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First image of the HTC Lexikon appears in leaked ROM

Any Verizon customers wishing they could get their hands on the HTC Desire Z (G2) to use on Big Red’s massive network? A new image of the rumored HTC Lexikon has just surface thanks to a leaked ROM which was uncovered by our friend over at AndroidGuys.  The HTC Lexikon is expected to feature a QWERTY keyboard, Android 2.2, 4GB of internal memory, 512MB of ROM, a 3.8 inch WVGA display, and a Qualcomm MSM 7630 processor.

The look of the handset definitely does not resemble the upcoming T-Mobile G2 is any way, but the specs tell a completely different story.  The only real difference between the hardware on the two phones is the oddly sized 3.8 inch display.  With the information we have, it’s hard to tell when the HTC Lexikon will actually make it onto store shelves, but since it doesn’t appear to be too different that the T-Mobile G2, there’s hope that it could be available before the end of the year.

Via: HTC Source

Source: AndroidGuys

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  • http://Website raymatthew

    Eh, give me a 2ghz phone and then we will talk.

  • http://Website wallingsworth


  • http://Website Austin

    Is anyone else getting tired of all touch screen phones with 4 ?capacitive? ‘buttons?’ (yea yea it’s suppose to be a QWERY)

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    Cue the “800Mhz?!?! Oh my god… Why not a full 1gig? Snapdragon Pwnzerz!” crowd.

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    Hhmmm Where’s my last comment?

    Cue the “800Mhz?!?! Oh my god… Why not a full 1gig? Snapdragon Pwnzerz!” crowd.

  • http://Website Chad

    why would anyone want the g2 with verizon, since they can get much cheaper plasma with t mobile.

    The only good things with verizon is their very high end phones, but if another carrier has almost the same phone, why pay verizons really expensive plans?

    • http://Website Tim

      Some of us pay for Verizon b/c of the coverage. Unless you live in a major city, and dont travel outside of that city, T-mobile is a horrible decision.

      Its not just about a phone for some of us.

    • http://Website Nick

      Yes, true phone freaks jump carrier just to have the latest and greatest phone, but I’d say that over 70% of consumers don’t even consider looking at phone on other carriers. The majority of people have a contract and stick to it. When they are eligible for an upgrade, they walk into their carrier’s store and see what they have available.

      It’s not always about the phone.

      • http://Website chad

        I live in minneapolis, and I get 3g coverage anywhere I go in about a 70 mile radius from downtown. I think t mobile has good enough coverage and I don’t have any problem with their coverage.

  • http://Website Alvin

    You if I want this phone because of the QWERTY keyboard Im going to lose 4GB of internal memory, 200MHz of processing power, 3 mega pixels, and my AMOLED screen, all for a .1 big screen and a physical keyboard? Not worth it. Im pretty sure my Incredible will get the new Sense UI anyway.

    • http://Website Nick

      You bring up some good points, but keep in mind that the HTC Incredible’s processor is less powerful than the MSM 7×30 family. We have not seen any lest shots from the G2 yet, but more mega pixels has never translated into better pictures. It’s all about the lense and image processor, not the size of the image.

      • http://Website Alvin

        You’re right. The phone is nice. Its not nice enough for me to leave my Incredible yet. They have ported the New Sense over to the HD2. It will also be available for Evo and Incredible. The phone is just not impressive enough for me to use an upgrade or play full retail. I’ll wait for VZW 4G Android phone. My dad would like this phone though. He hates touch screen keyboards lol.

  • DoUknoGREG

    3.8″ screen? Hmmm. So if this phone is able to get the oddly sized 3.8″ screen, then all the rumors about the MyTouch HD must be getting closer to being completely true!!! =D

  • http://Website Pavel

    I’m hoping someone could give me advice. I have a Nexus One (love it and all), but I want to get rid of T-Mobile not long after my contract runs out in two months.. I’m thinking of switching to Verizon…. are any android phones on Verizon currently significantly better than the N1? I ask because I get a corporate discount with Verizon Wireless (17%ish) and their network is 100000000x better than TMO… I just want a better phone if possible…should I just wait til a dual core comes out mid 2011?

    • SGB101

      id wait till the start of the next gen arrives, all the devices at the mo are all the same specs wise.

      ive got the htc desire and love it but would like an upgrade now, but there is just nothing that is worth the upgrade at the moment. (for me anyway) just yesterday got the official 2.2 upgrade so that has been like a mini upgrade, and it seems much more stable then 2.1 did on this device.

      i personally an gong to wait till feb/march, and hopefully a nice duel core will be out buy then. plus that will be about 12 months after the arrival of my dersire.

  • http://Website Kat

    I hope this phone comes to life. My personal preference is a phone with a good QWERTY, and I have sacrificed power for a good keyboard (currently I have the Ally). Right now, besides the Ally, the only other Android phone on VZW with a keyboard is the Droid 2 and that keyboard is terrible. I really hope LG or HTC can couple a good QWERTY with some great internal specs and pull ahead of the game. (And give me a good reason to upgrade to some thing with a better processor.)

  • http://Website lance

    If you want one if a good keyboard just get the droid 2 its the best phone on verizon with a keyboard. I’m still on the original driod but I plan to upgrade to the droid x cuz the keyboard is not that important to me any more.. now T mobile if you remember is working on improving their network so if your in a contract you should wait it out, I. Mean they will be the 2nd carrier with “4g” maybe its preferance.

  • Henry Chase

    Looks cool if you ask me. Plus I love the QWERTY keyboard…. so much easier to use!!!

  • http://Website Deon

    A lot of the games I play use the D-Pad/Directional pad on the front. The Droid2/DroidX/Evo/etc. are all doing away with this. I’m so happy the G2 has the directional pad on the front, but it looks like it’s Verizon counterpart won’t have it. I guess it’s going out of style. I love and use the Directional Pad all the time, helps in navigating certain websites and programs where my fat fingers aren’t so precision. And games of course.