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Froyo OTA update expected to hit the DROID X tomorrow

It looks like Motorola’s DROID X is finally ready to step up its game with a fresh dose of Froyo.  Motorola promised their customers an Android 2.2 update before the end of summer and it looks like they are delivering right before the buzzer.

The usual Froyo improvements include support for Adobe Flash Player 10.1, improved JavaScript performance in the browser, an improved Android Market with automatic updates, and better search functionality.  Verizon has thrown in a few improvements of their own, such as improved visual voicemail, updated Verizon Navigator, and an improved 3G hotspot app.

Verizon is expected to make the Android 2.2 update available tomorrow.  We’re expecting the update to take a few days (or weeks) to roll out, but if you’re in a bit of a hurry, the DROID X support page has posted up details instructions on how users can download and install the update manually.

Be sure to let us know how Froyo tastes on the DROID X.

OTA User  Initiated Installation Instructions

  1. From the main menu tap Menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select About phone
  4. Select System update
  5. Select Download to proceed with the download update
  6. Once the download has completed select Install now
  7. Software installation is complete, Select OK

Source: Verizon Wireless

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  • HipHopIsLyfe37

    Okay Samsung. Now its time for you to deliver Froyo to the Galaxy S phones

    • http://Website Knowledge

      You’ll see froyo before you see a agps fix on that phone

      • Sinanovski

        when everyone gets android 5.1, samsung will give us froyo. they are old skool like that.

  • Deter

    Not having to wait for an OTA push from the carrier may SEEM like a good idea, but I am willing to bet that trying to download it tomorrow will take FOREVER since everyone will be trying to do so.

  • The Denver Max

    This is worthy of instant baller status.

  • http://Website Soleil3gs

    Nice. Lucky droid x users. Meanwhile we have to wait on samsung bitch ass and carriers to get froyo on the galaxy s us variants.

  • http://Website blkidea

    Samsung doesn’t always keep their promises… I hope they do for the sake of the S owners!

    • http://Website JAG

      Maybe you will receive 2.2, but I doubt you receive something else.

      • Sinanovski

        by that time i think most of samsung s users will be out of samsungs little whore games…i’ll be out next year for sure.

  • http://Website alex

    how about us mytouch 3g slide owners,and the mytouch 3g owners look at that the mytouch 3g slide came out a month before the droid x,and the droid x is getting froyo first,an the mytouch 3g came out a year before :(

  • http://Website HAN

    MAN WTF!!!
    I am tired of T-Mobile’s BS. People are upgrading to Froyo left and Right and the only thing we ever got from T-Mobile was a promise that at some point in future, MTS and MT will be be upgraded.

    Their service is getting crappier by the day. The original Android carrier…whatever!!!

    • http://Website BiggiE

      I had T-mobile had 3 lines on the even more plus plan. No contract “right”. Wrong when we canceled one line they tried to charge me a $200 fee. I went to verizon Friday got my new Droid X and my wife the Fascinate and now im sitting here with 2.2 on my Droix that i just downloded this morning. I was with Tmobile for 6 years and bought new phones every 6 months and then i get lied to and they would not remove the fee they can kiss my a$$. I really think im going to like getting updates reguraly now i wont have to buy a new phone just to get a new version of android. I went from G1 to behold 2, mytouch, mytouch slide just to get new android not anymore. I can keep my Droid X for a while untill Verizon’s has new phone for the LTE network.

      • http://Website Firewhip

        Why don’t you try reading your terms and conditions before bitchin on a thread. I have been with verizon, and they are by far the worst money rapin company I have ever dealt with. Yeah, when I left them, I was out of contract, and they still tried to charge me. I am with T-mo now, for 2 years. There phones are good, service is great, and the one time I thought about leaving, they bent over backwards to make me happy. Droid X? Really? Lol, you can have it. I’ll be laughin at you overpaying for bad customer service when I am loving life with my myTouch HD.

  • http://Website Tommy

    Okay i be the first actual droid x owner to post. I am really looking forward to this.. I really miss the bug less beast version of froyo I used to have on my droid…I bet the X will be even faster now…this Phone is by far the best gadget I’ve owned…and I’m typing this on on an iPad with an iPod touch beside me too…heehee


    Sprint and Samsung need to step their game up! This is so frustrating considering I paid $250 for this damn Epic 4G and it still hasn’t been updated.

    • http://Website erick

      dude that phone has been out for like two weeks. do you really need froyo THAT bad? chill.

  • http://Website Nick

    It went viral not to long ago……..go…now…….update!

  • http://Website Joe

    I just downloaded the update for my droid x and…wow! Completly new phone and 100x faster (seemed impossible) but yeah. Its the greatest

  • http://Website lovo

    Got it already like soon as midnight hit to beat te rush and omg its amazing yay!

  • http://Website Spencer

    My dad and I both have droid xs. He was able to get his update already no problem, but mine is constantly searching for an update (never says no update available or update available). I think this is because it refuses to connect to only my wifi (when it is connected to my wifi it still stays connected to 3g). PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • http://Website Bill

    Just finished the download to my Droid X – went right to music – hit shuffle all and up popped Brand New Day by Ryan Star -

    Yes, it is a Brand New Day now that I have Froyo.

  • scottric

    Froyo dropped on my phone while I was in the shower, and now everything is FLYIN!
    I am going to really like this…..

  • http://Website Nick

    When i did the review of the DROID X, it was one of the fastest phones i had used. I’m sure the new update brings it up to par with the Galaxy S phones. Has anyone noticed anyone run any benchmark tests to see how much faster this thing really is with Froyo?

    • http://Website BiggiE

      I just got the 2.2 update while i was at work installed it and just ran Quadrant Standard it shows it above Nexus 1 with 2.2 and a score of 1384.

  • http://Website haz

    I would be curious to know how many fellow X’ers are having issues with even getting the update. I’ve tried a bunch of times and I keep on getting the same error message:

    Check for Updates was not available at this time. Try again later.

    Honestly I am not that concerned because I rather see how smoothly the update works for other people before I do it on my own phone, but on the other hand, I have no read to many other people having issues simply accessing the update page. Grrrr.

    (FYI my phone is completely stock, so I know it’s not a root issue)

  • http://Website tyler

    I love T-Mobile. I have a Nexus One and have faster 4g speeds than Sprint and free hotspots.

  • http://Website Matt

    Updated two droid x’s this morning. One now won’t load jorte or motorola calendar.

  • http://Website JAG

    Excelent, now Gingerbread! xD