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Desire HD becomes HTC’s fastest Android phone yet

Today HTC announced the Desire HD, which now becomes their fastest Android phone. Many sites are labeling the Desire HD as the “European EVO” because both devices share a 4.3 inch display, but the Desire HD features a second-generation Snapdragon processor that uses a low-power 45nm process and offers four times the graphical performance.

Qualcomm’s MSM8255 has a similar 1 GHz Scorpion CPU as the previous Snapdragons, but it includes the newer Adreno 205 GPU which can pump up to 41M triangles/sec. Some of you might notice that is only half the 90M triangles/sec of Samsung’s Hummingbird SoC, but leaked benchmarks show they should perform in the same neighborhood. The Adreno 205 might not be the fastest GPU and we need to test it out more, but it addresses the major complaint of the first-gen Snapdragon phones.

HTC also raised the bar for Android phones by including 768 MB of RAM. That’s 256 MB more than most high-end Android devices and it should allow for increased performance when running multiple apps.

Other high-end features of the Desire HD include support for HSPA+ 14.4 Mbps networks, Dolby Mobile and SRS virtual surround sound speakers, and the unibody aluminum frame. The Desire HD is also the first device to feature HTC’s Fast Boot which shortens the power up sequence of the device so you can access your data faster.

As we have seen with other recent HTC phones, AMOLED displays are out and the Desire HD features a S-LCD (which we believe is manufactured by Sony). The picture quality is said to be near the quality of AMOLED and the LCD display’s have the advantage of less power consumption.

Surprisingly, the Desire HD only includes a 1230 mAh battery (compared to the 1500 mAh battery found in the EVO). Hopefully the more power effiecient 45nm processor, lack of 4G radio, and display type will help to improve the overall battery life.

Look for the Desire HD to be available through mobile operators and retailers across major European and Asian markets this October. No U.S. availability was announced, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some regional carriers pick up the Deisre HD (like the original HTC Desire).

Cyclists love it Desire HD Desire HD Desire HD Desire HD Desire HD

Show Press Release
htc UNVEiLS HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z with NEW HTC senseä and HTCSENSE.COM
HTC Sense integrates a variety of multimedia and location-based enhancements and introduces, a series of new connected HTC services
LONDON, UK — September 15, 2010 — HTC Corporation, a global designer of smartphones, today unveiled a new HTC Sense experience with the new HTC Desire HDTM and HTC Desire ZTM Android-based smartphones.  The new HTC Sense experience continues HTC’s strong focus on the customer, placing people at the center by simply making its phones work in a more personal and natural way. HTC Sense introduces a number of key innovations including a series of connected services called that enhance people’s mobile experience on HTC phones.
“We’re excited to be taking the HTC Sense experience beyond the phone to a whole new level with a series of connected HTC services we call,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation. “Our customers will value the holistic approach we’re taking to enhance their mobile experience. This customer-first philosophy has resonated with people buying HTC phones and this drives us to continue introducing new innovative smartphones like the HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z.”
“As a key Android partner and smartphone brand, HTC continues to bring new innovation to the platform,” said Andy Rubin, VP engineering at Google.  “Android is about choice and the new HTC smartphones continue to provide customers with powerful choices and flexibility.”
HTC Sense
The new HTC Sense experience offers a variety of enhancements that improve how people capture, create, share and access multimedia content. With a newly created camera experience, people can record HD videos or capture and edit images with a variety of fun camera effects. With HTC Locations, a new differentiated online mapping experience, people have instant, on-demand mapping without download delays or incurring mobile roaming charges.
HTC Sense also includes a new integrated online e-reading experience utilizing a new e-book store powered by Koboä and a new, mobile-optimized e-reader that includes the ability to highlight, annotate and quickly search for definitions or translate unfamiliar terms.
With the new service, people can simply manage their mobile phone experience from their HTC phone or personal computer. For example, people can easily locate a missing phone by triggering the handset to ring loudly, even if it is set to silent, or to flag its location on a map. If the phone’s been lost or stolen, users can remotely lock the phone, forward calls and texts to another phone, send a message to the phone to arrange its return or even remotely wipe all personal data from it. makes it easy to setup a new HTC phone or access archived mobile content such as contacts, text messages and call history from a PC browser. People can also customize their phones with exclusive HTC content like wallpapers, HTC scenes, sounds or plug-ins.
HTC Desire HD
HTC Desire HD showcases outstanding multimedia content with its bright 4.3” LCD display and Dolby Mobile and SRS virtual sound and is the first to be powered by the new 1GHz Qualcomm 8255 Snapdragon processor. The HTC Desire HD enables 720p HD video recording and includes an 8-megapixel camera with dual-flash.  Building on the unibody heritage of the HTC Legend, the HTC Desire HD is sculpted from a block of solid aluminum and exudes the air of quality and strength that HTC has come to be known for.  It also includes the new HTC Fast Boot that enables people to quickly make a call or check emails by shortening the time taken to complete the power-up sequence.
HTC Desire Z
For people constantly on the go, HTC Desire Z makes it quick and easy to stay connected with friends on Facebook and Twitter or with colleagues and customers at work. HTC Desire Z features a unique ‘pop hinge’ that opens to reveal a QWERTY keyboard for fast, convenient typing. HTC Desire Z’s keyboard also includes a variety of keyboard shortcuts and two customizable keys for providing instant access to common functions without the need to open menus.  HTC Desire Z also includes 720p HD video recording and a 5-megapixel camera with automatic flash. It is the first phone to utilize the new 800MHz Qualcomm 7230 processor for improved performance and battery life and also includes HTC Fast Boot.
The new HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z will be broadly available through mobile operators and retailers across major European and Asian markets from October 2010 with the HTC Desire Z shipping in North America later this year.
About HTC
HTC Corporation (HTC) is one of the fastest growing companies in the mobile phone industry. By putting people at the center of everything it does, HTC creates innovative smartphones that better serve the lives and needs of individuals. The company is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange under ticker 2498. For more information about HTC, please visit

