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HTC Desire Z to join Verizon’s Droid lineup this holiday season

The HTC Lexikon Merge that appeared last week in a leaked ROM is back once again in some new pictures posted over at BGR. The HTC Merge We have yet to learn the final product name, but this HTC device (model ADR6325) looks like it will join Verizon’s Droid family with its familiar black and red styling.

HTC Lexikon specs

HTC Lexikon specs.

Specs wise, this phone is shaping up to be an exact clone of the HTC Desire Z, better known as the T-Mobile G2 here in the United States. Verizon’s version will feature the same second-generation 800 MHz Snapdragon processor (MSM7630), 3.8 inch display, 5 megapixel camera, 4 GB of internal storage, and slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

While T-Mobile’s version will be blessed with stock Android 2.2, Verizon’s will sport the new HTC Sense experience which has been all Bing’d out like the Samsung Fascinate.

Just like the Droid 2 World Edition, the HTC Merge phone will also feature global roaming capabilities ( meaning it works on both CDMA and GSM networks).

No price point or launch date has been revealed yet, but look for the device to debut around $199 with 2-year contract and hit stores in late October to early November.

What Droid name do you think Verizon should give HTC’s new QWERTY slider?

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Source: BGR

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  • http://Website Tanknspank

    No Droid name at all, if Verizon keeps it’s promise that all high end Droid named android phones will not have bing integrated.

  • http://Website Rich

    Why would Verizon ever think someone would want a Google phone with Bing as the default? Just for this reason I am not going to buy any new Android phone from Verizon when my contract is up

    • http://Website Jeff

      A Google Phone? How many consumer even know the OS comes from Google? I’ve seen three android app commercials for ABC, FOX and etc, it hilarious and sad they end the commercial by stating you can get the app on your iPhone or Droid device.

      I would say the majority of consumers have no idea what Android is, but they do know what the Droid is.

      • http://Website Nate

        very true, more times than I’d like to admit I’ve heard things like “that phone just copied the droid” when I show someone my Nexus one. a lot of people don’t even know what the term operating system means.

      • http://Website SmartGuy

        True.! Today at my barbershop I was wiring to get my haircut and I was playing with my Eris. My barber sees my phone and says “Do you have a Droid?” I say yes,because he has no clue what android is. He has an Evo and calls it a Droid.

  • http://Website kubernetes

    Why not just keep vanilla Froyo like the G2? Verizon has got to know that there’s a market for that.

    • http://Website Jeff

      Because the UI is friendly for consumers, although I hope 3.0 changes that.

      • http://Website Jeff

        ins’t friendly*

      • alostpacket

        The default Android UI is much more friendly than HTC sense. SenseUI is just more dramatic in style.

        It’s plain to see the philosophies of the UIs too.

        Google is minimalist and functional much like their search engine and email, what got them where they are.

        HTC SenseUI is flashy/guady/big and bold – because they want it to set them apart from the pack.

        To each their own, but I hope Gingerbread requires these customizations be removable. Then all this bing and HTC sense stuff would be a non-issue.

  • Deter

    Like Tanknspank said, they have promised that future releases will not be bing’d out as you put it. If it DOES launch with the bing services only and no option of google, I expect a lot of techies like us to pass it up. I still think that in general it will be well received because there are so few option for those who want the high end devices but also want a physical keyboard.

    • http://Website Hans

      I beg to differ, good sir. On the contrary, I believe techies like us wouldn’t pass up a good phone like this just because of Bing. Being the techies we are, we would root the phone, uninstall Bing, and install Google Search.

  • jayzeroeee

    Fucking bullshit. Verizon is going to continue to put crapware on all the Android devices unless Google does something. I’m all for openness but enough is enough. The only way Bing should ever be on an Android device is if it’s a choice to use, and Google is the default.

    I really wanted this phone too. God dammit. :(

    • jayzeroeee

      On the bright side, it should be very easy to put the G2 rom on this phone.

    • http://Website Jeff

      If you are all for openness then enough would never be enough.

      • jayzeroeee

        There are many variations of openness. Google can keep Android open while still instilling some boundaries (like there already are). All they would have to do is say “Hey, if you want to install other search engines, go for it, but you have to give the user the option to choose.”

        • http://Website Jeff

          You can’t put restriction or boundaries on an open source OS. It’s open to the manufactures and carriers to do what ever they want with the OS.

          • jayzeroeee

            Like I said, there is much more than just one type of open source.

  • http://Website SI

    Verizon can not have an HTC made device with stock Android on it because it was not a member of the Open Handset Alliance. T-Mobile was.

    Motorola was a member though so they could have stock on the first Droid, but you’ll never see a stock android HTC device on Verizon’s network, according to Google’s rules, in fact if you want Stock android and HTC hardware, T-Mobile is your only bet.

    • alostpacket

      Vodafone is though and they own 45% of VZW — not sure how that works out though, probably doesnt matter

  • http://Website Matt

    Ya that’s right any phone that has bing will not sport the Droid name I think its going to be a mid range phone because of bing to me its looks like the incredible but with a Qwerty keyboard with some nexus one thrown in. I love the style but bing=No if I wanted that I would buy a Win Mo phone. The next HTC phone for Verizon that sports the droid name should be Comming. Droid Eris(HTC) Droid 1 (Motorola) Incredible(HTC) Droid X & Droid 2 (Motorola) next HTC phone should be Comming. I think A slide version of HTC sense is great. A high end Droid line phone with this will be great. This phone wil not be it with bing included I just don’t see it. If Verizon does release this without bing I could see myself buying it and droping my droid x.

