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Glasses-free 3D coming to Android phones and tablets in 2H 2011

Early this year we speculated that Motorola was working on a 3D phone, but it turned out we were wrong and the device in question only featured a transparent clamshell. This time around we actually have a working prototype captured on video with a tentative release date of the middle of next year.

At this week’s GTC 2010 show, a videogame UI company named Scaleform was showing off a prototype device built by Master Image and NVIDIA that featured glasses-free 3D visuals. The device was powered by an unknown Tegra processor and as you can see in the video below it was clearly running Android.

I actually got to see this demo in person when I was walking around the GTC 2010 show floor and it was the best glasses-free 3D I have seen. The video doesn’t do it justice, but the visuals leaped off the screen and I was blown away that this could be on an Android phone next year. I didn’t have my video camera on hand, but my friend Nicole Scott from Netbooknews captured a quick overview.

Now that we know NVIDIA is working with Motorola, maybe we will see one of these 3D displays in a future Droid phone next summer. I think it would fit pretty nicely in that rumored Playstation phone too if Sony is looking to compete with the Nintendo 3DS.

What do you think about the possibility of owning a 3D phone? Is this ripe or all hype?

Source: Netbooknews

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  • Seif Sallam

    Google bought Bump. So i think with 3D displays, we are going to see 3D phones. Its gonna be real.

  • http://Website tito!

    Its ripe. :)
    But if it includes Verizon, I have no care in the world .

  • http://Website jonmall

    Personally I can’t wait for this 3D fad to die off… it’s annoying in films and looking at something in 3D all the time will probably cause a lot of headaches hehe. Now once they start hologram phones thats when i’ll get excited :).

    • http://Website Chancy

      Yeah, I agree with you somewhat. I hate the whole 3D fad but if I can have the option to watch 3D movies on my phone without glasses, then heck, why not? Options are good, buddy. ;)

  • http://Website Very Impressed

    As always, Android is always the innovator in the mobile platform. Sadly, it won’t get a lot of buzz. It will mostly be enjoyed by Fandroids everywhere quietly. Then, when Crapple releases it 10 years from now, the whole MSM media will act like Jobs just dropped manna from heaven.

    • http://Website androidpriest

      With the risk of digression I wonder how long Steve is going to be there (not wishing anything bad, just pondering as a pragmatist would do). And what would happen to Apple and iphone and ithis ithat after him. Repeat of apple history?

      Anyway, for wide spread use of real 3D/hollographic interface that can interpret our intrusions in their projecting fields may require lot of powerful battery fueled dual cores and higher tiered data plans (:( the writing is on the wall). I wonder how innovations in batter technology would look like. They have been awfully absent in making any news. Must be very quiet and zen like in that part of the world.

  • Nicko01

    3d isn’t just a fad in my opinion. It’s the next step closer to perfect virtual reality, better interfaces, and a new level of interaction between humans and electronics. While it is somewhat expensive at this point and may seem unnecessary to many people, like other technologies it will improve, the price will drop, and adoption rates will increase.
    I see this as an essential addition to the Android platform. It will be a unique feature that sets Android aside from other mobile platforms.

  • http://Website t0mekk

    yeah! I cant wait. Whats next level? Hologram?

  • http://Website Luke T

    It would be nice just to say you have it, but I watched part of the MLB home run derby in 3D and was not impressed at all.

  • http://Website Geo

    Motorola Working on a 3D Tablet? Sounds interesting…As long as it comes without BLUR.

  • mattcoz

    Unfortunately this would mean no landscape mode.

    • mattcoz

      Crap, I mean portrait mode, no portrait mode.

    • http://Website Daniel

      Indeed it only works on a single orientation (at least with current technology), but AFAIK the screen can act like a 2D screen just fine for other situations.

  • http://Website dave

    I don’t get it. that was 2d. just a regular 3d on a 2d screen, like battlezone was back in the ’70s (or was it ’80s).

    • http://Website AL

      no Dave that was Vector Graphics not the same as 3D but did come close

      • http://Website dave

        Same difference. Whether it’s bitmaps, vectors etc; whether it’s a vector display or a raster scanner one, lcd etc etc, it’s still pretending you’re looking at a 3d screen by having perspective, stuff getting smaller when it’s further away, behind stuff etc. 3d tvs are more convincing because each eye gets a difference image so you can do it much more convincingly. But if each eye is getting the same image, then, like i said, it’s just like a regular tv/game.

      • http://Website Ben

        So true, I’ve been wondering for years now why nobody noticed this before :p

  • http://Website Matthew

    It is true 3D guys. You can’t see the effect in a video shot with a normal camera on viewed on a normal monitor. This is the kind of 3D you see on 3D tvs and at movies, but without the glasses. The phones have a special screen technology that allows each eye to get a different image.

  • http://Website Bazzeil

    i personally like the auto stereo 3d coming back, though its true it didnt catch on with pc and hdtvs because of the limited viewing range and angle. i think its perfect for mobiles, especially because you have to keep your face away from the screen to see it (less people shoving their face into their phones/consoles).
    This all works off the basic principle of empty prisms , with the privacy filter technology integrated (hence seeing the vertical lines on the display in the video).

  • http://Website Jobina King

    Do you need 3D glasses to use these?

    There’s another technology that is being tested – thought it’s not really for mobile. It’s called Enhanced Depth Solutions that creates the illusion of depth in videos.

  • http://Website Daniel

    I’m sure it’ll eventually come to Android devices, but is there any actual confirmation that it’s coming to phones and tablets?

    This technology interacts very badly with fingers (any obstacle between your eyes and the screen will destroy the illusion), which is why the 3DS screens are either 3D or touch-capable, not both at the same time. Furthermore, unless they have improved the technology even more (by doubling *again* pixel count, meaning that a screen that feels like 480×320 would have to be 960×640), it will only work on a single orientation. Which isn’t so bad (the screen can still act as a typical 2D one in the other orientation), but it’s a real problem if you think you’ll have a 3D experience on the phone for typical operations.