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Droid 2 R2-D2 edition gets plugged into the hyperdrive and speeds up to 1.2 Ghz

Update: Sorry folks, the R2-D2 Droid 2 only features a 1 GHz CPU, but if you want to hack your phone you can still reach 1.2 GHz.

Four days from now in a galaxy near, near to us the Droid 2 R2-D2 Edition will be launching at midnight at a select group of Verizon Wireless locations. As befitting of a device that is this strong with the force (I hear its midi-chlorian count is over 10,000) Verizon is rolling out the red carpet and hosting parties for your favorite Astromech themed handset.

More on the festivities in a minute, but first a rumor that BGR dropped earlier today. A tipster told them that the R2-D2 Droid 2 is running at 1.2 Ghz versus the 1 Ghz of the standard Droid 2. We’ve seen reports previously that the Droid 2 World Edition would be cranked up to 1.2 Ghz so it is well within reason that Motorola would hit the gas for this special edition Droid 2 as well. Less likely, but possible would be that the R2-D2 edition is a painted Droid 2 WE. Keep in mind this isn’t a new processor, just a faster clock speed. We’ll find out the truth of the matter soon enough.

Returning to the launch details, the first news came from Verizon Insider outing the official launch date as September 30th with a list of 10 stores that would have midnight events featuring Star Wars characters and free t-shirts and posters for those that buy any Droid smartphone. You can find that list by hitting the “VIA” link at the bottom of the post.

BGR added a few details regarding the midnight launch at one store in Lewisville, Texas. Their event is starting at 11 p.m. on the 29th and will feature store employees dressed as Storm Troopers, a DJ, video gaming, and most notably they will be giving away 5 R2-D2 Droid 2′s. It is worth noting that this isn’t one of the stores from the earlier list so if you are really interested you should contact your local Verizon store even if they aren’t on the list to see if they have anything planned. If anyone knows their local store is hosting something give a shout out in comments.

This is a limited edition handset as we have known from the start and according to this tipster each store that stocks them will have just 200 and when those are gone that’s all she wrote. Early reports were that it would be available online only, so unless this is a total reversal you might be able to save yourself the trip and just pick it up online at midnight on the 30th.

The Venn Diagram of Star Wars fans and Android fans must have a pretty solid overlap and the Droid 2 is a good if not great handset, so what about it, anyone planning on picking up a new Astromech companion this week?

Via: Verizon Insider

Source: BGR

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  • http://Website CJ

    I’m perfectly happy with my Incredible and to be honest, as a life long Star Wars fan, the phone is fugly.

    • Sean Riley

      I’m with you on this one, but I know some die hard Star Wars fans that I suspect will find it hard not to pull the trigger on this thing regardless.

  • http://Website Chancy

    Someone just needs to take advantage of all these fast processors and make decent games for Android.

    • Sean Riley

      They are definitely coming, we are hearing of more and more major developers that are at least working on Android games so in the next 3-6 months we should see a real boom. Between that, tabletgeddon, and all the streaming video that is due to arrive in the same time period this is going to be an exciting time for Android.

  • http://Website Mardi

    Wow, Verizon is really pouring it on, isn’t it. The pace of their new releases has been phenomenal.

  • coyotejbob

    But how many star wars fanatics out there are willing to actually use it? I love star wars but I don’t know if I can bring myself to buy this phone knowing that I want to use it but on ebay un opened will go for double whatever I paid.

  • http://Website Dennis

    Yeah, my store in Orange Park FL will be throwing it down. Party starts at 9 and the sale at midnight. It will be a blast with DJ, costume contest, etc. feel free to email me with questions!

  • http://Website alex

    cool hope for mytouch hd :)

  • http://Website haz

    I have a DroidX which internally is extremely close to the D2 (and presumably the R2D2 version), and I’ll be the first to say that these phones do NOT need a faster CPU.

    I have yet to run into a situation where I thought that the phone was underpowered… however on a DAILY basis, I wished it had better battery life… and a CPU running 20% faster is not going to be beneficial to extending it’s time between charges.

    I have also run into multiple occasions where I wished that Google and Android phone makers would put a little more emphasis on stability and usability – stuff that effects users all the time, and spend less time on simply jacking up the speed of the CPU. We are already at the point where a ~1GHz is plenty fast enough to handle just about any task asked of a phone.

    But I unfortunately don’t see there being a shift in emphasis any time soon… it’s much sexier to advertise something like a fast CPU than trying to sell people on stability or battery life – 2 things that are sorely lacking in the Android world right now.

  • mike green

    I love my Droid! It is WAY better then the iPhone, trust me I’ve had both! The best part is, I got mine for Free for testing it out and giving a testimonial. Last I checked, they still had a couple available. Click Here for a Free Droid Cell Phone

  • http://Website Spencer

    This has the same processor as the droid x. Does that mean motorola will also bump up the droid x’s processor to 1.2ghz ?

  • http://Website RageGuy

    Eh…A paint job doesnt turn this phone into a collectors item. I wouldnt get it, im a hardcore star wars fan / collector. This wont be worth much in a couple of Months.

    • brandon

      I’m a hardcore star wars fan and I do have the r2d2. For the same price as the droid 2 I have NO complaints, by far the most reliable cell phone I’ve ever had..

  • http://Website kermit

    Seriously fugliest ever produced.

  • http://Website riknos

    I am honestly unimpressed with a 1.2ghz phone. My droid 1 can hit that easily and is able to hit about 1.35ghz. Now if the original droid can hit more than twice its original clock speed, then I would like to see what the droid 2 can handle(2ghz anyone?) Just a thought