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HTC Desire Z provides a preview for future G2 owners

The T-Mobile G2 hits stores October 6th, but HTC just unveiled the Desire Z which is the international version of the phone running the new Sense UI (instead of stock Android). Most of the details about the G2 have already been uncovered by now, but we finally have some quality hands-on videos that are popping up from HTC’s Londen event.

If you want to know what to expect fromt the G2 hardware next month, check out the Desire Z hands-on reports from Engadget, IntoMobile, Pocket-lint, and Slashgear.

Is the G2 shaping up to be the QWERTY-packing Android phone of your dreams or do the specs leave something to be desired?

Source: HTC

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  • http://Website dextroz

    “…do the specs leave something to be desired?”

    Are you bloody serious asking that question without any input from yourself?

    The most obvious missing spec is the front camera.

    • http://Website falmc

      What is with this desperate need for a front facing camera?
      I’ve only noticed everyone complaining about the lack of one on a new range of phone AFTER Jobs told us this was the new thing, “face time”.
      Video phone calls have been around a long damn time and nobody cared back then and its weird why people care now. Only thing I see positive about a front face camera is some vanity photos for social networks. Asides that I don’t want to see someone’s face while talking to them, not to mention in public its incredibly socially awkward.
      That phone is amazing and its really sad when people give up on it for its lack of a second camera!

      • anakin78z

        It has nothing to do with Jobs, and everything to do with the Evo. Video calling and front facing cameras are different now than they were 5 years ago. We can use them in new ways and having that ffc gives you an option that you didn’t have before, and why would you not want that? I don’t use sms (and why would anyone with a smartphone?), but that doesn’t mean plenty of people don’t.

        • http://Website falmc

          Not to cause a fight or anything but what new ways are there to use a front facing camera asides vanity shots and video calling?
          My point is im struggling to see why people jump straight to “omfg no front facing camera”. SMS is a primary function of a mobile phone but a front facing camera is a physical addon, that’s the difference.

          • anakin78z

            Not to worry, not looking for a fight either :)
            Streaming video is way more popular now, so using the front facing camera with programs like Qik presents a new way for us to document on the go, and using video chatting (as opposed to video calling) is nice for some people. I’ve also seen programs use facial recognition for neat things including head tracking, and a few game concepts where that comes into play. Augmented reality is really trying to make it big these days, and front facing cameras can play a big part.
            It’s not something that makes or breaks a phone, the same way a camera on the back doesn’t really make or break the phone (though these days some people might beg to differ?), but with a lot of these things, I prefer to have the option, especially once someone figures out a killer use for it.

            I really don’t see SMS as anything but a way for phone companies to overcharge for tiny packets of data, and I hardly consider it a primary function of a phone, and there are many superior options available to smartphone users (well, maybe not iPhone users). The point I’m making is that people’s opinions differ on what’s important on a phone, which is why it’s nice to have the option.

          • http://Website melika

            Problem with these type of phones is that they won’t last. Next month, we’ll have another one. I say, think first before you get it. But still, it’s greatDesire Z Latest Updates

      • http://Website *d.*

        I agree. I rarely call/get called anymore; text, email or Twitter make calling so 200X. Besides, grandma back home isn’t going to figure it out any time soon, so wait a while until you yourself ‘need’ to have something because you’re told you do. By then it may be relevant.

        • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

          Features like video chat will never be adopted if phones don’t have the hardware to support it. Of course there’s no “need”; people haven’t had a chance to use it. Remember how we didn’t “need” cameras at all? Or touchscreens? Or hell, apps?

          Sure, some will think it’s a gimmick. But the cost and space required for a VGA front-facing camera is trivial. Look how thin the new iPod is; Apple’s engineers figured out a way to cram one in there.

          As video chat services (Qik, Skype, FaceTime, etc) grow in popularity, it’s going to make the G2/Desire Z become outdated even faster. Stop sticking up for the hardware manufacturers. We’re the ones getting screwed when they omit features perfectly reasonable to expect on a $500+ phone.

          (Front-facing cameras on dumbphones are completely unrelated. Of course they never took off; there wasn’t any software — a thriving app market — to take advantage of them.)