Source: HTC

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  • http://Website JGarrido

    WOW, me likey, big time! No mention of a front-facing camera though?

    • http://Website matt L

      I was thinking the same thing………

      • http://Website ken

        Amazing phone. It looks like the EVO 4g on steroids. HTC Desire HD Impressions

      • Uncemister

        The only reason people are so butthurt about it not having a front facing camera, is because now they don’t have a way to take omgkawaiidesu pics of themselves for facebook.

        Let the negative votes commence.

        • http://n/a Andrew

          I pity you people for who doesn’t see ‘front facing camera’ as great benefit. For deaf people, there are already millions and millions of deaf people who rely alot on this device and technology. Now, once there’s front facing camera – we will be able to communicate by sign language at any time. It will be very beneficial for all of us from people with so much vain and people with great support from HTC or Samsung! Yes I am saying it cuz lately they are impressive but not impressive enough to fit my criteria.

          • http://Website Brian

            How do deaf people hold the phone up and sign at the same time? Hm…I think you are just trying to push something when you aren’t even deaf. And thus far, the technology like this isn’t there just yet. But most of the world isn’t deaf and products like this are made for main stream and front facing camera’s aren’t main stream, at least not yet.

      • gaspassr98

        I really don’t get the need for the front facing camera!!!

        • http://Website Roger

          Video call on Skype.

    • http://Website mkrmec

      Like you would ever use it… face it guys, nobody does video calls.. it’s stupid to think that it will catch on now that iPhone is so uber cool with the front facing camera… it’s with the iPhone4 that this crazy thing started and will end soon

      • http://Website Wesley

        Actually, a front-facing camera has been on cellphones ever since the turn of the century. Old Nokia and Sony’s had a few that they released in Hong Kong, Korean, and Japan, where the wireless connectivity is top of the line. So its not the “iphone 4 that started this,” as I pity a main-streamer like you to think. Furthermore, video calling can be a plus when you want to Skype or Oovoo without a computer nearby.

        This phone looks sweet though, even without the front-facing camera. Can’t wait till it releases in the US.

        • http://Website mkrmec

          I knew that apple didn’t start the video calls, I had a nokia old as the earth that had a front facing camera.

          What I meant was “restarted” the video calls craze… not start ups :D

      • http://Website Timbo

        The front facing cam didn’t start with the iPhone 4, Nokia and HTC had it ages before apple decided to implement it.

  • http://Website matt L

    makes me want to pump my breaks, when I am thinking about getting the EPIC.
    the new sense has plenty of nice new like able features.

    downloading the the map to the sd card is a winner.

