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Android Hacks: Android + iOS = MIUI custom ROM

The Chinese have brought us many great things over the years – Bruce Lee, practically every toy you’ve played with as a kid, and Panda Express. Thanks to one of my many good friends on Twitter, (Eric McBride AKA @Dai323) I have found the next big thing from China. Its an Android ROM called MIUI.

Just when you think you’ve seen all that Android has to offer this company seemingly came out of nowhere to release one of the most original types of UI to ever to grace our handsets. Of course, you could argue that it is not TOO original seeing how it’s taken a lot of cues from Apple’s iOS but its the melding of these two great ideas into one that really makes it special.

I know there are some die hard Android fanboys out there that will consider this ROM an abomination and would rather spit on it than put it anywhere near their phone. But for people like me who love new things, innovation and ease of use, I have fallen in love with this Chinese ROM. Not only does it look beautiful but its also based off Android 2.2 AOSP and it flies like a bat out of hell.

Now, it does come from China and there are NUMEROUS devs working on localizing this (Cyanogen himself in talks with MIUI) for just about every popular Android phone out there. Even in its current state its not too hard to navigate familiar Android menus (I’d say 80% of the ROM is in English). This ROM also self updates so if you’re the paranoid type, you might wanna stay away. But if you decide to take the plunge and you wanna give it a shot, you might experience the freshest thing to happen to Android in quite awhile.

Special thanks once again to @IncredibleDoes for bringing us this quick port and @KingKlick92 for helping me get this running on my Evo.

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Chris is a long time gamer and tech enthusiast. His newest passion is Android and its ever growing community. He loves people, food, life and lives by the philosophy that "you choose your attitude." He likes choosing a positive one. =)

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  • http://Website Ruben

    In english, MIUI would sound like “meeooee”

    • Christopher Chavez

      ****Here’s the thread for a fully functional version of this ROM for the Evo. 99.9% of it is translated in English and the only thing not working is 4G..

      Enjoy =)

    • http://Website deVo

      I have been pronouncing it as “My UI” as in “My User Interface”…. dont know if I am right, but I like it lol

  • http://Website KozuZuko


    This just in. Birther records in Alaska indicate that Sarah Palin is the love child of Popeye and Alice the Goon. More as this story develops on YouTube.

  • Mr Brainz

    Been running this on my HTC Desire for a few days now. It’s a great looking ROM. There’s even a lot of translations coming out for it too so there’s not too much confusion for me right now.

    I’ve been getting a lot of freezes and FCs on the launcher, plus problems with WiFi on the Desire version, so I’m not sticking with it just yet. If I didn’t have these problems I would’ve stuck with it. And that’s a big deal to drag me away from the awesomeness that is HTC Sense!

    • Christopher Chavez

      I feel the same way. For this ROM to pull me away from Sense is saying a lot.
      There are even more features and UI tweaks that I didn’t cover in this video (like a task manager by holding the home button). All these little things are making this ROM indispensable.

      I’m actually running an updated version of this ROM on my Evo that has been translated to 99.9% English and has everything but 4G working.

      This ROM has completely validated me rooting my Evo =)

      • Mr Brainz

        Here’s a little tip I read today on XDA: Volume down + Menu = Screengrab. Finally!

        It’s such a shame I have to dump this ROM… Really it is. Next stop for me is the Sense v2.0 port from the Desire HD.

        • Christopher Chavez


  • Terrormaster

    I wonder if there’s any chance of seeing this on the Droid Eris?

    • Christopher Chavez

      Not unless the MIUI guys make a mdpi version its not likely. But who knows. Especially with those crazy devs on XDA… =p

    • http://Website Jonas Fisher

      I would LOVE to see this on the ERIS. Please develop! Please, please, please!

  • http://Website HTCEVO4EVA!

    Wouldn’t it be considerd “MY UI” as in my user interface?

    • Christopher Chavez

      You’re right. Everyone is pronouncing it different but I do agree “My UI” sounds best.

      Wonder why I never thought of that.. LOL

      • http://Website HTCEVO4EVA!

        Don’t feel bad I think all your creative energies were put to good use in that awesome dance intro, easy to miss a good idea whilst bustin a move.

        • Christopher Chavez

          HAHAHA! TRYING to dance uses almost all of my brain function. LOL

    • http://Website Kenny

      That’s how I read it. It makes sense to me.

