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Correction: T-Mobile G2 will feature 800 MHz processor

A new update to the T-Mobile SCOOP site reveals that the G2 will indeed feature an 800 MHz Qualcomm MSM7230 processor. Even though our original leak said the CPU would be clocked at 800 MHz, we had been reporting the speed as 1 GHz after several sites continued to leak specs which showed the faster speed.

The Qualcomm MSM7230 features a similar Scorpion CPU as the Snapdragon, but it contains the much faster Adreno 205 GPU. We knew the MSM7230 was capable of speeds of 800 MHz to 1 GHz, but we wrongly assumed T-Mobile would bump up the speed to 1 GHz.

At the end of the day the newer 800 MHz MSM7230 will likely out-perform the older 1 GHz Snapdragon, but I’m sure we will see a lot of complaints due to earlier speculation. The G2 should be out soon, so let’s wait and see how it performs in our round of benchmarks.


Via: TmoNews

Source: T-Mobile

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  • http://Website Christian C.

    I’m kinda new at this, so is this Scorpion with 800MHz better than the Snapdragon with 1GHz?

    • http://Website Xallies

      Indeed it has a better core

    • smooth3d

      The old 1 ghz snapdragens that is out now are on a 65mn die. This next gen msm7230 (Snapdragen) cpu is on a smaller more efficient and power saving 45mn die. Usually when cpu’s get smaller there are more efficient so they do more work per clock cycle.

      So in layman terms the G2 800 mhz cpu should be comparable to the older 1 ghz snapdrogens. The gpu is a whole diffrent story! The msm7230 gpu is 4x faster then the current snapdragen gpu. So overall it is a faster platform then the older Snapdragens especially in gaming and multimedia.

      • mattcoz

        Being smaller does NOT mean it can do more work per clock cycle.

        • http://Website Anon

          What it does mean is that it will run cooler so it should be capable of running at a higher clock rate. The new 45nm transistors consume less power than the 65nm ones so we might be able to get better battery life out of this SoC.

  • http://Website code.vtek

    I must say i was wrong about u G2. Ur sleek sexxy frame and vanilla Froyo OS is very prestigious…aand just in tiime for the HSPA+ over haul…well done T-M0BlL3 xD

  • http://Website JohnB

    It all depends on what kind of work you are talking about. MSM7230 essentially has the same Scorpion score as the first gen Snapdragons so for everyday tasks, 800MHz MSM7230 isn’t going to outperform 1GHz first-gen Snapdragon.

    On the other hand, as mentioned before, MSM7230 has Adreno 205 instead of Adreno 200. This GPU will be 3-4x faster than Adreno 200! So for games, there’s no comparison. I believe 205 even hardware accelerates Flash!

    So depending on what you want to do with your phone, it ranges from slightly slower to much much faster than the first gen 1GHz Snapdragon phones.

    If you want to know more about Adreno 205, here’s a nice article:

    • http://Website Zapote21

      But it DOES outperform it…

  • Rubbinz

    I’m not gonna write it off just yet, let’s see how it stacks up against my N1. Though, I may hold out because the upgrade to my N1 that want would ideally have a 4″ screen –I’ve found the 4″ screens on the Vibrant to be the sweet spot in size– and front facing camera. I know the Touch HD is in the pipeline, but the all plastic body is a turnoff.

  • http://Website Jim Leary

    Yeah, time to find a new person to provide information. How easy it is to post inaccurate information, only to come back later and say, “Oops.” I love that T-Mobile posted it on their T-Mobile Scoop page and made a lot of sites with inaccurate information look like idiots. Good for them.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      What do you mean? We first reported that test units of the G2 were running at 800 MHz. Several product leaks from sites like Walmart, etc. kept suggesting 1 GHz and we knew the chip could run at that speed, but I don’t think we posted inaccurate information.

  • http://Website Mailman

    I hardly ever comment, but I’m here to say that this is the sexiest android device by far. I have a huge crush on physical keyboards and none of them grasp the shape quite like the G2. This device is _Gorgeous_

  • http://Website Simon

    for pple outside the US, what does this mean? would you go for the G2 or the Galaxy S Pro?
    I’m guessing since it’s coming out with Tmobile, means we can buy it here in Australia.

  • http://Website Greg

    I seem to recall Google talking about a 1 GHz minimum for phones wanting to eventually upgrade to Android 3.0 (Gingerbread). Is this still accurate? And if it is, will the supposedly-more-powerful 800 MHz G2 be able to upgrade? I was ready to upgrade from my Nexus One. Now I’m not so sure…

    • mattcoz

      It was never accurate. It was all rumor and Google debunked it.