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      I was thinking the same thing. I was trying to get a feel of the Epic and then now HTC Sense is even better then before. Think I will stick with The EVO and return my Epic and wait until my contract is fully up. The EVO is something to hold onto. It’s not just a next big thing device. I mean the only thing this device has over is the new sense which I’m sure HTC will push out, and better graphic internals.

      • http://Website matt L

        the only drawback with that is when will it be available in the U.S. ??
        I am thinking that I may be going back to buying a phone once a year = every year.

        • http://Website rashard

          easy answer …mytouchhd

          • http://Website Drew

            Yeah right.. but I would like for this to come to Tmo! We need it! Snap it up TMO!!!!

      • http://Website Sined

        The CPU is far better in the Desire HD than the EVO that in conjunction with more RAM and a better GPU it will shatter benchmarks compared to it’s US counterpart.

        You can think of the HD2 as a Alpha testing of the 4.3Inch formfactor, if it did well they’d try it on Android (I’m 100% sure that had the HD2 flop the EVO4G would not exist) and it did decently so they Beta tested the 4.3inch form factor with the EVO4G using the same hardware + a few features, this time a smash hit, so now that they know its a proven form factor that people (not all but a lot) can appreciate they have gone all in with top of the line hardware for the largest market in the world (Europe and Asia) to push out the most devices and of course make the most money.

  • anakin78z

    That’s ridiculous. Multitasking with this thing must be a dream!
    But no front facing camera?… that might be the only thing not to like.

    • falmc

      I wonder if they are hinting to more ram intensive apps. Id really love to see sketchbook pro come to android and this seems like they’re creating that ability for that if it happens, especially with the honeycomb/gingerbread development to aid Android Tablets.

  • http://Website Derek

    S-LCD displays are the way to go. They use so much less battery power than AMOLED or S-AMOLED. My captivate is a freaking battery HOG!!

    Everybody fell for the sales pitch that AMOLED would use less power because it has no backlight, well thats bunk. It takes a lot more power to run 1.152million OLED subpixels (800x480x3 colors) than it does to power two CFL backlights on an LCD screen. This is also why pen-tile matrix is being used. It means less OLED subpixels to have to power. It decreases the number of subpixes by a third because each pixel is only made up of a blue and green or a red and green subpixel instead of red, green, and blue for each pixel.

    • http://Website JaylanPHNX

      Some tech blog (can’t remember who) did a side-by-side comparison of the Desire with the AMOLED screen and the Desire with the S-LCD screen, both running in airplane mode, both running the same long movie at full brightness. Apparently the AMOLED display outlasted the S-LCD by a significant margin. I wish I could throw the link up here for all to read, but I’m just to lazy to track it down. It might have been

      • velazcod
        • http://Website Sined

          Funny how people don’t appreciate or even attempt to dispute the test results.
          This is a very rare occurrence in the mobile tech world where there are NO VARIABLES (software or hardware) between the two test units other than the screen. I mean this is as good as it gets in a scientific test all variables eliminated and only the two screen technologies are pitted against each other.

          It’s clear that Samsung has something going for it with AMOLED and S AMOLED.

      • http://Website mkrmec

        I once saw a OLED on the left…
        since then AMOLED is more efficient. Problem of power in Galaxy S phones is something else.. maybe the CPU.

    • http://Website Chad

      Hey Derek while it sounds like you are very knowledgeable in regards to SLCD and AMOLED, I think you should check out the HTC DESIRE test where one has AMOLED and the other SLCD. I know your theories are correct but in realtime test, the Desire with SLCD ran out of power while the Desire with AMOLED still had 30% left! Android Central even swapped out the batteries and put one in the other. Same results! Not sure why this is, but test results are showing AMOLED to suck up more battery life in realtime test!

      • http://Website jkang

        As he mentioned, AMOLED lights each pixel whereas LCD’s will rely on the backlight. Power consumption for the AMOLED will depend entirely on what is displayed on the screen. If it’s a lot of black or dark backgrounds, it will consume little power. If it’s a bright image, it will likely consume more than an equivalent SLCD.

        Engadget isn’t the most thorough of review sites so they likely did not think about this. A more comprehensive test would’ve included different usage scenarios — including a web browser that generally has a white background or a pixar movie with a bright background.

        In average usage, I would still suspect AMOLED to do better. But that doesn’t take away that technically, both screens displaying bright white will be in favor of LCD.

    • http://Website Sined

      Looks like you fell for the wrong marketing PR.