          • http://Website Sined

            Here’s the problem with that argument, FRONT FACING CAMERAS HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR AGES!

            I mean there is an ENTIRE stack of the UMTS tree that is dedicated to Video calling (TRUE VIDEO CALING NOT VIA AN APP). YOU DON’T NEED AN APP TO VIDEO CHAT.

            Nokia had front facing cameras on their phones for at least half a decade now.

            Apple makes a half assed baked version that doesn’t even use the UTMS stack for video calling and people praise Apple and now is apparently the gold standard for video chat.

          • anakin78z

            @Sined Face it, you’re the sheep. You’re the one simply accepting that you don’t need something because you can’t have it. Just like every stupid iPhone user told you they don’t need multitasking, only to start gushing about it about it 4 years later. People like you keep saying that front facing cameras are all the rage because of apple now, but that’s such bull. Video chatting has the chance to succeed BECAUSE it’s not like video calling, and you’re not limited to just mobile devices. And of course you only see a single use for a new technology, just as you probably thought cameras on the back of the phone are only for taking stupid family pictures.
            Fine, you don’t want new technology? Be an Apple sheep, or worse, someone who just discounts technology because Apple announces it as a feature, unless of course it’s convenient for you to use it.

          • http://Website Sined

            @anakin78z What the flipping fuck are you talking about? Can you fucking read?

            I’m a sheep? That’s why I used an E71 and an N95 and many Nokias with FFC before that and used 0 minutes of video calling.
            Sorry retard but I had front facing cameras and video calling before you even touched your first smartphone. Get the fuck over yourself.

            Don’t make assumption before you know JACK SHIT. I SAID shitting bricks about FFC is a result of a bunch of Apple retards telling you its a reanactment of their favorite Jetsons episodes. GIVE ME A BREAK.


          • anakin78z

            @Sined Nope, you’re worse than an apple fanboy, your’e the type of person who hates, but STILL thinks that everything in the world revolves around Apple. The only people in this thread who mentioned Apple and Jobs are the people who are hating on front facing cameras. So what does that say about YOU? You’re calling it a gold standard?

            Whopdeedoo, I had an N95 as well, but there were exactly 0 other people that I could use that ffc with, if it would even work on a US network. So yea, that was a fail, but if I had something like Fring or Skype or Qik then, I would have used it, and those things ARE available now. Think about the rear camera. 5 years ago, people used it for… pictures. Now we use it for barcode scanning, augmented reality, games, and have sharing options that we never had before. Have some friggin imagination, and stop defending the omission of a $10 part.

          • http://Website Sined


            READ IT AGAIN:

            Apple makes a half assed baked version that doesn’t even use the UTMS stack for video calling and people praise Apple and now is apparently the gold standard for video chat.

            Did I say it WAS the gold standard? NO
            Did I say it was good? NO

            I’m not defending it’s omission I’m pointing out how some dumb fucks are complaining about something they wouldn’t complain about last year. GIVE ME A FUCKING break you poser.

          • anakin78z

            Heh, sure thing dude. Fact is that you’re the one who keeps talking about Apple, and no matter how sarcastic you may think you’re being, you’re the one giving them all the credit. Yes, their implementation is shit, so why do you keep bringing it up as if it WERE the gold standard that you’re calling it (yep, those were your words)? Nobody else cares about facetime.
            People have been asking for USABLE video calling forever, and just because your world revolves around everything that Apple does and doens’t do doesn’t mean the rest of us who have used the EVO, the EPIC, or hell, even the newer Nokia phones, can’t see what it’s really got in store.

            Go ahead, repeat yourself again. You’re making great progress. Or how about you read Brian’s post again, and stop being such a sheep?

      • http://Website motz

        It would be so great if it runs Froyo on launch. Desire Z Latest Updates.

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    I’m ok with not having the front facing camera but I’d really like HDMI out. Other than that it’s shaping up to my dream phone.

    • Nick Gray

      HTC out is so 2 months ago. While a physical video connection is nice, the Desire Z (G2) will be able to connect with DLNA ready devices and stream images, video, and music over Wi-Fi. An HDMI connection only allows you to connect to HDMI devices and you will always need to carry around your microHDMI cable everywhere you go.

