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Galaxy Tab Q&A: Honeycomb tablet coming next year

Samsung Electronics revealed they were already working on a next generation tablet based off the upcoming Honeycomb version of Android (possibly Android 3.5) during a Q&A session today at IFA.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will launch with FroYo (Android 2.2) and eventually be upgraded to Gingerbread (maybe Android 3.0), but Samsung said Honeycomb was for a different kind of tablet experience.

JK Shin, head of Samsung Mobile Communications, said that his company was working directly with Google on a larger tablet. “Moving forward with Honeycomb, that will be used in the next generation tablet as it is specifically optimized for different type of tablet, and will be used on another product only.”

Shin’s comments are interesting because not much is known about Honeycomb at this point. Many have speculated that Gingerbread would become Android 3.0 and be the first version of Android optimized for the tablet experience.

I still expect we will see Gingerbread in 2010 on a Tegra 2 Android device, but I doubt Samsung will make it available this year on the Galaxy Tab. It is nice to hear them commit to upgrading the Tab, but we all know how long these software updates can take.

Samsung also said there are no immediate plans to release a WiFi-only version of the Galaxy Tab. Their business plan is to work directly with carriers and have them subsidize the price so customers can have a lower entry point of purchase.

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  • Droi

    personally, i’m not a big Samsung fan, but it looks like they on the right way to get me and others to interest in their products.

  • http://Website bacon

    no wifi only = no dice

    • http://Website KastedOut

      Wow Stop being idiots guys.. There is OF COURSE WiFi!! There is just no “WiFi Only”…I am sure you still wont be forced into getting a contract for 3G… maybe a prepaid if you want.

  • anakin78z

    Well boo to no wifi version. I feel this is probably due to Google, though I can’t imagine why they would do this. This means a lot of people have to spend a lot more money, and people on regional carriers are screwed once again.

    I’m very interested in the honeycomb comment though. That really makes me look forward to Google I/O next year :)

  • http://Website Tranceformer978

    I’m interested in a wifi only device also. I don’t need another monthly bill when I can just use the hotspot function on my phone. However, Google restricts the Android Market only to devices that have phone capabilities. The good thing about Android is there are other app markets besides the official one.

  • http://Website Miguel

    Well I was looking at getting the wi-fi only version. I am even considering an iPad, with just wi-fi. I really just want to replace my laptop that I use around the house with something more portable, easy to use on the couch or in bed, instant-on, etc.

    If I need to type something up or do something more complex, I will hop on my desktop PC.

    I prefer Android tablets with Froyo because they can view Flash content. Samsung dropped the ball on this one. Sure the cost of entry is “cheaper” but then you have to pay the monthly carrier fees. For what? I don’t plan on taking my tablet out of the house much!

  • http://Website nate

    To all you people complaining about no wifi only you could just get it off contract and use it as wifi only.

  • http://Website Gee

    Honestly, none of the tablet offerings are really all that compelling.

    The iPad has great software but the hardware is lacking – 256mb of RAM for multi-tasking in 2010!? The current/upcoming Android tablets have “phone” software that tries to scale up to a tablet.. that’s not really interesting when I have a 4.3″ 800×480 Android 2.2 phone already. Judging by the comment that honeycomb is the true Android release that scales to tablets, I guess that I’ll just have to wait to see what the iPad 2 / Honeycomb tablets bring.

    • http://Website Solstice

      I just got a WiFi iPad from work and it works surprisingly well. I haven’t run into any situation yet where I have wished for multitasking, and the overall experience is very good.

      7″ 6×9 screen is pretty small for a tablet – too small for browsing comfortably, too big to carry comfortably.

      I am also curious about the battery life – my Samsung Galaxy S has the best screen I’ve seen, but its battery life is not good at all. The iPad seems to last for ever, and it’s just as peppy as my Galaxy.

  • Grant

    It would be nice to have a WiFi only version for those that don’t want another ongoing expense, or who have the WiFi hotspot in Froyo.

  • RonaldJMcTurk

    While its great to see that there are new and innovative android products hitting the market, I really just don’t see Samsung understanding the smart phone market. The smart-phone market is more like a PC than a phone… Who the hell would let their updates to windows or linux or whatever be held up by carriers because they are not ready? that is the biggest draw to Apple, regular, reliable, un-carrier tainted software upgrades.. NO crappy carrier branding, NO crappy bloadware… It’s an industry problem the carriers don’t understand smart phones, the manufacturers are being pushed around by the industry, and the consumers end up loosing out or going to Apple…. YAY!!! It is going to be the biggest problem for the industry to overcome….

  • http://Website Jim

    There can’t be a wifi only version. No cell phone capability = no android market access. It will be interesting to see how google will address tablets and market access in the future. They will probably require 3g on all tablets.

    • http://Website nick

      Id really hate to jump in on this whole thing but my phone that I’m using right now is the android htc wildfire, and has no 3g, its WiFi only and I use the android app store every day

  • http://Website KastedOut

    Stop being idiots guys.. There is OF COURSE WiFi!! There is just no “WiFi Only”…I am sure you still wont be forced into getting a contract for 3G… maybe a prepaid if you want.

  • http://Website alfred hewitt

    i have a galaxy tab which i bought from tescos unlocked i only use it as a wifi only device and access the android market every day i frequently download games and apps wallpapers etc as far as i am concerned if you want it as wifi only don’t buy one from a mobile phone shop with a contract buy one from tescos or currys or pc world etc etc what’s the problem its a joke