      • http://Website JD

        The guys on MIUI forum themselves don’t even know what MIUI means…
        Some think it’s My UI. One mentions “My Identity UI”
        Another one said “MIUI Is Ur Identity (MIUI)”

        Of course, this collection of words means nothing in Chinese.

        • Christopher Chavez

          HAHA! So there’s no right answer! Good. So now I don’t look like a total dumbass.. =p

  • http://Website Stella

    The MIUI looks very impressive. I’ll definitely give this ROM a try but I would have a problem with not having a drawer. I would have to figure out a folder system to organize my icons. The ROM has more of an Android feel besides the icons than iOS by the video.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Definitely more Android. Only thing iOS really is the shape of the icons and no app drawer. Not having one isn’t as bad as you would think. Kinda simplifies things. Also, there’s always the Launcher Pro/ADW alternative to the homescreen in the Market ;)

      • http://Website Stella

        I use LauncherPro now over my TouchWiz. Thanks for demo of the MIUI. Hopefully, it will come to more devices with Cyanogen in mix.

        BTW, I vote you should start and end each of your videos with a dance and a song. :-)

        • Christopher Chavez

          LOL!!!! I think that would make some people on here VERY angry.. .Hahahaha..

          Youtube seems to like it. Prolly cuz I’m the least freakish of people on there. Here is a different story.. =p

    • http://Website Penny

      drag your fave apps to the app folder on the homepage, that’s what i did :)

      • http://Website Stella

        That’s a good idea. I need to get my hands on it to play with it awhile. I haven’t find a ROM for the Vibrant yet.

  • http://Website HTCEVO4EVA!

    Credit where credit is due, it looks like a great overlay…………..BUT YOU Don’t BRING THE ENEMY INTO MY HOUSE AND MAKE BABIES WITH IT! EWWWWWWWWWW

    Although i’ll never besmirch the good name of android by trying to meld it with iOs , looks great.
    I’ll just wait for the Sense update ; )

    • Christopher Chavez

      I mean.. iPhone/iOS did kinda start the whole touchscreen, smartphone, app craze.. Just sayin’. =p

      • http://Website HTCEVO4EVA!

        This is true and it also boosted sales in Mock turtle necks…..again credit where credit is due. I’ll give it up to them boys for making it hot. But I’ll give it to Android developers for making it sexy!

  • http://Website andy pacheco

    hey where can i download this and test it out on my evo??? thanks man this looks greats and man ppl will freak when the see this and also i have a few questions on it too so if you can email me the info thanks man

    • Christopher Chavez

      Hit me up on Twitter and I’ll answer all your questions. Also, look at the 2nd comment on this post. I provided the links to download =)

  • http://I'mImpressedthatafterjusttwoyearstheopen-sourceROMcommunityissomatureforAndroid Android Hype

    Android just celebrated its second anniversary and it seems the open-source ROM chef community is already outpacing Google and most of it’s partners (particularly Motorola) in developing ROMs for Froyo.

    Congrats and keep up the good work.

  • http://Website Joonatan.O

    Looks a lot like HERESY to me. Why do people insist on making stuff so flashy?

    Stock Android beats everything*.

    *My opinion, others may disagree.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Aside from the launcher, this is almost stock Android. Its an AOSP ROM. The dialer and messaging apps were spruced up but that’s something Google should have dealt with ages ago…

      Also, I wonder what diehard Android purists like yourself are gonna say when Gingerbread comes out and completely overhauls the UI??

      • kenny

        Ginger bread came out and didn’t really spruce anything up, all we got was a themed status bar for the most part I didn’t really notice any major change with gingerbread.

  • lrnano

    In my opinion I don’t like but maybe if I was using it maybe my opinion would change. Just say…

    • Christopher Chavez

      Yeah, I think when you see it in person its a lot more impacting. I was so impressed it replaced my Sense ROM. =O

  • http://Website Penny Fletcher

    I am really liking this rom. Its easy to use. Blazing fast and seems to do well on battery. It also makes the evo camera behave as it should. Improve spell check and I’m a lifetime user. :)

    • Christopher Chavez

      I totally agree. I use Smart Keyboard Pro (closest thing to stock keyboard) and autocorrect and spelling are working as they should.

      Speed is blazing fast. Battery life is excellent and gets better with a few SetCPU tweaks. They even have a setting for power saver mode which will turn off certain toggles, and reduce CPU speed when at 10% battery life or below.

