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Android grows 41%, grabs another 5% of smartphone market share

If you’ve been paying attention to the mainstream media or have walked into a carrier store over the past few months, you probably don’t need us to tell you that Android is still growing.  But if you’re looking for a little more insight into just how fast Android is growing, you might be interested in comScore’s latest report.  The latest numbers show that Android has increased its U.S. market share from 12% to 17% for the three month average, ending  in July.  According to the chart above, Android was the only smartphone OS to gain market share in that same three month period.

Keep in mind, a 5% smartphone market share increase actually translates into a 41% increase for the platform itself over the previous report which went out in April.  Now that Android has a solid foothold as the third most popular smartphone OS in the U.S. market, Google will most likely be keeping a close eye on Apple’s iOS which only has 7 point advantage in market share. 

What’s your prediction?  Can Android overtake the iPhone before the year is out?

Source: PR Newswire

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  • http://Website Todd

    “What’s your prediction? Can Android overtake the iPhone before the year is out?”

    Post makes the mistake of limiting Android ( the OPERATING SYSTEM ) to phones only.

    Best buy will be selling Google TV boxes by the thousands for xmas, and a slew of Android powered tablets, TVs, picture frames, home appliances will also go on sale at the end of the year ( I won’t even mention the industrial machinery and scientific instruments that are switching from Windows CE to Android )…

    So, yes, there will be 10 times ( 100 times? ) more instances of Android running worldwide than instances of iPhone OS4.

    • http://Website Jeff

      Um…you do know that Apple includes non-phone devices in it’s OS numbers too, right?

    • http://Website Jeff

      For the record, I agree that Android is going to slaughter iOS products. There really isnt a comparison. Apple has become the OS of “no” and that alone is going to kill them.

      • http://Website Tomorrow_Rains

        Also speaking on the record. Apple has become a brand where every product looks the same, acts the same..and does the same.

  • Money2themax

    I think android might but if not it will be really close it’s got more OEMs behind it and flexibility than iOS will ever have plus it has many more applications as an OS than iOS has so even just due to the sheer number of devices it will gain substantially in market share and it’s open source making it much cheaper to implement allowing device makers to spend more money on the hardware then on the OS and licensing fees.

  • Nick Gray

    Just to clarify, the question at the end of the post is meant to be in the same context. Android versus iOS in the smartphone segment in the U.S. market.

  • Chris

    Android seems to be unstoppable at this point. As soon as enterprise usage picks up it will overtake iOS in smartphones easily, although I suspect that a large number of non enterprise users are switching to Android devices from their Blackberries. It’s almost sad to see RIM and Palm in such a state; I have fond memories of both.
    The fact that EA and other large software concerns are finally gaining interest in Android is only a plus.

  • http://Website William Furr

    I expect the operating system share numbers right now heavily favor iOS in non-traditional devices with a general purpose OS (including PMPs and slates, aka iPod Touch and iPad). Google is going to continue to lose ground there until they get around to announcing tablet-friendly versions of Android and/or Chrome OS and some hardware partners. All the Android tablets so far are half-baked or require an expensive smartphone data plan, unlike the iPod Touch and iPad.

    • http://Website johnny b

      I agree. The iPod and iPod touch probably make up alot of the ios percentage. I think maybe a solid next step for Google would be to make something along the lines of iTunes. Or even a small tablet to rival the iPod touch. What do you think? It also irritates me that they keep making crappy entry level android phones like the devour or backflip ect. I think people pick up a crappy device like that and get s bad feel for android. Am I right or wrong?

      • coolkurt

        archos does offer these pmps and similar devices and i expect others to follow. the variety of hardware available for android is one of its strongest selling points and the user experience on these cheaper phones isn’t bad either. you got to keep in mind people who buy them arent as hardcore user as most of us here so it ll be good enough for them. just the custom ui layers are pain in the @ss. anyway im looking forward to a fantastic year with android :)

        cant wait for sony to enter the gaming market with their android gaming device too!

    • http://Website nate

      Thesr numbers are only about the smartphone segment, it does not include the iPod touch or wifi ipad (not sure about 3g ipad) that being said I would love to see an iPod touch like device or good android tablet as they would destroy their ios counterparts.

  • Tebbe

    I think it will be close at the end of the year, but the iPhone will probably still be a few percent ahead. I’d expect the iPhone to claw back some market share on the 3rd quarter’s report because it will have more than 2 weeks of iPhone4 sales. Then Android will continue its march forward in the 4th quarter.