  • http://Website johnny b

    F the front facing camera guys. I want a badass android phone that can beat the pants off my home computer. I don’t wanna video chat with my wife lol. I want instant load web pages and flawless apps and video. Sheesh am I the only one who is not swayed whether my phone has a front facing camera? Just saying. Android is the most badass phone os on the market. Buy a fckin web cam if you wanna video chat BS.

    • Uncemister

      No your not the only one, I agree with you. I just don’t see the point of a camera on the front. I mean if you guys realy are serious about video calls, just use skype on your pc then.

      • http://Website jay

        I agree too. I mean I would take a badass phone with a front facing camera but hell if its a deciding factor. Android is only getting better. :)

  • velazcod

    I think the reason why they included more RAM was because of the increased bloat of the new Sense UI, but hey, I’m just assuming and might be completely wrong.

    Big fail though. Nobody noticed they mentioned “uni-body”, yet they failed to mention the battery is replaceable? And if you look at the picture where they show the back of the phone and exposed “back cover”, you see only the bottom comes out to change sd/sim cards but no battery? Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m also assuming the battery on this thing is not replaceable.

    • anakin78z

      It’s replaceable. There’s a side latch that opens up and gives you battery access.

      • velazcod

        Good, thank you for clarifying that.

  • http://Website lolcopter

    waaay too big

    4″ screen is the sweet spot, IMO

    • http://Website falmc

      If you mean way too big in terms of actual phone size its not that large. Its a design visual trick removing a lot of dead space on the front of the phone and a slightly larger screen. Coupled with a glossy black underlay and a glass/acrylic? top, it makes the phone screen/phone seem larger than it is.

    • mattcoz

      I agree, put those innards in a phone with a more hand-friendly size and I’m sold.

  • http://Website falmc

    Gorgeous phone and amazing specs to add.
    Got a winner right here.

  • http://Website Usman

    Very cool…. wonder who’ll get it in the U.S., if anyone. Oh, and the SLCD version of the Desire was tested against an AMOLED version of the Desire, and the battery life was MUCH better on the AMOLED version. I don’t buy HTC’s claims of better battery life out of the SLCD.

  • http://Website Alankrut

    What are the chances this is the MyTouch HD, cause think about it nothing has been announced about the Mytouch Hd, and its supposed to be launched on Nov 3. Kinda odd?

    The leaked page of the Mytouch Hd looks fake, tmobile wouldn’t write dual processor and fastest 4g network

    If that page was real than why didnt HTC announce that phone today in the press conference,

    The rumored specs of mytouch hd beats all of these specs, so it would have made more an effect,

    so what im thinking is that

    MyTouch HD= Desire HD

    And if so, its about time T-Mobile got high-end phones

    • velazcod

      You might have a point here, sir.

    • velazcod

      However, I just noticed something. The MyTouch line of devices have always had a trackball/trackpad, and this doesn’t have one. It would make more sense if the leaked version of the MyTouch HD was the real deal, but it’s just 1 small assumption.

      • http://Website Alankrut


        • http://Website Alankrut

          The biggest thing is the fact that the MyTouch HD is supposed to have a Dual-Processor, if so it would be revolutionary and HTC would have announced it.


          The front Facing Camera, knowing HTC it would have said something like “For the first time ever (In Europe) an Android Phone has a Front-Facing camera.

    • http://Website Drew

      I hope so too!

  • http://Website Jon

    Holy Hell, 700+ MB of RAM? That’s awesome.

  • codethief

    Did anyone see that Fast Boot thing?
    It’s the second video on
    Holy cow!
    Ok, it’s the Z but though.

    • http://Website falmc

      That is stunning! Dont see why the Desire HD wont be as fast. Wonder if that is hardware or the Sense rebuild making it that fast. (I dont know enough about software apologies)

    • mattcoz

      That is incredible.

    • Uncemister

      Holy cow is right!

  • codethief

    I’m gonna miss the trackball btw. :(

  • Kevinthebox

    So assuming this is only released in Europe (who knows?), can i still use this bad boy somehow on Tmobile, if say, I bought it from ebay??? It is HSPA+ compatible so does that mean it’s coming out for Tmobile as well?

  • http://Website sgb

    Loving the specs on this baby, making my desire look old:-(

    However I still prefer the style of the original desire, and will be holding on to it till Jan or Feb I think and see what’s on the horizon then

  • ayocuz

    I don’t understand why sprint is the only carrier with a 4.3 and a forward facing camera phone. Htc just doesn’t want to truly make make me happy. I have a nexus one and I’m not a big smart phone game player so gpu isn’t a deal maker for me.