    • http://Website Pedraso

      If i’m not mistaken the specs in these new chip sets says that it can run between 800MHz – 1GHz. So I think that in the future if its really needed the 1GHz it can be clocked to that spped. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • boss5

    This is actually what I’d rather see. Lower power ratings with a good bit more spunk to get the job done and not all at the cost of battery life.

  • TravLadin

    I don’t think I’ll switch to this phone from my N1.. To be honest it look like a N1 with a keyboard. I don’t think i can shell out another 500$ for an improved GPU.. This phone is almost perfect… I Like that this phone has:

    Stock android
    Hardware keyboard
    GPU (Similar to the hummingbird)

    If it had a front facing camera it would be a worthy update from the N1. If you have a low end T-mobile phone you cant go wrong with this phone.. This is the best phone T-mobile has to offer hands down.. the galxy is nice but this phone is going to out shine it guaranteed (It should out shine it).

    This phone will be the new face of google android.. This is the next developers phone.. Everything accomplished on the N1 should convert over easily to the G2.. Anyone that has been using android for a while knows what im talking about.. The developers are going to flock to this phone…

    I think I’ll wait for something similar to drop 4 quarter of this year.. I smell dual core processors and GPU’s comparible to gaming consoles..

    • http://Website mackye

      Yeah, I agree. If you already have a N1, then no point to upgrade just yet. But I don’t so I can’t wait to pick this up. And since Cyanogen said he’s getting this, I can’t wait to see what kind of development this will get. Although I highly doubt we’ll see dual cores this year at all. I think it will be around the end of Q1 to Q2.

  • http://Website mthode

    The only question I have about the phone is if the alt symbol on the ‘A’ key is the ‘|’ (pipe) symbol. Anyone have a higher res shot of the keyboard?

  • David

    This is going to be a case where we will have to wait till the is out to run it through all the benchmarks and see how it compares to the older snapdragon.

  • http://Website nate

    Clock speed doesn’t really mean much about the actual performance of a CPU, plus once this thing is rooted it will probably get some nice overclocks.

  • http://Website manteka

    even though it’s at 800mhz, get a couple of a day and xda dev will overclock this thing to 1 ghz.

  • http://Website Paul

    It doesn’t really matter how fast the 800MHz run. The point is THE G2 IS INELIGIBLE TO GET android 3.0. Which REQUIRES a 1GHz processor. Its already at the end of its Firmware life and it hasn’t came out yet

    • http://Website Mike

      This is a nasty rumor. Keep in mind the g2 is the second GOOGLE phone… you think it isn’t getting Google’s Android 3.0 when it comes out Q2 2011, you’re crazy. I’ve actually used this side by side with a Mytouch 4g and I think my g2 has a snappier response than that POS (I’m of the opinion that the Mytouch 4G was designed for teenage girls). I suspect you’re a verizon customer lurking on these boards because you refuse to believe that Verizon (despite ALL the advertising efforts) has inferior call quality, call management, network speed, pricing and customer service. You’re like a Chicago White Sox fan who reads the paper to see if the Cubs lost… give me a break. Do your homework.

  • http://Website Paul

    It doesn’t really matter how fast the 800MHz run. The point is THE G2 IS INELIGIBLE TO GET android 3.0. Which REQUIRES a 1GHz processor. Its already at the end of its Firmware life and it hasn’t came out yet !!!

  • smooth3d

    G2 will get the upgrade, that a false rumor that will not die

  • http://Website Starr

    This phone should be pretty good (I hope) but has anyone heard anymore details on the special deal G1 users will be getting on the G2? When the rumors 1st started about the G2 Google/tmo said G1 users would have some special deal, yet I’ve heard nothing else about it

  • http://Website G1Joe

    I bought my wife the Samsung Vibrant about a month ago. I figured I would “test” it out to see if I could live without the keyboard. I can live without it but I DON’T WANT TO! I can’t wait to upgrade to this phone!

