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HTC Tube brings DLNA support to older HDTVs

Most new Android phones now have DLNA support built in, which allows users to wirelessly stream audio, pictures, and video to their HDTV. Unfortunately most older HDTVs do not support DLNA so HTC is releasing a device this fall, codenamed Tube, which adds DLNA functionality to existing sets.

The Tube connects to any HDTV that has a HDMI port. Once plugged in, users can connect their phones to the Tube over WiFi and then share all their personal media on the big screen. The Tube was designed to work with HTC phones running the new Sense UI, but it should work with any Android phone that supports DLNA.

If your phone does not currently support DLNA, there are apps in the Android Market like TwonkyServer Mobile, Remote Media BETA, and iMediaShare that can add the same functionality for free. Game consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3 also support DLNA if you are looking for another way to hook up your phone to a TV.

One final interesting thing to note about the Tube is HTC’s use of the 1 GHz OMAP3630 processor from Texas Instruments. HTC has traditionally used Qualcomm CPUs in their smartphones, so this is another sign that HTC is open to working with different component makers. We have long heard that HTC could also be working with NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 platform, so this tidbit of info makes those rumors a little more juicy.

No price point was announced for the Tube, but I’m hoping HTC gets it down under $100 if they want it to be successful.

HTC Tube specs

Specs for the HTC Tube.

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Source: Pocket-lint

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  • Shantanu

    HTC is using OMAP in there just because it is cheaper to use. This device needs only an apps proc while all Qualcomm solutions have a modem baseband integrated leading to much higher costs..

  • http://Website BigC_13

    If this works with other brands I’ll be picking this up for my Galaxy S, as long as the price isn’t ridiculouss

  • http://Website Shane

    I think HTC just made a revolution in how we carry around content. We can now have a mobile theater in our pocket. Now if you could only stream stuff with DLNA :D

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      I’m sure it’s in the making

  • http://Website William
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  • http://Website CTown

    I do not think it will matter, as you could end up with a helper app like TwonkyServer. At least, that is what the article is saying!

  • gogo

    Here’s more info about the mentioned int he article iMediaShare –

  • http://Website mayur harkison

    will this work on the htc desire? the first desire?

  • Stefan

    Mayur, iMediaShare definitely works on HTC Desire. I am personally a happy user of that handset upgraded to Froyo 2.2. and I use my iMediaShare without any issues.

  • http://none Reginald K. Warner II

    When and where is this going to be available????

  • Robert

    Don’t we already have a DLNA supported set top box type device if we’ve bought a PS3?! I mean really, Apple TV is basically just this now, only with more RAM. Bridging the gab between DLNA and TV is a basic function of both of those products and a slew of others already