  • http://Website Steve

    This girl should do more press releases, What a lovely voice.

    Oh and the phones good too…

  • http://Website skye

    hope it will work on tmobiles us hspa network…or at least 3g…if so ill be getting it

    • http://Website Virtue

      Unfortunately it won’t. It will only work on EDGE because T-Mo requires a 1700/2100 HSPA band while the Desire HD only provides 1900/2100.

  • NPHHaru

    I am in Taiwan right now (6:30am local time), and I have _2_ of these sitting here on the hotel bed with me. Yes, hot-spicy 2 on 1 action. WOW. What a phone. I’d love to pocket these, but I can’t… they are staying here. This phone is 100% awsome… and I am a serious Android enthusiast (been doing the rounds in TW this week doing builds at various ODM/OEM houses). The industrial design is great, the screen is excellent, the camera is really solid, and yes, it is _fast_ as hell. I am a Vibrant owner, which I will not speak badly of. But this phone absolutely gives it a run for it’s money, which so far I haven’t seen another phone do. Start salivating. :)

    • falmc

      How about you accidentally carefully package one of those desires and post it first class to the UK for your new best friend falmc? :D

      Worth a try haha.

      So hands on do you think the phone has enough hardware wise to compete with these dual cores rumoured to be here soon? I think this phone is going to get picked up by the modding community quickly and I cant wait to see what they do with it.

  • http://Website Lars

    ok so to those of you who are from the US and bothered about the front facing camera. When 3g was launched in Denmark (and thats a very long time ago), 3g phones all had front facing cameras, It was part of the sales pitch that “future promises of video-calling were now become true” and while that was the case, nobody used it after the first year or so. I hear the same is true for other European countries. I have a few friends in japan and most of them say they did the same thing in japan, it was fun for the first few years, then leveled off (oh if you think EU gets the good phones, you shoud go to Japan) so its unlikel you will see a frontfacing cam in the desire HD anytime soon.
    also apple did not start this. actually 8 out of 10 time apple will have you believe that they did something new with there iphone, its mostly just a recycle of old windows CE features from when compaq made ipaq PDA’s. (tjek out this old site and see all those games like Myst and quake 2 running on 233Mhz arm CPUs, only just now comming to android and iphone and running like crud i might add.)

  • http://Website lars

    but im still getting a desire HD, non the less ;-)

  • http://Website Jeffroid

    am still very very curious about the battery life.. 1230mAh, and considering it has a big screen. is the power efficiency that great?

    and the phone’s thickness doesn’t justify at all. iPhone 4′s got 1420mAh and 9.3mm, Desire HD’s got 1230mAh and it’s even thicker than iPhone 4. why so?

    • http://Website falmc

      Desire needs to contain solid awesomeness… I think :D!

      Plus iPhone may be a few mm thinner but seen as they need to have a bumper case just to make phone calls id imagine they’re then the same size :]
      Personally the iPhone is too thin. Doesn’t have that reassuring feel to it.

      • http://Website Jeffroid

        You do realise that I’m concern bout the battery capacity and not the thickness right?

        What I’m trying to say is, why is iPhone 4 able to contain battery capacity of 1420mAh with such thickness, but Desire HD only holds 1230mAh capacity?

        Maybe they just haven’t figured out how to do it? or they don’t wanna have more capacity for us?

        • falmc

          That start was purely a joke. Yeah in the world of tech possibly HTC doesnt have access to the same tech as Apple. Then again we really dont know that Desires battery life in real time so this is heavy speculation and guessing. The specs comparing to iPhone dont have that huge a difference really so maybe HTC found something that allows for a smaller capacity and still maintain the decent battery life we all need?

  • http://Website Mr Miagi

    Will the bluetooth issue be sorted so you can connect wii controllers and other stuff??

  • http://Website Levchek

    Doesn’t anybody think that over 4 inches of screen is a bit too much! This is a tablet, stop calling it a mobile already!
    Its just too gigantic and the super deluxe gigahertz snap dragon will give it an even better battery life than my Desire, I ”suppose” !?

    Ohh yeah and … Desire HD / Z !!! +++ is that the best name you can do ???

