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Android Market adding paid apps support for additional countries

Google just informed Android developers that they will be adding paid apps support for additional countries in the coming weeks. No details were provided on exactly which countries will be added, but it is still a good sign that Google is finally addressing one of the bigger complaints about the Market.

Currently 14 countries support purchasing paid apps, while only 9 countries can distribute them. I’ve heard quite a few stories of iPhone devs who wanted to bring their apps to Android, but they are unable to sell them so they have delayed their efforts.

Expect another update with specific details next month. Which country do you hope Google adds to their list?

Show Press Release


We’re writing to inform you about some changes to Android Market that require your attention.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding paid apps support for additional countries.  If you have selected to publish your paid apps to all locations and intend to support all new locations as we expand the number of supported countries for paid apps, you don’t have to do anything.  If you have selected to publish your paid apps to all locations but intend to only target the currently supported 14 countries, please update your location selections to target these specific countries.

Please look for follow-up emails when we introduce paid apps support for specific additional countries in the coming weeks.  At that time, you’ll have the option to target these specific countries.

Thanks, and we look forward to continue working with you on Android

The Android Market Team

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  • http://Website MJT

    I hope Sweden is in the list :)

    • http://Website marco

      Hopefully, this one would initiate a good breed of Apps. Especially now that there’s an android app creator already. Android App Inventor Impression

  • http://Website Suzuki

    Brazil FTW! =]

    • http://Website Wellington

      Sure, no doubt that Brazil must be in the list.

  • http://Website dubal72

    i hope they put Ireland on that list

  • http://Website Raul Barbosa

    Mexico!, i do have some paid apps cuz of motorola’s shop4apps market, but its soooooooo bad :( just like my old cliq/dext

  • http://Website Ricardo Ramírez

    COSTA RICA!!! pleeeaaassssseeee

  • Kobra

    I hope they put Hungary too on that list

  • http://Website houserhythm

    I don’t really care. Market Enabler FTW :D

  • http://Website lbojen

    Why not the whole world? Come on Google!

  • Milos

    I want paid Market in Serbia. That would be awesome.

  • http://Website Nammy

    This is a huge problem. I really, really feel sorry for the developers when I read comments like “I would love to purchase you’re software… but the market won’t let me…”

  • Marcel

    Well Australia was added to the sellers list last month for two days so hopefully that was a sign of things to come!

  • http://Website Jeffroid

    come to Asia man!

  • http://Website Ventura

    INDIA……….is on the list :) :)

  • http://Website ian

    guys just root ur phone and use market enabler. it will work wonders ;)

  • http://Website C

    About time. it best arrive in Denmark soon.

  • Chris

    Just letting you know, you misspelled “additional” in the title of your post.

  • fatspirit

    Russia should be there too.

  • http://Website Marin

    I hope it becomes available in Croatia, but due to the fact that it’s a small country and a small market, I very much doubt it. :(

  • http://Website abdulla

    Bahrain! I’ve been waiting for this and official Arabic support! Add one of those high-end dual-core phones to the equation and I’m sold!

  • http://Website Johnny


  • http://Website Kruscic


  • http://Website arden_n


  • http://Website powell

    Poland, please, add Poland!

  • http://Website Bader Koot

    I hope they ad the middle east region.

  • http://Website ac

    European Union, please.

  • Wim Kramer

    India !!!

  • http://Website kapsidi

    I would like Greece to be in that list…

  • http://Website Mostafa

    whole Middle East, specially IRAN

  • Reconnnn


  • http://Website NikolayS

    I want Bulgaria. :D But I doubt that they will add it anytime soon.

  • A-Droid



  • http://Website Sid


  • http://Website Nemir

    I hope Turkey…

  • http://Website Eduardo


  • http://Website KHALID

    I hope Kuwait too!!

  • http://Website Checho


  • http://Website Ryan Kim

    Korea! Have you seen the android market’s top apps (especially communication, lifestyle, and travel)? There are so many korean apps! There are probably more Korean apps than all countries except US!

  • http://Website Daniel Winn

    Singapore plz…

  • Gert Botha

    South Africa, please!

  • http://Website steckmest

    I think It’s time for Sweden :-)

  • http://Website paulo

    Poland, we want Poland.

  • grevendakkon

    Mexico, Mexico, Mexico, please México.

  • http://Website Wellington

    BRAZIL !!!

  • http://Website Stefan

    ROmania! please…

  • SickLP


  • gogol

    It must be a POLAND! POLAND! PO_LAND?!

  • http://Website sligh


  • http://Website Teum


  • Yngve Thoresen

    Rooting and marketenabler is one way to solve this, but I don’t want to do that on my phone the company “owns”. But a sim card from at&t works fine. Just a little cumbersome to change when I want something…

  • http://Website Mutsgah

    Denmark! :-D

  • http://Website Joonatan.O

    Please be Finland!!!

  • http://Website Lleft

    finland! please! and both buying and selling. after all, it’s the only way rovio could release angry birds for android themselves.

  • http://Website Biljana

    C R O A T I A please!!! both buying and selling! c’mon Google.. you can do it.. :D

  • http://Website Marius

    Romania should be on the list ! if not , i’ll just move to uk :))

  • http://Website mahd

    If we do not get the paid apps in midle east before new year most propably I will throw this Android phone In garbage. Will definitely go back to iPhones who at least care of our market. Also I ill ake site to advice on my block every end user not to buy Android phones and I do have a very good reason.

    • http://none jassim