      • Dr.Jeckyl

        Hmmm… Good point.
        How bout both? Eh? Tell me you wouldn’t mind that? ;-)

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    Looks and internal wise it’s pretty much the same but this entire video was mostly based off sense. Stock has none of the same features. I think future G2 owners can expect a awesome performance but the expected 2.2 froyo that they already know about. So I don’t see the point of this video where as the functions are slightly different because it has sense.

    I mean they get to see it in motion I guess..

    • http://Website falmc

      The increased functionality with Sense UI is to do with the website thatll be working soon for some/all? users. For example the website lets you view your phones location if its stolen etc
      Rather have that to be honest if its a choice over stock Android and Sense UI, phones are just too valuable these days.

  • Gorilla ghost

    This is going to be an awesome phone! Can’t wait to get mine.

  • http://Website Gary

    The phone looks like a dream.

    The only thing I really wanted was a higher capacity batter. 1300 is a little low, even considering the great energy efficiency of the new chipset.

    Increased RAM and Clockspeed never hurt, but isn’t needed.

  • http://Website *d.*

    Any technical reason why phones with keyboards tend to get slower processors than candybar phones? I want a G2 but, with the knowledge that the Desire HD has a newer-gen 1Ghz processor, I’ll always want for more.

    • http://Website *d.* (again)

      Benchmarks for MyTouch HD ^ G2 plzkthnxbye

    • http://Website Mo

      I think phones with keyboards generally have smaller batteries so the CPU are clocked slower to help extend battery life.

      I could be wrong. But that’s my guess.

  • Nick Gray

    While the CPU may be faster on the MSM8255, it features the same GPU performance as the MSM7230. We have not seen side-by-side benchmarks on these two processors, but there really shouldn’t be much of a difference in performance of day to day tasks.

    • reality

      The G2 has that same new1 GHz generation processor. But its locked at 800 MHz .

  • krazytrixxxsta

    god i wish the htc desire hd was coming to tmo in the u.s. im dying for a motorola and a htc high end bad ass android phone on tmo. if only the g2 also came with a no physical keyboard option.

    • krazytrixxxsta

      after watching the vid of htc desire im bitter and jealous

    • http://Website Jorge

      mytouch HD?

    • Nick Gray

      Keep in mind that we still don’t know what processor will be in the myTouch HD. From the looks of things, HTC has shifted their phones to Qualcomm’s second generation of Snapdragon processors. If that holds up, the myTouch HD will feature the MSM 8255 just like the Desire HD.

      Also, the myTouch HD will have a front facing camera! Yes, the screen is snaller, but most the other internals should be the same between the two phones.

  • http://Website DaveC

    I will be getting this phone on day one. I will miss my glowing orb (Nexus One trackball) , but I’m so ready to go back to a physical keyboard.

  • HardNoks

    i think i played 0:49 about 15 or 16 times in a row

  • http://Website mandroid

    why dont they just put a 1×1 inch screen next to the camera? higher mp and plus that could also display the time on the back like the flip phones

  • http://Website sgb

    That would be a great idea. As I’m not really into the front facing camera thing, there are some good points above, but until the killer app comes out, it won’t be a deal breaker to me.

    My HTC desire is starting to feel old all of a sudden :-)

  • Mobile Brazzer

    So what your saying is, you want that front facing camera so you can have random videochat sex with strangers.. :P

    I don’t blame you- its going to be huge.. might as well put the cards on the table hahahaha

  • g.isreal

    this makes me happy on the insides. I cannot wait to get rid of this MT3G for a fresh breath of physical keyboard air. ahh yes thus the g2 will be mine.

  • http://Website Greg

    Any word on the Sprint Evo getting updated to the new sense? ( sorry if this has already been asked)

  • http://Website Cuciu

    How come no one appears to be praising the most important thing HTC gave US customers with the G2 – stock Android? I am in France and here we’ll be getting the Desire Z with Sense UI, meaning in several months you’ll be trying out Gingerbread, while we’ll start drooling for another year or more until the local stupid operators will finally decide to bring an update. I truly hope that the G2 will also be sold without a contract in the US and will work on European carriers. Currently, this is the only modern phone with stock Android sold to the public (too bad, Nexus), so this is HTC actually LISTENING to customers. Will Samsung, Sony, etc. ever realise that they need to offer at least one model with stock Android?