  • http://Website Lars

    The battery has me worried too, but im hoping tey did something with the screen and dident just put in a “regular” Slcd, according to engadget the SLCD takes up more power, so again im hoping they tweaked it a bit to make it more power efficient, also the 45nm CPU REALLY will make a difference, a big one too.
    Oh and the above 4″ screen not being a phone, come on. I have had a PDA since the days of IpaQ’a and at that time my phone was about the same size. (actually the ipaq was thinner) i can see how this is new ground if you have only experienced nokia phones and so on, the 4,3″ screen is not big, you have to look at the bezel,. Also you have to get use to using your phone differently, I remember when I got the first ipaq with windows CE (this is like 8-9 years ago). It could remote control of the PC, EBooks galore, music, Skype free calls over wifi (with a wifi SDio adapter, or a GSM SDio adapter ) gb emulators, amiga and scumm all ran on it. lol I remember I had gotten hold of a skype beta for my ipaq, the people on the train who had just gotten the first picture phones couldent believe it, lol.
    Back then the PDA’s were a niche market, and the fact that you could use a touch screen as a phone was almost taken right out of startrek. A year later Sony came out with a brick of a phone that had a touch screen too along with a foldout keyboard. Sorry for the days of old tale, but my point is now that big touch screen phones have become more mainstream, people have to get use to working differently with there new phones. Most people I see still basically use there new phones as an old phone with GPS and internet, its really a shame cause the phone can now do so much more. Anyway having also used a pad forquie a while, I can tell you 4+ screen is not a pad. I tend to use my pad for very specific tasks like reading, or in the kitchen, where as my phone is way more versatile, and almost always with me, I know the learning curve seems easy but its actually pretty steep, when you get into the workings of the device, but its woth it. Treayt it like what it is a PDA personal digital assistant and it will change your life.
    Trust me 4,3 is not a pad, get one use it for a month and I’m sure you will agree.

  • http://Website drone3

    For those interested it seems that the HD has a regular lcd, and the Z has the S-lcd.

    Man, i really wanted an s-lcd they’re much better for text then the jagged pentile matrix from amoled.

    Anyway still keen on the HD, nice real estate.

  • http://Website wouter

    Let’s hope these new phones have proper multi touch… actually I also thought they would have HDMI out too… I don’t like Samsung phones, so it is even harder to accept Hummingbird is kicking ass…

  • taras


  • krazytrixxxsta


  • http://Website The SPCS Guy

    This will officially roll out for Sprint, as the HTC Evo 2..Book it!


  • http://Website Lars

    @drone3. Desire HD has Slcd not lcd, some writer just dident think it was a big deal to mention.
    @wouter Desire HD supports 4 finger multi touch, and though it dosent have HDMI out, it has DLNA so hey on screen with no wires.
    having seen the ROM i can say this is one bada..- phone. Smother then anything i have seen too.

  • http://Website croq

    no front facing camera……no buy!

  • http://Website Lars

    why front facing cameras suck:
    This is what happened here when 3G was launched, and every phone to come out had a front cam (part of the sales pitch back then)
    How many of you have been awakened by a phone call, and proceeded to state that “ofcourse you weren’t sleeping” With a front facing cam that wont really be possible anymore will it. If you werent sleeping why haven’t you turned on the cam?
    lets face it, statistically we all tell white lie’s. facebook updates, where we are, etc. With a front cam you will be cought. How many have gone out after work for a beer, and told your wife/girlfriend /friends that you were working late? what happens when they call and all of a sudden you wont turn on the cam? ever try to call in sick when you really weren’t, you can fake a cough, but its a lot harder to look sick.

    I know these are all amoral and naturally no one here does these thing, but statistically we all do…and yeah your girlfriend too.
    trust me front facing cam’s, face time, etc. will blow over.

  • http://Website BOB12

    ZOMG FACETIME!! So good.
    Apple thort up of video calling, no other companies are good enough to use it.
    Also, HOMG, the iPhone has apps, a web browser, music player, and settings


  • Kamote

    Superb but NO front facing camera.

  • DieselxXx

    Good smartphone, but the only negative is the lack of front camera.
    Why I need a front camera?
    I often fly to other countries. And I want to make video calls using Skype

  • bush

    hello everyone, i just got a htc desire and i downloaded skype but when i use the video call i can see the person but my front camera is not workin,only the back one…is that mean that i can’t use it?? i really need to know and is there is any other app which can allow me to use it?? thank u very much

  • kamal mehet.

    Skype video calls can be on beta version as I hope.