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LG to deliver first dual-core Android smartphones in Q4

LG Electronics announced today that it will ship the world’s first dual-core CPU Android smartphones in Q4 2010, which will be part of the company’s Optimus Series of devices. We previously reported that LG and NVIDIA were teaming up on several devices, but this is the first official confirmation that we should expect an actual Tegra 2 smartphone in stores this year.

The NVIDIA Tegra 2 smartphone processor (AP20) offers a number of “mobile firsts” including the first mobile dual-core CPU, the first ultra low-power GeForce GPU, and the first 1080p HD mobile video processor. Each CPU core will be clocked at 1 GHz and LG claims consumers should expect up to 2x faster web browsing and up to 5x faster gaming performance (over single core CPUs running at 1 GHz).

NVIDIA and LG are also saying that the Tegra 2 will deliver “console-quality gaming” but we have yet to see the elite developers like id Software and Epic Games fully support the Android platform like they have done with Apple. Hopefully NVIDIA has been working with some of these devs behind the scenes and we will have some flagship Android games available to show off the full power of the Tegra 2 GeForce GPU.

Chang Ma, VP of Marketing for LG, thinks the Optimus Series will take the lead when it comes to speed and graphics. He said, “LG is committed to making its Optimus Series smart devices the de facto standard in speed and graphics performance. We selected NVIDIA because it is the visual computing leader and has a long history of creating amazing consumer experiences.”

Possible U.S. carriers for the first dual-core smartphone include T-Mobile and Verizon. The leaked T-Mobile roadmap indicated two LG devices coming in late November. Verizon is another option because they are the only U.S. carrier who has launched an Android phone from LG (the Ally) and the LG enV Touch 2 is rumored to appear this holiday season.

LG doesn’t exactly have the best reputation in the Android ecosystem, but a high-end Tegra 2 phone could finally put them on the map. However, like we saw with the Toshiba Folio tablet, a high-end processor does not guarantee a win.

What are your expectation for a dual-core phone? Is the inclusion of a Tegra 2 processor enough to make you upgrade? Which other features do you hope LG incorporate in a high-end Android phone?

Show Press Release


LG First to Announce Smartphone with Dual-Core CPU based on NVIDIA Tegra, the World’s Most Advanced Mobile Processor

SEOUL, Sept. 7, 2010 — LG Electronics (LG) announced today that it will introduce a series of fast, powerful smartphones starting in the fourth quarter of 2010 utilizing the second generation NVIDIA® Tegraâ„¢ mobile processor, Tegra 2. Tegra 2 includes the world’s first dual-core CPU, which powers through complex tasks to achieve significant leaps in performance.

LG will integrate Tegra 2 into its smartphones, providing them with unprecedented power, speed and graphics capability. These smartphones will be part of LG’s Optimus Series, a new line of innovative mobile products.

LG selected NVIDIA Tegra because it enables a new mobile experience and content capabilities. Tegra 2 features a number of mobile “firsts”: the first mobile dual-core CPU, the only ultra low-power NVIDIA GeForce® GPU and the first 1080p HD mobile video processor. Taking full advantage of the two speedy 1 GHz processors sharing the workload in Tegra 2, consumers can experience up to 2x faster web browsing and up to 5x faster gaming performance over single core processors running at 1 GHz. NVIDIA’s leadership in graphics also delivers flawless 1080p HD video playback, console-quality gaming and amazing 3D capabilities.

“LG is committed to making its Optimus Series smart devices the de facto standard in speed and graphics performance,” said Chang Ma, Vice President of Marketing Strategy Team, LG Mobile Communications Company. “We selected NVIDIA because it is the visual computing leader and has a long history of creating amazing consumer experiences.”

“The ultimate smartphones will be powered by Tegra, the world’s most advanced mobile processor,” said Phil Carmack, senior vice president of NVIDIA’s mobile business. “LG is one of the most popular consumer brands, and their Optimus Series of devices with Tegra is further validation of the processor’s ability to deliver an unrivaled, turbocharged media experience.”

LG’s Optimus Series smartphones featuring the NVIDIA Tegra 2 mobile processor will debut starting in the fourth quarter of the year.

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  • http://Website Andrew

    HSPA+ support on the 3G-850Mhz (Telstra Australia) and you’ve got me…

  • http://Website Nammy

    My laptop doesn’t even have a dual-core…

    • Shiggity

      Mine does. :P My desktop is a quad-core. :P

      • http://Website zedklind

        ooo me too! yay

        • http://Website Oskar

          What kind of desktop do you guys have?

      • http://Website Johnny

        You are truly a loser, Shiggity. An desperately attention-seeking arrogant loser

  • http://Website nate

    God I hope they release one of these on at&t. We need more than just the captivate.

    • http://Website Ryan

      Do yourself a favor and pay the fee to leave AT&T. ASAP.

      • http://Website zedklind

        i agree! all at&t has is the iphone. the captivate is great and everything but the tiered data plan is disgusting to even thing about. limitations? what? why?

        • http://Website nate

          Luckily I am grandfathered in to the unlimited data plan, and I would get out asap, but i’m stuck on a family plan with iPhone lovers.

        • http://Website Nammy

          Gonna have to disagree with you there, I love the tired data plan. I don’t use more then 150mb a month so I can get a data plan for just $15 a month. That saves me hundreds of dollars a year over the other companies that cost 30+ per month.