    • http://Website SI

      Actually it wasn’t so much HTC but T-Mobile USA that listened to it’s customers and provided them with the ONLY stock android phone sold in the US with contemporary hardware…. and physical keyboard. SLCD, keyboard, dedicated GPU… HSPA+ data speeds that are faster than Sprint’s BS Wimax 4G and take up less battery life…

      What more could you ask for?

    • http://Website Sturoid

      If you get the Desire Z on contract from a carrier that has it locked and branded then yes your annoyance with waiting for updates is justified. If you get one that is unlocked and unbranded like I did with my Desire then you don’t have to wait long for an update. From the official 2.2 release on the Nexus, I had my 2.2 with Sense update on my Desire as a bday present :) on 1 August whih I believe was only like a month after the official 2.2 release.

      This whole thing of complaining of slow updates is due to your carrier wanting to load in their rubbish with the update :(

  • http://Website deeb215

    I think this model has a sleeker look to it than the model headed to the states. I don’t blame people for wanting their front facing cameras, I’m an EVO owner myself. Why do people get upset or vote people down just because they love innovation in certain areas more than they might. Front facing cameras offer access to introducing more ways to communicate with each other and of course could bring sites like oovoo and ustream to your pocket. There’s nothing wrong with people wanting to drive innovation and request some features to be standard. I mean who doesn’t want the most bang for their buck?! So I say all of you who flame people for being dissappointed with different devices, don’t understand a free world where we all have our own opinions. Hate it or love it, live long and prosper. ok bye ;)

  • http://Website deeb215

    And for all of you who think because you have sense, you won’t be updated in a timely fashion. Give me a break with that nonsense. It depends on your phone company not HTC. Take the Droid, it has stock and just received 2.2, after the EVO with sense! Shoutout to Sprint. That myth has been debunked. I look forward to having Gingerbread no more than 2 months at most after the Nexus, which is the device that will be updated first. As for the G2, well T-mobile hasn’t even brought the mytouch brand to 2.1 yet so you can do that math…

    • http://Website Cuciu

      deeb215, I guess your reply was at least partly to me. Well, as I wrote earlier I live in France and here we’ve got real problems with any kind of updates. So while HTC has seriously improved its reaction time, this is not the case for operators. Hell, even the Nexus one is still being sold here with Eclair and no word about when the carriers will be reading a Froyo update. And that is for a phone which supposedly should run stock Android (they load the phone with their own nonsense which prevents updates unless you are going to root , which is not for everyone).

      So I praise a stock Android phone free of any carrier mendling more than a front facing camera or other such things.

      • Azeem

        Cuciu-I misrated your comment. I agree completely with your post and had meant to plus rate your comment. Sorry about that.

        • http://Website DaveC

          I got him back to even! :-)

    • http://Website DaveC

      It’s no myth that the upgrades are delayed, in some cases substantially, if a phone is running something other than stock Android.

      • http://Website Sined

        It might not be a myth that it delays but the cries for the updates are far exaggerated. it will ALWAYS boil down to how much your carrier actually cares about its customers to go out, request a update and make the carrier testing processes as fast as possible while keeping QC high. HTC has proven with the EVO4G that is it capable of rolling out timely updates. In fact I’m willing to wager that Google releases the future iterations of Android to manufacturers before they are even released to give them a head start on porting their apps/UIs. (E.G. Android 2.0 to Moto for the DROID before it was even announced)

        Carriers are the major huddles to people getting their upgrades.

        Honestly, you don’t like this system? Well we fucked up our own chance by neglecting the Nexus One. It was our one beacon of hope to really stick it to the carriers and have them in a vulnerable position. Instead the N1 flopped and Google folded the idea of selling unlocked phones that would get timely updates.

        We have no one else to blame but ourselves for being so drunk on carrier subsidies.

    • http://Website SI

      The original Droid was a stock Android phone that barely more powerful than the G1… it was just marketed better and had a bigger screen… other than that it was probably the most ugliest successful product in history.