    Soon to be G2Joe :)

  • http://Website Kevinthebox

    Hmmm, it will be interesting to see what the myTouch HD launches with. Will it be the same processor, or perhaps a duel core. The G2 is an amazing phone, but I’m looking forward to that phone that will have a 4.0 inch screen, with Ffc, and hopefully not sense ui, even though I wouldn’t mind sense too much. Mytouch hd, you better come out with that dual core scorpion, or I will probably get this beautiful device :)

  • http://Website lovo

    Hmm well I feel better now literally 2days time after I reserved my DX I got this update on my G1 about this rumored phone at first I thought nothing of it after all we’ve heard about G2s be4 then came another and another update and other site’s. Also confirmed I started having buyers remrse after.all here I just ordered a DX after finally throwing in the towel wid. Good ol. Tmo. And then they finally release info on the phone I’ve only been dying to get forever but recent posts make me feel better although this will definitely be a good phone I still feel my Droid X will be a superphone for a good minute by the way its easy to get over a keyboard with a 4.3in screen XD

  • http://Website Daniel

    Sorry if this has already been asked, but does anyone know if the G2 will have a front facing camera?

    Before all the hated “Front Facing Cameras are stupid and unnecessary” comments get started let me just say IT IS NOT ABSOLUTELY necessary, however I believe it would be a great feature.

    I think a front facing camera would be nice so that I can video chat with my Brothers, Sisters, Nieces, Nephews, and parents, whom all live out of state. Yes, I am aware this can be done sitting in front of a PC, but our lives are about probability, mobility, and ease of use now days.

  • http://Website adam

    I would of jump to this phone but now that it show 800mhz.. I rather stay with my rooted droid 1 with 1.4 ghz it fine by me this doesnt break ground for me. Spec show 5 megapixes on g2 which the same as droid. T-mobile do better homework start offering 8 megapixes with canon flash for users if u want me to switch carrier. So far Verizon is still far better with specs kinda prices, but hey im not complaining.

    • http://Website Nithin Jino

      I think this cpu can go up to 1 ghz but they underclocked it to 800 mhz.

      Also this new cpu will out performance any old snapdragon 1 ghz device and your rooted droid (even if it is Oc’ed to 1.4 ghz. That doesn’t meant it can perform any better)

  • http://Website adam

    you dont need a front face camera for video calling use qik or flnch they work fine with back camera on my droid 1 and for users that doesnt have evo.

  • http://Website adam

    LOvo the only reason motorola made droid x was because they want to compete with htc evo. Moto didnt want to lose money from customer, because htc is higher priorty on android people trust them more . Especially with updates!

  • http://Website robzoo

    Couldn’t this phone theoretically be rooted and overclocked to 1ghz+?

    • http://Website Nithin Jino

      I am willing to bet my soul that after a few days/weeks after this phone is released, it will be rooted with NAND unlock, fastboot working, and CyanogenMod 6 running on it. Plus the fact that it will be OC’ed to at least 1.2 ghz.

      Just looking at the other android devices (N1, Bravo, Galaxy S, Droid, etc.) and making these guesses. :P

  • http://Website Chris

    Though this phone looks awesome and very promising… I’ll hold out till Tmobile comes out with a front facing camera phone

  • http://Website cryogenic

    My friend has a pre-release version of this phone and it does in fact have the 800Mhz CPU with the new GPU. It scores higher on Quadrant than my Droid X does (both with 2.2, of course). I was pretty impressed with the performance of the phone. It also felt really nice in the hand and has a fantastic screen. If I was on T-mo, I’d consider it

  • http://Website drewdawgg_

    the processor looks great, but the gpu still will not surpass the vibrant hummingbird… also this phone will have a sony/samsung SLCD b/c htc could not get an SAMOLED screen, being that samsung is the only company mass producing SAMOLED screens, they were keeping them for their flagship galaxy s line of devices.

    samsung just recently purchased and are looking to expand their factory to produce what they claim 300,000 SAMOLED per month.

    i was really excited about the g2 until i saw the keyboard… IMO the g1 and line of sidekicks are the best full qwerty keyboard hands down… they should have never changed that 5 row sexy design…

    IMO if the vibrant had just even a simple LED flash let alone xenon… it would be the baddest mobile phone on the planet…

    n1 trackball = fail

    vibrant is the lightest most powerful phone to date cpu and gpu… g2 could have been great… but HTC decided to stay middle class.

  • http://Website KeithRVA

    Not a bad looking device, but I would rather have the Droid 2′s keyboard on T-Mobile. That is the nicest keyboard IMO. But until T-Mobile has a device with EVERYTHING (front camera, hdmi port, 4g, slider keyboard, 5+mp w/flash, hd video, 4.3″ super amoled, 1700 battery, etc, etc) I’m going to hang on to my beloved and trusty unlocked Blackberry Tour 9630. True, she ain’t even got wifi and can’t access TMO’s 3G band, but I love her.