network -> T-Mobile and ATT should be the options.

        I just chose Tmobile (or whoever is your provider) and I’ve been fine ever since. I do drop down to Edge every now and then, but that is usually at my townhouse where I am surrounded by power lines. Whenever I am out and about, I get 3G everywhere, even in buildings and rarely drop to Edge. BTW, I am located in Houston, TX so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it as well.

  • http://Website stitah

    Hi All,

    Does anybody have the Android 2.2.1 firmware zip file? Apperantly the link isn’t working :(
    My Nexus one keep freezing at home when it’s connected to wi-fi



    • http://Website Kevin

      The link is in the article above.

      My phone is a branded Vodafone UK, which I rooted and installed FRF91 a while back.

      I got the Over The Air update last night and my phone is still rooted, now reporting FRG83D / 2.2.1

      No improvement to memory (floating at about 22MByte free)
      Seems snappier response to screen and app startup, but might be imagining it.

      Radio and WiFi still flaky (switches off 3G when it finds Wireless, then doesn’t switch 3G back on when Wireless gone). I use Airplane mode on then off to reset.