  • http://Website Hans

    No Droid phone will have Bing as a default. I’m sure there will be other phones out there for Verizon that will have Google as the default.

  • http://Website onlyever

    1. HTC Merge = HTC Lexikon = ADR6325
    2. Bing = Not a DROID

  • http://Website Robert

    I thought the screen size was 3.7″ and the sense version was 2.0?

    • http://Website JohnB

      Lexikon/Merge has always been listed as 3.8-inch device while G2/Desire Z are 3.7-inch devices. So I have a feeling that the screens between these two are not the same. T-Mobile’s HTC myTouch HD actually features a 3.8-inch screen, so perhaps those two uses the same screen.

  • http://Website lolwut

    Seriously? Are you eleven?

  • Alan Reboli

    Damn and I was hoping that T-Mo would have exclusive rights to the phone. Can T-Mo have nothing good and be the only one to have it?

  • http://Website Luckbuckets

    its ok, verizon came out with a version of a phone that was on t-mobile about 7 months ago called the incredible, and people only talk about the Nexus One (the original).

    Let verizon have their ruined versions of android and it will only be a better look at what not to do.

    The G2 with stock android will also be getting updates way sooner than the Verizon…Wannabe cause verizon takes forever to put out their updates and will also have to deal with developing around the skin.

  • HardNoks

    They should name it the “damn tmobile customers cant get anything to brag about without someone one upping them”..or something like that

  • http://Website chris

    This is NO desire z. This us a plain slider. Desire z has a very unique slider and many other changes. Should have named thus article” Nexus/Touch pro 2-android coming to Verizon.

  • http://Website erick

    be nice or mommy will take your T-Mobile Tap away.

  • http://Website Ron

    People keep saying android phones packaged with bing are not true droid phones. I on the other hand feel that if you don’t know how to get around the bing experience, you are not a true droid user.

  • http://Website johnny b

    First off who gives a suite about Bing. I have a Droid and I don’t think I’ve ever used the Google search app. Just go to Google via your browser. And 2 why would you buy this phone over any other device Verizon offers?… like the Droid 2 or x or incredible. Or even the fascinate? When a market is flooded with 1ghz badass phones why get one that’s only 800 MHz? I just don’t understand what sets this phone apart from the better ones… just my opinion.

    • http://Website Shane

      Because clock speed isnt everything, that chipset is the next gen of snap dragon. with a better CPU and GPU. They only clock things to 1ghz for marketing and to make ignorant techies excited. that processor will blow away the Droid Incredible and the Nexus one, or anything else running the old snap dragon.

      • http://Website johnny b

        Kool bro thanks for the info I know clock speed isn’t everything I guess I never looked at it that way though. Good looking out. I regress my thoughts but still not a fan of this particular phone lol.

  • http://Website Seriously?

    agreeing with Ron here…

    Bing is a non issue. Flash your phone with the rom of your choice and get rid of it.

    I don’t care who your carrier is… if you aren’t customizing your phone and getting the new hotness on there yourself as it becomes available you’re missing out. Waiting for official updates is just silly.

    • http://Website Locke

      It is an issue, because most people have no clue what flashing is, and they will use a subpar search engine on what they believe to be a Google experience phone and then blame Google for that shoddy experience.

  • http://Website Hoyo

    This is why, whenever any of my friends ask me which Smartphone to get, I always push them away from the Samsung Fascinate on Verizon, and now will do the same w/ the HTC Merge. An android device without Google Services is not something any of us want. I mean, if Verizon wants to pre-install Bing as the default search engine, fine. That’s their choice, but don’t lock the consumer into that choice by preventing us from replacing Bing with Google! So long as Verizon does what it did with the Fascinate, my recommendations will be Droid X, Droid 2, Droid Incredible on Verizon. If Verizon makes Bing the default, unremovable search engine on the HTC merge, I hope that sales suffer. Maybe that way, they’ll realize that they need to stop including crapware on our phones.

  • krazytrixxxsta

    does this mean the htc desire hd is going to be on verizon also? i so wanted that phone to be on tmo.

  • http://Website Ash

    wheres the trackpad?

  • http://Website [email protected]


    I observed MyTouch Slide’s screen looks much wider in ratio to its length compared to the G1. Is that way Verizon’s Desire Z and the MyTouch HD have that 3.8 inch screen, perhaps for the wideness?

  • http://Website NReynolds

    If this is the merge then what the heck is this? This phone was rumored as the merge a while back. Is this phone the Desire HD then?

  • http://Website j

    Come on, Sprint. Pick this phone up, too.

  • http://Website jthc

    I’m curious why Verizon is going to sell this phone when it competes directly with the Droid 2. RIght now Verizon has a pretty complete lineup in terms of form factors for top-shelf Android phones. It’s got the small screen slab, a mid-screen media phone, a large screen slab, and a QWERTY slider. And if this doesn’t have vanilla Froyo, that just removes the main selling point of this phone versus the Droid 2.

  • http://Website marc

    Yeah, this should not be classified as a desire z model,I was set on this phone from day one just for the slinding mechanism found in the G2, I have an upgrade 12/30 and I might wait it out, or i might pay 350 to end my contract just for the G2, and as Ash said, wheres the optical track pad? Except the 2nd gen snapdragon, htc merge merge’s right into an ordinary phone