          • http://Website zedklind

            i do understand why you would disagree. everyone wants to save money. but with the mobile platform booming its nice to have unlimited on a device that can stream movies and video as well as run console games (ps2 equiv). i want unreal 3 engine games online… all of these require lots of data transfer. its hard to say it but im glad im not on at&t and im on tmobile instead. hspa+ is coming to my area soon and im a gamer. bluetooth connect controllers or keyboard and mouse with hdmi output would be amazing

      • http://Website jesse

        hey and FYI,

        with my iphone 4 here in NYC, at&t used to be horrible, but now it feels faster, so i tested it. I have a verizon mifi, and in about 10 tests, at&t was about 10% faster.

        I’m going to try and get screenshots, cause i think it’s funny.

  • http://Website Aceman

    Just in time for my G1 contract to run out in December…. *crowd goes wild*

  • SliestDragon

    I think I’ll pass on this and wait to see what HTC brings to the table…

    • http://Website lovo

      yea i agree or motorla i wonder whatthe droid pro will be like

      • Soul_Est

        Motorola doesn’t support their phones well if at all. I’m a Milestone owner and I know how bad it is especially for those with lower end Motorola phones.

  • http://Website Danny

    I have big Hands so at least a 4.3 in screen, a 960 by 600 screen, stock android, 12 megapixel camera with dual led flash, flash support, noise cancellation technology, more than 32 HHS of memory, androd 3.0, 8 megapixel front facing camera. A boy can dream.

    • http://Website nate

      lol a 12 megapixel camera would make this phone better than my standalone camera

    • http://Website Chancy

      I was about to say “dream on…” when I read the last part of your post. lol.

  • http://Website Dave

    T-Mobile may finally have a awesome phone I’m excited. I hope this has a keyboard and optimal trackball, I enjoy them and man I can’t wait for the games to come out on these.

    Plus the fact of flash games and what’s going on with that. Holy crap batman! T-Mobile is coming out with a good phone O.O

  • Shiggity

    If this becomes popular that would be awesome. I hope Sprint gets one of these in the future. I’ll be happy with an Epic 4G when I can afford it soon, but this’ll be a worthy upgrade from the Epic 4G, that’s for sure. :)

  • http://Website Mani

    No kidding, from the sounds of it, it’ll freakin rock. As long as it’s GSM, I’ll be getting one for sure. This’ll be my big upgrade from my oldschool HTC Magic haha!

    One thing – I’d want to know that this’ll either come with Gingerbread or be upgradeable for sure. Or, I guess I could just go down the route of Cyanogen..

  • http://Website tottyrice

    i’m currently with big red and my contract with them is long over due so i’m now on a month to month kind of deal them i’m just waiting for t-mo go get a dual-core so i can switch over so this is really good news. i’m glad to hear that t-mo are one of firsts to get a dual-core this year!

  • http://Website matt L

    it would be a pity if sprint didn’t include this in there line up……..

    I am due for an upgrade in Nov., I want that EPIC, but……..

    with a fone like this and hw keybrd, I’d say I’d have to take it, maybe, I’ll have to see what other goodies it possess

  • http://Website fix

    Dual core tablets are where the action is at surely?

  • http://Website kumar

    We’d probably need 2500mAh batts for these superphones..

    • http://Website John

      I read somewhere that this was a 28nm chip… Is that correct? If so it should use less battery life than a 45nm chip.

  • http://Website rumsey

    I hate bad writing and Android and Me is easily has the worst writers, most (wrong) speculation, and by far the most horrible misrepresentation of facts.

    Where in the press release was “2ghz processor” ever mentioned? Because I have a quad-core i7 does not mean I have a 12ghz processor, I can not believe I have to explain this to supposed tech enthusiasts (who should be looking for a new job, not writing…)

    Also Tegra is NOT a GeForce GPU. It is no more a GeForce GPU than it is a Quadro or Tesla. But I’d hate to bore you with accurate reporting instead of fanatical bullish that makes up most of this site.

    Oh well, back to AndroidSpin, Phandroid, and Gizmondo.

    • http://Website J B

      Every week you say that your done yet you still keep coming back? Who exactly is forcing you to log onto AAM? Stop wasting MY reading space with your whining and go already.

  • http://Website Chris

    John Carmack (of id software fame) said this recently:

    So it doesn’t sound like id have done anything serious with Android yet, it shows they’re at least thinking about it.

  • http://Website Joe

    If t mobile gets this . they will find away to mess it up.

  • http://Website Lucas Pinheiro Silva (Brazilian)

    LG does only, and only one thing well: refrigerators. I have no confidence in this smartphone. Even with the best of the best hardware, they probably destroy it with a poorly implemented software.

    • http://Website Trevor

      Im not sure why, but this brought hearty chuckles

  • http://Website Peet

    I’d really like a>>
    Phone with:-4.5 inch 1280*720 display 10 point multi touch
    -Quad Core ARM processor 1.66*4
    -nVidia Tegra 4
    -4 microphones
    -3 (signal)receptors
    -3Gb of RAM
    -64Gb internal memory (up to +384 Gb )
    -Android 4.0
    -Stereo Speakers
    -Real 720p DLP projector up to 24 inch
    -14.4 Mega-Pixel Camera with FullHD1080p video recording
    -ALL WITH 16 nm Technology
    I guess that will happen at least in 2016.

  • http://Website Inigo Montoya

    My expectations for mutli-core phones are pretty low. I see them as kind of useless. I’ve got a Droid 2 right here and it’s processor horse power is more than adequate for my needs. When I try to push it to it’s max, I run in to an interface barrier in that I cannot open up more applications without one of the applications interfering with another running application. For example, I won’t be browsing the web if I get a phone call. Right now, the Droid 2 has almost enough processing horsepower to make playable.

    I’d much rather have battery life than more cores.

    But wasn’t the Droid Incredible supposed to have a dual core processor? I thought that was the big deal with it.

    • connorita

      does the droid 2 have good battery life?
      is it better than the droid x?

  • Nvidia Tesla

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