      MIUI also comes with its own app for backing up apps+data. Holding home gives you a task killer. Really is a FULL featured ROM =)

  • Courtney

    I heard Apple was looking for someone else to sue

    • Christopher Chavez

      HAHA! MIUI doesn’t use iPhone icons. Just the style of them and how they behave. A lot of stuff is unique and/or Android.

      But you never know who Steve Jobs will go after next…… =p

      • http://Website Chancy

        Can’t stand those pricks.

  • fathom614

    There is alot of iPhone baked in this rom. From the icons in the folders to the phone dialer even down to the scrolling all iPhone. If you say cyanogen is talking with these guys he can make more of the stock android better with the inclusion of these improvements I’m all for it, but coming fromm an iPhone before android I can see alot of iOS. Mr. Chavez do you know if they included when your in the browser and tap the notification area that it brings you back to the top of the page? That’s one thing I do miss from iOS one tap brings you to the top instead of multiple swipes, like you said “the little things” that’s something that should be in android.

    • Christopher Chavez

      No, it doesn’t… =/ Sounds like a really cool feature though.

      I’m really hoping Google updates some core apps like the browser, dialer and messaging with the release of Gingerbread. Here’s to hoping..

  • Droi

    almost good as Bruce Lee, but pretty close…

    • Christopher Chavez

      I wonder who’s faster… MIUI or Bruce Lee? Both are pretty damn quick. I call tie. =)

  • http://Website Jim

    Looks great. Does anyone else get nauseous watching him change screens that quickly?

    • Christopher Chavez

      I know I do =/

  • http://Website mo

    I think it looks great & so do you [dancing]! LOL. But really those asians amaze me…so genius!

    • Christopher Chavez

      ROM? Yes. Me? No. LOL

  • BvdBijl

    Wahah, I LOL’d at the tomato part

    • Christopher Chavez

      Its funny. Been getting a lot of feedback from the tomato part…. LOL

      Still weird of MIUI =p

  • http://Website m

    htc is a Taiwanese co not chinese

    • Christopher Chavez

      Did you see the annotation in the video?

  • http://Website me

    I really like some of the design from this OS that makes it look more polished and pretty. That said, I hate the rounded icons and the lack of an app drawer. The app drawer is one of the things I like most about android vs ios. I have too many apps on my phone that I need but don’t use often and I don’t want to look at them all the time. It seems android (stock) so far has focused on function over form. Not to say stock android is ugly, its just they were more focused on adding features instead of making it look pretty. That said, you can already see some great UI elements in froyo (like the gallery) that hint at what gingerbread will look like. I think google will borrow many of the good ideas from sense and other ROMs like this for gingerbread. Although at this point with carriers locking down built in functions even on “stock” android devices (like teathering on the G2), cyanogen and other custom ROMs are looking to the only option in the future for fandroids like us.

    • anakin78z

      Oddly enough, I’ve almost stopped using the app drawer completely. I have 7 home screens (ADW.Launcher), and I have gesture search set as one of my quick shortcuts on the bottom. If the shortcut isn’t on one of my home screens, I usually go straight for gesture search, rather than scrolling through the roughly hundred apps on my phone.

      • Christopher Chavez

        I have roughly 130 apps from the Market on my phone and I agree. I don’t ever really touch my app drawer. I kinda like MIUI forcing my apps on the homescreen where I’m forced to arrange them and now use them. My 130 apps would get lost in the app drawer…

        Gesture search?

        And I can definitely see how some people NEED an app drawer. (Believe it or not, I have a friend who said he didn’t even want a homescreen. Just for the app drawer to be open all the time, ala iOS). I know, sounds weird but sometimes people want simple =p

        Different strokes for different folks.

    • Christopher Chavez

      Yeah, freedom really is rooting your phone. Carriers will always try to put their 2 cents in stock ROMs.

      Have to disagree on you that vanilla Android isn’t that ugly. I think its horrendous and one of the reasons MIUI was a breath of fresh air. Took some of the uglier apps (phone, dialer, messaging) and spruced them up nicely. Now I can finally run something almost stock (like MIUI) and not have to be embarrassed when people wanna see my phone. =p

  • http://Website Simon

    MIUI + app drawer = AWESOME :)

    I’m waiting for the HTC Desire HD to be released here (sydney)
    This is too exciting :)

    • Christopher Chavez

      Wait- Australia is getting the Desire HD???!? =O

      Or are you talking about the… ROM?