      Also keep in mind the Motorola Droid was upgraded from STOCK 2.1 to…. Android 2.2 —-WITH MOTOBLUR!!!!

      …Because Verizon and their customers are morons.

  • hermyhalloween

    The shortcut keys are awesome and brilliant.

    The four row keyboard, optical trackpad, and soft buttons smashed up against the screen are all kicks to the shins.

  • http://Website deeb215

    I think I understand what you’re saying, You’re definitely free to have your opinion of how you would like this whole update process to work and what kind of phone you want. Personally, I’d like all skins to be offered as a download seperately and not preloaded at this point. As far as features go, I’ll take those over just having stock vanilla android anyday IMHO. It all comes down to whats more important to the end-user.

  • http://Website deeb215


    Wow your kidding! They added motoblur (whatever they call it now) when they updated the droid?! LOL another motofail moment in history.

  • http://Website Colin

    Has there been any news on whether the HTC Desire will receive an update to the new version of Sense? All I want is the landscape mode for the UI and the Car Panel, but don’t really want to change my phone since I prefer its form over the two new models.

  • http://Website rob

    Can the phone be used in landscape mode without the keyboard being popped open?

    • falmc

      settings allow the phone to react to the angle you are holding it. For example in your question if you held it on its side as if you had the keyboard out the phone will detect the change in position and auto rotate the screen to landscape mode.

  • http://Website ihatefanboys

    lol i love how the defenders of a FFC say those of us saying it will get little use are probably right but “its nice to have the option” lets say a car(for some strange reason)has an option for someone in the back seat or the internet to take control of your car and do whatever they want…sounds extreme, but why would i even want an option like that. just imagine if ur foolin around with your girlfriends sister or best friend and that FFC activates accidentally or what if someone invents a hack that can activate your FFC since it is sipmply a program running a piece of hardware…id rather not hav something like that. FFC is an apple created fad, its not a coincidence that the rage for FFCs happened right after apple announced it. so to those saying that its just our imagination or apple-hating that is making us say that its apple envy, just STFU. FFC will come and go, just like bad tacos.

  • http://Website Dee

    all the features that and new sense offer will sooner or later be copied by google so idc about the new sense.
    FFC are nice and i agree with the guy above that saying that if were payin 500$ for a phone why not include it? even if you dont use it, its there waiting for when you want to. but still i dont think the market is ready to embrace FFCs because of how much data it uses.
    hopefully we will also get more support from other app makers. example~iphone has networks with official apps…wheres androids? and this idea of fragmentation is only being perpetuated by us consumers (myself included) who refuse to upgrade our phones. eventually we’ll have to or else we will be left crying foul when they completely stop supporting android 1.X.
    either way, this is my next phone.

  • http://Website Jon Hitch

    I’m really looking forward to this phone and can’t wait for it to be released.

    I do share some of reservations about whether the 800MHz processor will feel out of date once Gingerbread arrives (I know it’s a new generation chip with adreno GPU, but that won’t stop me worrying!). Additionally I’d prefer it to be a little lighter, as 180g is fairly heavy.

    However I’ve had quite a history of qwerty keyboard toting smartphones (HTC Wizard, HTC Tytn and HTC TytnII) which have been just as heavy – and only had 2.8 inch screens instead of the gorgeous 3.7 inch on offer here.

    Funnily enough the HTC Tytn and TytnII have had a FFC – so you can’t say HTC is late to the party. I’ve never used the FFC for video calls and infact have only used for taking a couple of MMS photos! I think we’re still quite a way off before this becomes mainstream and by then we’ll all have new phones anyway. Perhaps that’s HTC’s thinking?

    I think the HTC Desire Z will be mine…

  • htc 4 life

    hey guys plz i just need quik answers i own a BB Torch and i pretty much got bored of it cuz i cant use skype face time or any other app of this sort also cuz its really slow and freezes every 5 mins so i was thinking of buying a desire Z but i have some question is it an android running system or not??? a;so can i put a ffc on it or no and can skype … work on it??? and last thing whats a G2 trhx a bunch bye and have a good day ;)