  • http://Website nick

    I wonder how much market share apple would have if there will be 2 for 1 sales,

  • Brendan

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens when Windows Phone 7 launches. Whether or not it succeeds in the longer term, it’ll have a huge marketing push so will probably reverse WinMo’s decline for at least a short period. But if it does so, who will lose out? Whose market share will Phone 7 cannibalise? Phone 7 is nothing like Android in its conception, architecture or execution so it doesn’t seem likely that it’ll damage Android’s market share – I’d expect iOS and Blackberry to be the platforms most affected. Either way, though, I’m looking forward to Windows Phone 7 coming into play – it should shake things up a little bit and could even be a boon to Android if it attracts disillusioned iOS owners who hanker after a “curated” experience.

  • http://Website Dan

    “What’s your prediction? Can Android overtake the iPhone before the year is out?”

    I think it could be possible, but only if we see dual-core processors before Christmas.

  • http://Website johnny b

    First off F the iPhone! The iPhone was introduced a full year ahead of the first android based phone. Could you imagine if android was as prevalent then as it is now. I don’t think the ios would be as big as it is now. And its nice to see ios and rim drop while android steps up and hits a homerun. It wont be long before android is on top. I just wish people would stop comparing it to the iPhone. Its not a fckin iPhone and it never will be ( I hope). As long as android stays open source and these wicked devs keep up the pimp ass work android will reign supreme. :)

    • http://Website johnny b

      AFL… (android for life) lol

    • Nick Gray

      I’m sure most of us don’t like the comparison to iPhone, but the truth is that Android an iOS are probably the most similar operating systems in the smartphone sector. Google and Apple are coming from two completely opposite positions, but in the end, the OS is all about the application and what third part developers are able to bring to the table.

      It’s still going to be a while before Android takes out iOS, but the iPhone is still going to be around. Even if Apple only had 5% of the smartphone market share, that’s still a lot for one company considering that Android’s current 17% market share is made up of 6-7 companies.

  • http://Website dave

    I would love to see android turn apple into palm.

  • http://Website h

    Based on this graph of the last few months’ data from comScore, seems like Android is just starting, Microsoft is screwed, and RIM/Apple are losing slowly:

  • http://Website kbox

    When it comes to technology, mobile in particular, i hesitate to proclaim it as a sure bet. That being said, given holiday season is soon to be ubiquitous, coupled with the solid Android market AND wide array of OEMs serving up strong product! Of course they want to eat Apple’s lunch, dinner and be the Grinch that stole Apple’s holiday profits. AND market share! I will stop the presence of any waffling and say, yes, Android will overtake Apple’s 2nd position and I WILL say yes, everything Android will have a wild Holiday ride resulting in great unit sales, profitability, and a small, but nonetheless, a leadership position in smartphone market share. And us consumers can love it as competition spawns all that is good for us that want continued application converge

  • Mobile Reality Kings

    No doubt in my mind that by this time next year, Android will have overtaken Apple.. and may very likely be #1.

    2011 will be the year everyone gets a new school smartphone, and just by sheer number of devices alone (not to mention awesomeness) Android has them all beat.

    I just don’t see how Apple can stay on top of Android in the long run. They deliver a new device once every couple of years, and they are simply too restrictive. Their fan core will remain, but the swing users will end up on Android’s side.

    Before too long half the RIM users will go Android too- just takes time for them to need a new device.

    Microsoft… ehh

  • http://Website Tomorrow_Rains

    I’m going to write Steve Jobs and E-mail to see what kind of rude senseless two letter word he can put together describing his Closed, almost outdated products compared to Android’s Up and Coming new ones. “So what’s it feel like to be in third place…Steve?” “Do you think…Maybe…Flash? has anything to do with your up and coming failures? or is it your Fan Boys??”

  • coyotejbob

    Only way I see iOS overtaking Android is if in December they release iPhone 5! Now with an antenna that works! Or iPod touch now with retina scan for easy fan boy tracking. Just saying. I love Android though. I really hope it surpasses in 4th quarter and stomps 1st quarter.

  • http://Website kbox

    The absence of flmash is/will be, the #1 reason for android to suck the life out of Apple. I own the itouch and ipad and unless a download comes or a new product real fast,i agree vehemently!

  • http://Website Mo

    Has anyone considered if the iPhone is released on the Verizon network? I believe that many Verizon customers would consider making the switch thus stunting the Android growth. Only time will tell how this will play out. All in all I’m looking for a win for me (you) the customer.