  • http://Website Eric

    can this work on a Cliq?
    ha yes those phones still exist but i would like to know!

    • Christopher Chavez

      HAHA! I had a Cliq for awhile not too long ago.

      Unfortunately this will not work on a Cliq. Not even if someone could port it seeing how its a hdpi ROM and the Cliq is mdpi. Everything would be HUGE on the Cliq.

      But who knows, maybe MIUI will release an mdpi version for Mytouch/G1/Cliq/Slide?

  • http://Website how about on the Vibrant? can it work and if so,anyone have good success with it on Vibrant?


  • Dennis

    Can the miui ROM be used on my Samsung Epic 4G? I’lm still trying to successfully root it. Mac user new to Android. Is there a listing of ROMs which can be used on which phones? And the pros/cons of each ROM? MIUI sounds like a winner! thanks

  • http://Website Jeff

    I’m going to come right out and call shenanigans. I’ve been flashing a lot of Chinese ROMs on my G1, and the Chinese root community has been doing some impressive stuff. But the polish of this ROM and the amount of new functionality they’ve added leads me to think this is a corporate job. I’m thinking that this was probably leaked from the upcoming Meizu M9, from the pictures I’ve been able to find (same buttons on the lockscreen). If you want to flash it for personal use, that’s cool, but coders like cyanogen who want to incorporate some of this stuff in their ROMs might be exposing themselves to legal trouble down the line.

    • Christopher Chavez


      A lot of people were saying its TOO polished and that it might be a leak of Gingerbread. Other’s were saying it should have its own phone. Hmmmmmm.. *scratching chin*

      • http://Website JeffDenver

        It already does have it’s own phone. Its called the iPhone.

        • Christopher Chavez

          HAHA! =D

          That was a good one.. But no really. This is MUCH more Android than iPhone. Wise guy ;p

  • done4who

    Does this work for the Droid2? Froyo

    • Christopher Chavez

      Not sure. I would think it would if they got CM6 on the Droid 2 (don’t really follow Droid development). If you know of some Droid forums you should check there and/or =)

  • http://Website Ole K

    Lots of nice stuff there. But no app drawer? What the f***?

    I do _not_ want all my apps messing around on my home screens. I want the home screens to be nice and clean and totally under my control.

    And if all you care about is the flashy/glossy look – just go buy yourself an iphone ;)

    • Christopher Chavez

      HAHA! What, so Android can’t be flashy/glossy too????? =p

      And if you want an app drawer so bad, just use ADW or Launcher Pro like most people do on stock Android =D

      • http://Website Ole K

        Yeah, I think it says so in the rules somewhere: “Android is not allowed to be flashy and glossy” :p

        • Christopher Chavez

          HAHA! =D

        • anakin78z

          Actually, that’s true… at least when it comes to icons. The icon guidelines specifically say not to use a glossy look :-P.

    • http://Website JeffDenver

      Yeah, no app drawer is a deal killer for me too.

  • http://Website Yellowfrizbee

    Hot damn! I dont care what anybody thinks, that is ONE very nice UI. Very sexy and well made, pretty much agree with what you said in the vid.

    Oh, and you are my hero lmao. Great vid. You are too cute! Hope this ROM makes it to the G2!

    • Christopher Chavez

      It will MOST DEFINITELY make its way to the G2 =)

  • gab1972

    This looks hot…no, scratch that, sexy! But then I have to be reminded of one thing that plagues Android that IOS gets right – updates across the board.

    *In most cases* if a dev cooks up something for an iPhone, just about every iPhone user [2g all the way up to 4g] can use it. That’s one benefit of having a ‘one stop shopping’ phone. The iPhone has a large screen [larger than most] and does pretty much everything everyone wants. Please don’t take this paragraph as iPhone fandom. I hate the iPhone – but I like how they operate in the sense that when a new IOS comes out – everyone gets it!

    Now take Android. We love our OS. It’s open source. It’s customizable. And it’s getting better with every release. The problem is that what works on the Droid, doesn’t work on the Captivate. What works on the Nexus One, doesn’t work on the Vibrant. I gave up my MyTouch 3G for a shiny new Samsung Vibrant [which I love btw], but I also had to give up CM6 in the process because no one has cooked up anything for the Galaxy series. So here we have one of those instances where: new AOSP [or ROM] – not compatible with all Android phones.

