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Join us tonight on RadioAndroid’s The Android Show

Join us this Wednesday, September 8th at 7PM Pacific, 10PM Eastern for the very first broadcast of The Android Show brought to you by Their second weekly broadcast, The Android Show, is geared to be a variety type show of Android news and community events. Hosted by Scotty Brown (Android After Dark, former host of Android Guys Thursday Nights), they will feature a rotating co-host from the Android community on the show every week, live callers and discussion, news events, give-aways, and contests!

On this weeks episode of The Android show:

Put it on your calendar, don’t miss The Android Show on every Wednesday night at 7PM Pacific, 10PM Eastern! To participate, be sure to have our live call in number handy: 347-838-9645 and log into!


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  • Scotty Brown

    Thanks Taylor, I can’t wait to have you on the air!

  • http://Website jarrod

    Weird. Why doesnt their RSS feed work in Listen? :(

  • Azeem

    Hey, Taylor, get them to fix that typo in your last name. :-)

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Lol thanks.

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    Check the link here:
    47-838-9645 and log into!
    The link points to

    • Taylor Wimberly

      That’s what I get for copy & pasting from Scotty :P

      • Dr.Jeckyl

        Must have been right after the show last night? ;-)

  • Sav

    Will it be available for download (as a podcast?)

  • Patek Philippe

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