    Flash forward to this shiny new ROM. Works on the EVO – not the Vibrant. So while some can enjoy, others can’t. So, again, this is where Apple gets things right and Android lags behind.

    I realize this isn’t Android/Google’s fault. It’s the phone manufacturer/phone companies. But still. It’s frustrating having the latest and greatest phone [Samsung Vibrant] and I can’t even get 2.2 until the folks at Samsung and TMo get off their a$$es and push it.

    Just sayin.

    • http://Website JeffDenver

      What that sounds like to me is lowest common denominator. All that cross-compatibility on the iPhone isnt free. It comes at the cost of slow advances, and a bossy nanny-state mentality. It is why Android phones will always be superior in features and capabilities.

      So on balance, the cost is too high IMO. Android is much more appealing because it does not box me in like iPhone does. I like choices. If the cost of having choices is that everyone doesn’t get access to exactly the same stuff, that is acceptable to me.

      • gab1972

        And I agree with you whole-heartedly. I was just pointing out that it can be frustrating when something such as this new ROM comes out that not everyone can use it because it’s not compatible on ALL Android phones.

        I like choices and customization. And I know that with Android there are costs. I just wish that it wasn’t in the area of fragmentation. What’s sad is that there are still some Android phones using 1.5/1.6!!!

    • Christopher Chavez

      I definitely hear ya. The things you said above are actually iPhone’s greatest strength. While I could never personally own an iPhone, I do agree there are SOME things it just gets right.

      It does suck now that there are all these different phones from different manufacturers running Android it kinda fragments things. While its not Google’s fault I definitely see your point. Seems like as far as development goes, its starting to become HTC vs the rest. One of the reasons I never went for a Samsung phone (I like to hack my stuff). Android’s future is bright, but who knows where things will be 2 years from now…

  • boss5

    We’ll have to pass I actually don’t like a lot widgets over my desktop.

    • Christopher Chavez



      I kid, I actually don’t use any widgets on my homescreen either. For now its just the rather pointless analog clock. =D

  • http://Website laith bilbeisi

    Installed muui as the first exploration of custom rom on by N1 wow great love the status bar much better also I swear it feels fast in use

    • Christopher Chavez

      Its SUPER fast! Also, try timing how long it takes to boot. Its so quick it doesn’t even need that new “Quick Boot” and its still faster! I love it! =D

  • http://Website DroidDev

    I appreciate the work put into the MIUI rom, but it has a way to go before it reaches the same status and feature set of CM6. FC’s and general slowness made me drop it from my Nexus for the time being. All that said….I would have to say this is the first real reinterpretation of the UI I have seen on the modding/dev scene and gotta give these devs some props. I would type it in l337….but I like girls. :)

    • Christopher Chavez

      Yeah, these Chinese devs did some GREAT WORK. So good people are actually saying they might have stole this UI from a real handset manufacturer in China.

      The version I have on my Evo is 99.9% English. Haven’t had a SINGLE force close for the 3 days I’ve been running it. And getting around 12 hours of battery life a day (and that’s saying a LOT on an Evo…) I’ve never been happier! =D

  • http://Website dubyajaysmith

    Been running it since I couldn’t read what I was doing on it =D I love it, and I’m a die hard Android head.

  • http://NexusLink Ryan

    Could you please provide a link to the most updated Nexus rom? Is it in 99% English too?

  • http://Website jjsoviet

    Man, I wish this would be ported to older devices, like the Motorola Cliq. Sucks to be at the rear of the pack, with high-end HTC and Motorola phones getting all the fun with the MIUI. :(

  • http://Website kris

    anyone know how to improve the battery life on the miui rom…it is draining my battery life drastically

  • http://Website Curtis

    I flashed the 0.12.3 version and liked it other than the constant android.process.acore (if i recall the exact name.) and the phantom voicemail icon. I re-flashed…same issue and just switched to Myn’s twopointtwo rls4. Myn’s is nice and stable…great experience so far. Any suggestions on battery tweaks because the battery tweak isnt tweaking.

  • http://Website Lord_stylez

    in English i guess i have a fluent name ……….. Me u i ;)
    copy rights reserved ;)

  • http://Website Martin

    My next phone is gonna be an evo. I hate the hero with a passion -.-

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